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Image 1 of The Adair County news., April 13, 1904

Part of The Adair County news.

I a COLUMBIA 7 VOLUME POST OFFICE DIRECTORY I Burton Captured JrL RUSSELL POSTMASTER U T BAKER DEPUTY POSTMASTER m to 930 P Office hours week days 730 lbert a sessions II was made in Tennessee and the arresting parties are now on route to Columbia 1Ohio tho fugitivo The palty tool dinner at Creelsboro this Tuesday and are expected to arrive here at year Thi d i CoUNTY A lIuddlerton CouwTFirst Monday in each month JudgeT A Murrell County Attorney Jas Garnett ClerkT 5m Jr n Scups TimJohn JalerJ K P Conover AssessorE W Burton es BurkeSVille and Moses Cary of Blacks ROOSEVELT TILE LA JrJrAKER Ferry are all candidates for Jailer of has been an impresslos that this county subject to the action the Republican party Wm Lee the we are to elect a President next No present Jailer has announced for As vember It Is a mistake Unless Mr Roosevelt be totally at sea regarding sessorC the nature of his otlice we are to elect Clare and C R Hicks are car didates for County Attorney Clare is a Czar No otter sort ot potenatenot even holding that office by appointment The barge line is taking oil from the the Mikado or the German Emperor each tt whom Is hampered by a constIfield at the rate oflOoo barrels a week SurveyorR T McCatrrec School SuptW D Jones Coronerc rL Russell ofThere CoUsTRcgular court second each mont- CITY Monday 11 hJudgeJas G EubankAttomeyGonlon Montgomery MarshalG T Flowers Jr OnURCH DIRECTORY production APRIL WEDNESDAY PH T I tybeen idL COURTThree third Monday in September Circuit JudgeIL C Baker Commonwealths AttorneyA Sheriff IF W Miller Circuit ClerkJ F Neat are those 8 votes to came from From Indiana Iddlana has 15 votes and to 1900 pave a republican plurality 26 479 and In 1002 went republican a aln by 36264 From Illinois In 1900 Illinois pave a republican plurali ot 9131 and In 902wont republl bYSD7iO In 1900 the republt cans carried Wisconsin by more than 106000 California over 39000 Iowa 100000 Kansas 23000 Minnesota 77 G9000 Oregon 13000 South 11000 North Dakota 15000 Mic higan 101000 Wyoming 4000 These figures are given sImply to show what Is right In boat ot democ racy To win the democratic party must make the fight ot Its existence next November The sole chance for democrats is to togetherGIasgow 6Vbr ra has untU NtW ADAIR COUNTY KENTUCKY Burton who mu rai cored Marvin Conover m COURT DIRECTORY CIRCUIT 0 Jbnjr fJt 13 1904 B H LD pencare Milllocated otColumbia ROUGH LUMBER the v BUGGIES HARNESS BEST GOODS LOWEST PRICES Send for Catalogue BuildingLouisvill6 PUffiI 100each i5A It ifCTnit M EMLER iii7nmt nt i5c itCo < 7C t PRESIDENT < W COLE m Now m Pl THEO IE 1 m Above Preston IEJI3est Zqutpt 5100 per IDnR VPRES 5 < I lbotct ill the UiItc0 Stntes 1 SQUAREn 71 i1 itL 9ss3o9t aboY OI1v WaterI the Paperc IUJoxu erM phborhoit des tearIs Tht DIewillew th1a 0al tlWill 0 committan prepariod tendo byhis aIJhunt tf tit I r t driven Our Stably Entrance Water Street EGJ New outfits for alt purposes STRANWV- 1 M IDJlEm1Y > nEN H We Keep a Full and Complete Line of Fresh Groceries WILL DELIVER Them to Any Home Inside the Corpo rate Limits of Colombia PnONE 4G PLACE GIVE Us A PART OP YOUR BUSINESS OJ BUSINESS CORNER SQUARE ON JAlfESTOWN STREET AND tl re Pickett Tobacco Warehouse INDEPENDENT c A Bridges Co PROPRIETORS Cor Eighth and Main Streets CG CHAS A W O BRIDGESLOUISILILLL KY Four rolltll3 Storage Free 000000000000000000000 0 n COLUMBIA KY IS A BRICK BUILDING OF MODERN V Q Architecture containing 35 new neat andwell yen Q tllated rooms It is nlctly furnished conveniently located and is the best hotel in Southern Kentucky Accommodations equal to the best city hotels Three good sample rooms for commArcial p 0 0 0 0 enQ0 DR JAMES O OFFICE MENZIES JEFFRIES BLDG ROOM 6 II Consultation and Examination Free at Office f1U T 13 OB possible specialtuOFFICE fPHONE t r solicited Bafe C0LUMBI = KENTUCKY c4 ia undersigned have just put in new machinery and are ready 0The frlSenate mooa NINGBROS LUMBERr preparationsb VISp Jathe counties Iti upso SbIFLEYep 7a BROW- anytOJEOp4RJJWe KyL callfi patriotism tlAttorneysAtLaw P COLUMBIA LIVERYMEN Splendid Vehicles first class teams at all times is 24- 326m on BROWNING OY 0tiI3II1IYob7 6769o expensesCt Stone BROWNINGR C REPORT StL7ABILIfIES T3Toe J t G ryOur GroceriesWill Country Produce Taken in Exchange for Goods Give Me a Part of Your Trade and Try My Values <5 209Sede7137 4notes2lJt I ub I k oep a i r Louisville Ky F 0 11 83I 112t 87l herep aY SlVrepoSpb PI Q 5975e Roosy MyrtieHeizer addressd COp our Sanduskyv GROCERIESz < i5 MANAGEr