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Image 1 of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1809), August 21, 1815

Part of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1809)

JVew Series JVo. THE KENTUCKY 34. Vol. GAZETTE BI IS PUBLISHED IVKRT MOSDAT ItOItHIKiJ, LEXINGTON, K; MONDAY, AUGUST 21, 1815. 3L OF TOE Just received, and for sale bv the subscribers, sour thousand dollars woith'ot'JEWELRY, on consieiiment, consisting of an i learnt assortment of be held WATCH CHAINS, SEALS mid KEYS ; alsoi GRAND LODG E of KENTUCKY F. BRADFORD, Jk. Will at Mason's LADIES ' Dollars per annum, paid in advance, Three Dqllars at the end of the Year. vS( Two S?- Sale at Auction. Will he Sold to the ffigheat Bidder, MERCANTILE STAND, Opposite the Court House, Mam - CUVi,TJL KJlW .S5 ON WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 4. VHAf VALUABLE. tt. Lexington, New Jewelry, &c. A GraAd Annual Cotniiiitnication wam ' Hall, in the town of Lex ington on Wed nesday, August 30th, next. The representatives of the different lodges under, thejurisdictioh' Grand .of-th- .ii-.- i- occupied by James and Da. SUCCESSIVEY William N. Lane and Co tucky, ate required to be punctual in their attendance J. G. TROTTER, G Sc. and the subscriber. The lot is about 33 2 Lexington, July 22d, A D. 1815 A. L. 5815 feet on Main street, running' to Water street, fronting on the latter, about S4 feet. The SCHtiMK house on Main street is said to be the best ion tihTobvkbal iiisrnincTioN of built in (he western country; front the whole MEltlNO SHEEP. size of the lot and about 45 feet back, con-inr- .s a store room, and a room and passage rn the first floor, two rooms elegantly i. finish- ed, with a circular door between on tjie second, and three good lodging1 rooms on the Third attached to it is a large back building containing six rooms, smoke house, &c On Water street, there is a throe story brick house, well built about 22 by 40 feet, with cellar. The stand on Main sireet ia considered one of the best in the place, for business ; end the new market liQUse n w fixing on Water street, must in a short time, render that equal-lso. The situation, with the flourishing ctate of the place, and the long credit of one, two, three, sour and five years, with legal in. terest to be calculated on the notes, must ren-- l der it a desirable object witn every Aiercnant of capital in the western country also to those Houses in the eastern states, who wish to make' establishments here the whole will be sold togetheror divided, as may suit purchasers. The title to the property will be made indis putable, as soon as the payments are completed ; possession given in 90 days aster the sale rote to be dated the 1st of July, last Thomas Jl Pindell. 33 Lexington, August 7. y PUBLIC SALE. BY virtue of a Deed of Trujt, executed by Seth Maynard to the suhsenber and recorded in the court of appeals, for the purpose of securing to John Fowler the amount of a negotiable note endorsed by him for said Majnaul, there will be exposed to public sale at the door of Fayette County in On Monday the 25th day of Seftl.ncxt, t 3 o'clock' P. M. A. TRACT OF LAND of 000 acres, lying in Knox." county, Kentucky, on the waters of Yellow creek, patented to Thomas M. Flemmgy and by him conveyed tor said Maynard, or so much thereof as will be" sufficient to satisfy and pay said Fon ler the a. mount of said note, with i i terest and costs. THOMAS BODLEY, Trustee. 33-l- m August 14, 1815. Court-Hous- I e ruMit Sale. - e j 2p Nails Brads & Iron Wares. 2S. , dollars, 30 do Nosi 61 to 80 inclusive, being 20 Full Blooded Bucks at 100 dol-lar- s. S6.000 Twenty Dollars Reward. LEFT the subscriber iytu July, in Fayette on thenight of the Uount Kv. a Negro Man, named ROR or RORERSON." Conner co loured, 5 feet 8 or 9 inches hijii,24" years of age, smau iigiu reel, mra maae, nas a scar in theedtre of his sorehead, and anether farther back produced by a burn, an attful Kentucky raised fellow The above rewardVill be given for apprehending said fellow, and" all reasonable expenceslpaid. t M. FliOURNOY. July 31 .. 2,000 200 200 1815. 