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Image 5 of Jefferson reporter (Buechel, Ky.), April 16, 1970

Part of Jefferson reporter (Buechel, Ky.)

JEFFERSON REPORTER, Thursday, April 16, IS; -- THe ACTION PLACE TO MEET" COCKTAIL HOUH 4-- p.m. 3 7 K$ r f f' 2S7-C33- r 9:33 p.m. till W RAYDEMAR "ONE OF LOUISVILLE'S TOP PIANISTS" j ENJOY THE 18501 SOUNDS JDANCE TO THE ENTOURAGE I -Friday nd Saturday -- 1 p.m. till 1 .V 0 f V- - . C543 TAYLORSVILLE J Shopping Canter RD.-J'to- wn r-- It v W- - W . wiuw , . . ' OFFICE C07FEE Wilhout A HE55I IK NO PREPARATION! rVOrVfff NO CLEAN-UP- I WOWEEEII NOLOCSI WOWEEEII Now EVERYBODY can anjoy always frtsh coffaa tea toup or hot chocolatt with our new and different Office Coffee Concept! -- Take the work out of your coffee break. For Free Samples and CALL Demonstration - off oo Scrvito Most 239-098- Tumi- - or 0 239-002- 7 - J The recently formed Youth Advisory Council to Actors will be Theatre (YACAT) holding a seminar at Actors Theatre, North Seventh Street, for 350 high school students on Saturday, April 18, beginning at 10 a.m. The seminar will Include workshops in acting, directing and technical theatre, as well as a session devoted to "theatre games" and an address by producing-directo- r Jon Jory. The acting workshop will be conducted by members of ATL's resident company: Lee Anne Fahey; George Ede; Christopher Murney and Paul Villani. The directing workshop will be handled by Jon Jory, Christopher Murney, David Semonin and Ken Jenkins who will demonstrate with a segment of the skit on Shakesoeare from "Beyond The Fringe." Discussing technical theatre will be stage managers David Semonin and Donna Seigfreld; costume designer Bill Walker; technical director Johnny Walker, and assistant technical director Stephen Lee. YACAT consists of high school students who have become interested in Actors Theatre and are seeking fresh ways to gain new insight .into the theatre in general and to provide ideas for greater involvement for students in the city's cultural life. "" Members ol ' YACAT have attended some rehearsals during the season and met regularly with theatre staff to exchange ideas, as well as assisting ATL in various ways. Students interested in attending the YACAT Seminar should telephone Actors Theatre is information. o;:ly for further Stovers ' BEN JIM Manaear Cart. Elaet. P.S. Com marc Tachnlclan If. -- For almost hos- - f.X!fi!fii , 43 y:n t'slcorr.e K::on inciy ma imofmaiivacaiu newcomers-wnettney within our own nation of in soma foreign country. nsr i , If you j I IttfTmiTfTAVIT are a newcomer-M- io the newcomer's home, corri suit your loCifl telephoned!-rect- ry " for WELCOME ON -- J SUNDAY Hi-Sch- r NEED MATINEE 2:30 ADULTS $2.00 irv TO SERVE YOU BETTER The Optimist Club of Okolona held its oratorical contest on Thursday, April 9 at grade at Southern High School. Speaking on "Youth, Full With approximately 80 boys participating, contests at the respective schools narrowed the club contest to eight boys. Winner in the Okolona club's contest was Robert H. Bolton, son of Mr. and Mrs. Carl M. Bolton of 8010 Cedar Brook Court. Robert is 12 years old and a student in the seventh P Partners In Better A his belief that the young people of today want to be both "in the world" and "of the world." Robert emphasized this by saying that today's youth are active in every field of service to our country. Paul Chen of Indian Trail school placed second and Robert J. Burch, Jr., a student Priso If0 Ja.iL4) Claude Stevens, 11, son of entitled "Youth, A Full Partner highest standard of living in the Mr. and Mrs. Ed Stevens, 2432 in a Better Tomorrow." world." He further explained that Oratorical host was the Hikes Jeffersontown. was I chosen Point Optimise Club. today's youth have a need for winner of the 1 970 annl pJTcJ CJtiCation and training arid that 4 Oratorical contest Monday "The Youth of today are tney may go as far in schooling night. Claude was one of seven living in a new generation," said