ii9nin POSSIbHlties FairbanlsMorse lZet titI it t RECTANUS 422 EAST MARKET STREET 400 PIf IHE termsAll CC 57i 5 71 factw herof rs JaclofallTrades undressedlumber prices Farmers Home Hotel f- MASONICr we are t it jig whirn Frayermeetini say ready to deliver all SURREYS it niI SlIELP 1Imeeting 19 DRESSED LUMBER We tution and a parliamentwould vent 7 1 ure to assume such sweeping leglsla BUttli517LLn TREErRev W C ClemensI five powers as have been assumed by pastor Services second and fourth Sundays in barrels of oil stored in tanks on the the Rough Rider In White House In each month SundaySchool at 9 a m every Sab- Heard farm iiC iI m7t iCI Imil miteiCit its iC7CiiC enacting by his sole will that serslce bath Prarermee1ng every Wednesday night Bob has sion law which Congress itself ha METHODIST lN IIOUSE OLEINJNG Bend where he is employed by the never darer to pass BURKESVILLE STRELTReV F E Lewis pastor It is only by experience that we That the President has exercised Standard Oil Company o Services firSt and third Sundays in each month h lawmaking power Is seltevldent Co SundaySchool every Sabbath at 9 a m Prayer Mrs Dora Cary is visiting her daughan d Made to the Comptroller of the spring gross has passed a number ot pensIon comes Thursday night ter Mrs Eunice Skinner of Water laws When It has meant service and the taIlIng or the leaves In the beauti Treasury of the Conditionview who has measles BAPTIST autumn It Is a necessity In evers ape to pine a claim to a pension as T J Kerwin of Chattanooga was 1GHEENSBURu STREETRcv J P Scruggs pastor here last week the case ot veterans ot the war or Ihom e and where one Is young and bac OF looking over the o i1and First and third Sundays in each month Sund a ot the MexIcan war It has slid s o to make a beginning the road is rough s field dIstinctly When It provided In the and when I can help them with my- THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK Walter Goff who is employed by the Dependent Pension act ot 1890 p ° I try to do so A reader or tbli Standard Oil Co got his hand badly veterans ot the civil war shouldtbat journal asks me to plan the work CHRISTIAN belast week penslunable for disability from any herto toll her where to comment CAMPBELLSVILL F close not a single member imagine d and where to stop Having had lon ROLLIJYGBURG KfNTUGKY fiT Tl1E GLOSE Of BUS H Paxton who has been sick se J a m Prayennccting Wednesday night INESS hlflftGt1281904SlY pea blue find rolmz beside age of slxttwo could oral weeks has about recovered Commence to clean kitchen ever be held to constitute such a dl LODGES RESOURCES Kindaird McMahan was kicked by a ability cow n The Grand Army Itself wit h your company room first Take Loans and last Monday and was badly hurt 4110 Ietbe pictures and shades clean them Ovenlralts discountsand unsecur secured and set them In another room Put Bertha a little daughter of W L ed CoLUMBIA LoDGe No 9G F and A DlRegn tar 1001 21 ed that Its service pension millennium the bedding Into the sun and air the n U3 Bonds tu secure circulation meeting in their hall over bank on Friday night Gains is quite sick 1760take up the carpet and clean it Was h 1remlums on U S Bonds on or Wore the full moon in each month 1101 have to come through Congress Will Moore sold a horse to W Gordon Montgomery WlII 9W2 78the bed slats and peepare a little co- r Bonds securities etc at alb Patterson for 75 lJankiDg boa James Garnett Jr Secretary furniture and It this measure were sane prudes rosive sublimate In turpentineuse a ao The frost on the night of the 3 CoLuuiuA CHAPTER n AM No 7 meets Frida e pintand take a feather and put sow damaged the peach crop considerably IIoraceJeffriesllP night after full moon ot It Into every crevice and crack and ra In w W Bradshaw Seere throwing open the doors ot the Treas- corner where a bedbug could possiblyI get Next wash your windows witb ury without authority ut law would Columbia visited their parents here last still be a startling THE assault on our In- warm water adding a little boraxJn i stitution But the scheme itself Is as WIDe dry and polish with old newt Fractional paper currenc nickweekDr els and cents T H Heizer of Baltimore Ohio vicious as the manner Next scrub the that and pipers ot Its aecam 80 is iisiting relatives lshroent Our gigantic popularltr- then brush dawn the walls Legal tender 00 918280 R W Coffey has removed to B A and partycampalJn payroll Is S dyYou will then be ready tl replace Redemption fund wih U cir Treasurer per cent of Lowes farm near Greshem a scandal It contained 999443 ham es shades pictures carpets etc Plocecd 937 so A W Howard sold a horse to Aaron last June and bas slncl