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Image 1 of Daily Louisville Democrat, August 22, 1855

Part of Daily Louisville Democrat

BAIMf DAILY DEMOCRAT, PRINTED AND FUELI-nEDE- NU3IBER 31. LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 22, 1855. VOLUME XII. THE B EMOCRAT. JLOITIB YILJLE T K ANS PORTATION. LI J U 1 Y HARNEY, HUGHES & CO., OSoe on Third street, between Market A S X .T I MEDICAL. INLVNUFACTUIiES. HEAR! IIEAK! TV. nalliinore, IMiiladcIiihia, ! THE HAMPTON'S Crgan Manufacturei3. SUBSCRIBERS HAVE Letter from Texa-State Oizettb Offici, AtiiH, Tui. Au. 4, ISoj.) . DEMOCR.iT. DAILV - - WEDXKSDAY, AWJUST 22, 1S05. j Iaarrectlon At Fort Riley Four Men Killed. Ia Ui from Fort Kiy, ivir a Lditopj: It may interest you to know coaot of Ih ravasi ,f cho!r tLre, w bar the probable result of our elections. On Mondaj tv.V'e.rved hints that aa outbreak uken pla." next they transpire, and rely upon my word, that among tho laborers, and tht they h vl au wk-we shall record m glorious a, defeat of th dark j the builUing to supply theotielTes) with arma. Th a fair is aiade clear now. A letter from lintern a3 our oli mother. Virzinia. We comoienceJ our canvass last April. A State dated the 14th, to tha liepuWu-ia- , say: ,u nwn. mri u iwicmum, iuuij (ikim,iswuiiiiiiw iui- electiou of the present incumbents of the office of brio in if the startlinir iatelli 'eoee that th han it who were employed work there, had Ooyernjran l Lt. Ciovernor. Theso were E. M. aainft the cTtunan J,at broken into the rebelled and arsenai Faso and iMvid C. Lick?on, both np to that time aul storehouses and suppliel witii regarded KoJ Uemocrats. Obelient to the arm., aruanition. provisjon and money, and had started off for the States, in a force of three or rcoorntnendiition of tho Convention, we hauled np four hundred men. The officers of the Fort distbo tl.ij. Paising on to June, however, the Know- - patched the few soldiers, who were 'pared from til ags of the cholera, in pursuit of them; bu'. Nothing held a State Council at Washington, J they, px.r fellows, s.a.ii returned with three . . . on tne i;razo, wnere a temperance ana mc ,fc oomraJe! Convention met at the 3aae time. In secret con eu, and s'ate-- that when they npon the inUUe report hl J manufacturing Organs of the finest and best descriptions, mid are prepared to execute all work j Edition. Even From pertaining to tin line of business. They are now am Jefferson, Cast side, in th in nnc nf i I West, which, when the iar-e- st Or.ans tier thull! stops. ! through Line for Most East. completed, will contain full I ILI 1 Kngixeers Coxtntion. A convention of lo- Xne case to contain the work, is at leet in length, 1 feet CITY FOR wide, and 21 feet high. Persons can jude of ils ca- - comofivo engineers of ew JereT, anl ad)eiuiDr JL JL a short time. I have given rip my business to tv.y , , Pailv Vtma lit per year, payaUe quarterly .w- v,i ....v... .. son, who will tie found at my old stand, in r.igrmi j imr:"""-,i"t--do, iu advance- J,o . ,r. possession street.letweeu Main am!." ilarket, wno is in..i.r .v... ..n 'i"" orders ii..u.vvU,i,u..v ck, psyu'l. to the Carrier. Cir Ten C- - ii per All at home or from a distance lil led with when matters of goner.U iutcrct are expected to ii ..: 5 00 JL.;..,-:--;iDetnocraL, country eOauon, per yoar LAi . .n h,..i promptness and alistitch. Persona desiring to exam be considered. i. i...... oo :v ' " n j,,. our work, and learn our capacity to manufacture mi'iv . 2W 1 per 6 enrtths do . T??l' them-'eivGREAT WO UK OF INTER- - "?-i?...!. the linestdescriplion of instraments, would do well to ive us a TERMS OF ADVERTISING. Reytaro for a MrBOKKER. (rorern ir Pri?ef (27? miles from Wheeling to remedies, render il vain for human lansuace to attempt H- imi.rovrmer.t & roadway lh:i:ittul for the favors of the past, they 00 tl J45 ai d 403 to Washington.) was opened t.fthe equality, aaa oue which makes 1ijtun mill easvm--to poor bore to still merit a full share ot fatrnnai: One ;uari of 12 lines, one insertion of Xew.Ter?ey, has offered a reward of four hundred w ua i. uisca:,c, ,w iieii follv suiieniig nuuian naiurereiueuic.-10o je.Udtf areh id'laoiit.l auci"iion Jtltl tUMtKI CO. . 4 tit' tested aril av i roved, nsidered tyt!ie most accomplished, seienti-mos- t i us a trcijirit and passenger Ih) dollars for the apprehension of John MvKinncy t::e mouth, a i j rou:e. This nad is locr.ted in a romantic couutrv-- , is ' learned and extensive practitioner do months, aio Do A. I'SKRT, . f w solid.'y co!istiuc;-d- , niedy through all time past. Cou.e, see, and fully equipped, and carefully the alleged murderer of Conrad lUuer, at Newark, do lo lo aare three months.without alteration jeJUdi'.mJ JEsSE HAMPTON. . 1. 0' uiai::iLed, and is thuv ri't.ilered an attractive fis well as OOT AND SHOE MANUFACTU- - a few days since. n s on'iiiU. One 1" M a sate line I r traveler. The late completion Ja- -f do rer, No. 41 south sido of Jefferson street, Do twelve months, alo . . a W Cciitr.'it Ohi" Koad, tri,i:i Columbus to the Ohio of the -& river, second door elow Third, Louis ville, Ky. Each additional s .uare for si months 0(1 amis the All orders for work, mending, i:c promptly fav tache months - - u oo near Whei iii.p. as it real'y tomoat importance of this ' do Do route, otlerin:, jcl-- j thorough Kailroad dnv, the ujnr.ths, renewable one a wee attemied to, and work warranted to fit. 37Tho Richmond Di.p.itch states, that ilr. One .uare six and threatman, P-- surgents they were tired on, pur-uecmiict'.on r.:i tlie entire es twelve month, renewable .ie M. 1. Godwin, a compositor in that onicehaa- lost, clave, the Know Nothings nominated our - 40 On ened with instant death, and t'.nt it wa sole! A; t?THE ONLY TllROCtiH liekion, for Governor, V. U. W. Jowers, of provid-'ntia- l One s .uare twelve month, renewable once a so on LOL I.S 1I.1.K AND THE ATIOX All duiing the prevalence of the fever at Gosport, a CP would respectfully inform his friend?, and the pub any of them o(, that tho T HTIJVPT ILjIjU are sold I'V tlii road, which runs direct to ashmgton lie at large, that he has just opened, and is daily re Es'TiVXli-iona- l Palestine, for Lt. Governor, ant Stephen Crosby, insurgents were thonnghly anned wiia muske's for twelve months : s father, mother, aunt, sister, Main, Louisville, Ky., lit lay hi on hand, manufactories, all sons of a. uiiuui luruucu ialtimore. It is at a proportionate price. DU- - also the i:n line by ritsMiiKbaggage can le checked to ceiving direct from the and pistols and Je!ar?d it w be their intention U. which fnlv Swiss tiold, Silver, and Composi- - and are constantly receiving a large andC the rwenl incumbent, for Land Commissioner. French. Knclish. and nephew, and cousin, aU of whom wera residents of ekti-rr.ce. asliiiict-P'irv at, l (..-- i iHl from the West. At .Baltimore the road tion of die rather than be taken: and thjt they wer- - y stock ot Carriages, of ourewn stciies; a uplendid assortmentCutl'-piu- Kings.kar-mskr- s A"dverti.-iue-i- t re.i:di!.ert at iniervxW.vit: direct connection with the Kailroad to Phiia- - riiigs, itieast-pius- , bracelets, Lockets, and a make, together with some of the best manulacluit: iu that phvec. Judge Evan w.w also nominated for Congress in mg towaris tan point, yrper deiphiaa and New Vork. or monthly, are charged i em' am o:i , l many oilier articles in that line too numerous to Uie r.astaud vt est, consisting oi great Ea-- t Texas, and Judge Hancock for Went Texad. subsequent . ( steamboats Side-sea- t lAiuisville, may proceed .mention. Also, fine trench Accordeons and Klutinas. uare tar tne nrsl, and SO cer.U -r , buggies? St. !"uis. Theexire.Passti.uers going fast from Calashes; j fchifting-ioby teamtiai t Cincinnati, and there takathe Railroad U .levies; Coi'ches; Jle would call particular attetilion of Watchmakers, i strictly withdrawing from the Democratic ticket, the commanding oTicsr at Jetfer?oa UarriKki to Loulsvillo Journal .juotes the Icdiaiia Iiekson ti"Ttiti.t-.