as tney desire. "We have problems same as participants in the event, Claude," and they have the anyone else," he said, "but by the time we work up an attack on one problem, we are confronted with others. We ettrrr V- government," he said. are our inspiration "You for a better tomorrow." Claude said in a Reporter interview that the four minute orationtook about four days to write, with most of the time being spent looking up words in the dictionary that would be impressive. He is a sixth grade student CLAUDE STEVENS receives his first place trophy after winning the 1970 Zone 4 Oratorical Contest. Rcporforhnd Student, Attend U.IL ConkmtQ SECOND FIDDLERS PIUS Country Mulk'l (orltt runny mto Steve Lake Ken Allen swino area high will join 18 school other high juniors from 13 high in Jefferson county to the 10th annual High School Juniors Conference sponsored by the University of Kentucky at Lexington. The conference, April is designed to orient top college prospects in the Commonwealth to life on the UK campus. masters m.c. Tlckttt on ul it Box Ofllct on Day of Show during the "live-in- " will include sharing a residence hall room with a UK student, attending his classes, and participating in panel discussions with the faculty, staff and students. On Thursday afternoon the 12S Kentucky high school juniors will attend a panel discussion on admissions procedures, how to apply for scholarships and loans, campus housing and costs, and other three-da- JEANSHEPARD nj rSnri UldJOeWiarK juniors school schools attend Activities 2 HOURS nr MICHAEL HUMSTON, Mgr. Poplar Ptaza Shopping Cantar PHONE of service at Cochrane OF THESE LIKE NEW MODELS 1869 COUGAR 2 door hardtop. Automatic, 8 cylinder, power steering, air condition1966 CHEVROLET Pickup, straight stick, 6 cylinder, extra Judges for the contest were Reverend Joe Sudduth of Buechel Presbyterian Church; Reverend A. Guy Patterson, Beechmont Presbyterian; and Mrs. Joe Sudduth, a teacher at Fern Creek High. Kenneth Arsone was time-keepe- r. Certificates of appreciation were given to the judges. President Wilbert Malone welcomed the guests and introduced Lieutenant Govenor Stanley Dearing, who noted that all Optimists are working to overcome the "generation gap." Reverend Charles Stanford, who was in charge of the contest, praised the boys for their speaking ability and awareness of today's problems. 1965 FORD F100 Pickup, long bed, 8 der, custom cab 16 Suburban. at the cylin- M19500 1987 FORD Country Sedan, 9 passenger, automatic, 8 cylinder, power steering, air conditioning 1968 CHRYSLER Newport, automatic, cylinder, power steering, air conditioning M59500 8 .. $2295" 1984 CHEVROLET Impala 4 door hardtop, automatic, 8 cylinder, power steering. Extra clean $895 1967 CHEVROLET Impala 4 door hardtop. Automatic, 8 cylinder, power steering, air conditioning SMS" feoffors Cher-Do- n Darcfstovn Road 4171 JUST SOUTH OF BUECHEL BYPASS Don Collini Charley Gallusser Roger Wigginton 459-046- 0 459-046- 1 tk FT7T The winner will participate in the Zone 6 finals to be held April M195 00 clean Parents, teachers and principals of each contestant were guests of the club for dinner. Each teacher received a plaque and a certificate of appreciation. $269500 ing Brown Elementary School. Runners up were Greg Hart, second place, and Griffin Rucker, Jr., third place. The 16-1- 8, JAf.OnEI 81 democratic - Eight - a were Harrison, Minors Lane; and Kent C. Rock, Okolona. All eight contestants received a $25 savings bond and certificate. First, second and third place winners also received a trophy. - want contestants Duane Lamont, Filson;Donald L. Payne, Blue Lick; Ricky D. Deaton, Slaughter; William Merriwood Drive, FLATT 2 HOURS in at Guardian Angel was awarded third place. 4L'tg--ble- L WALKERS r o Oficlcna Opfefsff ConJcsH 04 BILLY WALKER iff""! Over fifty years three received SHOW 1 968-227- EVENING 7:30 CHILDREN $1.00 LESTER THOMAS HUNTER, Mo. S106 PRESTON HWV. PHONE 964-595- Ss'1" 26 GRAND OLE OPRY norjcY? 