31 James Garrison, superb Epergne. . do Mantle Cluck. From Plulidelphfa- i 1 do. Set of silk Curtains for 2 wind. dows. ,'soo WHOLESALE DRUGGIST, 1 do do. Pier Glass. 150 Main tlreet, opposite to the liankt Lex1 do. do. do. do. 150 ington, t, . 1 do. do "do. do. 150 Respectfully informs the jmbKe, that he has 1 1 14 common Sheep at g2 50 cents. - 2,250 served a regular term at the above business, 1200 PRIZES at 10 dollars each is - 12,000 and flatters himself that by assmct attention and constant supply of the baitfMedicines, to As nelyone halt' of the tickets are already disposed of, the drawing will positive'; take merit a poition of public patronage. Among his leading' articles are, place on the 21st of Augilst, the whole to be Gum Opium Camomile Flowers drawn in one day. t Camphor i Emerv Prizes delivered at Sanders, miles Arabac J. Cinnamon N W. of Lexington, immediately aster the J'JunipeV'nerriex Assafatida, r drawing is finished. The fulfbl'ioded Sheep ' TartartEmetic Spanish Flies are in a separate lot distinctly numbered jlpca Tht common Sheep must be taken away in 20 Jalap ' i Aloes ' days aster the drawing The holder of a prize Calamel Pp A Gentil)Root for common Sheep has the choice of taking a Rheubarb Root 5 Orange Peel Powder Sheep or its value in spun'Cotton. ' Persons Magnesia 10 tickets or m ire shall be entitled to taking "J C'l$e Liquorice Hall J Redrecipitate a credit of six months, approved security 5 WhltWitto Refined LEWIS SANDERS. Root , , jGlaub. Salts It would certainly contribute to the general Rochell do good, '.hat Merino Sheep should be upon every, Manna ,J Castor Oil farm in the state ; and it is iqually certain that Sulphur :. m$ Sweet Oil, it would be the interest ot the" farmer to ap- Roll Brimstone I Sugar Lead portion a part of his sat in ami lime to this val- Cream Tartar uable animal. Although there is for the mo- Powder Darks Patent .Medicines, warranted genuine. ment a depression in the price ot wool, it cannot S Essence Penneimint long continue Tins state does not pro- British Oil jl'urliiiglon's Balsam duce half the wool wlrtcdi it consumes. ivhich Steer's Opodeldoc t eye inner state of things cannot long exist. When her Uateman's Drops .ees Billions Pills resources are properly applied in manufactur- Harleam Oil j Ander.on's Pills ing, Kentucky will no longer he the consumer Worm Oil 5(Hb6per's Pills Worm of 'British and wool. Bitters JJue Si list, Rovfanl. J Aranfitta Fustic Ran as ay from the subscriber, the Slh Turnleric a JJegro Man imii PETER, low suture, thick Logwood I body, jellow complexion, about 30 icaij of age, 5 Madder I Allum feet 5 or' 6 inches high ; took with him one liusej Oil Vitriol rou iai.otif, two linen shuts anil p.n..iloons, two Blue Vitridi i Aqua'Fortis, &c. w.iiteri.'ck handkerchiefs, mi vhich is wmte Peter- - lied Wood vut'i dumbleirk, liiitlifWv.inousothui'cloth-in- g Willis, Colours. Ho la a cunning, artful fellow, flndjn rhapshas Pit Green some innlirio'is nersnn a'nass u rati-II in riili. Lamp Black do YellA' cninducrd tobehcie, he will aim lor tin- state of Ivory Black No 1. J Verdigrise Ulno, as lirlettme i.ithout the least & rPrussian Blue; dj No 2. 5 Rose Pink , do must have his It is probable he sill steal a King's YellSv Before he jo-- s Cir, anil endeaGum Copal, &c. vor to pass (hi' a tree nnn- - to sacilitate: his escape. I will gjie.TWENTY ITOLURS reward, to any to' the above, lie has just received, person secures him i:i any jail in the sUte, or FIF- In .dition " auu io. uii vitriol, TY DOLLARS is caught o'.it of the stau, bv giiing s, 100 lb. Aqua Avith a general irie siih information thaC.1 can get Iuti Assortment of Dye Stuffs, &c. &c. ' JOHN HIGRE Coulitrv Physicians and Merchants can be Tayelte County, July 24. c 30 Vy The. editors of the Ciillioothe FredQirian, k' supplied with the, above Medicines, on the tibcrt) IlalfjCincintiatlJiOhio are reqiiMtsl to in- most reasonable tcims. sert the aboieadveiliment sit times in their ffj" Also for sale, 19 barrels TANNER'S and foiirai;il their accounts tp this" OIL, of a superior quality. May, 22. 