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Image 4 of The Adair County news., April 13, 1904

Part of The Adair County news.

1dJ I ON A HUNT FOR PARTY Late advices from Indianapolis and Oil City Pa strengthen the belief that General Nelson A Milts retired is conducting a strenuous if still hunt for some party that will nominate him for the presidency For a time he seemed destined to secure the aid of the antiimperialistic crowd of New England in an effort to foist himself upon the democratic par ty but when it was demonstrated that IFR J1 NEBRASKA MAX NEB WOES OF THE March 81 1904 Editor of the News This is the last day of March and the wind is trying to blow it outWe just have had a dry Winter one little snow had no ram since last August farmers cant pleat seed until it rains This is the place for those who dont like Miles had never b en a dem ¬ mudStock kind have done well this Winter having plenty of feed and plenty left Court was in session two days this week just one case that was against the city for a few feet of M A Powell attend- ¬ sidewalk ed court as a juryman James E Powell has quit a 60 per month job and has removedto his farm upon which he has just completed a dwelling with eight rooms Must be something ocrat entertained no democratic belefs could secure the support of no democrats and that more ¬ over there was no chance of those antis of New England exerting any influence upon the democrat io party he wisely decided to turn his attention to other drections This he has done and nomination at the hands of the prohibi tion party seems now to be the goal of his ambition To the chairman of the Venango county Pennsylvania prohibition com ¬ mittee General Miles has in re spouse to iuquries bearing upon this subject written from his heart in this wig It remains with my friends to say what services I shall reider further to my country In consequence the bum is on The prohibition national convention is to meet at Indianapolis the last day of June and from that great prohibition ceutec jmes the statement that the nom inatiou of Miles IB as good as ofall in Nebraska dust I see Columbia is doing well in the schoolwork something that country long needed I wish you great success Sometimes I thinkI would like to be with you ft r the word Kentucky sounds sweet tome We have good schools hers Country schools have nine months to the yearbooks and everything furnished by the dig ¬ boyst madeIt not claimed for General Miles that he has ever been a pro ¬ hibitionist in his profession cer tainly he has never been in his practice but little differences of this kind will not be permitted to stand in the way of so great a na tionalmovement Warrant for his selection to this high honor is found in the allegation that Miles is the enemy of the can teen the friend of the southern democracy and an opponent of > I trictI PRINTERttTHRO re tobacco pleats are growing n the fields not sown with corn Tobacco plantsbig as cactus ust as sure as you are born s theyre large as good sized cactus Larger in our home like view But Its of as fine a grade as Is that old Kentucky Dew Here all people reap a harvest Money in bank from year to year All the green ciiamity bowlers Lose their jobs when they land here Merchants kickAndcustomers Preachers And And cares beset The souls of men But through it all The printer prints And saves and saves And stints and stints The winds may rave And JIods way roll And cyclones sweep From pole to pole But the printer man Does all he can And prints and prints Here the dry waysare the highways Built high and dry from rains and flood Here the good roads delegation Swear the roads are suttnly good But of pikes and highways Theres arosd ihdtsults my taste Tis the line of Solid Comfort Arid the traits let no time waste From Kentucky to St Louis Operates this road of class Across the famous old Green River On its roadbed smooth as glass Would you know what road I speak of Listen then to my advice For youjl need it in your business On your trip to Paradise your travels to St Louis Hustle beat them under the wire Get the Henderson Route habit Tis a guard one to acquire And saves and saves And at last When all is dune When the gates are past And Heaven won The printer man Who has dune his best Whether sticking type Or running press Will enjoyA well earned rest Free from t il And the managers eye inAnd Heres to the printer All over the land Mav the Lord be good To the printer manB JACK GB LAND BATTLES TO COME Can Japan cope with the Cossacks the best cavalry in the world Can Russia maintain an army and continue whoop it up No country cannot in operatlou the thin line of communi afford to be without one cation more than tie thousand miles Max is on a book two new from