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Image 10 of Jefferson reporter (Buechel, Ky.), April 16, 1970

Part of Jefferson reporter (Buechel, Ky.)

- 4 -- - v- - ' RLTCItTTR, Thursday, April 16, 1970- - 'Do Your Own thing1 Now's Time To Go To All Lengths; Express Yourself In Midi Or Mini BY ANDREA KORN The Midi sets the pace for fashion, but how many will be in step? The question today for all fashion minded women is not which end is up, but how far up, or down? Looking to designers for an answer only seems to heighten the dilemma and women are finding their only solution in the new adage "Do your own thing." During post war days when hem lines took a drastic drop, women who could not afford new wardrobes would improvise by sewing on extra material to bring their hem lines down and meet the pressures of changing fashions. Today women don't need to feel such pressures. Dressing today is less a game of follow the leader, then just another way of expressing oneself and with the fashions available today, we couldn't have a better time for it. For the time being women can ignore the dropping hem line with a clear conscience, and not feel out of place walking the streets in skirts and dresses of almost any length. Ob' .ously, now is the time to be inventive, creative and experimental while wearing what you feel looks best on you. If you choose to go midi, don't forget that you are trying to achieve a total look. First you will choose your midi outfit from selections being cut in coats, pants, suits, dresses, skirts and lounging outfits. Materials range from cotton to denim, to crushed leather, with colors from innocent pastels to bold prints in reds, blues, oranges, crimsons and greens. Something for the shy, freedom to kick your best foot forward as you swing into spring. Midi dresses and pants outfits can be dressed up or down according to the accessories you choose to achieve your "total look" and - ashion lair - And don't forget with your platformed sandals everything shows, so start pedicuring your feet now so you can feel proud of showing off your toes romantically painted in wistful spring shades that can be obtained from nearly any cosmetic line. - If you're happy with your hem length, don't move it. If you feel you need a change or wish to create new you, now's the time. Thigh-higbelow the knee, midi, maxi whatever you feel is you, do! No one can guarantee how long this fashion revolution will last, so take advantage of it now and "Do your own thing." h, silent type as well as the daring what an exciting choice of accessories you have. attention stealer. One very important feature This spring Louisville shops are showing midi raincoats in of your wardrobe will be your soft pastel plaids, bright solids shoes. Give yourself a lift, - -- Sketches of New Spring Styles as seen by artist Clement Laird. Styles For Courageous Males Unlike the Garden of Eden, reptiles are "in" in America and every fashion minded Eve will be tempted. These fashions are coming from Paris designers in colors ranging from "Viper" . Men Win Freedom In Fashion World ifx e midi-raincoa- ts ) u men to wear some of the really fun, way "in" casuals designed for them this spring. Any fashion conscious male wearing really "in" casual wear will hardly go unnoticed in the new art deco prints, designed so that anything goes in colors and patterns, or perhaps in pants Though most often it takes more courage for a woman to resist the fashion than follow it, this is not the case with most men. As radical a change as the midi skirt is for the mini skirt wearers, it will take less courage and daring for women to drop their hem lines than it will for green, "Harlequin" blue and turquoise to "Chameleon" corals and gold. Though you can purchase and dresses in these patterns, most of the outfits are being cut in traditional shirtwaist (with modification) styles, which rely on exciting print to give them new vitality and zest. Reptile prints look best when they slither close to you, and you will find many outfiti in wash and wear materials that feel oh so sleek next to your skin. They're perfect travelling companions for any trip you may be planning this summer. Reptile accessories such as belts, shoes and scarves look great and can make the simplest solid shirtwaist or blouse and skirt coordinate a real eye stcalei. regardless of your height in high boots or platformed sandals for the summer. The midi look is a long lean one the longer the better, so don't be afraid of being too tall. Don't forget marvelous hats, grand big ones, like you've always dreamed you'd dare to wear. Also, belts in leather