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Image 1 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), June 8, 1911

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

r 1 The Jefferson ian A NEWSPAPER DEVOTED ENTIRELY TO THE INTERESTS OF JEFFERSON COUNTY Jefferson town, Jefferson County, Ky., Thursday, June 8, 191 1. Vol. 4. No. AGRICULTURE To Be Taught at Kentucky State University. Grand Opportunity Offered To Farmers, Dairymen, Horticulturists and Others. During the coming summer the College of Agriculture of the State University, like all other departments, is offering a short course. A majority of the states in the Union have provided for the teaching of agriculture in their schools and it is only a matter of a short time until While the Kentucky will follow. as prepared for the coming course season is especially adapted to the needs of teachers, it meets equally well the needs of the practical or prospective farmer. The outline of the work will probably be shaped much in accordance with that offered in thr short winter course, which exThe summer tends ten weeks. course, however, offers many advantages which the winter course cannot enjoy, such, for example, as visiting the growing crops on the experiment plots or at Elinendorf. Elmendorf is a stock farm owned by Mr. .1. B. Haygiu and is perhaps the finest farm iu the world, having besides its cropping interests the very best of all classes of live stock and also what is probably the finest dairy baru in the world. A year ago an arraugement was made by which the Agricultural College was given fall use of the Elmendorf Farm, the students of course being the ones ultimately to derive the benefits of This gives such an arrangement. to the Kentucky Agrifacilities cultural College which are enjoyed pnhaps by no other agricultural college in the country. The greenhouses, plots, farm and dairy of the College are of course at the service of the students and instruction in these lines of work constitutes a regular part of the course. Opportunity will be given for a certaiu degree of specialization, that is. a student may devote his particular attention to dairying, farm crops, poultry husbandry. horticulture, entomology, the sciences, or to live stock. Besides the regular work planned for the students in the Agricultural College as in other departments, a special lecture course has been arranged, the lectures to take place twice weekly. These are all of a nature and of general and specific interest to students in any department of the University. A majority of the people in Kentucky are engaged in agriculture of some form, hence it seems suitable that the Agricultural College should strive to meet the demands of this large class of people in the most effective way. This it seems should be done through the teachers and non-technic- al practical farmers of the state who can put into operation the teachings of the agricultural College. The summer course will bet:in on June sixth and will extend to July twenty-eight- . On arrival in the city students can report immediately to the college of Agriculture where a list of boarding places will be on hand from which they can select. A special appropriation has been made to mert (he expenses of this course and no pains will be spared to make it of such. a nature as to satisfy the demands of teachers anil tanners. In nearly every county in the .Stale nn effort has been Bade to form an agricultural club among the boys, and the success of such an enterprise in the counties where it was tried last year was phenomenal. From such activity the school will naturally become the agricultural improvement center, and with a trained man or woman in each school its value will be greatly extended. Hence we feel that by providing For this summer course in agriculture we will he giving tin- nos1 direct benefit possible to Kentucky agricul- ture. First Communion at St Elizabeth's. WIND STORM Does Much Damage to Crops in Jefferson County. Several People Injured, Roofs Blown Off and Trees Uprooted, Caused By Heavy Rain, Hail and Lightning. heavy rata, hail and lightning did much damage in Jefferson county last Monday evening. Farmers and 'gardeners are the heaviest losers by having their strawberries and onion patches damaged by the hail Many out of commistelephones were-pu-t A large sion and trees blown down. tree in the yard of J. W. Floore in Jeffersontown went down from the rind. Tops of brick chimneys yvere blown off of many of the houses. A In the interurban station in Jeffer- For information address T. It. sontown an electrical switch box was Bryant. Supt. Extension Division, burnt out by the lightning aud set lire to the building. The tire was Lexington. Ky. before it did much damage. Probably the greatest damage GOOD THINGS resulting from the storm was around T. C Gaines, cashier Middletown. of the Middletown Bank, reported to The Jeffersonian that several perTo Eat Will Be Plentiful at Picnic Next Monsons were injured. Henry Pearcy, day W. J. Semonin Calls For member of the firm of Pearcy & Coleman, together with J. C. Brooks, More Help. were in the L. & E. Station at Cor-rtlwaiting lor a car during the storm, when the building blew over Only a few more days and we celeon the two men. Mr. Pearcy managbrate! There is no doubt left in the ed to get out' without assistance, but minds of any one familiar with what Mr. Brooks was pinned down, in has oeen done that our picnic at Jef- which position he remained until asBoth were considferson Heights oa Monday next, June sistance arrived. erably bruised aud in jured about the L'th. is going to be the success it deserves to be. The ladies