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Image 22 of Frontier Nursing Service Quarterly Bulletin, Vol. 37, No. 4, Spring 1962

Part of Frontier Nursing Service Quarterly Bulletins

20 FRONTIER NURSING snnvicm Everything has been so perfect that Im afraid Im going to regret leaving tomorrow. New London, New Hampshire-April 19, 1962 It seems strange that we are almost through now. School is ` ' over at the end of May and we graduate June 3. After Colby, I plan to transfer either to the University of Pennsylvania, Colum- 1 bia, or the University of Rochester. Sue Perry is going into s nursing, as you probably know. She is going to be studying at . Columbia. From Fanny McIlvains Mother, Devon, f PennsylvaniaApril 3, 1962 . Fan is busy these days bottle feeding eight Corgie puppies. 1 Our dear little Pogo died. The vet had to perform a Caesarian I and she went into shock and died. We loved her very much. Fan brought home eight little puppies weighing about one-fourth pound apiece. After ten days they are all flourishing and weigh j about one pound apiece. Fan gives them a bottle every three hours but not during the night. They lived on the kitchen table ; until yesterday but they outgrew their box and now are in a ` larger box in Fans bathroom. The most amazing thing is that k Deacon, Pogos father, and Eyk, Fans German Shepherd, have taken over cleaning up the pups and at each feeding they lick ` each pup from top to toekeeping them clean and healthy! Eyk , seems to know feeding time and waits at the door of the room until Fan comes with their meal. Eyk has never had a family - but she certainly has a maternal instinct. It really is an amaz- [ ing performance! f From Mrs. W. G. Ellis (Pam Dunn), West Point, . New York-April 11, 1962 We have our orders for Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas, and plan to leave here August 1, our route being New Jersey and Grahams family; Delaware and mother; lunch with Aunt Dot and on to Bedford, Virginia, where Cynthia and Dusty are; Wendover, if L convenient for you; and on to Kansas. We are so pleased to be going to Leavenworth which is the Command and General Staff

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