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Item 23 of LinQ magazine, November 2013

Part of Pride Community Services Organization publications

PFLAG TransKentucky Lexington Meeting AVOL News Meetlng PFLAGTuesday, November TransKentucky is pleased November: These meetings are every 12, 2013 6:30 to 8:30pm at once again to host Dr. November 7 _ Fair Housing week or month the GLSO Pride Center. Tannockalocalendocrinolo- Workshop with Art Crosby AA meeting _ open to Several transgender gist at our December meeting November 14 _ Red Cross everyone _ every Monday @ members of the Lexington to discuss transgender Disaster Relief Preparedness 8pm community will discuss health care, hormones and _ Are you prepared? HIV/ AIDS Support Group their personal journeys as other medical issues. This November21- Ambassador _ peer lead meeting, con- individuals -- and one, as a should be an excellent Training dential, an d open to everyone .. parent. Wewilllookatcurrent meeting and is usually well December: _ the second Tuesday of issues and family perspec- attended. If youve ever Dec 7 _ Holiday ornament every month. Next meeting tives that are highlighted had questions about transi- making and cookie deco- November 12at 7pm in a book edited by Rachel tion with hormones, this is rating party for kids and Tai Chi _ Every Wednesday Pepper Transitions of your chance to nd answers. adults. Spanish and English at 7:30pm the Heart: Stories Of Love, Meeting is Saturday, versions of T'was The Night Yoga Starting November Struggle and Acceptance by December 7, 2013. Meeting Before Christmas will be 5 _ Every Tuesday at 5:15pm Mothers of Transgender and starts at 7:30pm and runs read. Everyone welcome. Starting in January we will Gender Variant Children. until about 9:30pm. Doors Thank you so very much be adding cooking classes, Presentation rst Will likely be openby 7pm for getting everything backyard gardening and hour; support for those wrshmg .tO listed in the calendar of the Quit Smoking from Cooper group meeting change dOthes on '51te October issue. Clayton LGBT Smoking second hour. before the meeting. Cessation Classes. inn-r. - "'TP'EW - L m l I I: Comedlng the Bluegrass LGBT Community l < 7 fig a a . l ,1 , I A linQ Readers are 3 ~ " ' i - E. Q; affluent and ctive 4. , . .1 o 1, 85% ' .1 , . Advertising in LinQ has never been more affordable. To geta rate card or reserve space in our next issue, contact edit0r@ glso.arg LinQ

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