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Page 27 of Kentucky Negro Educational Association Journal v.8 n.1

Part of Kentucky Negro Educational Association Journal

Youth and the N. Y. A. Pro- gram." The opening remarks by Mr. Otis C. Amis, State Supervis- or of Educational Aid, explained clearly the work the N. Y. A. has set up in Kentucky schools this year. Mr. Amis invited frank comment, suggestions, or ques- tions. A discussion of the speci- fic work done by N. Y. A. stu- dents in many schools over the state followed this request. Among the representatives par- ticipating in this discussion were: Mr. J. H. Ingram, K. S. I. C., Frankfort; Mr. R. H. Jack- son, Richmond High School, Richmond;* Mr. J. A. Matthews, Benham High School, Benham. Two students, Odell Brown, Cen- tral High School, Louisville, and Elizabeth Gossey, Ed. Davis High School, Georgetown, presented statements of their reaction to the N. Y. A. program. These statements received most favor- able comment and it was espe- cially noted that students con- sider N. Y. A. work scholarships as a chance to earn and not charity. Students ardently de- sire its continuation by the Na- tional Government. The principal address of the conference was delivered in mas- terly style by Prof. P. Moore, principal of Attucks High School, Hopkinsville. -Mr. Moore pre- sented In detail the technique in the administration of N. Y. A. scholarships used in his school. A short business session fol- lowed the program. The minutes of the 1936 program were read and adopted. Miss Marguerite Parks was re-elected chairman and Mrs. Henrietta Butler, As- sistant Supervisor N. Y. A., was elected secretary of the confer- ence for the ensuing year. it was decided to send all reports of guidance activities not already in the hands of the secretary to the chairman, at Central High School, Eighth and Chestnut Streets, Louisville. The program committee was requested to meet in October and submit an out- line for the 1938 program. Following the meeting, lunch- eon was served to about thirty guests. Announcement of the Junior Placement Service Divi- sion was made by Mr. E. M. Salyer and Mr. Wm. J. Guest, Louisville. Mrs. Katie S. Anderson serv- ed as secretary during this ses- sion of the Guidance Workers" Conference. ENGLISH TEACHERS' CON- FERENCE The - English teachers held- their conference in room 102 of Central High School building on Friday, April 16 at 1:30 P. M. The meeting was a luncheon meeting and featured a sympos- ium on the topic, "What Prob- lems Should the English Teach- ers Attempt to' Solve?" Discus- sion leaders were Mr. Blyden Jackson, of Madison Junior High School, in Louisville, and Miss Henrietta Herod, of the Louisville Municipal College. The feature address of the ses- sion was made by Mr. J. Everett Harris, A. M. Harvard Univer- sity, who spoke on the subject, "How to Teach Appreciation in Literature." Miss Helen Yancey, the chairman of the English Teachers' Conference, reported that Miss Margaret Givens, with 27

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