22 do. do. 1 1 A .. -- -- 2 ' Fifty Dollars Fifty Dollars Reward Lest the subscriber on the 8th inst. a Negro Man named SAM, about 22 years of age he is low and well set, big head and very he is black, and lias a scar split up between his toes on the lest soot, by the cut "of an axe he had on a wool hat, cotton shirt, tow linen overalls, blue cloth waistcoat, with very email plated buttons, a pale mixed home made cotton coattee, a dark coloured twill roundabout. I will give the above reward is taken out of the state of Kentucky and brought home to me, or confined in any jail so I get him, or Ten Dollars is in this state, and all reasonable charges paid. L1TTLEBERRY ELLIS. 33. August 14, 1814. bow-legge- - . hoi-s- THE subscribers have Undertaken the afiren- cy of the Pittsburgh Iron & Nail Factory, in tins place, and in a short lime wilt have an extensive supply of every description of Cut and Wrought Nails and Brads, of a quality very superior to any heretofore used in tins state which will be sold by wholesale or retail, on liberal terms. Liberal credits and diitonnts' will be given to country met chanCs and others, who purchase to sell again. Persons desirous of importing any articles manufactured by said compan) , may have their orders regularly executed, is handed to the sub: scribers, who arej"ully authorised' to recene orders and transact business generally for said company, in sale of their wares in this section of the country. Samples of Nails and Brads of said Manufacturing Company,' may Solicit perbi seen with the subscribers sons, whether desirous cf obtaining supplies or not, to examine the same and judge of their JAifES PRENTISS, Duality. " THOS. G. PRENTISS. August 14. 33 d, A pair of Pantaloons, Fo-tt- ag-u- , office. SO Ct NOTICE. Fayette Circuit, Set': JUNE TERM, 1815. Walter Carr, against Dav Crenshaw, John ,. " T Haw- - kins, John Hawkins, Walker In Chancery. Hawkins, IbiMetcalf.Lyddal f Boles, ON motion of the plaintiff by his attorney, leve,is (jiven him to amend his bill which amendment was immediately made and filed : And on his motion it is ordered that Lyddal Holes be made a defendant thereto and he having sailed to enter his appearance herein, agreeably to law and the rules of this court, and it appearing o th& satisfaction of this court that lie is no inhabitant of thjs commonwealth Therefore, op the motion of this complainant, it is ordered, that unless he shall r here on or before first day of next Septem. ber Term, and answer the complainant's bill, the same will be taken for confessed against is Further oidered, that a copy ''J."1 :Ancl of this order bo inserted in some authorised paper of this commonwealth, for eight weeks In succession. A Copy. Teste, 28 THOMAS DODLEY. C k . C. 1 For Sale TRACT OF LAND, Application s il) be maiiu hy the subscribers to the county court of Nicholas at their August term, Ibr leave to l.lj off a town on our lands in Nicholas obunty, and on ths waters of Somcrsettin said county, ajjreeshly to an act of assembly m such cases made and pronacu. ROBERT BERRY, JOHN LOCHBRlDqE, WILL'M.LOCHBRIDGE J ' Just Received Best Madeira Wmc ami French Brandy. The subscriber has also. Almost every article iu the Grocery line kept here. ISO H IUULIJ t;U(AI HbaUl Will l IUUJWkJ. A quantity of TAR & LAMP-BLACAlso, PEACH BRANDY and excellent CHERRY BOUNCE, by the gallon or barrel. .Also, an excellent GIG HORSE he is large, like'v, and quite sifc for a ladv todrire. liuuat. lie is Alsot an excellent ell qualified for a long journey, JV. Mulberry-stree- t, April 3. BUItROfr'ES. 4'J-- tf Motice. All persons are hereby forwarned, from fishing TPAKES leave to inform the Ladies and Gen' fowling, hunting, or otherwise trespassing on my tlemen of Lexington and its vicinity, that premises also from coming in an indecent manner Sabbath, stripping themselves and washhe has returned for the purpose of teaching on themy pond and I ing in ; as am determined to put the law . .1.