have body, but they are back at work at rapidly. done themselves proud, and ample this time and Improving and good cheer will Dale Demaree, while entering a car entertainment be handed out to every visitor, as above Middletown, had oue of his will also something to please the lingers mashed off. The car door was (Merman in the way of a nice, clean slammed on it in his hurry to get in palatable lunch promised by the good out of the storm. Mrs. Ferguson, of people of this community. We are Avoca, was standing in the storeready to receive the fast throng of room of Pearcy & Coleman at Midvisitors that will (surely) be here anil dletown during the storm aud fainted want once more to call on any, who from the effects of being shocked by have not yet made known their in- lightning. Dr. S. D. Wetherby was tentions, to let Mrs. Snivel y know at summoned and after giving her medonce what she may expect of you in ical attention she was able to be rethe way of edibles or help. It would moved to the Hord Hotel, where she astouish many to know the assurances remained until Tuesday before going we have had and the promises of aid home. A large tree was blown down given the committee, and we believe in front of the residence of Chas. were we to stop right now we could Russell in Middletown, and part of care for all, but we must nU stop. the roof ot the house of County There must be no falling off of any- Patrolman Henry Wetherby was thing, and the name Jeffersontown blown off. James Moore, while will speak hospitality for all time to standing in the station of theL. & E. come to those who visit us ou this oc- waiting for the car, was severely scorched and shocked when lightning casion. Again I ask every one interested in struck the building in which he was education and every one interested standing. While the heavy windstorm and in Jeffersontown to come and bring a basket of good things and next week's bail did some damage to wheat, issue of The Jeffersonian will be berries aud ouions, the rain came in able to give a glorious account of time to save many crops from burnW. J. Skmonin. ing up, as the farmers were very those who did it. Pres. Jeffersontown Com. Club. badly in need of rain. li I OPPORTUNITY Last Sunday, June 4th. sixty-fou- r children received first holy communion at St. Elizabeth's church on The Burnett avenue in Louisville. was beautifully decorated in For Citizens of Jeffersontown to church ferns, pot plants and cut tioyvers. Take Action. The ornamented candle sticks, with candles, and the many electric lights formed a hallo of light. Professor John Ossent played the organ. The Attorney Benj. J. Gardner, of Louisville, choir of the parish sang the solemn mass and benediction. Rev. Jacob Writes Splendid Letter in Regard to ModOssent, rector of the parish, deliverel School in Jefferson Heights. On Tuesday at hall ed the sermon. past seven o'clock the same children received confirmation by the Right Editoi The Jeffersonian: In the Reverend Bishop, of Louisville. All II rst hal f of past century of our the this was a spectacle of edification and at the close the Te Deun was government the general purpose in educational matters was to perfect sung. the district system of schools; the undoubted tendency in the latter half FISCAL COURT was to merge it into an organization embracing a larger area and capable Holds Regular Meeting Tuesday and Pass on of greater undertakings. The cause thereof has been the desire for larMany Large Claims Good Roads ger schools taught by teachers betTo Be Built. ter prepared and capable of better work, and a purpose to distribute edThe regular meeting of the Jeffer- ucational advantages more evenly. son County Fiscal Court was held at The new or modern method has the courthouse last Tuesday and bids been in operation for years in the were opened for about $40,000 worth more progressive states. At last the of work on roads in the county. idea has reached Kentucky, and Several bills were reported and or- many of our leading citizens are now laboring with zeal to supplant the dered paid. Mr. P. L. Atherton, president of district with the more effective and the Central Road Association, was modern oue, among them Mr. John B. present and addressed the members McFerran. of our county. Mr. McFerran, out of pure generosof the court. He said he was much interested in all the proposed roads ity and commendable dissi nterestness, to Lincoln farm, but that he was seeks to establish the more progressespecially interested in the Central ive system at Jetlersontown, believLincoln road. He suggested that as ing that other localities, viewing its It these roads were to be built to last a advantages will also adopt it. long time that they should have the would be a pure waste of effort to attempt this change without the coproper drainage; that an anJ modern system should be used on operation of the people of the comthe roads." Mr. Atherton introduced munity, which accounts for the JeffMr. E. W. James, LI. S. Highway erson Heights sub divison to attract Engineer, yvho has been sent here by surburban homeseekers, whose greatthe government for the purpose of est objection to living in the country making suggestions for building the has been the lack of modern school Lincoln Way. He gave a general advantages for their children. Mr. talk on road building and said that McFerran's purpose being to donate the government was taking a big in- all the profit which may accrue to terest in road building all over the his holding of stock (oue half) from United States. The greatest aid of- the sale of lots to the school, in adfered, he said, was in sending out ex- dition to a commodious