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Image 1 of Mount Vernon signal., March 30, 1906

Part of Mount Vernon signal.

rt h e ounltrUl Published Every Friday MT VOLUlE XIX VERNON ROCKCASTLE ritories COUNTY On the Grand Established tl 1887 there are thirteen bars its the lower field representing tfr original States On the design of the silver nuflal The artist hats used the lmslT the Order of Saint l I designed I K KJ KOUNTS IK ° KKSmfsSeffandExcef tWhy Because expert designers con I Pc K 850 SUITS at 10 1250 f ¬ their importance The diploma is 16 x 18 inches in size it was designed by Will H Low FROM TOP TO TOE The Suit the Shoes the JHat and reproduced by Gilbo Com If you want pauy in a sepia tint upon Imperial and and Underwear the Neckwear Suspenders Japanese paper 21 x 24 inches in the swellest things come and see us size I Am Going to Keep on Talking Douglas Shoes afterwardKeat1Ilb + I ¬ There are others but none like on belly ¬ w oceanOn the gold medal there are three distinct corners each con taining a wreath encircling a monogram or emblem and each of these wreaths is surrounded by fourteen stars representing the Louisiana Purchase States and Ter ¬ ¬ 7 Liberal reward turn for re ¬ J Fish inch 3o3t J Mt Vernon LEGISLATIVE COUTNIES The friends of Lieut Governor Thorne in the Senate presented lese Polly who lives on Rockcas tie river between the mouth of him with a handsome silver tea ser In ac Sinking and Pine Creekwas vice as a token of esteem cepting the gift Gov Thorne said drowned last Thursday the it was his first realization of the overturning of a dug out loadedI long struggle he has been making with wood A twelve During his re brother who was with him swamI for free silver marks he appologized for using to the shore Both boys could swim and it is supposed that the cuss words in the Senate sevone that was drowned took the eral days ago He said he was ex tremely sorry for having used such cramps language but there vas compen The Oman dog law prvokes a sation in knowing from the new good dealof discussion among the paper that playedup the story farmers over the State The sleep that some of the editors never heard raisers say the people of Kentucky of should provide the author of the approved 140 Gov Beckham law with woolen clothing the rest bills and affixed his signature A of his life while the friends of tl e number of miner bills became lawsdog declare that they or any of ot the State with his signature their decendants will ever vote for Only three bills and one resoluti n a man who is neas or remotely kin was vetoed One of these containto Croan If the law results as it ed a clause which in the Governors should in the raising of omore virtually repealed the sheep but for the depredation of judgment dogs the most profitable thing cn local optior legislation of the pres a farm the law will soon be ac ent session knowledged as a blessing Sorrer Theo the 14year old son 1 of I ¬ I ¬ ¬ j ¬ Ky J A Ramsey reports 500 cattle on the market with but few good One lot 650 Lib ones steers brought 390 which was probably Light the highest price obtained yearling steers brought 2000 per head Quite a number of heifers brought from 3 to 3 cts Many cattle left over unsoldRichmond ¬ j ¬ 3I < helld i I i > ¬ v vK4 ili ¬ f The TailingColdHabii I CNtEL v JT5 WiLl The old cold goes a new one ¬ quickly comes Its the story of a weak throat weak lungs a tendency to consumption the Ayers Cherry Pectoral ¬ BRAh SHIELD EAAS fiLL CLOjfHIN Ii Chi1drensWoes lust ADJ01INNG Gus Stavrson and J J Hysing er came in Saturday with 27 head of cattle bought in Kuox county at about actsSTRAYEDA black boar hog with a few gray spots weight about Ito pounds left my place a week ago No mark except a large wart ¬ DOUGLAS w 7 I In thejcomposiuon of the obverse of the medal are shown two figures Until I have every Man and Boy in Rookcastle County tall and one of which Columbia sately is about to envelop the r Better buy the next pair of Shoes here You will have youthful maiden by her side typ fyi rig the Louisiana Territory in to sometime anyway as I wont give you peace until you do the flag of the stars and stripes thus receiving her into the