- -n me t: nauu v...... it:--luiiu, o? rune, v aiiigmg, kc. lie nat- sirictly in force against all such persons Itis hoped ters himself that from twentv-liv- e ears exne. that parents will use their endcaiors to prevent rience in diffeient; Seminaries, both in Europe their children from trespassing in the above man ay and America, he will be sound competent to ner, .iuhn iuuiskis. i lay such a ground work in the Science, that Ins pupus, witn a proper assiduity, shall be JYbi'ton enabled to overcome every difficulty. Respectfully informs the public, that he has purlie will also teach the art of Accompani- chased the DRUG STORE of John ment, ThoroughsSoss, and Composition. and removed the same to the house next TERMS Twenty-fivDollars per quarter door Jo,Mornson, Boswell & Sutton, on Cheapside, w here lie is now opening an extensive assortment ot paiu in auvauce. 30 Julv 15 1815 J. GREEN .- 1! WERE taken out of the house at the Columbian Inn, on Wednesday last the 9th inst. Thev re of sine Blue Cloth, worth from 15 to 17 dollais per yard- - Any peison having or hear-ing oi mem, aim leaving intormatioii at tne Columbian Inn, shall be handsomely rewarded. A. WILGUS. August 10, 1815. r A I 8tE. WOODRUFF. Lexington, July 5th, 1815. inst-int- , On Tuesday, the 5tl( of September, at two mile o'clock, on Robert Boggs's Farn,-twvest of the Cross Plains, ok thelreadof Boggs's Pork of Boone's Creek, Will be exppsed to pub-lisale, to the highest bidder, affone year's credit, giving bond and approved security, Cows, Steers, Horses, Mules, and a number of 3heep of every blood. 33-August 14, 1815. ' 60 Prizes, No. 1 to 60 inclusive, be- -' ing 60 Full Blooded Merino Ew es 1C0 e cash. Any person wishing to the above articles, either bj the quantity or by the single piece, will find it to their advantage to call and liewthe artitlcs at then- - store, on Main street. e AjUUfcG u til '11 HREAST PINS, EARRINGS, BRACELETS and NECKLACES, warranted to be of the fust quality, and not inferior to any ever sold in this place The aboie a&ieles will be cold wholesale or .retail, at the price for John Wain-wniGH- e ' MEDICINES. George Shannon, illaiing purchased the NAIL FACTORY of ATTOENLY AT LA.W, Lexington, keeps liroiinB- jNonTos, a constant supply will be kept in the cellar of the same room. ms ouice in me nouse lately occupied by .Mrs. Ueck, 4r-- tf Lexington, Noyember 20. balance well tinibered for particulars inqiilte of on the south side of Water street, opposite Of the 'New Market House, whey; lis JOHN EADS lay always ott loiuui ny those Uuposed to employ Lexington, May 1. IS' t ;hnjii the line of his profession. 8i A HALF ACHES Haifa mile from Cy lithiana, lying on the rii er, with a small improvement aboQt one half lxittom, the C05TAIHI3TG IIOHTT-ST- UuSJou-ercbrn- ef "Nptice. The Great Qjicslion Examined. Persons Rolding subscription papers tcthpf to work, arej earnestly solicited Co forward them k may immediately be tliisofTicfu-thatthefiiqi- .TaluKrjtS r l3illB:of Jiadin tor Sale. 1115 AIL TnnSE INDEBTtED f O THE Emw OF Williamson & M' Kinney, ARE i'eqiie3teTTffcom"c foVivbrd and settle their accounts, at'thufilmr.didposcd oHheir Goo6S(, and ish to close their aecomits. Jau, 7. 2-- tf Vol.9. ofligacy of one party, and the much more anomer. I x.oua ap-- f Grattan should be the last man AT THE LATE AOGHEGATE MEF.TISH. e auusion- -if there be agitation In T""By Having the last time I addressed you taken Ireland, who. created it ? who gave the agitators birth j Tl,. -- .1 . .v such a view of your question as combined all W""6C :..! ".uirecuy on tne uraitan the leading arguments in its savor having nfi Irish parliament -f- or myself I sav, it wa ne made me an agitator it was his shewn that whether we regard your religion your loyalty your conduct as to the pope or nngprecents it wa.hia your conduct as to the government your ser- nous example! pity the loung mind which can rise from the record of his early virtue-wi- nch vices abroad, or your allegiance at home you can bend before that shrine of eloquence were as sully, as fairly, and as legally entitled and ot patriotism, unmoved by the majesty of to jour share in the constitution, as any bigot its spirit, and unkindled by the sire of its in- who abused, or any despot who opposed y0U 'r ll 1S impossible