- prvilrjrecf vesr'y advertisers ith this line, or may leave Louisville by the and all dealers iu the alxtve named articles, that he has to connect Irottir.g linggies Kockaways; be or the look out for them. ' u i.i.iu'i hale ind rcFUiarhUMrs. and Jt'lewnville Kailroad direct. to Sulkies, icr.. iar. Phaetons: on band the Urcesl assortment of Clocks ever brouithl Journal as attributing to the foreigners tho blame t became necessary to replace him with mw one V,ot tirui i not considered as K 1. .... ..1 It Is sai l that during th freva'er.ce of thech' Tl nrtll ku In ana the buint.-.- ii The .Mail t. aIners leave Louisville daily tor Cmcin- - to this citv. which he is enabled to sell as low as they tnc'u.1 - ihut d it individual members. nati, where they jirrie so as to connect with the cars of can be bouiiht in any other city w st of the mounUins. vertised are new; and for cheapness, durability, and of commencing the riot ia that city. Here ia a; s!se. It wad also determined to run a candidate j a Fort Kiley, the physician his w.-- t. (iraitiil-.MtAdvciti-in- ?. JL'LICS MKNLEL, the Little Miami Kailroad !t a. M. (or a r. M.,) for Coti?-- o (only temporarily, as is explained ., and that the-- .j lumbus, connecting there nilh Central Ohio liailroad, ' The public are respecuullv "invited to' examine oar paragraph from tho Indiana Journal, which we against the Know Nothing nominee for Iand ComMain street, between Sixth and workmen Uire l to leave too, as many wer j dy-i- n throneh Ntrwark aiid Zanesville to llelleair. on the Ohio, Under Louisville Hotel. my!2 .tock before missioner. No time could be lost. Fortunately, r cotemporary will copy : hoPe heeling. At opposite lieu wood station, i miles WI1F.KLER. and demanded their pay. The command. ng th'S plaoe the coimwtioii with the ii. and O- - Kailroad is STYLES OF are. disposed to believe that the Know- - two worthy and acceptable Democrat were put ofiicer refused to pay thein, as they had contracte'l direct, liy express train ot this route, the time made a.8 just received at JAMES I. LEMON'S, Main St., Nothing did not allow foreigners a fair chance at forward, and 3Ul- was the unanimity with which to work for a cert tin number of months, at s. Hawkins from Cincir.r.ati to li.dliniore is Ie. than hours, and j raaaci. between p. o nd and Third. j the than i.J hours. to Vh;i.c1on polls, and them ia many the l)emo;racy received them, that our ticket in much amoa'h.and hid only worked half the time. 1 have lately received T. FEARCE & CO., IIotts: rty mail THKoldll TM'KKlS are sold as f to Washington, styles of Jewelry, insetssome new and very beautiful instances. 1 here is certainly strong evidence that They were wil!:.ig to take and single pieces. As 1 am th in the amouni c COMMISSION;, earners to Cii.Ciim Ui, from Louisville creases daily in strength. Capt. Crosby, the Know- - due them, u he my stock is always s to Philadelphia, iia.i.1" usyu mcir sirengin ijrannou-iy- , would on'y settle with them then. r o- -s i l i tlf: to B iltimorr H7:had of F. C AKiki:, il": and to New receiving Goods 1every few days, I ercb ; !. t , V ) e! irt.Vn. have now un hand a beautiful lot of 1 ickct Arent, at verv complete. Vork.tA' oo. To be and the occurrences at the polls may have embit- - Nothing nominee for Land Commissioner, had pre- - j Ha still refuse.!, whereupon they became desperate W Ws (ioods, and desire to call the attention of all who wish . r a corner of 1 nird and atcT stiects, Louisville. aontheast Twrrt e Uaxjliau. revengeful, and took, by force, W. MACDONALD, BULLITT tereJ the teelinS f hostility excited by dishonest vionsly changed his views ab;ut being the party they to ask for tickets by the Baltimore and anythiiiginmyliuetou. ,,AS. I. LEMON. denunciation, and thus imoelled the outrdges in ,io S3TUEET, LOUIS- - ' O 111 Railroad r et- -. Street, Louisville, Ky. Macdonald'a . . .jv. vj, t wanted. v KufGlI TICKETS mav also ha.! at the officof milc"f ine aiternoon. SILVER-PLATEGALVANIZED the JetJersonvilie Kailroad for the Baltimore and Ohio then i Apventvkk with .v;sn.--O- n name hauled down. The Tue.iday rsmiroal route, i.y way oi the JeEersonv i;ie, vino, ana JAXES T. ROOT, OF t Iwt, Captain Ilenian Eldridg?,wf the a. it. jom.0. th,-..l.- l Thorn. ,1i,'.1,t. lt.hf..h still ; Mississippi, Little Mitiiii. and CeniralOiiio Railroad, at 137" The following was intended for yesterday's inr.l.;.n new and elegant styles of plated goods of al- - With all the modern improvements acknowledged, as , fo'.i., in grates: Kr .in Louisville to Washington, SP the 'uipBino ot a JOI7ES & ROOT, a Family Kefrigerator, to be aneualed, and to be zeiitleuieri, eonststiu . froiuthe highest ana inust eujO' THE BUST . mi: to iij. S17 s i: to ! imaaemiiia. sie no: to An issue. It is, however, a!w:tys timely tv hear the iinghrm as a wemoer of the order. Democrata ' wf Mr J0eph F. DavU. of ooini-- i C'flKAPEi-.Charlw AND TUB . ARTICLE, AD i have i Uli Vt;r.i, ra.iy ornamented to the plainest styles, ot Tea on g who had intended voting for him, had he not been Burgin, of Sauiin l Ijwronce, Jw- -i MOST CONVEXIEXT, At WHEELING or BenwooJ tVe passenger takes the hand a large assortment of ware, J conduct oi such partisan officials denounced : Merc!:arts, Second street, lctween Main fui.erior cars of the B. and O. Kailroad, which leave- Cake Baskets, V, aiters, Castors, elegant Cups and U;.l- -- For cooling and preserving Meats, Milk, Fruits, Wines, of U orces- ard Ws-e- r .T..H-S- . Louisville, Ky. withdrew their 5ePa Hayett, ar.d James nominated by the Messrs. EniToKS: With deep humility and lets, (gilt inside,) fpoous, torus, uouer vimev ia- Ate. having received comuienuations i daiiv at 6 r. M., and 11. 4o .. M.,for Baltimore, Washof the most dis..v io- -o i a juri-iiCiin- : oi t, I - ,v , ...,1 I f.,tt. l: f.dl. ingtn. (or Philadelphia) bv clos.: connection, arriving dies, Claret Pitchers, BuUcr Coolers, Saltcellars, C jui- - tinguished scientific men, and W2XLIAM HAVE, la.3 in .!.:, u.oiiius l. Vemocrhi uie excursion on the 3out side of Mnske-- et. there ii. In or 17 hours, incliidinir stoiairea. For safety--, muuion Sets, 4ic. allof the heaviest plate, and Warrant- Thsr unannnoua adoption, by Council, of the report of two fire?. SS N h VII 1WfcI-- f T .1 the n,untn: 1. e. . .,' r tv. eii asreprefcnted THE FIRST PSKMICM AT EVERT FAIR f II' ; EK. c succeeded iu makinf fast to una lar and general ex- - j Those iu want are especially invited to call rind vrhew it has been exhititej U fur sale wholesale and the. Committee on Police, to w hom was referred cordon. ;' road is second to none in the I nion Js. ' Water atreet, between First and Second hauled the boat up t him to cut oJ a.s sword, but JOHN KLT'f?, FKKlGill?1 ith the largest e tuipmeiitof any Rail- - amine retail. the Mayor's mcssae. in renrd to the riot on the t It was vainly attempted to cover up in secret ; owing to the struggles of the sh, the Vule, Ky. g Main street, between Fourth and Fifth jel3 l ronJ-- i srade jtr-icthe nominations, and Uie L nitert states, the company is prepared to This is no Experiment, ' 'th inst., legalizing and placing on the city re- - dii'e for Governor never touched upon theirK.candi- - j ni bjdy and eut ,.ut tho in.a which hdl hi.u. do the iraniportalion of freights, j STYLES OP JEWELRY. As hundreds will testify. Circulars giving full descrio- Cor',s tae robberies, arsons, and murders of men, ?ue. in hi hrst circular. One paper the N. is- Maddened by pain, the enng d h retreawd somo hiv.i are carried with care and dispatch, and at rates as announced low as those of any other tirst class line. The road IT HAVE of the most dis wotnen, and children, committed on that eentfui IJY EX- - tion, with names of many g the ticket as having been made in the River Con- - j distance, aad then turning, made for tae boat with tinguished scientific reputation, and well known s J3- - press, a fHcr.did assortment of the very latest and ?t ore. nh Fi le if.Uerson street, between F irs. , 8trfrt cf BaUimore" with the Kailroad to Philadelphia of all parts of the Lnited States, corroborating ail day and night. and some of the nominees stoutly denied j PT'ligious violence, making tid water foam around vention. JO IN K1T1. 