sisterhood of States The other figure is depicted in the act of divesting herself of the cloak of France sym bolized in the emblem of Napoleon tit the busy bee embroidered thereon In the back ground is shown the rising surf the dawn of a new era of progress to the nation The motto of Douglas Shoes is MAKE YOUR FEET The reverse of the medal shows LAUGH an architectural tablet bearing an inscription giving the grace of the Below the tablet ate two medal NEW AND UPTO dolphins symbolizing our Eastern GOODS and LA and Western boundaries the whole ArrivedEVERYTHING surmounted by an American Eagle spreading its wings from ocean to d ff oLEtIIoNEYfARRD Manufacturer ¬ Casher breaks up the takingcold habit It strengthens soothes heals Ask your doctor about it The best kind of a testimonial Sold for over sixty years A lf ¬ Rockcastle To bacco HUTCHESON ¬ Decription of the Design for the Medal of award of the Louisiana Purch a s e Exposition Award to R S Martin S HOES Certainly Fit W Climax of Mt Sterling Court the Gazette says About 1500 cattle on the market The quality was com mon with no heavy cattle all the offerings being light weight Trade ¬ was dull for the reason that we had one of the worst day of the winter The best 800 pound steers JournalA brought 4 to 4 cents according from Emmet M Dick to quality selling by the head son District Deputy Grand Exalt ¬ common steers at 6y cents heifers says that ed Ruler Paris Ky the Somerset Elk Lodge No 1021 will be instituted Wednesday tie were left over unsold It was a April 4 Grand Exalted Ruler R hard on our cattle traders to bring W Brown of Louisville has ex stock for three or four days in the pressed himself as desirous of par reconsiderTORTURE rain and then have such a day of ticipating BY SAVAGES installation in Not more thau a third as sates There will be about thirty taken Speaking of the torture to which many mules for sale as last court through on the night of installa sonie of the savage tribes in the Trade was a little slow Some 16 tion which with something like subject their captives hand mules sold at Philippines 190 15fhand eight resident Elks will give Som reminds me of the intense suffering 165 to 175 isnand I endured for three months from mules at erset a lodge of thirty eight to be ¬ of the kidneys says mules at 140 to 150 small mules gin with inflamation Preparation will he W M Sherman Crushing Me at 90 to 110 Demand tor horses made to appropriately entertain Nothing helped me until I tried was good Green Wade Co Electric Bitters three bottles of sold some road horses at 200 to the visiting Elks who will be prin Cures cipally from Danville as the Dan which completely cured me Good horses brought 150 Liver Complaint Dvspepsia Blood 1255 160 medium horses at ville Lodge will furnish the iniat 125 disordeJS and malaria and restores pHigs Among other visitors fug team 50 to 80 the weak and nervous to robust will be Exalted Ruler R G Wil health Guaranteed by all druggist Hams of the Covington Lodge Price Soc arts Coldsi Prevents Pnnumonla ¬ the Solid led L LAND STOCK AN D CROP ¬ ¬ RJ Ittfj ¬ ¬ p a J ¬ W L DOUGLAS- ankrngSstempp upon ¬ a teat to fit the feet but I relatione ¬ Everything Everybody OF BRUDIIL AD KY Give us your business and we guarantee a pleas ant and profitable ¬ ¬ rl t OP medalistsr 675 15 BftNK mACCOUNTS Individual Firms and Corporations ¬ desire in quality pattern and style from the plain business suits to the highclass dress suits I B ¬ HrqHCLASSClothilig WE have every thing you could IFa tJliS mm mltJ ID ta ¬ expert manufacturers make them and expert clothing Therefore men handle them its expert testimony that tells you theyyell and excel LET US SHUT YOU how goodand highclass the work manship in our clothing is that we have the dressiest and best fiitting garments to be had and why our prices are so much low er than all others for STRICTLY ceive them 2G I r t h3 Tiedesign Ad lph A Wcinmau was approved by a committee com posed of J Q A Ward Darnel C Frenchand Augustus St Gaudens The dies were engraved and the medal struck by the United States Government Mint at Philadelphia The weight of the medal is about three and onehalf ounces The al R S MARTIN loy for the