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Image 21 of Frontier Nursing Service Quarterly Bulletin, Vol. 37, No. 4, Spring 1962

Part of Frontier Nursing Service Quarterly Bulletins

r { QUARTERLY BULLETIN is [Z OLD COURIER NEWS , Edited by , AGNES LEWIS 5 From Margaret (Peggy) Barker, Cambridge, ` MassachusettsMarch 1, 1962 I cant tell you how often the Nursing Service, and all it stands for, has been on my mind. I avidly read the Bulletin each A, time it comes out and feel with you each snow-clogged winter and flooded spring. Especially since I started teaching, Kentucky V) has come back to me for it was knowing the children there which first convinced me of the importance of education and the chal- ' lenge of trying to reach young people. , Since leaving you in 1959, I have finished out at Smith Col- lege, graduating last June. Summers were spent in a wide variety of ways: working at a summer school here in Cambridge, as an exchange student from Smith to England under the English Speaking Union, and finally taking my first education courses at Harvard University. I am doing a year of teacher-training at the I Shady Hill School, working with the eighth gradea wonderful age! From Mrs. John Stone (Jane Bidwell), Greenough, _ M0ntanaMarch 26, 1962 How nice it was to hear from you and to get the Quarterly , Bulletin. I had such fun coming across names that I knew. Our family now consists of two boys, aged four and one. They are a lively pair. We had a short week and a half vacation 7 which we spent motoring to California. On the way down we T took in Knotts Berry Farm and Marineland. It was lots of fun for all. We have had quite a winter here. Even at this late date [ we have knee-deep snow out on the fields. From Mathilde (Tilly) Hunting, BermudaApril 1, 1962 A group of us from Colby are here for ten days and are having the best time you can possibly imagine. Weve all rented * motor bikes and have had great fun scooting around on them.

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