in the coni perhaps any further interference might be But, sir, the scene that has been templationof such studies nil iht ; nr.M. : acting at home the missions which have been our nature ris(?s nn ut ,!,. the acts ofy0UP p rotes tan t mortality, and casting off the coil of this delegated abroad advocates and the air of some of your catholic worm s incumbrances, scars to a purer climei ... j omk.tinr, .. ..a.v.t seceuers, present aiiogeuier a drama of such and SWells With mlinlin. (IlllUlllUlf i l tfU tiff serious and ludicrous combinations with so plausej Really a this i recommended moderation x frtrrna lUu Int. io us it reminds me ot a pro ..w much whim in the plot, and variety in the ilC yincial practitioner m the law, who, partly by and novelty in the characters precept and partly by his example, such a strange medley of lay divines, ecclesito agitate his companion into the dockastical politicians, parliamentary sovereigns, and despotic slaies, that is the curtain should et " Oh, never mind it, says he, I'll brinp Unhappily for the client, drop without some previous explanation, it you a relies bill." 1 would be difficult to imagine whether those the relies bill snhrperlol onM ha,i.., to be hanged. In vain did he expostulate. before or behind it were the most fantastical. n nat, you Vile, yoli ungrateful wretch, er. 1 shall catch for yoTI the living topics as they rise, and is the spectacle strikes your mind as claims the advocate, do jou attempt to ,., mur. mur is (vaa nnt fnr. ,no .,,. t it brands itself upon mine, it is one of which I diesectedit you'll onlt be hanged do tet me 'rust our country will never endure a repeti-tio.wwU...iUCUU jOU a uuie moderation " tIpi, it was with Mr. GratMrv-- w hen 4he fury, of hi Let me commence with the fairest subject iri .,. h,t . ...i ..a ... vl- mauness. i the picture, and should this hand be faithless, eloduentv .. i ,uaiCU us and the strait waistcoat of his relies bill wa or its coloring saint, the tints will gain a ma- -car emoracing Us to death, he jbcularlv regic from your gratitude, and the outline a . from your memories. With but little commends 119 - liMlo m,l.i:... ,iiuu(.iaiiiii;lHi"-" tu ins Well; talent, and quite as little taste for encomiums lustration excited much merriment.) pasea could not he recalled the on the great, I should wronjr mv heart, mv agitators, however, had got quite enough of it judgment, and my conscience, is I withheld ,...... :. thev determined. ;Fncihi i their homage from the earl of Donoughmore. repetition and foi this purpose they piepared a Descended from genius to be talented was his nuiui i uau me nonor o draw, in inheritance allied to chivalry, to be heroic . was his nature born in Ireland, to be honest uhich vetos anil cprnriiios and hitches, and all the sbng ,f theol .gical might not have been his interest, but he has tolly and all the phrase of affected hiendshio. shewn it to be his pride in a family enobled ..wi.oiuuiuusi,y avoided; wnatdid Mr. GraU both by art and arms, distinction was difficult tan do with that! He nobly moved that it yet he stands distinguished in a country should lie itbon the table- - and there it may lie where persecutioa was the meed of virtue, putill doomsday ; and there it lay in perfect rity was perilous, yet he stands unimpeacha-bl- e composure during the happiest oppoitunity with no guide but honor, and no policy that e but principle, the eloquence that lightened on your ever presented iMelffnr a nn.iHo,.t: question! the corruptions of the court, disdained to flatnose who, on every discussion, had been i ter the prejudices of the people a peer, he taunted with the war as an 'impedientto your would not sawn upon the follies of a monarch a patriot, he would not crouch to the cap- emancipation, no sooner beheld the peace, than they most wisely waved any discussion whatsorices of a multitude. I am almWt glad there ever when there was every obstacle, they inwere occasions upon which we ifufered, for in on a debate ; and wlien there was no the impetuosity with which those differences sist : originated, we saw that candid and compro- part, thev