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Image 9 of Jefferson reporter (Buechel, Ky.), April 16, 1970

Part of Jefferson reporter (Buechel, Ky.)

itacd as tiecdved -- cdty &p;d::g, Sale BEAUTIFUL CXEEil QYQUZ C&$ & Ccrry WEIGELA-Pi- nk I & Red RED TWt3 DOGWOOD Fest I PINX DOGWOODS 23 ft 03.90 e. I CPREADING TAXUS $3.50 I 12.50 .. PERENNIALS PANSIES EULES for S10.CO mnm 0 fillHr'SYVIUMD.l n U AJ. IM. NI Jnaaapginnnrirn-if-in- f LATEX FLAT Jutt Rinse ' After UmI Cleans with Soap 8t Water -i V Gallon Watering newly sown seeds, whether indoors or outdoors, is extremely Alimportant. though drainage must be good, especially indoors, the seedbeds must never be allowed to dry out. Dryness would be fatal to the sprouting seeds. HATCHING COLORS SEMILOSS . . . . . Gal. 6.50 Quart Size... 1.S5 In J C1GCI FGO Iceland poppies, although perennials, will bloom the first year if seeds are sown at the earliest possible date. ALUMINUM Jhttal'ing Kaifr STONI Aluminum Locally Sine I96i 1i. ALCOA UYNCLCS i w, CoM 4 IAKX TIm! FnA aujaunum r::i ktizahs 360-130- 4310 CrittendM Or. 'Ann FiciM 1 s L i r-- v L.I 360-- 1 , 11 J.'. 1C3 0 nHTn .iL 2131 CUSTOA DESIOtlED . . . AT NO EXTRA COSTI pall tV111111dUiilJ l;Ui1i3I. W. 0 lmick, UdU-tF- dt J fci Ct, Q OQ O.Q O QO.Q O Q ! Carports Room A&!!ons Attics & Casements Flntied Cmrnerclal BuKdlncs Our Swimming Posl Salo Prc-Sccr- on Is On! m ron pool r;o;y m save l:::iyi A complete U'x32' tesUenHol fom.1y at the Pool low price of only can be scheduled now for installa tion at soon at weather permifsl A Pool Planning 1 or 2 Today! Call Specialist will give voir a Free Estimate on a PooJ Plan to fit your Budget as well as your Backyard! Offer Is limited! Financing Avnilnhle All Pools Are Fully Guaranteed. Act 452-154- 459-032- CRAYCQ0FT ENTERPRISES, INC. 45CS Clshop Lone "VJlsr pel bj fcr&sss czJ r:t BREED HORSE CHOW HORSE CHOW CHEKS NEED MORE SPACE? Check the basement before planning an addition, it suggestion here. Large, unfinished basement' (right) is transformed into family room above. ANIMAL SHAMPOO WORMER HORSE SPRAY HORSE PLUS COLT-HORS- TO ENHANCE BEAUTY of fieldstone fireplace and stairway, wormy chestnut paneling was used in the modernisation, which included vinyl floorhardhoard paneling from ing. Plastic-finishe- d Harlite. ProSnishd STRAW for LAWNS, GARDENS, BEDDING BABY CHICKS-Wh- ite Rocks, R.I. Reds, White Leghorns WILLIAMS HATCHERY OaJGrfEja Aid stone stairway and fireplace provided the nucleus for the "new look." Families looking for more space often overlook the solution of an unfinished or unsightly basement but the basement, which may be little more than a storage room or a place for the kids to play on a rainy day, very likely has unlimited modernization potential. addition of The built-i- n privacy that every member of the family wants for reading, writing, hobbies and informal entertaining is basic whether It's to a basement in an old or new. home. i Before proceeding 'with plans for remodeling, however, the homeowner should review his basement with a contractor, architect or building material dealer to see if it has the room and New Living Areas at home. that flexibility Chansjing Is needed. Exterior Another point worth considering is the advisability of expanding the home improvement project to Include some exterior changes along with the basement remodeling job. This has the advantage of coordinating the appearance of a basement and a basement entryway. Once started, rejuvenating the appearance of the basement becomes an easy accomplishment with the help of the many prefinlshed building materials available. Interior paneling and exterior siding in a wide range of choices can help to create an individual look and a family room suitable for every purpose and need. Space-stretchi- tech- ng niques vary with the size and condition of the basement. In one old house with a roomy basement, the natural field- - 5809 Bardstown Road FERN CREEK. KY. 239-533- 5 DYE Even a newer home may witbenefit from ness the remodeling project just discussed. For the older strips years home, from its appearances, as well as adding protection and Increasing home value. Ease of Installation and Uttle-or-maintenance are advantages shared prefinlshed sidings and panelings. s A dealer can supply information on the features of specific panelings and sidings. 