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University of Kentucky materials are on ExploreUK. This item: Image 18 of Frontier Nursing Service Quarterly Bulletin, Vol. 37, No. 4, Spring 1962.

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Image 18 of Frontier Nursing Service Quarterly Bulletin, Vol. 37, No. 4, Spring 1962

Part of Frontier Nursing Service Quarterly Bulletins

E is FRONTIER NURSING snnvicm { And really I was iiattered (though I must confess I smiled) When Mrs. Breckinridge said "Pray, tell me, whos this chi1d?" * Then we had tea . . . the "shamrock-kind" . . . made with just i three leaves. But to compensate this weakness . . . there was beer in the cheese! Then I met all the animals, the cows and geese and dogs, ` The horses and the chickens and the shrilly-singing frogs. I I was shown the lovely mountains which stretch for mile on mile Then went, one surmy afternoon, a ride . . . Kentucky Style. After sitting to a "running walk," I think there is a lot Which can be said in favour of a good old English Trot! I stayed a week at Wendover, and then to Brutus came. Id never seen the centre, though Id heard of it by name. But I settled in, unpacked my case, got all my clothes hung up And soon acquired a slipper-chewing, iiuffy, puddly pup! It seemed I spent quite half my time in mopping up the iioor And the other half in learning things I never knew before. Im learning how to milk a cow. Why is it that I fail When I try so very hard, to hit that wretched pail? Ive been taught how to make butter, clotted cream and cottage cheese And how to bake real cornbread so that its sure to please. And what to feed the animals and how to tend the ilowers . . . (Oh! . . . We do see the odd patient . . . if they come in clinic hours!) . Here I met Jill and Toni, suchahemdear good friends. q They took me round the district, the forks, the creeks, the bends. i We visited a family, living way up on a hill. By the time we reached their little house, twas I who felt quite ill! Twas the altitude, of course, which made me breathless, and quite hoarse i . . . But I vowed, if I got down again, Id start a keep-fit course! _

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