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Image 15 of Inventory of the county archives of Kentucky. No. 3. Anderson County (Lawrenceburg)

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

‘ \ , , (First entry, p. 110) Q 1. HISTORICAL SKETCH Q ’ ° l Creation A V C Q Anderson, the eighty-second county established—in Kentucky, was cre- i ated by an act of the legislature approved January 16, 1827. (1) A sup- ( { plementary act, approved January 18, 1827, provided that the act of cre- 5 ation should become effective January 20, 1827. (2) Formed from parts of E Franklin, Mercer, and Washington Counties, the boundaries ef Anderson were ` E described as "Beginning at the mouth of Little Benson creek on Kentucky § river in Franklin county;‘thenee with the meanders of said creek, to . ` A Brock's spring, near the Harrodsburg road;’thence on a straight line to ‘ E Caleb Tinsleyfs leaving him in Franklin county; thence by a line due Q west to the line of Shelby; thence along the same line to the mouth of g Crooked creek on Salt river; thence along the dividing line of Washing- · { ton and Nelson to the mouth or Beaver creek, on Chaplin's fork on Salt _ { river; thence up said creek to where the road from Springfield to Frank~ l Z fort crosses the_samc; thence with a line east so as to`1oave Vinc;rt Mor- Q .gan in Washington county, to the dividing line between Washington and Mer- Q cer; thence with the Vhshington and Mercer line to a point from which a i line due east, will include the house of James Downey; thence a straight i line`to include the house of Thomas naraisty on the Harrodsburg road; i thence a straight line to the Kentucky, at the rerry of Costello Dawson,. J Sr.; thence down the river to the beginning.“ (5) _ ? AH The county was named in honor of Richard Clough·Anderson, Jr., a 5 person of_mere‘than local historical significance. His father, Richard { Clough Anderson, Sr., was an important figure in pioneer Kentucky·where Q he conducted the Statels first lnlitary Land Office at the "Falls of the ? Ohio."` Before her marriage, his mother was Elizabeth Clark, a sister of _ Q George Rogers Clark. After graduating from the Law Department of William @ and nary College, Williamsburg, Virginia, he practiced for a time in Louis- Y ville. Later he was elected to the Kentucky Legislature, served one term , as Speaker of the House, was elected to Congress, and finally was appointed p by President Monroe as the first Minister to the newly-created Republic of Q Celu bia._ He died in 1826 on his second mission to that country. The { following year the Kentucky Legislature honored him by giving this county . I his name. (4) * = i ‘ I l l. Qglg gg_;gg GENERAL Ass€meLv gg Egg CoMmoNw¤ALTH gg Kentucky, 1826-27, P. 44,‘ j HEREINAFTER CITED AS gpls, ` i . LQQB; P• 55• >, j 4, MAJOR Lawns W. mcxaa AND Mas. LYDIA K. BoNe,`g HISTORY gg Anbcnsom CeuNTY,>l7BO—_ 3; 1936, P. 105; LOUISVILLE Trmss, Jews i, 192l. . W.; ~. ;, __ _

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