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Image 11 of Jefferson reporter (Buechel, Ky.), April 16, 1970

Part of Jefferson reporter (Buechel, Ky.)

Vv- - x itacd as tiecdved -- ranslucent Ma I Ice-U- it Just as important as the clothes you wear is the makeup you choose to enhance your looks. This spring, the look is "translucent" and cosmetic manufacturers are saying "color up" but don't "cover up" with nearly every product they are placing on the market. 1970 is the year of the individual, and every blush, freckle or beauty mark that is part of you, should show through. Be modern, bring out your features with color.but don't hide behind a "cover up" mask. Translucent cosmetics are given a wide variety of names by different manufacturers, but the principle is always the same a makeup with a look, designed to let the "you" show through. chiffon with huge accordian pleated sleeves. Both styles are Accessories Add Up To The 'Total Look' fashion approach-whi- ch curving silhouettes tempting high-crowne- d d are styles, cloches and flowered versions-pl- us incidentally is getting rounder and rounder, as far as softly berets. Scarves, stoles and shawls have a special spring '70 flair, and belts, in self material, Classic Colors leather or braid, mark the high, natural or lowered waistlines. Hold Own Handbags go over the shoulder on short straps or, for In New Styles carrying, take on new and larger dimensions. Gloves depend on "Something old, something color and detail to complete a new," and so spring utilizes costume definitively. classic hues and the latest The opaque- - sheer or innovations. patterned look of the leg is ' Red, white and blue, and pulled together with pantyhose. other, tricolors look dashing in Art deco and initialed stockings costumes, taitil separates and are i pioneers this ; spring, but rVfiiimW,,fAcr BOpwjUey ?ontH:o1oVru;stockins " banding on borders with this gain strength.' ' Body stockings, some with trio creates smart effects when highlighting fashions, and for appliques, are for total looks under contrast. Shoes open up for pretty ''Well enough together, the parading, cut away at heel, trio can go separate ways and sides, toe. Covered up, look great alone. Blue turns to highrlding and wrapped peacock, royal, navy and silhouettes for wear with midnight. pantsuits, maxis and midis. wig-lik- e Their ae-ites- ' CLOTHES ACCESSORIES TOYS if FOR THE FASHION LOOK IVY Oh, best of all, the fashions aren't nearly as expensive as your friends will think they are. matte finish foundation blush. translucent with a powdered enjoy a shiny If unfinished look, you can create it through a liquid or cream you blush.-- ' 3924 p, full-leng- th Hip-ridin- Deep Toned Shirt ( f 0 Trend Continues Spring's dress shirts continue the trend to deep tones and bright colors, sometimes patterned, often complemented by a wide tie in a coordinated hue. For sports and leisure, shirts favor the red, white and blue, singly or combined, giving a real ( hf spring feeling with a comfortable look to match. jackets, belted norfolks, safaris, and shirt-jacs- . These strike a new note in colorful "jungle suedey leathers - with that tie-dlook. further "flaunting," men NUW lory SALE VALUES TO 10.99 ye hFor, dashing, f tide-buckle- d, wrlHats,4hnocAh leather mid-ca- lf length coats, suede and smooth leather vests some with long floating fringe shiny "wet look" leather coats and jackets and, for the male who really cuts a fine figure, sleek leather pants. LONG SLEEVED Frilly & Tt'!oKj VALUES TO $12 111 - JUST ARRIVED HUGF CHIPMFNT NEWEST SWIMWEAR W )01J R Daisies Bloom On Soft Crepe, Chiffon, Linen & SWIMWEAR ENSEMBLES BOBBY BROOKS ROBBY LEN LEE "AS SEEN IN SEVENTEEN' USE OUR LAYAWAY i NO CARRYING CHARGE! Flowered prints on the softest chiffons, crepes and linens are designed for simplicity, yet with plenty of impact. Daisies are still a popular blossom here, in soft pastels. More daring colors are used for gypsy arrays, and peasant looks have Swiss connotations. Oriental rug looks in apparel fashion get their mainstream of color from burgundys, golds and black. This season's geometries and checks feel the impact of black and white and brown and white. Brown, in shades of ginger and cinnamon is important, together with beige and grey, strong neutrals for spring. IN utm A. Ml SHOPPING CENTER 1 PRESTON HIGHWAY AND OUTER LOOP OPEN DAILY 9:30-- 9 MASTER CHARGC ' BANKAMERICARD BANKARD LAYAWAY :v;c M i j I ft 1 FOR THE f " 'ji" J. 7 . s y By Campus -- Diplomat Single and Double Breasted In Stripes, Solids, Plaids S PlaidftiSolids 5! ill X , 7 1 I ll ! gj s ffi j i Si ! i j 7 i fllmllltlhi ll : 5 1 5 ! I N j J i ( JJ V 7 SOLD FOR 5.99 DURING THIS L ffl ONLY iaif A 5 I 9 Jfa and vou will love the orice on these. Fits Life Into Outdoor The outdoor life come spring is free and easy, notes Leather Industries of America. g Ideal is a jacket - and that's light, leather. LEDERHOSEN dui a ruse uy any noma wuuiu smuu as iwrci Leather Wear hard-weari- 835-033- 095-112- WE CALL THEM white and orchid striped pants-su- it designed with bouffant accordian pleated