4428 POPLAR LEVEL ROAD ng Wormy chestnut paneling in washable, hardboard was installed throughout the room. Vinyl flooring, posts and beams to conceal built-i- n lighting and a few pieces of Early American furniture completed the modernization of a living area. Newer homes, while they lack the rambling basements of yesteryear, are candidates for basement remodeling jobs, too. For instance, small basement in a typical tract house was transformed Into an un usual 'v recreation area by opening up one wall to the outdoors and raising the floor to form a conversation pit around the fireplace. Pecan plywood paneling provided an elegant backdrop for the copper fireplace and colored accessories. A suspended ceiling system with translucent fiberglass was added to conceal the old rafters left exposed in the stairwell for design interest. plastic-finish- ed Meanwhile, outside, prefinlshed siding with match- NAME BRAND PRODUCTS KNOWN FOR THEIR DURABILITY EXPERT CAQpmr CLEANING You Can Buy With Confidence from Dyel IN HOME-OFFICE-PL- " 12 YEARS SAME LOCATION CARRELL-ROGER- QUALITY INSTALLATION We Install or Sell for Self Installation S 953 SO. CLAY 584-024- DYE TILE Ct FLOOR COVERING 1 4428 POPLAR LEVEL rSarvnff Louuivill Since IKS" 10,CC0 sq.ft. 15,CC3 sq, ft. ecu r:.::7c:j iiwy. J SAVING s For interiors, prefinlshed paneling to suit any job is available in various sizes for easy handling and in a diversity of wood grains. For exteriors, prefinlshed siding comes in a wide choice of textures and materials among them, plywood, mineral fiber, aluminum, steel, asbestos cement and vinyl. ROL-LATE- X 9 excellent quality latex wall paint an economical price. Unusual coverage and durability. Dries in 20 to 30 minutes. Clean up with soap at ALLIED and water. Reg. L- BUY If 3 POINT PLAN DIRECT FROM FACTORY A BRANCH AND SAVEI , 2. - srtSrtet IIS1 Roa ' IH" C QTS. SPEC i-- h li. LARGEST MANUFAi LI LINK VIRS FCNCSflN Hi i VI n'SOUi 3333 BARDSTOWN ROAD FREE ESTIMATES AL PLASTIC DROP CLOTH esv High Quality ENAMEL For IndoorOuldoor Clsar No Satms Reg. 29 SPECIAL 1 I x. 0 SPRAY T ) " 3V" or 4" BRUSH NYLON an Values up to 3 Reg. 09 CDcrm 79 1.59 It's a long time between paint jobs with f.ARY CARTIH PAIHT ST0QE PRESTOII HIGHWAY AT OUTER LOOP OPEN DAILY 451-332- SPECIAL HIQH OLOSS mi en 2t 1 WA1V SPECIAL HOME OWNER! . - Jl FOR nun V d 239 31 PER QT. A PLAN FOR EVERY I 98 CHINA-LUX- E ALLIED FENCE WILL SET POST AND DELIVER BALANCE OF MATERIALS. FENCE WILL COMPLETELY I Per GaL 'M0 siiis.m!' ALLIED FENCE WILL SELL MATERIALS ALONE. 3. ALLIED FENCE. INSTALL A ,X 499 NOW rjGALS. Q FOR -t Kin" 19" I 458-627- 0 IC VAIUE Benefits 9t ft. HEADQUARTERS FOR QUALITY CARPETING larwlck building-material- ing batten strips added architectural distinction to the new entry to the remodeled basement. An amber bottle glass skylight helped to dramatize the entryway. Re-Sidi- YOUR no t TWO WAY GREEN POWER KILLS WEEDS AND FEEDS AT THE SAME TIMEI 5,c:ot$. TILE AND FLOOR COVERING ng An Mtmbtr ,.7J0IMT(OT3:tT W13" WlUfc 'MtvMM MllH.( v. Ill families and families of every size the conquest of space To growing grown-u- p MS I E In EHorao PquvcnGiion OUR A DOG SHAMPOO DOG POWDER CHAIN LEADS DOG COLLARS DOG BOWLS DOG FEEDERS CHOKER CHAINS PUPPY CHOW BIG-- UN FENCE CORP. mm 4th It. PURINA DOG CHOW PURINA DOG MEAL HORSE BLOCKS HORSE TREATS L?.z9." mm j DOGS OMOLENE lowisy Jo, Ky. 40211 U err U. HORSES . ZA t ACTION sidikg a Roorras begins SIDING AND TRIM ROOFING 30 GUTTERING DISCOUNT BUY DIRECT FROM OWNEX Sm eur ad in YJlow fogn. for easy carving for jack o' lanterns, of course. Named Spookie, it is a cross between, the varieties Early Sugar Pie and Jack O'Lantem. With small fruits, about 6 inches deep and the same in diameter, weighing about 6 pounds, it can be used for pies as well as carving. Sometimes gardeners complain about the number of seeds in a packet there are either too few or too many. This misunderstanding comes about because gardeners don't realize the great difference in seed sizes. For instance, there are about 115 seeds of beans, either bush or pole, to the ounce while the same weight of turnip seeds would total 15,200. Anytime) 3 LOW PAYMENTS FHA FINANCING SALE Would you believe! There's EI j Charge Charge-Mas- ter SIDING 1 a pumpkin especially selected GARDEN CENTER) . ACtOSf FOM KIATZ LANlJ r-- (MIDDLETOWN n 239-007- ALur.iinua .. s CQE;::!IAW, Mcicnry Phona Among many dwarf marigolds, the Petites are most useful. Yellow, gold and orange - flowered varieties are listed and a bicolor, Petite Harmony, has blossoms with mahogany guard petals surroundd ing a center. gold-creste- vmsm ovte CREEK STONE FOR SALE BY THE TRUCKLOAO CD 42 SHADE in Spread ea.- -3 Thii Year Soulangaana (Pink tulip tree) wfchbuds 5--6 ft tail ) i Abo Veneerlna Houses and Store Fronts All Work done at Reasonable Rates ANQ Guarantied I!.e::olia tail-Po- tted 12-1- 5 TfiSI Will Cloom VI3URNUM EUCH HONEYSUCKLE ) Ideal for 'RETAINING WALLS iS7ESi PATIOS BAFwECUE PITS 'PLANTERS f 0 3--5 I I m mwi R3.C3.E0 CPIREA-White-P- ink 1570-- 9' o TLOl70?Jr:o ZU2)25 . .1.90 EJ CALACANTHA FORSYTHIA JEFFERSON RETORTER, Thursday, April 16, 8S4-B3S- 3 each no each 77

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