the base of supplies Can both countries raise the mosey necessary to stores this SpringA sad accident happened i Will Inchoate China will its millions Max last week A Mr Austin started to his work with his team of half barbarous but anti Russian t about that time three trait s me over his team got scared jerked him churian railway would certainly be around broke his neck He had interrupted the lines around his neckand uu These are the questions reliable an der his arm He was 78 years old His mother was living with him War Japanese first advantage con They say she is 104 years old fact I dont think it is any use to sdered the Asia Russia has no repo facilities in and must wait wee say we like your paper for you can see we like it 1 OOs worth of the seas seemed assured Victories yearWe Jamestown is wanting a at sea are essential to the Japanese e railroad We hope they will gb s it for we want to make our irieuds base of supplies in Japan may not r another visit When we get on a cut But these victories were th train we want to go clear through compete and were the Russian navy destroyed would not assure Japan of A POWELL success in the war Russias principal u is upon the land and there the to SPRING warn tvlthout HKNDEUSON di GALLAGHER The Womans Home Companion for April is a timely uptodate magazine Its birdseye view of the St Louis Exposition is of Interest to everybody Curious Easter Customs in Spanish Countries is soother unique pictorial feature Arthur Hoyt the brilliant young correspondent writes Intimately of The Chicago Girl who rules India and Martha Sanford gives us a glimpse of the pranks of college girls Fiction by Ople Read John Worne Otha Senga and others gives just the tight brightness of tone to an East r number Miss Goulds fasbson pages Sirs Saiet Maurs travel helps Mrs Lows cooelnglessons are all just what tba women want at this season are also talks on gardening on on how to entertainments No reader can af make pinmoney rjofTheks fitor bt Kcosavelt The prediction is made that as the nominee of the prohibition party General Miles would poll two million votes That in the eyes of the partys leaders is suf- ¬ ficient warrant for his nomination irrespective of all questions o principle But even were he cer- ¬ tain of no more than 1099099 he will come would still be the man of all men God made the conntry and man the To none of the four queries can a for this particular honor Tho tuwDs Indeed true and no seasu party needs a candidate General of the year bears a more striking ev a nation Miles peeds a partyand there since of the far reaching superluritut the Maker of the builders of ctrl you areAtlanta Constitution it than iu the spring time when nature is true also that the Busslan bear is duns nabilimeuts of royal spendur rugged and grim The proof tlf the and iu every passing zephyr there CROP REPORT the shadow of a dream Then indeed Commissoner Hubert Vreeland is the comparison odious or can it b has issued the following crop re- ¬ said that there is a comparison be WOMEN FARMERS port for Kentucky Owing to twee a masses of brick and mortar Man is not the only successful breakdrought of last fall and the late shaped Into architectural symmetry seeding of the wheat crop it was by the hands of man and that evi ¬ er of globe neither is he the or e in bad condition to stand th ° long cold winter consequently ° try excel the stronger as Is evldenc the report comps from all parts of tellers within the citys gates envy by the following Illustration The widow America Davenport the State that the wheat crop him of the open fields The youths has suffered very materially and who years before shook the dust tff her two daughters who live ne nothing but an early spring end their native heath from their brogans Duncan have made the following phenominal record They own 71 and went to the city win favorable summer can insure even and fortune are wont totopause fame acres of land 1 horse 35 sheep 3 co for a a fair crop of that cereal Grass moment Iu the never ending dally 10 hogs and 25 hens From these re er and clover have also suffered grind of drudgery and with but a sources they realized 49i23 market and the present condition will not glimpse of the blue sky through the stuff and made 250 pounds of butter They sheared 35 sheep in two days exceed 50 or GO per cpnt of an av ¬ narrow windows stllle the longing in their hearts for a glimpse of the we 11and did their house work They raise remembered scenes a breath tf the erageThere is a good prospect for the old fresh air and a communion with have the Lest garden in that sectlo planting of a full corn and pota nature and the meek eyed knee They have sweet potatoes throughout toe crop Live stock has general ¬ There must at some