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Page 121 of Life and service / by Rev. Lewis Powell.

Character-Building. that true wisdom by which our faith is increased and our courage directed and preserved from degen- erating into rashness. There are many kinds of knowledge which do not contribute to the improve- ment of morals and religion. No branch of physical science professes to teach knowledge of God or to enlighten or govern the conscience. There is, however, a connection be- tween religious knowledge and morality, but not so with mechanics, mathematics, and language. Scientists and philosophers, as a rule, are not noted for their morality and religion, and it is not the best and most helpful way to study religion. And while we insist upon the most thorough and com- prehensive study of literature, language, science, and philosophy, at the same time we must stress the greater importance in the economy of life of the religious education of children and young people; not that we value secular knowledge less, but reli- gious education more. The nations of antiquity were destroyed through dearth of religious knowledge. God said of the Jews: "My people perish for lack of knowledge." Had they cherished a knowledge of God, of sacred things, and of their own interests and dangers, they would no doubt have preserved their national au- I1

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