decline: it. rifrnr. ,'.. I t?. Ideally think the lapse of that peculiarly mising spirit which in the heat of his consis aUSticinnspqlinn a Mr,ur wh',..!, , ...:il i.n tency gave the evidence of its conviction is he would not surrender himself to gain popu. cult tor your caase to prry the Irish mind is in ferment the English mind is allowed lan'.y from you, he will not sell jou to jjain kept power from others. Ireland owes him much Itocool, and an opportunity has been omit d had it not been for him, fettered as we are, Dy winch the British minister would have been we should be also friendless and obliged to reduced to the alternative, either of granting1 beg our advocate even from amongst the au- her rights, dr of saying to our country, " wring thors of our captivity- - Thank God, poor coun- what you cart from' England's necessities you try, there is jet one son to own you, and it is shall obtain nothing from the hour of her prosThe sessions, however, no bad omen that the name which cheers yoUr perity." ("Hear, hear sorrow, gave its heroes and its patriots to the was suffered to pais" in silente ; and what was glories of your prosperity. ("This just enco- the consequence r Why, the Irish Secretary, emboldened by the circumstances, passed three mium excited much enthusiasm. bills', without an Irish vnt tn nni, . I turn from this contemplation to a less plea- oenal viruci ui '. sing topic, and one which I would most wil- an Irish voice to protest against them. Tha misciuei oi tins negligence is not yet atanpnd, lingly pass over in silence from my soul I couW have wished that the name of Grattan depend upon it, when a suture discussion shall snmp DtiitrianQn will pvliim , rtllU. ...r.t. had remained forever synonimous terms with arise," Willi eulogy that the voice upon whose accents more plausibility than usual. " Wha ! do you nam. us iu give privilege to toe Daroanans, foe echo hung, and conviction waited, and persuacvpn wifli m..r. rt. sion smiled ; had become silent only in the whom but thft nthpnHfur grave that the orb before whose orient dawn- concurrence, we were rbliged to enact addi- ing, the fields of Ireland glittered, and the iionai penalties r f near hear Air. Grattan heart of Ireland glowed, had run its splendid returned again to his country he sound hi3 course unclouded and uneclipsed till it des- country any thing but conciliated she to remonstrate he refused her re cended amid the tears and blessings of the country but the geniufof our calamity had monstrance she submitted her suggestions decreed it otherwise, and it is only for us to he spurned at her presumption she then mildcombat the misfortune which our wisdom vain- ly and, as I think, most disgracefully, only to know whether even in tne nextSes-sioly sought to have averted. I pass by subjects he would promise Ireland a discussion of on which I might dwell with acrimony I forget the odious annunciation of a French party her grievances to this he has not given any in Ireland. I pass by the advocacy of that hid- reply whatsoever, and thus, at present stands eous insunection act they might have been the case between Mr. G. and the catholics I the frenzy of the moment let them slumber give you the facts my heart bleeds over them spare me the comment. (IfearJ One topic, In oblivion j what shall we say however to that more systematized proceeding which must however, has arisen out of this disagreement, upon which it is highly necessary to animadhave sprung from mature deliberation I im. pute no error" of heart to Mr Grattan, errors vert. Mr. Grattan denies the right of the conof judgment most undoubtedly I do he is a stituent to instruct his representative. I claim man, and fallibility is the very essence of our the rightI think il can be supported by argu. nature. How stands the account between him ment- - I am sure 'it can by authority what i the representative but the creature of the conand the catholics ? Aster ten years of holyday discussion enliv- stituent t Is he to turn himself against his ere-at! What is the representative but the serened occasionally by the polemics of Rome, vant of