1 was in hope?, with many of my of Jewrlrv. i, ond, Louisvilie, Ky xnd New )H'k, steatneis f Ericsson and Baltimore mosi eleaiit and we have said, will be sent to any address on application ' But we soon dis- - h;m. Just before reaching her. Captain tildridg. Main street, between Fourth and Fifth. that they JeI3 Meamsiup Conipiii.y s hne,by canal aiid sea, to to W. MAC1)0.AL1. fjell that the horrors of that day would be gradually covered a were of the oJi' York and Boston, steamers to Norfolk, Charleston, JOHN W. SHARP, showing ' threw an iron at him, whie j stru k him, an 1 served copy i'il prtCKlln mixed up with similar acts of other days and in &c. much that he struck th whole; executive offi- - ' tlJ check his headway NE other places, and bo linaliy lost and forgotten with the list of nominees and the For particulars see freight tariff, copies of which may Dut lLjhtly, his sword going througii ' K'reet. le tweer. Fouith and Fifth sis.. be had of any of the Forwarding 11 in the West. them, but this can now never take place. This cer. Oar lisc;p!e of Sam were forced into the j b(at.inches, and breaking off. Had the ,n but KENDRICK WOULD i! e. Kv. ili practice in all the C otins of Lou JOHN U. VOSE, ir j i Court ' 's Herod him- defence of his principles, in the midst of ail their j tQ0 bo:t mast inevitably have been stov.?, tui.sse.1. cais the climax of ail. It wV tiv.i.c, tb- CouiX oi A peais, a:.a in .ne J fel Master of Tranpi rt,;tion, Baltimore. Main street, lietween Thirteenth and Fourteenth. ri soectfuilv call attention to Lis stock of beau-- ' and aH Theod'ioiii proscription of adopted tcfdly at rank fort for this .'istrfct. self: nay, it even Prentice. titul MLVEKWAK'E, auch as citien-s- , and of Catholics, and tha dangers to ! 0D. boa nl let"; at the mercy of the waves, .several rmMIE SURSCRIRER UEGS LEAVE I would suggest, for the sake of humanity and CASTORS, warranted solid. COFFHE UKNS, J American liberty, which their secret conclave miles fro,n hind, with no other b-- at in ight. Th- to can t:ie attention ot history, and as a warning to all in future, that TEA SETTS, PITCH E US, GODLETS, dealers., professors, and others, finally secured, and the gentlemen were thenuas- nsQ bringing NO. And Quickest Route to "ITH their names ba published in Ihe smallest type you es of fast people to about, soon awjkened alarming- j Partjr, though thoroughly frightened, were of ih i wishing to purchase piano fortes s C!;PS, FORES, SPOONS, e. a proper sense of the Jl!fl5JeJerson sire, t, between First ai:d Second, XC55. 1S55. to tr.e extensive asioitmenl ot Sumraer ArTailgemenL hive, and without a single capital, for at least three crisi-"- , the 'or a sharking excursion with Captain vmi--ithe lodges. The l?e neX improved circular so le and hundred. poured out of tiitir io take tne l.krj' ot oncrinp nis rvr month?, with a deep black line drawn around them, TT li .nm'opt! ic s,Lid strangers m cunt.g all full iron frarae instruments, itr.w in am beautiful jacnt, when they s.k-massed will have accomplished the victory of Mon- as a badge or t ,ken of mourning. Why not? for luiisliing. reiue.iien. cnab'-- d t v luucli e rt and experience, to i Vi Gold and Silver, of many varieties, such as Chmriora-- i on hand and ready a large d.iy next themselves; against fearf f. odds. AU j eeedea in hoiking eight r ten ot taes vr.ra.-- i .us afiord re.;et in i .e u oat dopcraie cases. duplex, Lever, Anchor, and Cylinder; Magic, By the erection ot should aduitional factory buiiomg, The darker era of the eighteenth century faithmongers, but only two of th-one of which- prepared, iir. L. alw gives his attention t all diseases of .he To Zanesville, Wheeling, Baltimore, Wa-- l eters, Hunting, and other styles of casing, many of which are tltey are to turn out aeveathe wants of the trade or fully chronicled the names of Marat, Danton, and the power and influence of Sam Houston have ground shark instruments per week, measured eleven, an I the ather Kn. lit I us l.adm:.L yea.tXi'erieDce in trtalmeat 1 cased to special order. Ellington City, PniladelpLia, Ac N. Y! made an Robespierre, of the French Jacobins, whose deeds been wnget against, us, and a little before the- a blue d..g ten feet in length. 3du Pianos per annum. kt CHAINS. SEALS, AND KEYS: PEARL SETTS 1 ur further information, cuZ at my office, above Buyers may rely uron totting instruments fal'y of blood were even not approved of, nor legalised election, to save the sinking eau.-e-, he Laed a cir- , ALSO TO OF NECKLACE, EAR KINGS, AND cut irfordistribution over the Mate, in which he ie ir-dual, in all the reuuisi es of pood piuno, to any maii Bientic--"- d. RICHMOND, PETERSBURG, NORFOLK, AND Gknksal Land 0 fke in the I ril.'d States, and at a saving of from twenty-- ' by their committee oi" safety, and why should the o 1 assuDIAMOND BRACELETS, 1TNS; Kvv ok ja-- . an of f ie yhil iiliJphin Hatf,i-.,tthe councils of Louisville five to lifty dollars on each ii strunient. All the wood committee of safety "WILMINGTON, B.v,Link in Kansas Territoky. Hstrntions EAR RINGS, PINS, AND i used in our manufactory is thoroughly seasoned,and no in tho enlightened nineteenth century, be less red the people that if Washington and Jackson i were issued oine time siii.-- ti examine the RINGS: MOSAIC AND pains or expense are spared ia turning out each piano complimented BY BALTIMORE AND OHIO. were now alive ih'tt they r,ull AND GENERAL baa it! He line in perfect in every respect. Territory tor sixty miles, in or i CAMEO EAR KINGS, PINS, Si BRACELETS Merchant?, Louisville, Ky. W e, the CENTKAL OHIO. AND LITTLE 11 LI MI KAILR'DS, Well may the t athohes and tht naturalized has als., taken the stump in W&lker county, and is ; to test its accuracy. On ex tmi nation the wb la lino x ur me Ai'i icuuurai jisocia-- ' for und-is.- :: '!, t avt uay tended a Copanncrr-himy line Uon and cuu3ccuue jean In a word, a general assortment ot articles in Urst furcign citizen?, and every holiest and honorable seeking the defeat of a sterling Democrat running Mechari.V lattitute l..ivs and cicneral of transactit i a the j was found to be so totally defective thnt it w is , are oflercd on fair terms at my place ot business, No. preimumsto these nanos over ad others, awarded cow for the Legislature whenin Coiouii.i..!i luine3. B-fcnd have taken the ou;Third, citizen ol ii'jui?nle, who loves Lis nome and the Columbus and Wheeling:. ' deemed 71 Third street, between Main and Market, Louisville, e petition. to resurvev and re! ca With .,m ihn intiiipn. f m..n.v on 1 oci ipiej i v J. - ii. No. i3, tast bide ef my" j Kefcrence in made to the following dealers, and the fair funis of hiscity,hold up the police reports and , .Vain anu tLe Uvcr. UUB accuracy oi wn-tbe.wceu an tha DAILY t"ua'K'nJ x griinst us, I again a?sure you that the proiession eeneraiij': j the Coroner's inquests, for the lasc few weeks, and M. Cincinnati at 6i.m., 1Ui) a. m., and i r. P. Faolds, (successor to Fau'.ds, Stone &. Mors I AAl RE- will be jrloriously triumphititon Mon- - ! other survey depend, had been completed a di-- V,.B. JOl tTT. I on ;f ville, Oct-- I, no-.the citv record?, like the m.intlo of murdered Nit. I.ouis: Curtis Sc. Truan. (Mucin. Balmer and Weiier. novi.s; davnext. Mv worthy colleaue-- i of the Dem. - :;inee ot one hundred and eight mi.