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Image 12 of Jefferson reporter (Buechel, Ky.), April 16, 1970

Part of Jefferson reporter (Buechel, Ky.)

V REPORTER, Thursday, April 16, 1970 . u D USED-RECONDITION- D D SEWING MACHINES 0 D 0 0 ! "Be all you can be. Join D Homemakers." That's what the Homemakers Clubs in Reporterland are urging. a OFF THE MARKED PRICE WITH COUPON D D a a COUPON GOOD THRU SAT., APRIL 30, 1970 FERN CREEK a o SEWING CENTER a cAclhcriicd D:d:r They're holding 313 BARDSTOWN RD. OPENTUES. 9 1 233-3CC- 3 0 SAT.9to5:30 to9-DAIL- Y& DaDaoaaaaaaai mm served. 9 COMPLETE -- Homemaker Gardens Homemakers is Mrs. Joseph chairman; PROJECTS POWER MOWERS GARDEN SUPPLIES PLUMBING PAINT LUMBER H& THE SWING SETS GLASS stressed in a display of what has been learned about banking, One club wills, and insurance. will show what their club has learned in one year of home making. Another will show how their club builds up its treasury by displaying the handmade articles they raffle Routt, Seneca Park, off at each meeting. Strathmoor, and Wellington. The purposes of the coffee Clubs will display some of are to acquaint all women with their favorite projects. These the value and work of the Homemakers, is Participating clubs include Bashford Manor, Bon Air, Buechel Manor, Cedar Creek, Charlane Gardens, Charlane Parks, Fern Creek, Fern Haven, Gate wood, Hikes, Highview, Hill and Dale, North Watterson, will include food, plue recipes; refinishing furniture, complete with a finished chair; knitting bags; hook rugs; how to make pine cones beautiful; dishcloth weaving; and sweater vests. Scout Cub HARDWARE SUPPLIES POWER TOOLS Wellington Zimmerer, POOLS S IS LIKE A HARDWARE DEPT. STORE MASTER CHARGE SHOPPERS CHARGE BANKAMERICARD r ,i rv tees m wmiim (969j337j 94V-133- 7, Pack s. lilMf WfllAl A ASPHALT Wv U Expert black topping is an asset (0)(0) U JJ " S in backyards, mow FAST SERVICE $(1(n before SUMMER a RUN! FEffiY 454-79-77 COo DAY or NIGHT 2111 OLD SHEPHOlIDSVILLE RD. 15 YEARS IN BUECHEL CAIL OWNER 1 NOW-63- G-5 41 Last Cell culm n -2- 920 TAYIOJ Prftd NSNvi n o EtVD. o membership. Young one could almost visualize the setting sun and the trees blowing in the breeze and hear the wolf howl at the moon, while in the distance the music from the horns and cymbals drifted through the air. The Bobcat inductions were John Brown, David Smith and James Jordon. Wolf awards went to Darryll Ovington, Tom Wychulis, Mark 'I Burnette, Richard Moore and Jeff Thompson. Arrow Points went to Darryll Ovington, Tom Dench, Timothy Lane, Mark Burnette, John Thurman, Keith Hurt, Barry Ward, Doug McNaughton, Jeff Helton, Brad Nail, Jeff Thompson, Mark Raleigh and Dave Noller. Year Pins were given to Mark Roberts, one year, Alan Chandler, one year, David Lanham, two years, Jeff Hunt, two years, Steve Koontz, two yean, Fred Tingle, 2 years and Mike Lane three years. ''Webelos Awards went to George Metzger, who graduated to Troop 77 and Mike Lane, who graduated to Troop 56. Webelos Activity Badges were awarded to Fred Tingle, Scholar; Danny Miller, Citizen; Tom Denham, artist and showman; Jeff Hunt, showman and Steve Helfrich, showman. After six years of faithful service as chairman, Ted Metzger is retiring. An appreciation plaque was presented to him by Al Green. The new chairman will be John Downing. There was an inspection of all the Dens and the Webelos. During the inspeciton the parents were shown a film on scouting requirements. The attendance award was presented to Den Eight. This was the third time they have won it and now they keep it permanently. Den Six led the closing of the meeting. Senior Citizens' Luncheon Reservations Requested Reservations for the University of Louisville's April Luncheon Lecture for Senior Citizens should be made before 4:30 p.m. Friday, April 17 by calling The luncheon will be at noon Monday, April 20 in Bigelow