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Item 400 of Life of General Robert Hatton : including his most important public speeches / together, with much of his Washington & army correspondence, by James Vaulx Drake.

LIFE OF GENERAL ROBERT HATTON. Have no uneasiness about me. Am in no danger-none. Got whole lot of things from you, yesterday. Thank you. Most affectionately, R. EATTON. WARM SPRINGS, VA., December 6, 1861. DEAR WIFE:- I write, simply, to inform you that I am still on the rise. My fever has given way, and I hope soon to be up. My strength comes to me very slowly. Am as weak as most attacks of a month would have left me. I took my bed, just two weeks ago. to-day. Have had a regular attack of camp fever. Am taking, of course, every precaution; and, God willing it, I shall soon again be with my boys. My love to all. God bless and pre- serve you from all harm. R. HATTON. WARM SPRINGS, VA., December 10, 1861. MY DEAR WIFE:- I write to let you all know that I am still " on the mend." Sit up a good deal of the time. Sat up, yesterday, several hours. My attack of fever was a most violent one, affecting my head to such an extent as to prevent my sleeping a minute, for near eight days. Took one dose of morphine, which but added to the al- ready excited state of my brain. So, we had to give up to it, and let it wear itself out. I took only one dose of strong medicine- three Cook's pills-the day I was taken sick. Dr. Robinson- who has attended me like a brother-did not want to give me strong medicines; so, he and I agreed finely, on the treatment. He (Dr. R.) is still here. Will wait, and go with me to the regi- ment. I hope to get off, now, in a few days. Mr. Wharton left. yesterday, for Staunton, I having no further need for him. He is a good boy. He was quite attentive to me, whilst I was sick. Now that he is gone, I am quite lonely, Jerry being my only companion, except when the Doctor comes down to see me. He is attending our sick, left here in the Hospital. 38.7

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