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Image 2 of Jefferson reporter (Buechel, Ky.), April 16, 1970

Part of Jefferson reporter (Buechel, Ky.)

16, 197a UnscM And Uacjaiiio l)('a! ILM n the University of Louisville :iii;r Auto Servlco I who is now a star with the Baltimore Bullets, and Cliff Hagan, the former University of Kentucky and a star with the St. Louis Hawks, will both be guest coaches at the Kentucky Basketball Camp to be held in Louisville from Monday, June 22 through Friday, Jury 3. The announcement was made by Camp Director George Unseld, the coach at Seneca High School, the site of the camp. sessions, Ten three-hou- r from 9 a.m. until 12 noon will be held. Boys in the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th. 8th, and 9th grades are Center Dof.lctoy ULzz U Li Udh c:LciiAr:G2 with FILTER LUBE & NOW OPEN 4205 BARD5T0YH ROAD BUECHEL 459-062- 4 Of Officers On April 3, at 8 p.m., Buechel Chapter, Order of DeMolay held its installation of officers at Kosair Shrine, 812 South Second Street. The three major officers installed were master councilor, Tee Scott; senior councilor, Greg rotter; and junior councilor, Fred Schmidt. Appointed-officewere also variety c V-- J 1 5 individual "0f Aforvs Them AH" Will Meet Public On Friday Night THE MOWER SHOP 7314 PRESTON HWY. IN OKOLONA PHONE 984-089- 0 Beauty Salon PHONE 454-504- 4 Mm Km 1 rrr-- : Jjt- . -- The offense (H Co-o- it Youth Assembly meets on April 23 and 24, representing Reporterland youths will be the Chi Co-e- d Hi Y Club. Hi Y Club of Chi Co-e- d Highlands YMCA was founded November 1968 by Jacque Brown, a senior at Assumption High School and its first president. At this time club members came from St. Xavier, Assumption and Jeffersontown High Schools. The club attended Kentucky United Nations Assembly 1968 and The theme for Cochrane Elementary PTA on April 21 at 7:30 p.m., will be "P.E. Program." New officers to serve next year are president, Mrs. David E. Carter; president elect, Mrs. Ronald Hooker; first 1 MON, TUES., WED. ONLY All-Sta- te letter-of-inte- 12.50 BUDGET WAVE 8.44 jkJUm Your HatfrQmrs Not Y Club handicraft, h Assembly returned with only one individual award, won by Miss Brown, a merit award. During the .. Lois Adman, Propria OPEN Evantnoj by Appointment J.10N.-7rSA- Duying - Gelling SERVING YOUR REAL ESTATE NEEDS cooking-cannin- RESIDENCE 1 yy. j elected as President Social and Economic Council. During the folowing months Chi attempted to help their service. clubs form at high schools in the At the Kentucky Youth Highlands area. They signed Assembly 1969 the club began petitions backing a law that to show its maturity. Two would abolish certain working members had already been restrictions on youths younger appointed to the cabinet of than 1 8,' bought pillows for Day 1969s K.U.N. A. and another Care Centers, remained was elected at the preledge constantly in the top ten clubs in the state and helped the assembly. At the convention President Kentucky Youth Conference Brown won a cabinet award and raise funds, to mention a few. During this rime the club Dennis Dolle took a speaker's award in the Senate. The club as prepared vigorously for. the up a whole won a citation having coming, K. YP A. At the preledge achieved 2,200 points on the Chi members were elected to 3,000 point system, achieving a two minor offices and Linda Willock was nominated on the class AA rating. fourth district candidate for Returning the following year Secretary of State. at K.U.N.A. preledge, two The club also prepared a bill minor offices were taken by Chi concerning the reclassification members and the candidate of marijuana as a misdemeanor from the fourth district for the and will sponsor it at K.Y.A. office of President of Economic Chi now has members from, and Social Council was also St. Xavier, Assumption, Sacred from Chi. Heart Academy, Atherton, baseball tryouts will be Sunday, April 19 at Southern High School at 2 p.m. Boys aged 16, 17 