-j- west ot tho si; inlets ! N'ails. G'asa, Coaoa Varns, and x 1 ceivire nearly every week, direct from the man- - nati; Digtins c Co., z.i. y.viu.F. Downing t Moody, Cicsar, by M. Antonv, and exclaim : r. Piu.oi.urg Siai.ufa'U'jres sol. cited. 7t WHh.h.l.l.V'i l.YDl-i- ' I rati,- i,r,s in the State are untitled t. h..n- - ' Missouri river. It was approve! Wttu out bein Vicksburg; W. 11. Fox, Natche,; Courts Butherford, JiO'KS: Look ' in tl.'s place ran Cassius' davver throu;.-!-i i 20 H.U.riMuU K or for their noble sacrifice of personal preferences ' ,e",teJ b7 tbe Surveyer tlcnera!. upon the oath .,;" Setts, or Pins; Ear j 'IV HIIiUH.VHl.l .Vi'o'i Jinr-RCameo, rlrfauieled, tlold Fruit, rent the envious C'asca made A: tho contractor and hu men that it was located on Co., sew urieats, ut TV WjISHIXUTOX i.y R;neor Hrc.eletssenar..te:HSwe as a Kencral assort- - V rooj5.L.taye,l.'.e. for the good of the party. ThioiK'h this, the hoc us. Brutus stab'.ied ial : ptrTF.RCHANT TAILORS, ap- ou: ith Train l'hiladeli.hia, Wil- Leni of Jewelry, ah" an anted as represented.street, w ishing, my dear friend-"- , that with your inde- - luo p.r.iei oi,g at Baltimore n.ria WM. KLNBiaCK, 71 Tlard my7 Thn was the u:ot unkin.lest cat of .U j it. ftrwt, licnen Msrket ar d Jeterson, ar row mington, and, to I'hilaoe'phia. Confatigable an I able efforts, the Democracy will tri- proval was not un lerto.d t. cut otf or pr-c-ud of liiE;S necting with Tr.iin .New Jers-.-railroad, loNew.ork and Mimmer styles rwivii f t'.e r By recent letters it ar.pea.-as 1 know it will in Texas, I further ojeration. umph in Kentucky, ;D1 i'r ia.icloiiis, Cas.ii.eres, Urenauiue, SiU, and v:a rlruiisnic. or Am'.oy. &CBTal ; that this ba.-- e JUrA. line ha been resurveyed. lt is said hours i This is the only route whivh cm make the have the honor to remain. lV.ii;.i rt:tys. From the st. Joseph County Forum E.ura.J Tl ' oie of t'.er.c'.isi importations ever seenred- time n tieiween Ciiun.i'iiti a:;d la!t.;ure; aniving i)t WHOLXSaLI AND RITsIL PIALtRS IX Your? in the Caue, J. M. , that the lands lying between the first e''rrectiu pew and i y other route. bcii-siavd I'irsjiu Scuth are t:, D city. lh advance ot lutl. line and the base line are being subdivided iun. ' . J 1 i L.oCinn.vii to I'nlnv uie is ti.e ':.h the :eat-- l c- ro. We iuviu our U u i I N( ; ( .W townships. The work i rapidly prore--inTut u?pAV, Aug. 1G, lrij.". art d fi.iH, t,. ..i.g in n.lvance of any other route. from Little rieii'ls 13 looi ili on Us. M. l'ipes, Gas Burners, and Chandeliers put up, are . . ' hours cao make th WFI.i.c & AKMSTrONeJ is i!.-- i oi lv route w h!-, early compl.-ti.-nl'ni.,n. l . on they prefer invited lo About half pat eight oV! ek last night, a lire. ly IMPORTERS FROM GE- - their work cail some ucueeven should learning our to give D.ixvii.i.F, Kv., August 17, j tine ;roin c'ir.cin i:.'.i, or l.ich Throue'h Tickets cm "fTMRECT to else, al ter prices, breakin ' out in the rear oi Witter I rjumption s be ; .cured Ciiitinnali and Chy ; Main street, three doors above Fourth, in as it will he money in their pockets by so doing. h , Me??rs. Eiiroi: : The gloriouj Fourth has nobly j ' ari.'.iug f Lours in aivsncc ol auy utlier route, STTho Indiiinanolis L R'om..ive. a neutral pa JacoU's Buildings, bi g leave to call public attention lo i'f he pubiirrare aikod to ?ks no one's assertion to OOOK ftore, in MiehigtMi trof. djstrove.1 that an 1 Miajci Kaiikoad. tiaeir unrivauea .assori-ien- v j ot tne ' the contrary until they havo ascertained for theia two frame houses above, belonging to Mr. Wu. L. pertormel her daty. Amid ail the detraction, per, .! LtAtt Cincinnaii by rivts in L atvii:e and j selves Lxpresa I Miami rsilroaJ, Barrett, jeweler, and Mr. C. Marrin, saddler and vituperation, and abuse, which was heaped upon their erTect., say: IstTriin I.'ghtnii.g o 'clock A. Littlearrives at '. i:es- - the whole stock was selected by one of the firm. NOVELTY WORKS. w., UCall at the Ciocinbu'--i at b Louses, or any FouxUi h.irncj.s maker; and tho brick building across the No. 90 Fine Regulators, tor hotels, banking ja dif Main ?t.,bet. Eighth .tk- - reu.t of the-KNith. 1 viile t 12 o"i lock, n. 'jTi. l.eatts Zanesville at li.'Ai, Other ofiiees, at mo U rate prices. riot - th it reir . and 7 W tl side; etween Main and Market. alley below, owned by the Indiana and Peru Rail- -. tno Democracy an its candidate., the friends of :.I 4 ! M I oo.t .rr.v... at W'lirt-lili- f .. Materials and Tools for W'alchiaaiers, ' EAGLE CARRIAGE FACTORY. "?i"p Uj'li,vi-.- e ." , la ' DIAMOND' Connecting at Wheel:!!? wi.h Trti'i Baltimore and atWatch York prices. road Company, and occupied above stair, as offices law an I order stood firm, and gallantly sustained ' l . OF New . TTNVENTOR .a,i .vi-a.itu,a, UBio railroad, uno arriving at ikaitiuiore ae'.au o clock .. ,.r V... H..ton ,,l. th TU.W,.V A- . .u ir.enareatraM Watches directly imported from oorovn manufactory iaV Wigs, and r o humbug, as is practiced in this ci$k' us Tho district haJ to o " .''.,. principles. a. m. in Geneva, wholesale and retail, at 'ew Vork prices. a. o v . hi. arriving m , t,i tun.-n'- t . K.Kinn.. aJ vuns.r..., uiwc .sw a.cIllltl..illg Hitu " i4'S' DT"au.-Train at Baltmiore for Philadelphia lyAiuu.wb joscpu ikeisier printing esmoiisiiment; ;ono for tiie whole State ticket. atch and repairing done witn neatness ana may ba Talbot is ' lingat what hour the sence on ei 'tioa . . . .. l ork. oin-ci- . j: ...u cleaning ami ex., , I. V. repeated, an 1 Unisv ille will satTcra much in clvxii 'J t r: Pe- for Fredericksburg, ,mti ...:.,.;.-...- .. , style, and pattern, of, received uow o., ciotniers. , ana iv.xm, t .evi . , . everv week . &.C. ecK ace-r:ti!road. leaves Cin lho princijuil .loss falls on tlie book store owners. small it is, a great and signal victory, not only over ! brokers to hrea i TKsi-L- j.i invite the ladies to call and examine for them- resi tLsy'Laiies' Hair I)ressing e' at t VfiW II cinnati at luM o'clock a. M., arrives at ZMi.esviiie at 6: selves. No trouble to .Low floous. Ati our goons war M. ilh.M r laj' dences or at the store .f b0t 0Ver tbe m. Leaves .ai.esvjic at s M., and arrives at ranted or no sale. Triumvirate, su.t-- tae 45 Wtter cli.'S of eomuniry uu-.- most fefwJU dtf remind their .t are constantly making Carriages of W hetlii at la r. m. ,r' tae39 'awle- outbreaks. Let ot.tcr ci ies, a id everv u ascription . 1:1 the most avproved siy le and Unish, whosa only motto wtis, ' rule or ruin' the district. Baltimore and Connecting at Wheeling with Tri-itheir stock. The whole was lost. which, for durability, cheapness, and elegance of workCD,il ST0,a ""- -' Ohio Baiiioa.l, f .r B.iitiniore and Washington. The rest saved their stock by removing into the The election f Talbot ii unprecedented in the manship, cannot surpassed iu the West. th'e'e ' Connecting at Baltimore with Train lor I'luladelphia (Formerly J. R. Winter A Co., Main street Tiie attention cf the public, as well as stranger, visitstreet. Others sustained mu.-damage by the ht,. TO. 66 litic3. jt js the ,,,5t COmplate, tho- - i of and New Vors., direct. ing the city, id rcspectruliy invited to examine our AND Connect i.g at Washington Fredericksburg, Pe., . . . rout, ast Mr. Geo. c . Layton, m drug- - and . . side, dealer in Watches and Clocks, llavinglicen stock. . retail DeaVr In. :i d MiTiuracturer of, tersburg, Kithciond, &c. several years engaged iti the business, it is scarcely We WMrr tnt all work of nnr mannf.tctnre for one vear. cine?. Mr. E. C. Beach, in piece sroods-- . and Mr. luu""' ' Kemovai . Little Miami railroad, necessary for the subscriber to recommend Liiuself to io iKii.v Ni?iit Express Vruikk, Carpi l llaf ib-- al si lingioe, Repairing done with neatness and dispatch, in the State, At the commencement of the can- - "S JTUTCHINGS A CO. Marx Israel, in elothin I lose, .c.. No. leaves Cincinnati at 6 o'clock r. M. Arnv c at Zanes-vii.