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Image 17 of Frontier Nursing Service Quarterly Bulletin, Vol. 37, No. 4, Spring 1962

Part of Frontier Nursing Service Quarterly Bulletins

& QUARTERLY BULLETIN is ODE TO FNS or FRONT IER FROLICS by i PATRICIA WARE, R.N., s.c.M. n Twas early March of 62, when I joined FNS. ` I'd been travelling from England for two weeks more or less, I When early Thursday morning I arrived in Hyden Town. .1 I stood and gazed about me where the bus had set me down, l . . . At the drugstore, and the courthouse, and the cobbles at my feet . And half expected Wyatt Earp to come along the street. But no Marshall doffed his hat to me with grave and gallant ~. sweep. , Instead twas Maggie met me in a rather ancient jeep. _ She said, "Were glad that youve arrived. Weve been expecting T you." And Patches walked all over me by way of greeting too. We set off down the highwaywhich I thought was pretty bad p With bumps and hollows(Since Ive learned its the best road Q that we have). p We kept right on along this road, til we came to Muncy Creek. y When I saw the water I felt sure another path wed seek. ; I was pretty green I grant you . . . and greens the shade I grew t When, instead of turning round about, we just kept straight on 4 through. . "Its fortunate," quote Maggie, "rivers fordable this trip." Y And I just wished I hadnt left my life-belt on the ship! if So we kept right on at cracking pace, let nothing bar our way { (Though we made a temporary halt to load a bale of hay!) Q And soon we were at Wendover, the FNS "H.Q." Z, The stables and the Cabin and the Big House came in view. l I loved it from that moment, and I didnt care a jot . That cold water, in the bathroom, came from the tap marked K t(HOt!) I met so many people. It seemed that every place 1 I went there was an outstretched hand, and brightly smiling face.

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