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Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

6 - The university received $7 million worth of bonding authority for the Basketball Practice Facility. The budget also authorizes the university to complete the full scope of the project with institutional funds. The university received $270, 000 in state funds to design an Eastern Kentucky University/UK Dairy Research and Education Center. This will be a joint dairy merger at Eastern's Meadowbrook Farm. It will allow us to remove dairy operations from the Coldstream space and put it in a place that will be more appropriate. President Todd said that he is very pleased the budget passed. There will be a final vote on the budget within two weeks. F. Appointment/Reappointment of Board of Directors, University of Kentucky Gluck Equine Research Foundation, Inc. (PR 3) President Todd recommended that the Board approve the appointments of Alan Balch, Jamie MacLeod, HH Maktoum al Maktoum, Nick Nicholson, and Garret O'Rourke and the reappointment of Nadia Sanan, Bill Bernard, and Walter Zent to the Board of Directors of the Gluck Equine Research Foundation for four-year terms. He also recommended that Alice Chandler, who served recently as chair of this board, be appointed an honorary member of the board. On motion made by Mr. Shoop, seconded by Mr. Branscum and carried without dissent, PR 3 was approved. (See PR 3 at the end of the Minutes.) G. Director of Hazardous Materials Management Emeritus Be Conferred upon John Q. Lowry (PR 4) President Todd said that he was pleased to recommend that Mr. John Lowry be named Staff Emeritus in recognition of his long service and dedication to the University of Kentucky for more than 39 years. He asked Mr. Lowry to stand and he read the following background information about Mr. Lowry: In 1966, Mr. Lowry began his career in the Medical Center, Department of Medicine, as a Senior Research Technician. He was named Biosafety Officer/Hazardous Waste Manager in 1980. From 1981 to 1990, he served as the Assistant Director of Human Safety and Environmental Health. In 1991, he was named Director of Hazardous Materials Management within the Environmental Health and Safety Division. He served in this capacity until 2003 when he was named the Responsible Official for the university's Select Agent Program. Mr. Lowry spend his career promoting environmental health and safety at the University of Kentucky to ensure safe and healthy conditions for work and study, protection of the environment, and compliance with applicable laws and regulations. President Todd thanked Mr. Lowry for his years of service to the university. Mr. Lowry received a round of applause. (See PR 4 at the end of the Minutes.)

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