- e public tavor. a " teai' at. and my31 k a. M., leaves Tne telegraph office lost machine- and battery; vass defeat, sure inevitable, and unavoidable, at i 'c.o' 4JL move? Ixchang and Ban'!n. aiicsiUc at ;1Ja. M., Fourth ret. lo-- .Market, Loo it vil'e, Ky. t. lie Claims io nave a morougii mmi ltiai- "i uis naor, and arrives at Wheeling ani.jJ a. M. and warrants his work. He bus aline s:ock on hand, loss was in r.ftice furniture and some CARRIAGE MANUFACTORY. E3'i. PETER SMITH, jylodtf Connecting at Wheeling with Morning Train Balti- comprisii tjewehd Watches, Clocks, and a most eaten-s- i siareu mm ia me lace. iaa wiseacres oi "Little n more and unio railroad, for Cumlierl and, where pasBreast- nCIIIE SURSCRIBE11S WOULD RE- - money; tho Kegister establishment suffered in wood Britain' publicly proclaimed that he would be ' 31 e reliant, ve assortment cf Watch Chains, uuiirds, seals, and Curumis-ioFIVE DOLLAR3 REWARD sengers i.ecp andresume by Moruiug Train f r the Last pins, Brooches, c. ai- 8iectrully inform the public of Louisville that they fixtures,!; fusion of the metal in the undisbeaten by a majority greater than he received JVo. 551 Z'ain ftrf1,lltofcn Srrotid ai:l Third, d: rect. wl'Uii--n- f Mr. Hirschbuhl is a manufacturer of clocks and orM of the lajt issue, and a general iu the district ; that he would not carry a votes aTTI? AViVTi Cor.nert:ng with Train at Baltimore, for Philadelphia witches. He hits devoted years of close attention and have entered into the carriage business in ail its branch- - tributed OCCU-pie- d n!e her, on the instar.u a imal Whit and T'!ow Their Xurthup Press es. They will pay especial attention to the lighter styles di.sarr.ingmcTir of materials. HOUSE o;r-c- t. -- i a. and New York v.o .boo iiwLi, uu.-ir- i ma .i, r ox appealed COw, wita a wrnte careful industry to his business, and he feels confident i of work, such as is uiadeinthe East. They have -- a oeic is in tiie cinders below, but their iron Land press t'.uu'j Connecting t Washington for Fredericksburg, Owen, Hardware Dealers, keeps ' y Orm" v mared.!ns thof bis thorough ability to repair Clocks and Watches, ' got tad, about 7 rear old. She Every schema List that weighs and splendid lm-- y Kii 'im. rri. W.c. constantly on band a rUj i !y of the and it will anord him pleasure to regulate the time- runsout a ne'.vthan auy other,Roukawayevary way the less, may be crated again. Mr. Colfax is insure!. would be elected bv 1,000 or lighter lest and is Caggace ehe. from Cincinnati to Wheeling, and pieces of his customers. human ingenuity eoulj devise, cr human skill netghoorhoodtheuf 11 trrod's CTeck. AayorW J tr.dirj . hat Fiour 'w hieh he sells ai the lowest market prices. jyl& rill receive A LKi above reward. 8. P. n improved patentfifth Doubtless his energy wiil be e.jntil to the emergen- - that m Uience lo asnmctou triiaggage checked from city,vc. to Baltimore, and n.a. KEOALIAfc, lie nas constantly on i.ann v.iurei.ows uuue article in ttie market, haviug carry into execution, was tried, but in vaiti. myja .lif Cor. V ir'et Thiro wheel. ey, and tuo Kcgistor will bcroiivivouj within the Cincinnali ot every decree, plain or beauti-Masons' Repairing dine on reasonable terras and at short no-- i Wholesale, unsparing abuse, denuaciatkn, and TICKETS FROM T.Ol'ls VILLE. Ironi to i'hilad- H h'.:, A.c. are also kept fully embroidered. The ne Jewels tice. They flatter themselves that, by strict attention, fortnight. 1 i rout h ticket? for V atuington City cm only be pro- - 0n hand. ridicule, were freely and lavi-hl- y uied to accom- ISoa. NEV7 ARRANG EMEITT. Mr. L. M. Tttyior's new storo house ou the oppoand this is the otily route by at Ijs store, N'o. W Third and the best kind of work, they will engage a fair share cuied bv Itivit.ncthenublietocall plish his defeat, by the brainless street politicians be procured via Baltimore to Phila- street, west side, where he pays particular attention to of the cusloji of Louisville. Call and examine soeci- - ' site side of the street, sheltered ;ood?j from the I K C J . Couiinrntinj Jlvnday, Jvly lo. 1S55. through miniature tmiire. The mens delphia and New York. watch repairing, he remains the public's humble servant. street, at the manufactory, on the south sidj of JeCersou storm to tha utmo-- t of it lare capacity. Other of this wcro appointed by the three wise men of T1A THI between fecund and Third. Through tickets to Winchester, Ilichmond, Council to write ml7 JIIKCHBUllL fc F.NPER3. myJSdSm neighbors opened their 1 oors, and all the property Danvi'le Petersburg, N orfolk, Weldon, and Wilming; jack-le- g lawyers, and miserable dema- - ' JeTerwor.iIl aa l Ohio and lILyisrippi KAil.v.l ton. c; only Ik.- - procured by the Little Miami Boute, wa promptly .secured Irom against him involved in tne ront S. I). CHOATE HAS Jia.l Euie Meaaiers Jacob atrader aid goguM repLte.,1 to nun on all occasions ; and last and the only roUUi y v. inch passengers Can go through JAIalES SOMMERVILLE, tho friendly rain which pattered ou the ruins. MANUFACTORY Tslegraph No. without ueleiitiou to Charleston, savannah, MaCou, and lewt, the "assini who t reside over tho des- to No. hi Fouith street Manufacturer and Wholesale and Retail Dealer in aiLlM!L Atalanta, Augusta, and ail points south. AM3 TM tinies of tho Kentucky Tribune," so far as their very STOVES, GRATES, AND CASTINGS, FOB TI1R0UUII TICKETS, rOVTt HAILT EATEKV TRAINS AT 6 A.M., 9 A.M., wou'.d admit, warmly urged his Watches. and To Dealers in 3TBv thcKcnfuckv cleotinn returns wo notice meagre ability CINCINNATI, IIAMiLTON, AND DAYTON I 10 A. il AM) 6 r. M. And ainfonnation at Cincinnati, please apply at the Copper, Tin, and Sheet Iron "Ware, that the Hon. Linn Boyd has at last been defeated defeat. Col. Talbot has riden superior to all these IT a VI."' 1TWT VrfOM kiiue ..ianii .'inces, l . . ctraaer, vienerai Agent, Direct llovte,LA'h 1 J Congressman eiect. He has attained Tut No. z Burnet House, fcrst door west of Vine; No. 177 the East with a most comrlete stock of Jewelry TEAKETTLES, SAD IRONS, COFFEE MILLS, as a candidate for Congrecs. He was Sr?t elected- an is now to ond jrn.-- C.'hf imiati and the Uat. lii'oson House, 1 rout omct;at southeast comer Broad- - and Watches, of every description. some twenty years ago, nn.l htis had a seat m conxc, tais Mgn station Dy nis own untiring, unwearied, way and Front, hrectly opposite tpeucer House, and 1 he stocic is unsurpassed ior quai.iy anu lasie, an-- i - lndetutigable goat 81je pun, 6 d.wrs above corner of gress nearly every year since. He was the candiexertions receiving Irom his con- LAID Willi HEAVY T IltOX. at the Little Miami lepot. will be sold at the very lowest prices. Every artic.e is ' Eou'.s-villdate of what the lnbunc styles sort called nestons no assistance, out irom his nephew the Kv., ISAAC TI.SOl'THWICK, warranted, and may be returned by buyers if they we WLtffilr? Passenger! drre at Zanesville. Pitts- Suprintendent Central Ohio Kailroad. bitterest and most vindictive oppoaitkn. Hal it TT AMES SOMMERVILLE j not what they are representeu to be. WOULD Democrats." tiine at Crestline. Dunkirk burg I'asiengcr? C. W. S. EKOWX, Country iierchtmts are invited to inspect my assort cewetaw energy and , fo blf nlf J respectfully inform his friends and the public, iid Baffitio l'aasengrrs uiue at Cleveland. Ve clip the above from tho Albany Register. It jyM dtf miT.t before uurchatine elsewhere. I conline my l usi Aient C. O. K. It., Cincinnati. th:it he h,is opened a store at 7 Jlain street, where he t NEW ardor, Morehead would have carried tae district by BOSTON AND ,r tu- -..... ?. 