and 18 are eligible to play. For further information contact Joe Ross, manager, at 964-424Harold ; 1 McHolland, coach, at or Bob Daugherty, president, at 2; 7 REALTORS TELEPHONE i 2416 FRANKFORT AVENUE "AOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY 402.J V If ' tttWFVL FT. rt. .. y TV, tsrraca for eaci reeai nested. Efficiency apartments. Olyapic sua fresl water swtaiKlrt pml . . caoinas, lounges, Patio Bar at poolslde. Kauai 1MB tor gracious dining . . . gourmet fare, succulent steaks, vintage wines. tarn Kama Leeic . . . exciting enieruinmeni, oancing mgmiy. Istf nearby, plus . . . fabulous Tuning in tne Guitstream and on tha oiers. Sailing, water skllig, tennis, horseback riding, horse racing, Jal alal, greyhound racing, ele-- .mm 964-203- 1. g fund campaign. raising ftntsnops, aiirmroy. Goss Authorizes Aerial Photos Commissioner of Highways Goss this week authorized aerial photography for "5.6 miles of Poplar Level ' Road (KY 864). " Eugene , J X Photographs of the section from the Watterson Expressway to Old Shepherdsville Road will be used for map plotting, distance measuring A Write today . for4-colo- and The photographs will be taken before spring folliage develops on the trees to block a view of the road from the air. a" L SALT OCEAN KILE KOTO, 3200 Gait Ocean Drive FLA. 33X3. Phone COS) 564-85- Send complete information tot I I I Name i Address I City Respect highway safety rules 1 if you've any respect for life. '- FOOT LAlTCESDAli, .State. -- ZIP- ivolcomos fho 904 families aho have become subscribers Alio las? Five uooEi s THEY ARE AMONG THE MANY WHO ARE RESPONDING TO THE SUBSCRIPTION DRIVE NOW BEING CONDUCTED BY OUR 110 REPORTER CARRIER SALESMEN. SUDSOUDKM IF about BibMriUnf toTlw Rnrtv, tfibklfraM thm do It Voy'l b hlptn your wHhbottwod orhr liwiw. io hwotklnf forbattoprlfjMNlncradMniln((. you'v YhpC Immi thWAInf yoianf nwi who dtilwri your matty foldad Raportw to your doorrtic awry Wadnwday tfomoow k buinMnnn In MiOKmrtott- t- Tht IS HEREI onhbiMylobainiafOodcitinn. But yow'M not only ba han Mm. Vou' ba rowacdlm yoynaW. A u of JOHN MARTIN DISTRIBUTOR, INC. w-333- 3 t r tappmk In YOUR pt - - 102 JUST 10 A WEEK? (Your earriar ariM oollaet monthly or you am pay In f:w;:i tht Mnr A oritp, iharp (dtorM Mcn nwy pravok yoMfnouinin out otwoyi your Wwaot Adi from your mlfMiortieod maruhaiiu wiHi pay a toatof your MbaglnUuw a hydrat" m Tha wmdarhil PoMk cajaaKW mOorn oaaa ahar paaa of intnMin and pixxfciitMmadi from aSow. IVilEflE ELSE CAtl YOU GET SO r.'.UCII r r brochure preliminary engineering. If? WI wi private beach of the Gait Bask on the Ocean Mile Hotel. Enjoy every modem resort luxury. n 964-376- iM a. m CBITER CF : Prtvati ,s VV 997-254- 7 J Mwwt wmjl , 'i k. 1969 and Kathy Gudridge was 287-753- EMISON COMPANY g. Okolona 'Big League' Tryouts Scheduled Club K.U.N.A. Okolona "Big League" SCUUinilEQ D. R. (DAM) , Willock and Kathy Gudridge merit awards. The club as a whole won the award for Best following Participating months, Chi contributed a flag to Assumption High School, helped referee basketball games for the Highland YMCA and helped with YMCA world art, i XCC5 OLD SHEPHERDSVILLE RD, Whispering Hills Canter Refreshments will be served. New officers will be elected. Mrs. Edward Schulte; second Recording secretary is Mrs. LaVon Goiter, corresponding At K.U.N.A. 1969, Bill Jeffersontown, secretary is Mrs. Charles Trinity, Hudgens, Jr., and treasurer is Willock and Dennis Dolle were Ursuline and West port. Mrs. La Roy Whitehead. awarded cabinet awards, Linda President is Bill Willock. and girls of the Highlands Branch YMCA will conduct a candy sale April 1 1 to 1 8. Proceeds from the sale will be used to help pay their way to Cherokee Day Camp this summer. week-lon- D!or.;Suni nt . 5A!