time come la- tothe year They set as good a table as any family in ly stood tho winter well although the hearts of such as these a longing- a first class Mercer county and have vehicle They site ° to leave the bJ and flow of the crowd feed is scarce in many localities church regularly and are always teat ed city for the place There it more cholera among hogs Where the wind blows sweet from to pay their aisessrnejit on the church work Whenever they hire a hand in the western part of the State they have the money to pay when the Cattle hogs and horses are abet names which work is done They keep the place in an average in number throughout good condition and their fences their neighbors bear the State is a considera- ¬ Where a man is missed when There hes more stable than those of any ad jai ble falling off in the number of ing farmer gone to lie It would not be possible mules in many counties With the peaceful ones who have to led a burr or thistle or any nth cumberer on the ground on the The prospect for apples and ceased to care premises Is this not better than peaches is fairly good The low II having two or three men about ti prices of dark or export tobaccos Col Wm F Cody better known as place very loquacious on the subject have greatly discouraged the far- ¬ Buffalo Bill asks for a divorce from politics regular attendants to town the mers who grow those types The ago wife he married nearly forty years on court days and Saturdays and al man in indications are that the acreage ed for A divorce this city has petition- ways enthusiastic about street tabs a from a wife married llarrodsburg Herald of dark tobacco will be very ma- ¬ by him in 1863 and who has borne him A terially decreased Tho prices be nine children In each case cruel on the part of the woman is the ing paid for Burley are more sat- ¬ isfactory and the area on which for which the separation is asked It on account of the decision of the this particular variety is grown seems to have taken these men a long- Supreme Court iu time to find out their matrimonial the Northern will be considerably enlarged luckso long Indeed as to lead to the Securities cast should not ov Tho farmer like tho ground suspicion that their petitions have no look the foot that it was Governor hog has been housed in all winter real jusUca behind them There a 0Van Saut of Minnesota backed Consequently little farm work ha but we do not be- up by tho people of the Northwest been done Scarcely a furrow has lIeve that any statute was ever passed and of the coubtry at large who been run for the spring crops with the expectation thatit should be started the war upon the combiapplied to cases of the kind mentioned nation The Washington If a man and woman ha We are encouraged to hope that above liven together as husband and wife f with the opening of the water- forty years and then suddenly dlscov na courses in the Far East the Rus irreconcilable differences of tempera- ¬ tion hacked and directed by the ment they might find a cure for their Democratic party sian army will take a bath Otherwise trouble in living apart for a time In- is clear that nothing would have most cues after trying the erper The weather man who is a sea ¬ meat they will be glad enough coned philosopher knows that come whether Correspondents will please mail letters ever so many swallows of boot so that they will reach us Friday eve beer do not make a spring wogTHE ADAIRCOUNTY NEWS a eld Ohio one dollar year lOc copy Sourthern Missouri Training School IJ 0 THIS INSTITUTION WILL GIVE A SPECIAL COURSE OF TEN WEEKS TO Teachers beginning MARCH 14th All teachers who desire to more thoroughly understand their work to broaden their profession are requested to enter r Sl SsI the Homeseekers TPA Cotton Belt Route Cinti 0 E or- V La Beaume GP TA LoniBMon LANDSlr For Homeseekers and Coloniesa1 heapinge r C 1 ttr BOBBITT mTTT HOTEL LEBANON KY D Newly 0I solici- FIFTH M Q Kentucky SEND FOR cheerfully application City Ticket Office Four Route No 259 Av3 or write to 011 Some fine propositions fox coloniestracts of 2000 to 8000 acres at 84 to 810 per acre big money in tbla for a good organizer Fruit and trnck acre up Write us for information about cheap rates excursion dates al literature descriptive of this great and let us help you find a home that will cost vou no more than the rent vou pay every year itso w LABEATJM G P TA Cotton Belt Route St LoulsMo t PRICES I FIEUt fElt I Sf IRussell I Eee Tills Is MARKET Louisville LiveBourbon Stock- Extra shipping 84 4 + saedi BEST HOTELS < IN r SOUTHEASTERN 004 603 003 Best butchers 4 Fair to good butchers 3 Common to medium btchr 3 50g4 75 HEALTHCURING 93 25 JOHN WHEflT Secretary and Treasurer IXCORPORATED SHEEP AND LAMBS good 3 1 5023 502 75 