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Image 3 of Jefferson reporter (Buechel, Ky.), April 16, 1970

Part of Jefferson reporter (Buechel, Ky.)

Skied as Ucao JEFFERSON REPORTER, Thursday, April 16, 1970- -3 -- If mim -- A ... MA I r Rib! mi i 1 SEEN FRO I THE FRONT n ill the new Parks Department headquarters sits amid a wide variety of trees and within site of the zoo and new tennis center of Trevilian Way. Reocae Porks1 Offices In this way we hope to " . . placate the diverse interests," said Bradley, "and get the best possible public use of the building." mansion was built in 1946 by The huge four-levBenjamin Collings, a wealthy contractor. However, the structure wasTeslgned to be be reminiscent oTa nineteenth century southern mansion. Presently workmen are in the process of converting the IS major rooms on the two main floors and the 1 1 or more bathrooms, and other closets and crannies, into usable space for the parks department. The Parks Department Costume Shop will be housed in the basement of the building, and the spacious attic will be available for expansion if necessary. Great care is being taken ". . . not to disturb the basic structure of the building," explained Bradley. Unusable cabinets and fixtures will be removed and kept in dry storage in the basement. In particular the pegged hardwood floors will be unmolested by the new inhabitants. Some of the most extravagant appointments will be converted by the Parks Department for other uses. The marble massage table will be a stable base for printing and copying machines. Separate windowed women's shoe compartments will be used to keep parks records. A huge iron floor safe in Collings' office will be given to any governmental agency which can find a use for it;i,,', One, pf sthe greatest practical advantages of moving the Parks Department from its two present locations at Central Park and at 2649 Helm, according to Bradley, will be an increase in efficiency resulting from having the entire department under one roof. The large sloping grounds that surround the Collings mansion are not presently owned by the city. This land is owned by Bellarmine College. But Bradley hopes to make an arrangement with the college so that the Parks Department can utilize the land which Bellarmine is not presently using. "It would be ideal for a nine hole golf course," said Bradley. One of the most luxurious of all the fixtures will probably not be used except by an occasional passerby. Perhaps "the epitome of richness," according to Bradley, is found, not in the mansion, but in the dog pen. On each side of the colonial styled dog house is a fake fire hydrants, thoughtfully installed for the rich dog's convenience. (Continued from pige 1) occupied by offices, there will also be a large meeting room it available for the use of any eleemosynary or organization, and the opulent muraled center foyer and balconies of the house will be opened regularly for public "tours. non-prof- V. $n ' (: k !,L, l Li"' A i A FIRE HYDKAN I (seen tnrougn ine piUars of the dog house) was thoughtfully installed by the Collings. SOFT WATER 1 PAIIITING PAINTING EXTERIOR FREE ESTIMATES FAST SERVICE el s v J: rlo 366-706- 50-28- ' -r -- THE FRONT DOOR of the mansion wO soon be open to the udiic. ine rams uepartment is scheduled to be in the new me by July 1. 2 CALL Jiiii Phone 283 7913 7913 0r 3 895-676- 1 WEEK DAY KINDERGARTEN St. Mark United Methodist Church 4605 Lowe Road 458-747- 5 Registration being accepted for fall semester 1970 Registration Fee $10.00 LARGE STONE PILLARS in the front support the four-levhouse. Tuition $21.00 per month MANSLICK ROAD CHURCH OF CHRIST 4724 E. Manslick Road, Louisville el WELCOME TO OUR SERVICES BIBLE STUDY . Vy'v. 41. i. n ' 7r v,. ri,;.. ,1,1 A WORSHIP Sunday, 10:30 a.m. Sunday 9:30 a.m. Wednesday 7:30 p.m. " ''Sunday"7rCD . Connie W. Adams" Evangelist 964-537- 2 Add More Pep J ;XENTRATED - p.mT' Life & To Your Engine The Hydrodynamic I 4 RfrWOOYNAMtC L . CHEMGUARD jt TREATMENT IBiaORE PEP an4tK With Miracle Silicone YOUR ENGihb I iaai . iron on Mlaaj I fr uiiiti Men TO ONE OF THE MANY jliffl chaiidelicn high ceilings throughout the mansion. Distributed by C&JDISTRIBUTORS 964-6005604 Preston Hwy. IJlJQil that lung from the Oil Treatment CHEMGUARD 9 DEALER-of-the-WEE- JOE HINES 76 SERVICE 5311 PRESTON HIGHWAY ."Specializing in MAJOR & 969-915- 7 MINOR MOTOR TUNE-UPS- ". WE CAN SELL YOUR REAL ESTATE i ' ';: x ''HI ' W " CALL 7 ;- r ;'7' J A. B. Fortsier, Jr. and "Stt Sold Sign Sooner" far a ilr pi A.B. PORTNER v. ZtTTVJOCII-FOnT- of Ktntucky't Largest Rtal On v - mi .,1 . A n 13 360-167- miKTS CIR Solri 6 Bwwis Ln. Estatt Firms 459-460- 0 DRESS UP fOUR L i i i i IJL.:- ri ll , f , .Ni "TTTTT. "vifj" t) t DRIVEWAY - ::zi j many luxurious fixtures at the Paiki Department's new home. lowcoi :timates i PAXS KTCTCR CARL E3ADLEY stands under a gazebo, one of the WITH THE CENTER FOYER of the CoCings mansion will be open to public tours after the Parks' Department is settled its new home. ,i crcusEii JE CO. 1$ AVENUE we. 458

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