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Image 23 of Frontier Nursing Service Quarterly Bulletin, Vol. 37, No. 4, Spring 1962

Part of Frontier Nursing Service Quarterly Bulletins

QUARTERLY Runnmiw 21 2 Schoola nine-month course. This time next year well be . awaiting orders again. From Mrs. Parker Wood (Edie Verbeck) , Tampa, FloridaApril 17, 1962 i The girls all have interesting summer plans: Sally will be s working for three months in the Marine Bank, followed by a trip A back to New York; Phoebe will be spending the entire vacation . in the wilds of Canada looking after the young daughter of friends of ours; and Wendy will be swimming in AAU meets p representing Tampa. Parker and I hope to drive out to Cali- f fornia in August to visit my sister and her family near Los . Angeles. From Marion Shouse Lewis, London, EnglandApril 25, 1962 We flew over from Madrid this afternoon and arrived at a . warm, sunshiny England. We left Portugal, reluctantly, to go to 4 ` Valladolid and Burgos for the Holy Week processions. As we [ crossed the mountains and had to stop for customs, it was snow- ing. When we arrived at Valladolid we were told that all weather ` records for one hundred years had been broken. But the proces- sions were well worth the long cold drive. At Valladolid they were impressive, and at Burgos they really touched an inner chord. Of course Good Friday night was the climax. Imagine an i old, walled city with a superb cathedral, the front of which is on . an open square, surrounded by medieval houses. About two thou- [ sand people were gathered, and all except a few were in medieval costume; some in long robes and high peaked hats, with masks Y covering their faces; some dressed as soldiers with tunics and . helmets; a few girls in long robes with kyrtles and wreaths on . their heads. This scene was lighted by the candles or torches they carried together with a few clusters of spotlights; other- 9 wise, darkness except for the nine iioats which were also lighted. l These floats were composed of statues, removed from the churches and the cathedral for the occasion, resting on beauti- fully decorated carriages, pulled by, or borne on the shoulders ~ of the marchers. Then came bands of robed monks, and of little choir boys singing as they walked. At the end, the last float, a

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