Hall, University Center. Dr. George Brodschi, Director of the University of Louisville International Center, will present visiting students from other countries who will tell about their homelands and give their impressions of the United States. The price of the luncheon is $1.25 and free parking will be provided near the University Center. The monthly Luncheon Lecture Series for Senior Citizens is now in its ninth year and is sponsored by the 636-470- THIS MONTH CALL I (This ii average driveway) and easy upkeep ,,oori 57 L FC3 C'JAMTY. IlOLGY.mpniCES Federation of Homemakers, to eliminate the waiting lists, to fill the quota of existing clubs, and to help organize new clubs. The state goal is a 1 5 per cent increase in PANELING IncYtdible! Ready to go! DELIVERED LOUISVILLE rn:cE i::cius:s ruiiY automatic TRAr::.v.:s::o:j, rUU FACTORY VAE2AMTY AO Disc Brakes Front Wheel Drive Vinyl Interior Back-U- p Tires 4-P- ly Lights Side-Vie- Kentucky's Largest Sports Car Dealer Mirrors w 895-24- 51 56, With a great deal of imagination sponsored by Fern Creek Methodist Church, had their April meeting last Friday. Den four was in charge of the opening ceremonies. Then everybody sang along to the song "How Do You Do." On the project table were various crafts the dens have completed. Den five made bird houses any bird would be glad to call home. Den One made note pads, Den Three made spoon clocks, Den Four made paper boats and foot stools that looked like a dachshund were made by Den Nine who also made bookends of cedar logs. Den Eight made For a change of pace, the parents were asked to put on a skit. Coaching and narration were handled by Al Green. From each Den some of the parents "volunteered" to play the parts of the sun, moon, trees, wind, wolf, horns, cymbals and stage curtains. tom-tom- FL's-- Kentucky Path 56 Parents Play Sun, Moon, Wind Paris 10 'til 2 FOR - GUTTERS ROOFS CARPORTS AWNINGS STORM ENCLOSURES But homemakers are not to homemakers are especially be evaluated by crafts alone, invited. they explain. The cultural Geraldine Bentley is county development phase of extension agent for home home making will be shown economics. Her office is in the through a display of the new Federal Building, 600 pleasures and profits of reading. Federal Place, Louisville, The educational phase will be Kentucky. m Mo opem SUNDAY Seventeen Clubs in the Buechel area will celebrate April Homemaker Month by participating in this event. Fern Creek and Cedar Creek clubs will be hostesses. Mrs. James Dodrill, Charlane w is Ml a membership coffee on Wednesday, April 29 from 10 a.m. to 12 noon in the Fern Creek Community Center. Homemade refreshments will be D s.t.g.gj lob Gcrjfccjsfo Scc!i Nov; n::.:os:u::o ROOM ADDITIONS ATTICS - BASEMENTS CEILING University 2. IMPORTS ST. MATTHEWS 3700 FRANKFORT AVENUE 'J ITS fJCKf CUSTOfM VMlt IF fT&Gfffistcn nn - nn 3 n "1 1 InJ U Take home RI 'bum 2 . i wM MM 4 --. M, regtilm1 dinner .. get mie eHiiehen ma Hera's a fabulous chance for you and your family to try Famous Recipe Fried Chicken at half price. Buy two regular chicken dinnerand get One FREE. Yourdellclous, honeyrdlpped fried chicken dinners Include 3 plump crispy pieces of chicken, generous serving of mashed potatoes fHS.and gravy, cole slaw, and hot biscuits. Home of Louisville University College. Trumpeteers Club To Hear Schroering The Trumpeteers Republican Women's Club is holding its regular meeting Thursday, April 16 at 8 p.m. at the American Legion Number 220 Post on Crums Lane. Edwin A. Schroering, Jr., Commonwealth Attorney, will be guest speaker. Refreshments will be served and the public is invited. OFFER GOOD APRIL 15 thru APRIL 22 5059 POPLAR MUST BRING THIS AD LEVEL ROAD Take Indian Trail from Preston or Old Shepherdsvillo Rd. from Bardstown nd. PHONE 964-606- 9 We Cater Parties. Call Ahead. '

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