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Image 13 of Jefferson reporter (Buechel, Ky.), April 16, 1970

Part of Jefferson reporter (Buechel, Ky.)

V. -- r JEFFERSON REPORTER, Thursday, April 16, 1973-- 13 - Rocognizos SSar SiutbnS And Toaclior ICC D) SIP' i William Marc Strull, a senior at Atherton High School, and Mrs. Stanley Sturman. a teacher at the school, were recognized as the State winners in the third annual Student-Teache- r Achievement Recognition competition sponsored by the Kentucky Chamber and early-mornin- g the basis of the College Board Scholastic Aptitude Test with the highest score winning. The STAR Student then selected the teacher who had in his opinion made the greatest contribution to the student's scholastic achievement. late-afternoo- n! Also, jet service to Richmond & Norfolk. See yoyr travel agent or call Piedmont in Louisville: 363-331- 2 L of Commerce. The recognition wai the high point of the annual STAR luncheon held at Louisville by the Kentucky Chamber to recognize the regional and state winners in the scholastic program. Luncheon speaker was Dr. Otis A. Singlet ary, President of the University of Kentucky. The Only Piedmont offers 2 direct flights County Clubs To Hold Annual Show 4-- The Jefferson County Clubs will present their annual Talent Show on April 18. The show will be held at Bigelow Hall, University of Louisville Cimpus, First and Shipp Streets t 9:30 a.m. aminft fifomonT. C v.: . 4-- FLYP1EBMONT student-teache- r recognition program rivelia 1960 Coup. All powor oimT olf condition. 2v35 1963 OLDS 68" hofdf op. Powor, air condition and outomotic t?AS$:?5 $495 K.w 1967 EiECTRA 225. Cuttom Sodan. All powor and factory air condit'on. New m:ns T960FO'm 13 1965DUICK USabr hardtop. Air condition. Powir 4 aitomotk. -AST. "5 Ktw . srric J JJ Vinyl top, ovtomotie powor 1 & . 966 MUSTANG Coup Hardtop. Radio, twotti I automatic ' MS ' 17,Or . 1960 l .i 'SOTfl? Coup. ATLAS TIRES1 Radio. hoatir, automatic 4 (WWW. WAS $2295 1795 Kw "98" Hardtop Sodan. finish 'oliihod two-toAutomatic 4 all powtr. KASfMK Jiew mi WHILE THEY LAST 1965 OLDS M695 1963 CHEVY IMPALA Red, V8, automatic power, Extra Nice. $745.00 FORD 970 GALAXIE500's 1S83 FALCON Future CenvertSile, automatic, bucket teats. Like New! 2 Dr. & 4 Dr. HRDTP. FACTORY WARRANTY FULLY EQUIPPED INCL. FACTORY AIR $1005.00 0665.00 COUNTRY 12S7 10 .Largest Selection Town - All factory 1966's - 1969's. Startiim included. Like new. S3205.OO $1005.00 $1935.00 EXCLUSIVE MEM "AnPEnCI TRAILERS & CAMPER DISTRIBUTOR! 1 1 HI Villtll bkij" MUSTANGS in ONLY PASS. &OUSRE accet-orie- s MAN-O-WA- 1964 JEEP- -4 wheel drive Like new wEWoredo camper. $2345 ? I (w ' , . tr'"- - 11 - Z, V - 'k (! 5 . Ipl 0. f lb I T .,V. tnni i my r " V for I R 10' Camper, 4- sleeper, jacks, power vent, gas lights, all standard equipment $1595 MAN-O-WA- like tar; cars 451-75- 74 21 YEARS SAME LOCATION cnau . n nn nn n . ON 1966.DDiaC ' 2-1- 1968 OLDS 442 4 to. EXTRA NICE throughout. , PRICES SLASHED a. JTIAC PAUL YEARS BEST BUY! 03205.OO Scout-O-Ram- Grand Prix Coup Hardtop. AH powor Ik factory aiju condition. Riviora 1370 CHEVROLET Custom Impaia. 2 dr. hrdtp. Fully equip, incl. factory air. PactVs Pinoivood Derby rus wite leanor, whp ) lsl assistant Den. Mother of Den 4.1 The race ,was directed by I Vance Kennedy who served as ; chairman of the Pinewood' Derby activities. It was set up in several first round heats with the winner of each heat advancing to the next round. Winner of the Derby was Rod Stansberry, son of Mr. and Mrs. Victor Stansberry of 361 1 ( 2420 BARDSTOVN ROAD USED CAR BUYS OF THE YEAR,1 SO Vcezs Ug?Ei TIRE SALE USabr Hardtop Sodan. Jadlo, hoatori automat'L. I powor. hi i:r. b. ' 1967 PLYMOUTH fay Coup. n Rod Sicinsfjorry VJins Oalaxlo 500 Coup Hardfop. rowor Mooring, automotj factory air. .I; t is conducted each year by the Kentucky Chamber Education Committee. The awards were presented Strull and Mrs. Sturman by LCIIEN B. DEWESSE, left, and Mary M. Pearl receive awards from Louisville Gas and Electric .LeRoy M. Miles, President of Company president B. Hudson Miller, at right. the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce. n Master of ceremonies was r--t fl PI Keith Davis, Chairman of the Education Committee. The student is the son of Mrs. ' irold Strull. State winners each received a 00 cash