LOUISVILLE KENTUCKY WHOLESALE DEALERS IN Lime Fire Brick Louisville Cement The Famous Black Diamond or other brands Fire Clay Portland Cement Brands American and Imported Sewer Pipe Paris Plastering Hair Eta Enquiries for prices invited Orders Promptly Filled 75Standard 60d 2 0oPlaster lLRKETI Enterprise HotelE BY SAM LEWIS GflflS F GflNS BRO 1 3PROPRIETORS 2 22 234242 EAST MARKET ST BET BROOK fiND 44LOUISVILLE 0 0Rates 1 Gingeng foction Guaranteed 8 SPECIAL RATES TO BOARDERS S Spring Chicken = STS KY 100 per dayAbsolute Satis 40C REGUfiAR J 11 x 2J This report will be submitted for revision wieldy s Nobotter place can be found than at theUbbve named hotel faruiehed and the table at supplied wit4r boat the market affords Feed Stable in connection directed to anyItho pleasebring isnot weather This one except where meat to take wood PATTERSON hMTEL JAMBSTCIKNiKY wr have IS altes new elegantly an agree ¬ J B PATTERSON t1 II i 9 1 JY 7 421 West Main Street 6 40 505 = L UTICA LIME COMPANY 2 j LIVERY ATTACHED 540 160 Bbs i 25 HOGS Choice packing and butch ¬ ers 200 to 300 Ibs Fair to good packing ICO to 200fts Good to extra light 120 to to extra shipping Sheep Fair to good Common to medium WATER atf I KENTUCKY The Rooms are Large Well Furnished and the Table Supplied With the rg r t1 E e tuckg 25450 Old Hens Eggs Dried Apples MX HEIGHT Best the Country Affords Light shipping REPORTED W GS I Springs ONE OF THE CATTLE COLUMBIA MADE STYLEI J E HUMBLE PROP ment Louisville Ky Reported by the Stock Exchange Yards ISTARD4PD XololoIoioloiololoioroloroToioHrc iiiiss Elul furI Genl Agt PaEsgr Depart ¬ STOCK = r Gates Feathers Hides Green Hides Dry acre up CATALOGUE AND I Information nished LIVE 0 STOCK RIAi J > Carry All Heights In 0o BUFFALOI S e KENTUCKY EUWOOO I NX East Market Street LOUISVILLE MichiganCLEVELAND I N DBHLBB BROTHERS 116 i The Best Line toINDIANAPOLIS PEO And all points 0 0 000000000000 l stable attached E STREETS KENTUCKY I Good sample rooms and a first cla ss table Rates very reasonable Feed BIG FOUR oi33is BET GREEN AND WALNUT Pike Campbell Gee Schenck AsstlVTIIT Itban IT AVENUE RefurnishedP atcd and Remodeled A Firstclass Hotel at Pop j r Fr ces Convenient Wholesale and Retail Districts Churches and Theatres 0 WILMORE Prop Gradyville eQ EEEir 0 W 0 o LOUISVILI E Hotel tedWilifiOre at 84 and 35 per acre up bottom land at 85 and 86 per acre up improved or partly cleared land at 810 and 815 per E 09EEE bids Special accommodations clea for commercial men Rates reasonable Trade of Adair and adjoining counties scectfully J FIFTH RSLENUE HOTEL BOBBITT 6 SON Proprietors Railroad Street Within Fifty Yards or the Depot J Wool Grease clean Washed Wool Beeswax indiger tomatoha doneto PAYNE Business VIanaceF R The country along the Cotton Belt Route In Southeast Missouri Arkan sls Northwest Louisiana and Texas offers the greatest opportunities for Mild climate good Homeseekers water cheap building material abundance of fuel and soil that will often in a single season yield enough to pay for the ground Land can be bought lander a Meet in the College Chapel and discuss current events and methods of teaching This a very successful way to secure information so essential in examinations and so difficult to get in ordinary channelsJBSrREMEMBER that the Normal Course begins the 14th of March Enter on time and get the full term starting point and where pun r > i andItoy J tJ Every Monday Evening the Normal Pupils I what your ticket will cost one- ¬ way or round tripwe will see wthat your baggage is checked and that you are comfortably located on the right train Write for our illustrated descriptive literature maps lists of real estate agent and let us help you find a better home in the country along the Cotton Belt Route WeEKs isJ il stHeres nearbyfc Last PROF MOSS has charge of this Department and his thorough Knowledge of the entire course his enthusiasm and untiring energy are factors that will prove his great value to those fortunate enough to enter his class c Opportunities your chance Very low oneway and round trip ratesouthwest this winter about half m SSnrorethh6en our Normal f Texasey nearby dates are Dec 15 1903 Jan 5 and 19 and Feb 2 and 16 1904 Good time to visit South- ¬ east Missouri Arkansas Louis ¬ iana or Texas and pick out a loca- ¬ tion lyRound trip tickets parmit stop over on the going trip return lim ¬ ¬ Linsou Wilson Arkansas peoplees monthtl sane 7- CHEAP RATESS OUTH WEST Kiesy tUttleexactlyar youred L I Where the fields are ovetfl wlog With the yellow ripening grain you are getting anxious for fM KENTUCKY IWbere HeAnd tooJ preachYe Whether it snows Or whether it snows The season comes And the season goes 4 r

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