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Image 19 of Frontier Nursing Service Quarterly Bulletin, Vol. 37, No. 4, Spring 1962

Part of Frontier Nursing Service Quarterly Bulletins

E { QUARTERLY BULLETIN 17 Lg Now at my driving practice Ive worked hard in every way * And either Jill or Toni would accompany me each day. i Weve had our bumps and brujsesbut then a bruise soon mends And whats a ditch or river, or the odd crash, between friends? And now I feel quite confident . . . (though I did11t pass the test!) , But I reckon Jill and Toni need six months complete rest. A Well I guess that really brings us up to the present time. I Ive run out of material, Id better end this rhyme. But I dare say in the next two years there will be plenty more For though at times the work is hard, twould never be a bore. And whateer it brings, Ill tell you that Im certain, more or less _ Im going to love each moment of my term with FNS. A SPRING TONIC From an old friend in the mountains, who got it from her mother, we have the following recipe for a spring tonic: Burdock roots, Wild Rose roots, Ginseng roots, Golden Seal roots, Black Snake Root, Wild Cherry bark, Dogwood bark,all steeped together with Gum Guaiac added. Old people in here have often used this mixture and it sounds like a good spring tonic to us. l ' THE LIGHTNING BUG ` The lightning bug is brilliant y But it hasnt any mind. It goes through its existence With its headlight on behind. The contributor says she has known this most of her life but doesnt know its source.

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