scholarship and a trophy. Two Reporterland to gas inspector. In 195 1 he was accounting department, where The top awards were the employees of the Louisville Gas made assistant general foreman, she is currently employed as a culmination of several months and Electric Company were and in October, 1955, was clerk typist, general accounting of competition. School STAR honored on April 9 for their promoted to supervisor, gas and statistics. Students were first selected on long service to that company, a operations, industrial, the combined total of 80 years. position he now holds. Loren B. Deweese, 3738 Mrs. Mary M. Pearl, 2606 Taylorsville Road, began his Woodsdale Avenue, w LG&E career on June 21, 1923 employed by LG&E on April in the gas meter shop of the gas 15, 1935, as a typist in the distribution department as a accounting department. She summer employee while still then transferred to the billing A attending school. Deweese department, where she worked gathering large and enthusiastic place; Mark Ansnow, third attended the annual place; Larry Freeborn, fourth a permanent employee as a clerk, stenographer and became Pinewood Derby of place. of the company on September typist. Jeffersdntown's Cub Pack 75. These four boys will 1 6, 1 926, in the office of the gas In 1937 she ' became an The cubs and their fathers had participate in the annual distribution department. designed and worked with the a on April 24 and On August 21, 1933, he was appliance clerk, and remained in Derby cars for several weeks. 1 940, when 25 at the Kentucky Fair and promoted to assistant gas that position until Before the race, the regular Exposition Center. inspector, and on July 1, 1935, she transferred to the monthly pack meeting was The best overall design award conducted by Cubmaster went to Todd Lingle, son of Mr. Leonard Furgeson, with several and Mrs. Bill Lingle of 2204 new cubs being inducted into Renown Drive. the pack. Best design awards were also For the big race, Pack 75 given to the best looking car in .Jt was, for the first time, able to each Den with approximately use the new, four-lan- e track 60 cubs and their families designed and constructed by attending. Refreshments were Larry Freeborn. , '?. served after the race by the Den r Freeborn had some help Mothers and helpers. i ,LCi Lisa Lane. The other top places were won by Marty Shuck, second PHONE UP & TAX 458-920- 6 n 1095 1970 QUICK Skylark Sodan. fioith, powor 4 - KASttifS Hew -- - Plans Spring Card Party Annual St. Stephen Martyr Church at Hess Lane and Pindell Avenue will have a St. Ann's Sodality-sponsoreannual spring card party on Wednesday, April 22 at 8 p.m. 2823 TAYLORSVILLE ROAD Two-to- n factoryair. St Stephen Church B0OTACJ FIELD ENC0 ACROSS FROM BOWMAN FIELD . WfvJH OLJj V4 m w Operated by BILL & LOUIE LANGFORD 1964DUICIC USar Coup Hardtop, Automatic, power itotrii Radio ft hoattc "ft" 1964 CHI Malibu Coup Hardtop. hatr, Radio, automatic 4 powtr. sasstys kw 1965 5 I 17 965 CI 1 1966 Monaco Sodan. 1 ,rAsr?s With All Standard Equipment Baoiyur makit j txzfnzi tAzsi ONLY' I i:sVSf i ''rtiTi T..i akACIHt Sat. till 6 p.m. 71 i OKOLONA STORE ONLY J IWLL-D0DD- S HAS FULL SERVICE FOR ALL MAKES 1 VCliKWAOJ 'adio . nuns kw " $595 DOVNTOVVfl U IS "E0' Standard Can Price for any U.S. auto plus AUTOTOVN LOW CMAC & MODELS For Your Added Convenience roof Sedan, I htator. 1970 MAVERICK 9 P.M. 1 $1295 1963 Hin ' MON. 'til I ''''MCHHN'.' VJJT OPEN FRI. CUSTOM VYfri TRIAD . rcircLAS $G95 SEDAN OR V nfygitt tint cr cu3 t:;Tt:u.t:i3 ns; DODGE: Nw Only n:i riiAci LTD Thru TIRE HEADQUARTERS 2 VUO LEI Powor4foctoryair. RtoJ sharp. ABSORDER CDCriAII lU LillLu Jdl J J995 Hardtop Sedan. Powor 4 automatic. New 1970 FOflD 4-DO- DODGI: Monaco. Powtr, vinyl top 4 bucktt Matt. Sharp. CAS $7295 - New 1 st;oc "V95 Nw ' Deluxa Heavy $11.C5Z Cn canx FiMAr:cir:a GXUCNA IJIIH: Mill E I Cl.i(-:3- T :k::3 7i3telCy-Cat7S3te1:- C9 turret Avenus) '. 7S2i r:.:sTo:i ir.TY. C:2315 OPEN Mon. Ci Thurs. KITES TIL0 SAT. TIL 4 I. :39TIIS:S3 . PARTS DEPT. SAT. 0 ,nd OKOLONA STORE HOURS on . OPEN 1 Air Conditioning part. Add $2 for torsion bars . I MEMBER Rent-a-Ca- r Syttsm 111? a.m. - 2 p.m. WIUILILWdDISW, WORLD'S LARGEST FORD DEALER "IVE SELL CARS FOR LESS" 615 Prcxtcn l!!;!..v:y cm hock south or. cmn TtAa ihowno amt J

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