site donated perts who understood the work and by the company. It would be a strange error of judgwho desired au uniformity of all good Mr. James said that 5 per ment, in mv opinion, should the roads. citizens of Jeffersontown cent of all the public roads iu the United States were old dirt roads and and vicinity let this opportunity pass in au unimproved condition. Mr. for the untold betterment of their James will make a trip from Louis- children aud their children's chilaud ville over the Central Lincoln Way dren by failure to and return over the lend every reasonable aid to this to Lincoln farm L. & N. pike, or the Lincoln Way, worthy enterprise. In my judgement, the name that after which he will make suggestions adorns the fairest page of the world's as to the improvenient-o- i same. Magistrate Chas. Wheeler offered history is that of Socrates. Putting a resolution that $2,700 be appropri aside wealth, military distinction ated for extra excavation on the te public-s- pirited Bardstown road, work on which has already begun, which was adopted. i'he original contract for the work will probably amount to $ti,SO0. This contract is for building three miles of road through Fern Creek from Frederick 's Lane to Beulah church. the Jefferson County Board Education. NOTICI the coming you want to realize large profits 71 If season on your crops of CABBAQK, ONIONS, POTATOES, APPLES, ONION SETS, ETC., don't forget to call and see the "old reliables" SCHAEFER BROS. 426-42- 8 East Jefferson Street, Louisville, Ky. They are leaders in prices and always pay the top of the market. QUANTITY IS NO OBJECT Any growers not having previously dealt with this firm, we advise to give them a trial. They have both phones Cumb. M. 3603, Home 3603 LOUISVILLE'S LARGEST BUYERS AND SHIPPERS (Cyrill A. Schaefer and Hugo L. Schaefer.) STYLE and high political honors, this noble character, thoughout his entire life, devoted his great and luminous intellect, without money and without price, to the education of the youth of his country, and in establishing a guide to higher forms of education, which alone, in my opinion, made Greece the most renowned oountry among the ancients and its people the happiest. We are fortunate in having among us public spirited men who are working to the same end, for the mental, moral, and physical improvement of the youth of our state. Bknj. F. Gardner. June 3, of LINCOLN WAY To Be Boosted at Old Fashioned Rally Which Will Be Held Picnic and at Kennedy's 1.1 Grove Next Saturday. picnic and rally An will be held at Kennedy's Fostoria on the Orell grove, at interurban electric line, next Saturday, June 10, under the auspices of the South Jefferson Commercial Club, for the the Lincoln purpose of boosting Way. A brass band has been secured for the occasion and there will be plenty of good things to eat, addresses by noted orators, and a good time promised to all. Among the speakers will be Hon. Sam Jones, R. W. Brown, Judge Shackelford Miller, Col. Bennett H. Young, Herman Newcomb, Jas. P. Edwards, Col. Scott Bullitt, Judge R. W. Bingham, Judge Alex. Humphrey, R. E. Woods, J. T. Funk, Wm. C. Montgomery, Editor Harry Summers, E. A. Jonas, Col. Thos. C. Timberlake, A. B. Lipscomb, Pendleton Beckley, Judge Jas. P. Gregory, Maj. John H. Leathers and Mayor Wm. O Head. Railroad Meeting. few of the citizens met at the Court House Monday afternoon and discussed the proposition of an elecA tric line for Spencer county. consisting of Isaac Jewell, committee, John Wiggiuton, Joseph Russell, Freu Smith and W. W. Booles, was appointed to procure the right of way from Taylorsville to the Jefferson county line, and report to a A meeting to be called by them, at their pleasure. Spencer Courier. Quarterly Meeting at Cooper's. Quarterly meeting will be held at Cooper's Memorial Methodist church near Okolona next Saturday morning at 10 o'clock. Dr. Thomas, the presiding elder, will be present and preach. SERVICE SATISFACTION by . Appropriations amounting to several thousands of dollars were made at a recent meeting of the Jefferson County Board of Education tor re pairing and building new schools in Jefferson county this year. Among the schoo1. buildings that will be erected will be one at Seatonville, about five miles from Jeffersontown. It is said that a'very desirable site has been selected and that the work on the new structure will start at an early date. New schools will also be built at Orell and Kusrnosdale and at other points in the county. The members of the board passed a resolution calling for an appropriation of $1,500 for the improvement of the school building at Middletown. There is a suit in court now over the question as to a graded school at Middletown. an election for which was held M ay 13. As the board passed the appropriation resolution after this date, it is claimed, that this school will not receive the $1,500 in case the court decides in favor of the graded school. An appropriation has been made for the improvement of the Jeffersontown district school, and the trustee. Prof. R. H. Snively, informed The Jeffersonian that an additional room would be built and other repairs made, Contracts for the work will be let as soon as the specifications are completed. The Calvary school-hous- e will also be improved. V 1911. NEW SCHOOLS And Mrub Repairing of Others Proposed The House of Quality Every Thursday at $1.00 Per Year Good buggy, $ Best buggy, $ I t ian office. Our 1911 Styles Are Ready for Inspection. McCormick Mowers, Binders, Hay Rakes and Twine. SOUTHERN SEED COMPAItlf Incorporated Preston and Jefferson Sts., Louisville. K s

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