hardware, gold, silver, wide, narrow worn anywhere on the bodice, at your waist, tight, loose, at your hips. CP Reptile Look Will Perk Up Summer Trips "Lizard" coordinated with straight lined, slim fitting pants with jackets and vests of midi length. The jackets and vests are worn open and give you . - violet, and sleek reptile prints. Pants outfits are excitingly i Sportsmen Can Plan A Colorful Summer ' f FASHIONABLE YOUNG MEN are wearing Edwardian sport jackets in three and two button double breasted styles as shown by Phil Jared. This one is by Campus. Doug Lee is sporting a bush jacket, worn in spring and summer made by Campus of dacron and cotton and water repellent to boot. These styles can be found in Okolona Department Store's complete men's department. Tennis player, golfer, sailor or swimmer, today's man can play the game in colorful fashion. For men, warm weather signals the time to shed heavy outerwear and head for the comfort of a jacket, or a sweater. ' weather on the water, there are warm canvas jackets with snap-o- n hoods. Golfers shoot for low scores, but they can rate high in fashion with coordinated outfits such as plaid patterned slacks, solid sweaters and canvas hats. Golf sweaters come in every For the sailor there are color imaginable (and some brightly-colore- d nylon unimaginable) so that a golfer with heavy can mix and match with industrial zippers. For ninpier different slacks. The swim enthusiast also has many fashionable choices. For the man who wants a suit with the look of long ago, there's a two-pieswimsuit with long legs, a belt and striped tank top. Tank suits are also making a comeback, often featuring The neck is a new focal point the name implies, tightfitting racing stripes Today, only two hundred with anything from a casual bright-colore- d for fashion and can be the and are worn anywhere from years later, the same look, made blouse to a suit and look like down the sides. turning point for your outfit. the base to the top of the neck. the same way, is still you had nothing but style in Surfers can crash the waves With a "choker" style necklace corduroy mind when you put your outfit in bermuda-lengt- h fashionable. you can give a simple V They were very popular during together. jams in bold floral and These "chokers" look great necklined blouse or dress a Mod, the Romantic Period when they If you wish to represent the geometric patterns. These jams Afro, Chic, Apache, Beat, consisted simply of ribbon worn in lace dresses and blouses with times you may go for the "70's" are guaranteed to add color to Romantic or 70's look by just a at the middle of the neck with a scooped necks, as well as look in a choker. Chokers that any beach, in vivid sun yellows, necked spaghetti look and tie like belts in leather, hot oranges and bright reds. slip on the neck. Cameo pin attached in the straight strapped casual dresses designed gold or silver for the neck go "Choker" necklaces are, as front. there's For after-swifor spring and summer. along with the entire hardware protection from sun's rays with The gold and silver "bracelet look that says "now" in a a terrycloth jacket that matches necklaces" is a choker look that fashionable way. the swimsuit. Another choice can be worn two or three at a cover-up- , The choker is the today way could be a time for an "Afro" look. With of getting as many exciting such as a long caftan or chokers arranged in this way, looks as you want from one kimono-styl- e beach robe, in your hair should either be worn concept in neck fashion. Choose cotton. very short or high on the top of one look or several and don't be your head. afraid of sticking your neck out Large hooped earrings to too far! match the necklaces are very . popular and help complete the . ., I "Afro" look." HOTINE All you need are needles, vLJ f5 Q elasticized string and beeds and BY JAMES A. HERTZMAN you can have an "Apache" The latest word in men's choker in a matter of minutes. If two wear is "Synergistic" you are not quite ambitious plus two aquals five (or more) enough to make it yourself you the whole is greater than can purchase them quite the sum of its parts. inexpensively. For the man who travels -This means that you no . I i t' These chokers add color and on business, for pleasure -ssport coat longer buy just zest to any outfit and are an pring's array of grooming aids and a pair of pants, or a shirt v.:.;.;:. easy way to charge those new offers some special advantages. "x'vr and a tie. Now Hertzman's can "Western" look fringed jackets Want to be really coordinate all the parts for and vests with a true Indian about packing? you, so that you can achieve a spirit. A