0i,,.,lt r,,.i. , j ntss exclusively to the above articles, and have selected will be pleased to see ami accommodate allwiio may BY .v Phi'.aiVlrhia vi Pit ton Jt Civ !e to C'f!,'.Bj to cel. Tilhot tor the T.7AC1I AND votes. person, and will sell them low. Know-Not- h them in n;r orpins. . . ,. favor 1,1m with a call. He warrants his work to be as which ptt's for truth iu t JtLi the Little Miami route runs into the of the Main sts., A. h'l'ELN AU, corner Fifth and victory ,n this district,. 11 h'nor good as iinv made in the city. Terms reasonable. Boyd declined being a candidate ' The Hon. Linn over Lichten, Lcewenthal at Co.'s. Miore road at Cleveland. rar20 N. B. Roobng and H iuse W ork in general done with for ' ar uu9' lao Pncipiesoi 0013 rartKS trT ' i'i.e roasi" by th: roUie are iu very Cue order, laid , AND LEXINGTON & FRANKFORT No other une from Cincincati ciaks quicker time r nana-In neatness and dispatch mrioimra i oua so n With heavy T iron, "remarkably avuootti, and compara- - j .tuca !n:"'"3 bis numerous friond thro, -- h tho eoinTrrv. . fas were iully and lairiy aiscusseu. Ihe issue was . the shortest and rcoeidi dual." .j v? liveiy free from n th- r,- -l " and ntvon . that .h TOBACCO. ar- SNTJFF AND wen as to ins more lmineutate irienas in. tkentucKV. . r. . . . . l'ri lime on the Cicctnuati, liao-ot- . n. and Catoo ivct route from Cincinnati to the Last, tiie tone is so i -. . v . . Throttga Tickets to are ratiged t iat it is made With ease. was nominated t.y a ; have given a just ana ngnteous verdict. The Road is iukker than is maoe on any other r aairoa m nowever, "STBETER LORl LLAltD, 31 AN UFAC- - 1Knr7 or fcnd pHsenuer have fuu tmr for meals. ot the ti..s roat i ith his battleof ew Orleans OIuo. FOR TWO DAYS. FAR ' 14 successor .; J",,WJU auA Ja turcr,No.Chatham All who lake this route Easi vill lx- sure to return by ,1,. u",,' -- Bsu"mt'n, sis nearly level and straight, and it is o suhaianti.tilr butlt 1 ARRANGEMENT. a it r iiite makes the quickest time Loth to and i' Ulw of Peter it ieorge Lorillard, oilers for sale all kinds of most triumphantly has h? been elected by tlio " lt le raa tt k4h ipMU a it. uiay ueea rou.i.ateu roa.ia. oppuMuou io mo SnutTand Tobaccos in general use. ror particulars, a Democracy cf the Arom CiiK'inraii and all the rasurn cit,e?i. oiu, Indiananolis. Chicago, and Cincinnati. District . Train VaV.n Lightning Expre vJeaves Cincinnati at 6 . y.. for the the arnr-On and after Monday, April 3uth, trains will run as J rice Current can be obtained cy auaressmg asaoove TWO PASSENCEIl T BAINS DAILV. v i . uauy v.,.. . ;and condemned. Hon. A. G. Talbot has been ofJhe Louisville Viorning CincinmU!, after Cincinnati. , ei. Cars, isi on the the Kast; arr.ves ai Cleveland in advance of any other This establishment is one of the oldest of the kind in the follows Ch'ea hl no Itoad. The UU;. felBdly are aoou! P?",- 6- Ciaa who th(?u2h LEAVES LOUIS- - Leave JeCersonviUe (opposite Louisville) .30for.India-napoli- s United States. Col Eovd wasnotev-n- a candidate before the ; mean3 glfteii w,t eloainent oratory, will make an Hamilton, and f oL gEpresi arrives at Cincinnati at 2. Jar. x. BL one hundred yards apart, and b.tga-c.- a be tran.- and Chicago at o.Vo a.m., and -- r. m.; lor ville at 3 o'clock a. m., stopping 13 minutes for . people at any timo, since his election for tho last excellent, faithful representative, bec&nsa. he is a 'erred from one roadto the other, avoi.img the uncee-- Jrom tne Fst. at Lagrange, and arrives at Lexington at 11 A Cincinnati at 8.45 a. m., and3.5o p. M. sary troublas of it two uule tarouah the citv ; I Leaves Cieveinnd fifteen minute later, and arrives at breakfast remain ir.g four hours in Lexiiicton, passenI These trains conuect at Indianapolis and Cincinnati busineas man, and will never be ' passengen, if they prefer it. can go to term. He luu.ut-- s earner than a: v other route. M. Af'cr rtn.- positively declined another election. ' practical .tvi C.r ci:insti gers takttit3o'olock P. M. Train of Covington and Lex-- , with all the trains for the North ftnd East. Tickets can V 1. 1. AN li in r . hours. narr, ar.a on sueir CINCINNATI "J.j io i:ie vajyoi prvcare ucaana ikincuii iioiu iuc post vi uuij. street. iiigtou FUiiimad for Cincirnati, Paris, and Cyuthiana, be had at the offlce, 666 .Main A. P. OSBORNE, Pupt. lie rendered yeoman service, b w, 1 ..o tha lounu CLLVELAM 10 CINCINNATI in t Lours. T. niada hr tha ap7 dtf af fh cnec tneir oaggaae Uirougn. detained haif an and connectina' at Paris with stages for Maysville. hour at fUsec.ers are not S. . canvas, and hi? nama is as a. household word tr A v. AU'i VIA LITTLE ..1IA3XI ItOUTE. j SECOXB TRAIN leave Louisville at 2.30 p. M., And " wmij iresiiine, h iog am pie time tor .l.uner, aa.taoui nca- ' From CLncinnati delay doing their duty, they arc abundantly berated and smvesat Lexington id 1 JO p. m. Persons taking this COMPANY, every Kentuckian. n hou-Ts- ; Train remain over night in Lexington and resume by Ai fewekangea of Passenger Can a. by any oibarar COLUVPr? villilied by the liovl- - emancipationists. The raze Office 5.5 Main street, Louisville. the b o'clock Train next rr.orning for Cincinnati. hours: CLE ELANDin f .th?, " Little On and after Tuesday, April H, our Messenger and essive route. Passengers by the i o'clock a. M. Train connect at trBagiaare checked throng k Dunkirk. Bu?aw. QC ANTITY OF AMMUNITION ElPESPED YPOS S- lil'N Kl KK in 14, bhours; Express freight will leave Louisville for r'rankfort and and FianVfort with stages for aivisa, Harrodsburg, iA'rFALOin 1) urs; UnJH n'1 13 3mUd and Pittsbur. Lexington in Uie afternoon train. Returning, Uave vastopol. A letter from St. Petersburg, of July and beond. Passengers by the o'cloek, a. v., Trvln, C'.nelnnatt, Lanvillc, and at Le vingtou with stages for Nicholas- ALBANY in V, liour; ' , ,' Some hav even Lexington in the moruir g, at 8 o'clock. L Ml. I)n ille. I.r.CMKt-r- . Stai.fonl. and Cr:ih Orchard. , Railroad, break faaat at Cioeinoati 14. says: "The combats of the 17th and lUh of t hocrs; h K W YiHK ir. 9 m sacac.otn ana asnes, - ana Haxniilon the Davtoa Freight received at orr office till 1 r. w. following day ia N York, FadMp& and dine and i iiiciiester, Mt. fcteriing, Uwu.g.viiio, Richmond, FROM LOUISVILLE TO CHICAGO jjumi'n in hour; wagon will call for freight, if orders are left June were doubtless the sevefost and most desper- - ella(? ."ese.ves Our Hail. mora and WaahintOD. and Estill C KF.fTLIN E in t hour; "V S. A. JON Es, Agent ate that have aa yet taken place before Seva,toat our office. York 3oSi tHage hues continue through to Estill Springs and .r i l'ITT.rK'i in 14 hour; bours; Adams Express Co. the , From Cincinnati to Ne 31. hoars; hoars; arl! this sppears hiring same day. pol. , From ,ti-private corrcsndence Crab Orchard To Philaalelphia in I'ili'l.Ai'LLi'liIA in Su'i , T f. after the night of the election the town -r W HEELIMi in lo hours; Ti Albany in -- ti hoars: Mae irom all that above points arrive in Lexington hours; E ARE NOW with boanres, and fire-b- a U were j T Boston in in time for the evening Train from Lexington to Louis- - j JiALHilOKF. ini . hours; Fancy Dry foods, suited is stated the following namely: 'It is imposs'ible to Io Butf tlo in H hours; WAHilV.Tt.N in if! ours; ; v'ostock of Staple and of l,ox '.triumph. tilC onlF "The uly direct ox htm-- 1 I 1 v this route are tb,r4Pwn' in. comparatively exempt hoars: PassTgers form an idea, except bv personal inspection, of the Io Dunkirk in EL'1ENVILLE in U hours for the approaching season, consisting of itown, driving a big mule ( very . m- Route by Wlltcll Through a To Ptttoour ia l hours; a f.