2 OFFICES OKOLONA CPTTR2ST ORATORICAL CONTEST winners are pictured on front row wKh their trophies. From left are Paul Chen, second place winner; Robert Bolton, first place winner; and at rfcht Robert Burch, Jr., third place winner. Five other entrants in the contest, pictured standing in the second row, won savings bonds. WAG- STARS of fllG 07 450-3- 7 8:00 a.m. to 6 p.m. borrow up to $800 quickly, confidentially! (.... ft TV SERVICE on all makes Bankard BankAmaricard Mart or Chert Sharper Charga J Gym APRIL V N BUECHEL-FER- J HiriRNATIONAI ool and SALES I CHU.ICH u 3S1S BARDSTOWN RO. to Jcffcrsontovn GEORGE Cart. Elaet. TVBadto Qrad. EKparianca Taehnlcian Chania Rapalr daorac. HIKES POINT . . .. WARREN DUEC10L i ,; l i I j - ii "A f 1 WITH ; YcjIj CciT.til ) N ( C4 SING-A-LO- NG MON. thru THUR3. V' p Alters IhzzUo y facets of entering and music, will participate in group discussions with the students. On Friday morning, the students will attend classes with their UK hosts. Tickets have been made available for the Steppenwolfe Concert, set for 8 p.m. in Memorial Coliseum and sponsored by the Little Kentucky Derby. A student life discussion is scheduled on Saturday morning, coordinated by Keys, sophomore men's honorary, and the Student Government Information Team. The students who will attend the conference from Reporterland are: Kathryn Gray and Kathy Gudridge from Assumption; Eleanor Flaniken and Alan Plattus from Seneca; Karen Jarboe and Carol Heckel from Southern; and Cathryn Hurst and Ronald Wiggington from Waggener. the University. That night they will receive an academic orientation to the varioua colleges English Judges must not mw mm a STEAK HOUSE P2 Southern Seminary Baked Potato Tossed Green REG Salad Hot Baked Roll at these two Cow Palace Locations Only 1.49 m 3 Vt lb. GROUND SIRLOIN NO COUPON REQUIRED REG. 1.19 This Special Good thru Sat April 19, 1970 1 7319 Preston Highway H Mile North of U i With Coupon 83 99 2209 Meadow Drive Across from Cinema Outer Loop, Okolona off Bardstown Rd. ART ORIGINALS at 3803 Frankfort Ave. designed for those who appreciate contemporary realistic original art at prices everyone can afford..exhibits the following local talent: BETTY BREELAND, PHIL BREWER, GENE BUSH, C. CRABTREE, BETTYE CUNDIFF, RENE DE LISLE, EVELYN FELIX, REBECCA HALL, HELLIGISON, H JAHALA, JEANADAIRE, M. K. LOMAX, J. MARTIN, TOM MATTINGLY, DANTE PENA, JIM PORTER, K. RAMSAY, B. REESER, MARIE RENN, RIPP RONAY, G. WYATT, AND Albert, Art Beks, THE FOLLOWING WESTERN EUROPEAN ARTISTS' WORKS: Certs, Burgy, Caldini, Chabot, Cor beau, Coy Crony, Deru, Dupont, Edel, Fellner, Franks, Gilbert, Gordon, Haemraets, Hayes, Heineman, Hilger, Horvath, Hunther, Ketx, Kuiper, Laye, Leo, Maratti, Marcel o, Neuhold, Pascal, Pond, Reinprecht, Rattier, Rieuwers, Ritter, Roedrich, Rosenthal, Sebring, Serle, Sivcek, Soria, Stadler, STEINER, Topman, Tospal, Valerio, Van Nooy, Verdijk, Vitti, Wallern, Yvette. ALWAYS AT WHOLESALE AND RETAIL . . . Jor-dsan- I ART ORIGINALS Baptist A in Louisville, Kentucky, contains many personal and professional records of the contemporary evangelist Billy Graham. Q --I FRIED CHICKEN DINNER be associated with the Optimist in any manner. The contest was judged on personal qualities, expression of evaluation, presentation and overall effectiveness. u --1 The Billy Graham Room at the snd Theological professional schools on campus. Representatives from 18 areas, Including nursing, pharmacy, architecture, law, history, trophies presented by the Optimists. Hart is from Bon Air Optimists and Rucker from Fern Creek Optimist. Claude will now go on to participate in the district contest later in the season. Judges of Monday's contest were Peter Conn, editor of the Jefferson Reporter; Pat Kerwin, Southern and Male High School teacher and Frank Bremmer, a past president of the Chamber of Commerce of Indiana. Flathman Enterprise P.O. Dox 7141 3C03 Frankforf Avenue Louisville , Kentucky 40207 s,

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