medal was made espe The Rockcastle tobacco manu dally for the Exposition after sam ¬ facturer who was awarded a diplo ples were submitted and passed up ma and the Medal on tobacco at on by expert the Worlds Fair St Louis in 1904 c Below are descriptions of the diplo MARETBURG ma and medal which he is soon to 0 receiveDescription Miss Grace McCall returned to of The Design For The Hazel Patch Monday S H Mar Diploma of Award of The Lou ¬ tin and family moved to Mt Ver isiana Purchase Exposition We regret to see non Wednesday to R S Martin on them leaveMiss Alice McCall Tobacco ¬ returned to school at Mt Vernon Tuesday Mrs Lucy McCallvis The central figure of the com iterl her mother Mrs Martha Lew ¬ position a robust clear eyed maid is the first of the weekMaster en in her first youth Columbia Jack Lewis who has been visiting with unclouded forward looks relatives here returned to hisliome brow intent upon a future beyond at Stanford TuesdayRev C C the act which she represents plac ¬ Metcalf will preach at the Maret ing one hand in sign of possession burg church Sunday Mrs Robe upon the globe typifying the ter da Owens has been ill for several ritorial acquisition which is of daysMaster Arthur Taylor of fered by her sister France seated at Livingston has been visiting his Simultaneously from her right grandparents at this placeThe the other hand she passes on the infant child of Josh Boreing was torch of progress to her messenger buried here Wednesday ¬ the youth of her country who with winged feet stands ready to depart A HINT TO TRAVELERS on his mission of civilization to ¬ While in Suffolk Vaj Henry ward the Western sun which irrad Crol proprietor of theBeav iates the sky Columbia is draped erton Jr Mich Hardware Co was with the flag chosen as a symbol taken very sick with bowel trouble above all others which is recogniz- A traveling salesman front Saginaw ed to the farthest limits of the Mich advised him to take a bottle of Chamberlains Chronic Cheolera ¬ world and denotes the country which he and Dirrrhoea Remedy where was the Exposition that is did It soon cured me and I sued the diploma France wearing take pleasure in recommending the costume of the periqd of the it he says No one should leave cession of the Louisiana Territory home ou a journey without a bottle is by a voluntary anachronism de of this remedy It is almost sure be needed and is not obtainable picted with the Imperial Crown for to Sold while on steamship or cars while the act of cession was laccom ¬ by Chas C Davis leading druggist plished in the intenraoi the Consu ¬ late it was a step in the progress of After much ill feeling the extra Napoleon and Imperial Erance re ¬ session of the General Assembly mains in our memories to day as re Monday afternoon reached a com linquishing the territory whjch our promise on the Rectifiers Tax Bill younger na tion has notably devel fixing a tax of one and onefonrth oped The border of a Classic cents a gallon The House at first Empire design encloses the names refused to accept any thingrbut a of the States of the Union promi ¬ tax of one and onehalf cents at d nence being given to those com the Senate was barely prevented prising the territorial acquisition from adjourning sine die without while the fourteen stars in the tab giving the House an opportunity to let below still furlhtr emphasize Realizing that Rockcastle County people like to be cs well dressed as any people on earth we have just put in stock a very large stock Mens of the famous Suits NUMBER CITIZeNS > KWAUTY 1906 Rockcastle County mThe Gibralter of Institutions i Financial and The metal was It is MARCH 30 Pr ize de thtre is the same number of stars in the upperfieldof theshield Luis fI yGrL lS II tyjI n KY FRIDAY sign U LM 17 Mens Youths and Boys Suits jhe most economical buy because they are better made and fit more perfectly than other suits sold at Pop ular Prices 7 None Genuine without the Label on the Collar Hby For Mt Vernon Ky c I Made v C Ayer Co Lowell Man Also manufacturers of rjers SARSAPARILLAI We have no secrets We tho formulas of oil our Pills the bowels Just one regular pill publishI

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