- - a":. inr.ii to U'h!;,i. Piiin. from the aniK.yance a f dnst in the cars, and pass; Woolen and Clothiers' Goods; amount cf iron and ' lead which is used. The To Baitimor. la M boors, . through some ..I the richestand most highly cultivated made a tremendoua , Tickt'ts Can be had. StuiT floods; .peajch. i d. launkirk, niid P.aCalo. ground where the combat took place is entirely bur. .' -No other Line front Cincinnati maio quicker Printed and Fancy Dres Goods; .an'1, Z)orj danced before h.m in his the Eaat. and none soqaici from Uie aA by onetime to r .r,y ,lire.l iuforx.tlon call at ' ffHWO' DAILY covered with shot and shell. Froia the 21st May th, Linens and White Goods; and a Ka ' V ;,:..., -- v, i, v - it.,t..i-ii.l.i- n. li half hour. itiiura.t.FWMh. the. Dcoot. corner of Jeiterson and Brook streets. flannels; f U"I? T. un to the 9 th of Juno, our soldiers have picked up himself called " ' "8- a"!t 'fraj-V.- ; SAiiLEL t.ILL, 7e. LJATINO ClSnVU ATI. the Fox. the member Woolen and Cotton Hosiery; t7S,.00 pounds of lead, and 1.M5 bomb, of .,.! au. cnri- - -.-,t.ii.n. i ir,t Express leaves New Albany at 4 o'clock a. M American . ana tiuglisn rnnl Tiarr Taar. Cleveland, BuTalo and Pitr.horf TheUu."eMit'miUtheeasteniderottCiaclnnaU. xAiaa ; tne : i..V..7....rtmnt iwl - ararl thU U not hi mo xanu-iv th rd rart ,rvlu lua o! " amving at Chicago the. trying. at ai o'clock a. a. for Dayton. Clyd, c latveTan.i. ; r,".,-- Five aSecond Express leaves New Albany at It! o'clock M which We iHvite the attcnti.u of cash and promrtshort ii.f what has been used by the enemy, as a tnreat frailty and uncertainty of human hopes and xpeo Duaairk, Butfai, Albany, New Y.rt aad PiUrl.itrg,8'euhenvioe,snd. .s. II ..... . DOUBLL ,rTi.-ClevelaOLD nd, a; arrivinc at t hica0 eurv tint vtnrnin. S w tension Ho i lime ou cas oonnectaal roivst forCresthne, Pittbairg. Phi'aillpo., DruUS" bnried in the walk, of ' l;10DS .ww a"ortJAMES LOW ii CO., 418 Main st. ' part of theirammunition Vheeiin f IagLUiii. Bo.h'r rains connect at Chicaco v. ith all mornt,,. .nH wX" .u aull irretrievable overthrow. The Know- - Bajumoruand New York, arrives at Cieveivod A: lap. iu. ol first o ualty worn f""rvrioe,, Te..;,,- - Trains for the West and .NorthweTt. AlsZTi . im.Vi ' - .T c.iuuabca. v.": Crvsthne, 1 : ,T T .o sarraiaauor .: a n..ton: Nothing phizes became visibly elongated, "broken making close Tia. JOilX K1TTS, "U.ouicaae. Michigan City with he Trains on the Michigan Central w1.Vlii.fc. Bal- connection wan Lake shore Ratlroaal to : :.. . - v Vork i 7.anesvil Alain VJt J honor, lost." bxeaina . jylal hcnei s wasted. the Eaatrrn Cities; arrive, at Puixburg at 8 r. a. , connuttaio, Magaia rails, Albanv, Kailroad ior b.T.Vu.n City, PhUadeiphia, and New ork, j " : v.. number of through tickeu to aQS3 exhanstedwith foolish shoating.wa. plainly necting with Fast EspreM Train East. v.i'.J Nw York. Itnstran. Alc. Dm w in...i verJ larSB IN GENERAL, CORNER wiotr ic.: daroKBTaAM. Cleveland and Pvtft.ur AeciTpma' Crclevilie, and New Music East. through and interesting route to the East, pacing as it does . received from tl -- r vj v,uieugo nav . oecu bio, -- aus aKn andUreen streets, Louisville, Ky. . 1 r, UindVimAnd the most tlounshmg and the largest towns and for leveiand, 1,1'. .11 ; w..c--u- fuvdiva ' aeplctod ,v,m every Llindoot s face.- J Mr. F ox 1 dead. tiaan Kxpre, at vo'clock a. Boston,C crast;in. Imn rn . ;.- -, .,--..,..,: 'an last Lancaster. The subscriber woum rescuuny aunonnce mat ne ,cw AiDany lianroaa wiiimi mo Iw. iew uajrs. . 1 J1EL0DIE8. AXD STANDARD FAVOKiTK cities 111 Indiana, such as New Aiba-iv- , Salem, tr!e.ins, .'tw and .t;. Bteamers ha ve ve - a.ucs -nrg; ais connects atiors, .s;-,. p Twaa-tlnrnas ii- -i "";i k; i ot tne tmrcnasers are irisu mi. 11. Sanduskv. wit! S: th f Violins, Guitar, f .nnerior mannfacturcVoncUnt- - ! . . "..oiiua Louisville for new homes in the political scale and found wanting. If his friends (Ceot , ,,y tamers Cri aud and tacoMD canoe" Battle Ground, a ,a.t hallowed it. the heart of Italian Strings ?d tl'ie-- n O. th. Wnat. ly on hand, Frteh , bout tk. L?J3rr, northwc.t.--V- etr Cincinnati til r a. m., ior vBostou; ("resume and will on! vs tort crvimr and Lamenting, the Democrats ' bxn.lin." inis train siop. m ail nation. j eveiy Buflllo, New York, and Aiarjciui, u also seen by those passing Columns, IlalaMrades, and jP:t roccircd; Flutes of the best quality at I o'docX will bury him decently, and on his tombstone will -- Tm4 Taaia. Cleveland N ght tij.nrha.rfer. ( h.UlCotne. and U.l.soorougu. nr.1 1 t, All tone; Accoraeons, riua- and Froin Michigan City the route passes tluoughthe re steauiSa io X2 direct aith Lake ' Als, connecung t Cleveland Cpesckm City, aod con- Turnings. Bcroll sawing of ail de- ' n.".HudalIMa-icalMerchandi-nd nr Hon. PiEKKB SOCLE TO RVS inscribe the following very suitable epitaph : Tlere most delightful and flourishing part of Michigan to I)e- Tork lTd BoS 0, or WrTnd . .. . scriptions executed. T. Fox, a man whose partisanship predomi troit. Thence .nukinl-- Ihp llorml rir Fare frost Louisville as low as by any other roata morning trains for Butlalo a itla The New Orleans irne Delta, i.lies F. prompUy and punctually attended to. nectcc ftBoston, Alhany, Ui early Palls, Montreal, vc. ; At .C -Mrect, ImUSYlliet ,v through the mot interesting ponions of I pvs-- r Canada, ' FOB Cosobkss. h; Tu.,r,,;m Xaat. .h far Niagara . Yorat, ' iv.dif includinr the Thames Battle Ground, London, Paris, "C ACTIOS. has the following letter from the Hon. wtchword and battle cry of the British, soldiery THIRU.TRAIS. leaves Ctncicnau Wheem.fl i.xon-sAugust HAY L.J Ll-- T RI.CLIV Hainiliou.aVcin view of Lake Ontario, to the Ureal ' Wl The traT.liai ai. 1J A. M for Columiaus, laiiei villas. Wheelirif, Bal- tst 'beauty and booty,' wished that the city of statements snailtpublic are eitiOQd agai the Lit.l. MiShirts! SMrts!! from the east a lrra? and well selected assortment of N iagara guspansion Bridge, a work more stupendous, Washington City, I'luiadel ohia. and New York. Pierre Poule: ia the advertisement, vi UPorf, man- - t ni"re won.aenui, anu more io ne aimire.l. tnan any 1...,-- ,, rii,. Uuitars, (of suiv-no- r ow t.t,,o.rd Melo.iie. loiius. DAY ami Railroad Companv. Aaiong t most proaxiDent of BY Dur" Iocith r--lasiN. Arc .niinurt.iU' Xw Orleans, August 9. --women violated, and tho helpless children -" -y ; v'"! m4 Aei.ia, le.low l.nes.alad hnringtiWa: ; ntacture, iresn ajcrman ana .lauau firings, r lutes, a.cAm. a. auiiuaaiufi s invoice of readv-mad- e killed these may h. earned: that thenr lia.ia the quietest to Linen ordeons, Elutinas, and all other Musicid .Merchandise, wige a iun view is nau 01 lue great Cataract ot Ni-l- i 4 arcacriiieand; Blanchester and CtullicoUie; the Kast; that theare is lea. certainty of cootec(. Editor of tU True L.ltn: and scalped." I havo also agara. . OSCEOLA. and Muslin Shirts, comprising a great variety of styles To w liich 1 am prepared to sell at low rates. way of Clyd. to Cleveland, and that thrr. ar. ! ' tor the North and Northwest this Is the only route aod patterns, made with all the modern improvements, Pittsburg, and vTiel'n ' on Land liailelt A. Comston's snperior Pianos; also, irTH changes of ears n the Putmrg Cxprar. t y on rou' Ur Dear Sin: An article having appeared in Import every particular. Perfit in baggage betw.