pants by Ilene Bair. For double exposure wear the mini alone. You'll find this and other exciting fashions at Casuals in the Gardiner Lane Shopping Center. good-lookin- PHONE THE MALL i WILLIS AVE. IF YOU REALLY Lie a flair in fashion youU adore this dressy Don't hesitate to ask a sales girl what shades are right for you and the clothes you wear. The Eisenhower styhs, Even if you never enjoye'd ' 'before', 'how ' yW can ' ' ' hitting tTJ waUliW , WiA In 'taal'duif wear It; look better, without both smooth and suede leather finishes. To close it r;up, having that heavily made-udesigners are using buttons, unnatural feeling. Translucent lipsticks come in zippers or snaps. g and a rainbow of colors and give a leather jackets in casual style are moist whisper of color to your also on the scene, with such lips. These lipsticks are perfect fashion features as flap or patch for women who don't usually pockets, yoke treatment and wear lipstick as well as those buttoned cluffs. who enjoy wearing it often. For a more rugged choice of outerwear, the aviator jacket in tough "cuir sauvage" leather is a natural. Current versions put emphasis on yoke treatment, important pockets, heavy stitching. IN Appropriate for city or suburb are the season's buttery suede and smooth sports 4 IdifW a'jfcSAio You Might Call Them Suspender Shorts. CONSERVATIVE MOD JR. AND MISSES SIZES Alas, now you've been denied every excuse for not being in fashion. This Spring at Midnight Sun you'll find exclusive styles just right for you. Greet the season with a wonderfully confident feeling in a dress, pants outfit, or accessory from the high fashion M collection. GLENAERIE I IMPORTED this Spring. means using shades you've never thought of in combinations you've never dreamed of, so don't be surprised when you see translucent shades such as "lime grove green," "iced lemon" and even tulip (a combination of red and yellow). These shades will look as natural on your eyes as they do on the face of this earth, and you can have as much fun in experimenting with them as you will in wearing them. Translucent blushes can be found in peach, pink or tawney tones, in creams, liquids or powders. If you enjoy a matte finish, you can have it in the translucent look by using a renaissance, in or closehugging "u,m,iuKi'"':"" "Color-up- " concerned. Accents range from head to toe, and begin with the hairdo, which may be short or long or may be a wig! Hats enjoy an broad-brimme- Be in style from the top of your head down to the tip of your toes. Be confident. Let the best in you shine through with this year's translucent makeups. foundations, powders, lipsticks and nail polishes have come out in the translucent line and will help to make you look more natural and more beautiful. Eye makeup in a new aura of nature's shades are especially found at Ann Herbert's in Okolona. Easter of polish. Two is enough to give you just the right amount of color and cover. Exciting shades in eyeshadows, blushes, attention is drawn to another Vickie Vaughan in white nylon ut two-tone- SUN, INC V!D NIGHT - i CSTOffl DICKED OUT for graduation b pretty Pey KeEy tryirj on t dotted iwiss polyester and cotton VickieVaihan dztn. This dress is enhanced by its blue embroidery. Pegsy'a Whatever the styles, colors, fabrics and lengths selected, the principal key to spring fashion remains the total look. Even in separates, a rather than a switch-aboquality is foremost. Accessories, basic to the total look, round out the spring You can put as much or as little on your lips as you wish without ever losing the translucent look. Nail polishes will look great on your toes and your nails. Just make sure that the natural d look to your nails is not lost through too many coats 1970-1- 1- p Lets Real You Shine t;, Thursday, April 16, 3 It f i SMARTLY TAILORED mHi fel tMlmhl$l MpivllilHS H 1 tl mSmihhnm I W W wHi mV m l m ii A M I I till' 1 ! '1 i X 1 ' man-tailore- d BANKARD 7 Ml 1 f W -- . V Jantzen S; Cl - Campus Casual Pullovers 100 Wintuk Orion All Sizes All Colors - !9UPMVrt St BANKAMERICARD 5 5 j 5 KNIT SHIRTS By "'"ty ' ? $a J mmmmciiffl j 1 yVSsl I J II r By Arrow -- Diplomat Deeptone Colors Spread Collars In Dacron and Cotton J i M Wimj lTi i Relax twhllt in Wrangler jeans made of Dacron Polyester & Rayon. They are fashioned In the newest Straight leg. Permanent Press and Permanent Crease. Bush Shirts. Coordinate these casuals with ti i j tit . XHIUUUOWVW'' niii MASTER CHARGE n .! f I t SHOPPERS CHARGE All CASUALS 10 E731 PRESTON HIGHWAY TIZ5 EXCITING ELOUCE MASTER CHARGE BANXAMZRICAF.D BANKARD SHOPPERS CHARGE arJ mlJl s&irt cooriiate b by its lovely model Chatarina Ross whose entire line of are shown at her unique shop The Midnht Sun in St. orientals Matthews. The skirt is handwoven Guatemalan cotton and the blouse is hand embroidered. The unusual belt is silk and is the same as worn by native Guatemalans. iss'ped "Where Popular Prices and 7S21 PRESTON 6S9-411l ttM Okolona ShoooinaCMttr . 1 N ice People Get Together" HOURS: MonHThw..Fri. 9:3000 Tim..Wad.,Srt.9:JM:J9 Li

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