the constituent ? Is he to convert him-sesome episodes, not very lauditory on Dr. into- - the master ? In Mr. Grattan's own and some hacknied dissertations on what they are pleased to term the agitators of Ire- celebrated address to his constituents upon land, the house of commons magnanimously his retirement, he admits the relationship.. deigned to hear what Ireland had to complain " I have sound in you, says he, a kind and in. of they at length in their condescension re- dulgent master you have sound in me but an I ask Mr Grattan, solved into a committee to deliberate on your unprofitable servant-grievances ! oh, most grave and condescend-in- which of these terms implies the authority ; But situated as Ireland is at this instant, I legislators ! this was, however, the point vould be glad to know is some local measure for which Mr. Grattan had been struggling this was the goal whence that Measure was to were to spring up in parliament, how is the emanate by which the long list of your inju- representative to .gain the necessary local in. ries was to be cancelled. Now what did our formation excent it be. through fh mtPn,,m Even upon the Very advocates propose to the committee his grand tality of his constituents relies bill, which has originated this difference, Relies Billconceived by Mr see how necessary sofne instiuctbn has beby Mr. Canning, and confirmed by lord Castlereagha Remit Rill! ! 1 would as soon comeyour very advocates differ between think of calling an attorney's bill of costs a themselves both as to the measures to be proRelies Bill loud laughter t there was not a posed and as to the propHety .of discussion. relies clause in it on which he and his coadju-tor- s Mr. Grattan says, he will not tell you whether had not contrived to mount half a dozen he will procure a discussion in the mmmnna Lord Donoughmore says, he should betray blaspheming priests by way of riders (a laugh however, to the honor of our country I never your cause u ne uiamot discuss it in the lordi. heard of aman, woman, or child, whoopprnved Mr. Grattan produces a b.U to emancipate you. of it always excepting our own sweet sece Lord Donnuehmore savs. its Ktinnlatinne ders and their most appropriate patriarch, the are deeradine- is the; nennlf. An nnt into. sere is they do not instruct him whom they superlative Q'larantotti ! the grand Relies Bill, with a shout from England, and a groan from think wrrtnc hnw np wh.r, oi... 1ioa v.,v ering to have an end ; or are they in silence Ireland,-wen- t unlamented to the tomb of the Capulets it died like a bishop, with the con- iu anow tueir case to become dormant or sent of every body flaughterj and Mr. Grattan degraded between them I Is there in parliareturned to receive a kind of funeral congrat- ment any member for a borough, who unless ulation from the catholic hoard. Sftw what he has bought his seat, does not think him- sen oy instructions oi nis do you think did he say to them " allow me tor ? uounuthereuieslave of the treasury propriea Is to to recommend you a httie moderation ; fa the minister is not a kind of whipper-in'-whom it was his literaranswer. Here, laugh let me pause in my narrative tr protest And are the people less than the minister or i ti,.. againstthis fashionable cant Word of modcra-tio- the boroucrh moneer? (Hear. which in sacs, is it means any thing, is talk of parliament beinp a deliberative body ! No doubt; no doubt. Nota man goes "into a, intended to convey a sly sarcasm upon the honest men who, through obloquy and persecu- debate with his mind made up. Sweet, deli- tion and personal risk,- - and intimidation, and neratiye souls : tney will ba swayed by the arguments. s'Oh. most intprmnlin.. n.i . discountenance and cabals of every description, ted Burdfttl you think of re. are seeking to jhield vou fiom. the Ry0y-;- J 'From the Ulster (Belfast Becorder. MR. PHILLIPS'S SPEECH, r'"eJMr. . soul-insn- rr. i.: '"'"T' ..:. -- -.- . con-triv- ,..: !,,,. !,. .- n I """"" ol , J J " '" ; j n Mil-ne- lf r, " g Grattan-.bap-tiz- f ed J J J how-eve- ?' r, hi-- :. d

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