-etie and warranted to . (., which 1 can warrant to Ih? of suparior j re'iulruig Do change ot eav C nrinnau at Colaim- - l.mHien'Cn's; K.fbt ant Arrsstt. Day befers yesterday Mari- tbon. the axher. Forba'araae. ha. Iwa reiw f r Ohio nver and Clucago. Ihe road has been put in good sons in search of well made articles in the above line are your issue this morning, calculated to induce the Cleveland, I'un kirk. BctTaks New York, an I Bo- - rnaniifacturesnd of exccll.ut quality and durability, on the promise that theae bus. certain notorious weeks, be eorreoii ; but th.y are mil mismrrortatioii. wishing anything in the Muical order, and is now one of the best and safest in the West, invited to call and examine my large and superb assort- o.! icf that I ini2ht be placed in nomination to rep-- ! .hal Molair arrested ia Dremoa anrt Na?w desire those should toat Cresuioe, 1'ituaburg,BslUmore, Mashinrton Y'Wk; ' raatrai.i in having the longest continuous sU aight line of any iu ment, i . , City, line to cad and examine my laree and well si lecled stock yanenviiie,, resent the First District In this State ia the next j thief and burglar, known formerly as Wan. Town- - hand tiUs and newspapers, makia. to. eauuoa necra- Fineready-maa- e A.mcn cmris, sianu. coi.,nne plaits; the Linted States. J IL MoCAKH, Pni.adclphiA.aod New Tor. before purchasing elsewhere. do, Byron do, broad do; do OiMns. I deem it rav dutv at once t sav. that I -- onu, out passing latterly under the name of YV at. o'clock r. Agentfor llaileU Comston, 7 Third at. ' By this rou.e also sure connections are made, as the Do fianday at CoIubi-- ! one train on ie6 dtf O.AM F3. Supt. C. H- I. X. ajo dj co, no Hrown. kme months ago, Drown robbed the do do; (io, Trams run directly through to Chicago. woutd in no manner consent t. let my name Uo E. B. PHILLIP:. Supt. C. T. a. do, ass'dpat'ns, do at.) do do; 41 Chicaaq. Columbus time, 5 minutes faster than ' treasury of M. K.- - - L. K. 8. Z. K. F. 0. BOILS, I're.. At -lsconsin of about !,101, and the Trains ma for such purpose. XjIIVJj U 1 11 l.K ' ..'li!:kt' feduced rates to City, St. Paul, Fancy do do, lawn bosoms, stand-col.- ; d. Bock Island, St. Louis, Burlin.ton, Oalena. O II U M IT Fine or through (urtnrT mfonnatiou. ofi"tce of the SheriS of DHieville. ia that State. ii p'v do, stand, col., broad plaits; Muslin 1 nave Dome my iuu snare oi tne sam nee- - which do also, to Detroit, Buffalo, Niagara Falls, Do ; THROUGH TICKETS, places. Fr. Wtilf, Silk and Fancy Dyer, has re- - Milwaukie, iiaia the Jetferwonn.le R. iro.vl. nl do, Byron do, do Y do do; do He escaped to New York- - where he was at tne oSSreof CAPT. 1. - MOOi-- Ii KAD, No. Do publio life too often entails on its votaries, and it is j of 0. .And al! inform stion, ran be attained st the New Of- - moved Lis Pying Establishment to Fifth street, banween Albany, New ork, Boston, kc, aVc; for sale at the ofStrt,OIW do, no collars, do . do; do do ' Market and Je.'.crson, w neras ue is now prrparcu aauu o a whila j arrested shortly afterward and returned to Dodge- "" northi side, between Safcond and; Vo jl V, iirM. g but justice that I be permitted to rest, for do, lawn bosoms, stand, col do Do do No. 60. Jiain street, Fancy Dying. leav-Lato do aU kinds of aSilk and taJ'T-- S Omnihos Lin. will c.H for saasMsnvi by le in irons, where he was confined in the oounty ass'd Tlie ladiana and gentieioea of Louisville and vicinity Third, Louisville, where all information can be had e Fancy French Gingham do, linen-boso- patterns, fast colors; at least, from the anxieties and agitations which vi thirinmesatiheaov.ome. ShirU, broad frl dozen of low priced Muslin route, time, invited to call at my new store if Uiey siw-tin- " Passengers, by prices, kc. names at havo so signally marked my political a3 well as mj jail. He had been there bat a short time when rilr C plaits; leiviug thaiir the ahoTe i.htoliave their Dresses, fchawls. Capes, Bonnets, or he broke oat, and has been at large ever since un. ,. Collars, at wholesale, a bar- diplomatic career. lut-::- : asupe - named office, mill be called tor by Omnibusses and lie- - Standing and i Coats, Via-Panus, VesU, k( dyed and finished ia t Frnt street. by Mr. Molair, aa above stated. Ha gain. Have the kindness, therefore, to announce that til rior style and manner. Crt.p ehaaU, Rid Oloves.and livaTrd at the Cars. wl'h piona -- trl arf bours frim 1' A.Kk. ur'tl Pi p. K. ?taoab. U surj Call at 65 soathwest corner of Third and Main if you I cannot be a candidate, and bo assured of the Wtts put upon the Alton Packet this afternoon ia C. KNOWLTON, Bup't. v eaLlag at ta. ger.tlemcna VVearuix Apparel cleaned and neatl aull P. W. r'T A r'EK, General Af eat. tl .'. Kivr Ic,a-. want a superb and a ell made set of Shirts, warranted to dresaed. TnK OMNIBl". LINK him f Tiird, saseasn i door f roo LM eorsaar ef high rcgaid with which I ask leave to subscribe charge of offioer Grant, who will evea-respect. p. g. An work aent td roy store in be done La the 3aL'i for psen(rer. at all Uie principal Cotels. by CajC tftaiw. Karty. 75 HAGS, 50 DOZ- - fit3W) dosen Collars, standing, Byron, straight, Sevasto- iny3elfyour most obedient scrrant, S to tha scene of his depredations for trial. notice. --- a a .it v.,... -u ":.. Br leavlncl diraxuont at either of the time DromiSOaL and al the shortV Kill K,vv, street, in .to-.pol, new style spring straight front, corded and plain. St. Loni a1- 1 5tA. JOXTt-A- t. PIEPwRE SOCLE. Fifth F. i vs oasirai, wi'dtaU lof paMCnxert in ail pans of tti. las. Uy vi A, i'ONPA. 0. MANe.T-iL- l. Remembei Wo. uJJ orialeby I w Mweta ilarkrt wdJefler-o- n NEW YORK, &C. BALTIMORE TERMS. f I, the direct OHIO & in; the Ka. WAVING LEFT THE :,ni,m.w finlllS to J. n,t, JEWELRY. tspetween! JEWELRY. THEUNDERSIGNED rire s.ner:af ''ly, Haiffht Wheeler, lirr 'iMniiii OlUlibl, fllr AJIlIil' t' djc. tc. ecr' rc.y fr SfThe darted SusTneTnotices Purchaels JEWELRY mjEW ICE isr a la tt rt""i""' w VO 2. THIRD ..... nnivp .tUWl.ut, r tin irrtrrs ELK Y, rsriLLIAM .t j, PETERS, CRAGG & CO.'S Piano Forte Manufactory, j. shobtest route to Baltimore Dr. 1. A. Lnubciistt'iii, OMOOI'ATHIST, OFFICE, ...u !.,,- P"' lto.,, Cio, Refrigerator SPLEin)ID JUST RECEIVED, IKW "i IRON REFIiKJERATOU, :. OFFICE t.rir.t lw l...,v ii. WilMin-CENTRAL TEA AM) FAMILY TTOR CHESTS, f J i bCvvlii ,t,:. VARE. AGAIN IN RECEIPT tAM mieitu anri, j'; "e REFRIGERATORS, n. ORWARMNtf Philadelphia. WATCHES, t' J,, .V.i'. Carter ?ORWAUI)IN; V Jouctt, pj,rt Kan. io to t3Con. .v'2 Armtroii?, FIFTH Well if JEWELRY. JEV rra..V f ''W: GAS LIGHT r mv I G MAKER, st, XV GAS n FITTIIVGS.;as u i: kuso r l,nm .'' RBVaBPinZrCua .. KP4TIVI: totivviiv a.'".HA.irAllthr.ii3, jitiiiiv.i ofiiwiu, ',1 .tii c K. WIaTEK, "u'". t"We t WHOLESALE i I.etttr liritain." 'u. l ,..(. teir J. I!cr., "'"ve"?." lees THE - iu H.i. Z..folER, f,1. ' ivrv Ltl Watches, Jewelry, etc., etc., li "r'a l. W. lKail4r XIAAJIiVr t' '.ul., ..,. TRAINS LEAVE rrnilREE t Li fr teMFand J. Uirchbuhl, STREET, THIRD vr v li vn "f """ " .! o.i.v. t f ,0T. tara i.f,.i j - ". v. dv '..'.( "j".'j ronfv , j..!.. ,t,tl tsi a 'JT.7 WEST tiT je! nr. haveoce lIatou' NEW l'lour LATELY lst THE 'u: VI?IT TUP ? r.i. rc, !,. t. irxms itiiNiitxiNT, FQR THE EAST! f.ittlc Ilia i :ii Itailroad, Co. fSJ5MOVAL. via co is:n u rs. Jewelry it il Jf PPTIlRVrn RAIL ROAD!!! rcretb, EVERY TRAIN Cincinnati. J. .'Jti .!, tirt ,,, ..; mu.j lJ RIRST TRAIN EXPRESS NOTICE. r,h TIME EXPRESS .VrTd llailv Trains. ...?rf. X'v fu"u, UTtil Te trtot'ii' Tl i. PENS, .. ' ihi ,f ".LM !.1"..t:Jl2?!" 1. if .. Ity. iIi,lJlKLaUl Banisters, ..l..a i"A i SHAVE THIS n.:w.l utr i Jr. . "". ... .i - nnviTinv r .. ;h t.prs, .., ., ,ht 1, RECEIVED te t,c., roaii.ra, Mb!, t0rdert ii,ni Eirts .TiailOEIC, renURNER the Third T .'b" nA w" thfa T Ir fr tVl rincinni tr ...It t n 'ItNRT U. tiFor it.; ivl rrv2oe feach ifltiit jjXUr ct ovr:v.; A wl njlABLE LT. .t.i.i. tckt, si, N. '"r"7 ""',' i4 " n.s IV . li. erjnd 'Bf a.k h? "ted 7" EXPRESS TRAINS' w.iwnw. ren, just T.t" ,;i fr i;ini rTJb, f ca8 "d ''- a.; II m. RECEIVIXGOUR R..U1 "ft tt c;nU .i" rnln i.i.!. i"s ee.ry - New Albany and Salem Railroad. Det, a'''11"3" " ?"pr Ii Y 8 7 OX tiur H"f vvmjoiiu.i.ijii.. '" t p,iei R.yn fen Change of Time. Fare Reduced. to .nd ?10..lu5C yu,til' stietew.ors, 3 Expeditious iloule YOllK, rgpo .na K'us thTrt JcfIcroiiviIIc IlaUroail. SUMMER nt m .... ,t i Iouivillcnsid Frankfort, ADS. i, JCEi ice! - liI rAAiiLiLn Va.,a4a. - tap4

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