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Image 24 of Frontier Nursing Service Quarterly Bulletin, Vol. 37, No. 4, Spring 1962

Part of Frontier Nursing Service Quarterly Bulletins

I E 22 FRoNr1ER NURSING smnvrcn statue of the dead Christ, was followed by a band of soldiers playing the death march with muffled drums. When this last { reached the old gate of Santa Maria, having crossed the river i ' on the Santa Maria bridge, hundreds of people lined the road- i` side; and as the statue passed, everyone fell to their knees in pi silence. The whole scene was lighted by a full moon which shone . on us all-I shall never forget it. Easter Sunday, having driven down to Madrid on Saturday, Y we went to the Anglican Church which is under the auspices of the British Embassy there. Here we heard the Archbishop of 3 Canterbury preach a splendid sermon and, staying on for Com- A munion, watched him assist at that service, doffing his mitre . and robes and acting as assistant pastor and acolyte. On Maundy . Thursday we had seen, in the cathedral at Burgos, the Bishop ~ there wash the feet of the poor. There is so very much I want - to learn now of the history of Spain. We both love London and there is so much we want to see. Today we go to Westminster Abbey for service and to Hampton Court in the afternoon. On Monday we are off to Salisbury. From Mary Alice Waters, Paris, France-May 3, 1962 L Last night when I got back from a wonderful threeweek vacation in Greece where I was visiting my brother, George, I found your letter waiting for me. I came to France about the beginning of September and spent six weeks at Tours in the Loir Valley, doing an intensive program in French and visiting the I chateau countrymostly by bicycle. In Paris Ive been living with a French family and continuing my struggles with the lan- - guage as well as studying an interesting mixture of art, music, A literature, and the complexities of French politics. Vacation time , has given me plenty of opportunity to travel in Europe, with I trips to Austria, Spain, and Italy. From Helen M. (Hought) Barber, Cleveland, Ohio-May 12, 1962 A You all are in my thoughts so much now that spring is com- T ing to Cleveland. I found an iris in bloom in a sheltered nook but I saw in my mind Wendovers green in May. ` It was such a pleasure to come this past winter and see the Christmas lights still burning on the holly tree. g

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