-C:- 4 in 1966. He was to the 91st Congress in 1968 by a 47,822 vote margin. Almost 1 00 seven to twelve year olds will be selling $1 packages of toffee miniatures door-to-doin Buechel, Highlands, Okolona and Jeffersontown. They will be attempting to earn at least half the fee for day camp. Dave Piatt, who is Youth Program Director for Highlands Branch YMCA, is acting as candy sale chairman for the J7.50 Frosting C2AUTY Ladies and young girls of St. Athanasius Parish are "invited, requested and encouraged" to participate in the Talent-Hobb- y Show the woman's club is having at its next monthly meeting April 20 at 8 p.m. in the cafeteria. Prizes will be awarded in four categories; sewing, JOE BILL HENRY, guard from Seneca High School, has signed a football with Morehead State University. The six foot, 215 pound lineman is the son of Mr. and Mrs. William Henry of 3033 Talisman Road. Joe Bill plans to study journalism and physical education at Morehead. Boys Strikes ' Show Talent-Hobb- y FERN CREEK PHONE St Athanasius Women C3i the annual Kentucky Louisville k Hold BUECHEL 257 - 1252 FFEP-ONT0- - Aiclpaios When Jf Colonels the 1970 baseball season on Friday, April 17, at Fairgrounds Stadium with the Syracuse Chiefs. Mayor Frank W. Burke has proclaimed this date "Louisville Colonels Day," "the time for all baseball fans to support their local professional baseball team." Schedule of the first homestand is as follows: Friday, April 17-7- :30 p.m. Louisville vs. Syracuse. Saturday, April 18- -2 p.m. Louisville vs. Syracuse Sunday, April 19- -2 p.m. Louisville vs. Syracuse Monday, April 20-- 3: :15 p.m. Louisville vs. Rochester Tuesday, April 21 3; :15 p.m. Louisville vs. Rochester Wednesday, April 22-- 3: :15 p.m. Louisville vs. Rochester I and d Serving HIKES POINT 17 officially open Highlands YMCA To Have Candy Sale Brightening f Appointrunt public is invited to Your Congressman" night, Friday, April 17 at 7:30 p.m. at the General Electric Union Hall, 5153 Poplar Level Road, when fourth district congressman, M. Gene Snyder will speak and answer questions from constituants. "Meet Your Congressman" night will feature refreshments and a gospel quartet and is sponsored by the South Jefferson Republican Gub for the benefit of all interested persons. Elected to the 88th Congress in 1962 from the old 3rd District, Snyder has served as a member of congress since the new fourth district was created The "Meet it, rebounding. Tuition for the camp is $35, and applications can be obtained by writing to George Unseld, Seneca High School, 3510 Goldsmith, or by writing Sports Kentucky Camps, 1455 Reauville Drive, St. Louis, Missouri, 63 1 22. Other guest coaches will be . announced at a later date. The permanent coaching staff will be made up of area high school, junior high coaches and former college players. foil On of motivational Cochrane Elementary PTA To Meet April 21 Congressman f activities. Awards will be given in a number of categories. Unseld and Hagan will each spend one day with the campers and will discuss shooting, Installing v WATER HEATERS lay dribbling, passing and ball handling, rebounding and defense. The emphasis will be placed . on - improving the individual skills of each camper. Methods of instruction will include group instruction, individual instruction, movies, lectures, games, contests and a installed. COOET the one-on-on- rs officers were: installing officer, Jeff Harrilson; installing chaplain, Greg Tandy; and installing marshall, Steve Compton. The Mothers Club was installed by Fred Schmidt and the Advisory Board was installed by Greg Potter. The Majority Service, a service for all Senior DeMolays, was presented by Tee Scott, Greg Potter, and Fred Schmidt. The boys receiving the service were Richard Floyd, Jr., Darroll Hawkins, and Larry Pitts. Jeff Harrilson received a past master councilor medal and chapter sweetheart, Becky Carlton, received a pendant. shot, New Work Repairs Remodalinj eligible to attend. They will be .. taught such fundamentals as the f jump - ..;uctiLu::i;:. .iiii!:.:::::3Co. Ij vC. Coed) Dadioibdl Ccap Wes Unseld, M'.v - to stmt SSparyaar) Tin niromn Jl

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