travel kit, containing total look the effect of which Your "Beat" look can be deodorant, shampoo or is fashion right for work, obtained by tying a piece of thin after-shavmight be just the school, or play. suede and wearing it as a choker. thing. It all adds up to so much ; you who enjoy For and v more than a haphazard agI i M "prep" those oftry unbuttoning are Kits come travel-size- d i ' styles, packed in a clear plastic bag I, t glomeration of individual garthe first two buttons of your that snaps shut. A more ments. You'll be pleated with round collar blouse when you're expensive version contains the yourself and with what others wearing the suede choker. It's a same products packed in a see in you. sure way to perk up your look. handsome, masculine leather For a sophisticated "Chic" case. look, try wearing a short scarf A grooming tied at the neck "Western" style kit can be assembled from Wln Sficp WHEN ITS TIME for fashion clothes Carol is in the groove with with the ends of the scarf worn favorite products but this 3018 BARDSTOWN ROAD Wranglers. This is only part of a large group. Pick off toward your shoulder. means keeping glass bottles and Gardiner Lant Can tar your pieces from $4.98 to $6.98 pants, shorts, scooter skirts, Here you have created the large cans at home where they Opart niitly till knit topi and blouses. Our model is Carol Stroud. See her at same "in" visual effect as the belong Mattar, Shoppari Charga, at home in the Bankard, BankAmarlcard Jen's Casuals in the Indian Trail Shopping Center. choker, and you can wear it medicine chest. - wind-breake- rs From Romantic To Western Choker Creates Mood You Want with stripes that jet out in all directions yet create a look so unified and exciting you may wonder why stripes were ever drawn in the same direction. He may even catch an eye in "Fugitive From ChaiiKGang" designs which link both shirt and pants in identically matching patterns. Most men, unlike women, are hesitant to use clothes to express their wilder, whimsical mood. Though patterns and colors today hardly, prohibit expression, to the fuilosjt extent, V" most men simply will not take advantage of the brilliantly exciting styles and colors. Unfortunately "op" patterns and wild colors are feared unmasculine because they are a deviation from the subdued :oIors and prints usually worn by men. Men should feel as free to let themselves go with the clothes they wear as women. Designers of men's fashions are more specific about the cut and length of clothes considered fashionable this year, than women's designers. Regardless of how today's sports jackets, shirts, vests, and pants achieve the effect, for men the look is shaped. The shaped waist is the designer's way of creating a lean look which is "in"for women as well as men. The shaped waist can be found in casuals ranging from the very popular safari jackets casual, depending on the ; to body shirts, sports jackets pattern you choose. ) Shaped vests come in varied and vests without jackets. The safari jacket can be purchased in styles and are an easy way, to i several colors, all designed with complete a pants and shirt' a wide belt which must always outfit. They can be found in i be worn fastened to shape the tingle breasted, double' waist and sustain the total safari breasted, waist high or hip long look. This is a rugged, handsome styles. style that has gained popularity Scarves look great with these rather rapidly and is a sure trap for any tigress following in your vests and can be found in prints, ' plaids, solids, in cotton, silks, path. The body shirts have a fitted nylon, and synthetics. Scarves bodice and can be purchased in , wild colors and prints as weUiwioaahould n . . . f:a . i i.: i. see f tt nyton. TM inrougn iucy csy way uipcr&uigupanuuiuif worn tucked in and while giving it a stylishly, t should be can be made to look dressy or sophisticated, yet casual air. ;,,;, i UEAR u U Grooming Of Traveler To fashions o;i a SHOE STRING SIZES 0 DRESSES SLACKS SKIRTS BLOUSES SHORTS PANT SUITS THE BRAND NAMES .. YOU LIKE AND KNOW MASTER CHARGE BANKAMERICARD BANCARO RUTHIE'S PLACE 3608 ivylvj Hi' ; o ,,. 0 It L.., mm a AND PROf.1 DRESSES it FRILLS AHD RUFFLES SET OFF IN POLYESTER .. AND COTTON .. $20 Designed by BOURBON STREET ORIGINALS, Inc. nPArnnFAn ? CHOOSE NOW i i - f ... IS IIIQil 6 Ml Two Piece One Piece And Ensembles by BEACH PARTY e, j - LANE til 8 SAT. 10:30 TO 6:30 GRADUATION J r. KLONDIKE OPEN DAILY 451-670- 0 Romantic full-leng- th nws- - igniig IIEOTZDAirS - - JANTZEN IN Not Exactly A, Shown i ) v I t WV V Uucr-c- r Lena Ccta Ccy

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