been run up toto clean each bedroom In this way Ifcu latioli cover a million Darnell for 110 Before the newpen- your parlor carpet has soiled spots Total y95G30 9I Mrs G H Walker has been very slun Inflation It was costing about clean them on the tloor using a suds 5140000000 a year It has Cst from made ot rata water and gold du sick but is better at this writing 25 00000 the beginning over three billion dol- washing powder and a scrubbiB L CJpilal eosl paId ln OZARK lars Talk European soclalls robrush and wipe dry with a cloth w W G Ray is erecting a new dwel74 1millsaristiwhat are they to this co tn clear water After your bedroo mg 00 loosal financial meteor of past wars take your parlor dlnlnl room and Duc to other National Banks 420 Miss Birtie Farris of Cane Valley and present politico kitchen and then your cellar It you Individual deposits subject to was here la s t week looking after the L 51117- 63 i afford help get We pay fir military pensIOns twicec iabilities over than those above schoolsEd as much as the great military powers statedprogt and loss 1G 8S bought two mules of Geo ot Europe Jl1RTII TINT llIDESA TEAR France Germany and Rus Pumps Hurt for 220 Ol sin combined They keep over two When Ruth Cleveland the Dice Shells We were all sorry to hear of the million men under arms In time of daughter at former President Cleve STATE CF KENTUCKY death of Deputy Jailer Conover Grinds Feed peace they have all been engaged In land died In Saws Wood Princeton last month it hasCOONTYOFADAIR I E II lIuhes Cashier or too above Runs Cider Millsfi Prayer meeting at Clear Spring the proof wars Since we have and they an pad the effect ot plunging her lath er Churns Butter and Second Sunday evenings in have to taro for soldiers disabled trom Into a state or extreme melanchol Runs Ice Cream Freezers each month year to year In their vast regular ar < For the sake ot the other children Mrs and belief E H Hughes Cashier P V Grissom of Columbia called on rotes yet trance spends only 28000 Runs Cream Separators Cleveland concealed her grief and Subscribed and sworn to before me this b our merchants last week 000 a year in pensions RUisla 822000 went about her ordtnsry duties with ii day of April 1901 Runs Printing Presses A COFFEY N P A C KY Alexander Murrell who went to In- 000 and Germany 8IDOIJOOOO We pay smiling face and an entIre absence expires JanuatplG 1901 and other machinery diana a few days ago has returned more In pensions on account ot a war mourning for Rutb had always dls ° CORREC1Attest thateoded thlrtynine years ago tban liked black clothes But for tbree He Is Running J P BEARD Director Press home France spends for HENRY N MILLER Director Mrs Joe Young Cumberland my ut 8550000 men maintaining an ar- days DIrClevelrnd was Inconsolable O RUSSELL Director today A Prlncton professor who went For This is visiting her son Mr The year the cIvil war ended we were ca lon the former President one after Commenced busIness October 15 1003 It costs nothing to keep when not R K Young this county payln noon on learning or his melanche 8525l53 for pensions T year later the figures had climbed onto state was astonished to heartolyTOLDIJYJtR GiLBERT working It costs from 1 to 2 cents p W Brockman who was in Congressman Gilbert the other day 29683116 In another decade tbe- voc s ot the father and children com rs For hour when about one year ago for bl1l was S65693j07 Ten years later log In shouts otlaugbter tram the dl- u tilized In Coogicss a story which Is a call on or still it had mounted to l140D5936L rectlOnot the garden In the rear or tbe- great favorite south of Mason tin d counterfeit money w house On walking around to tbe Dxons line In explaining to tbe tried in the Federal Court in L members the difference between a garden he was amazed andlncidenla 519 W Main Street rid 155242 Nobody can tell what It wU- delighted to see the ponderous MrD mocrnt and Republican In th lbt under toe new Roosevelt servlceLOUISVILLE Cleveland and two or the children hie manfet ot treating uegrue3 He rcyears n penstor decree Ing a run preparatory to trying a long lated the story as follows A few dogs ago a colored man from meet This subsized patriotism Is an ins a ltand glassy slide they had made on tbe = WHAT TILE DEMOCRATS MUST D- 0 to American love ot country It 1m walks The professor lent his vo icemy county wasin Boston hunting tor In 1900 there were 447 votes In thc pIles that ot all the nations ot t heto the laughter that was going on was cumpelltd to beg o oh threw In an additional cheer and tben somethdg to eat A knock at th 4 CAH E on a followed In the procession FURS 1 GLOVE 56cash basis While Japan Is displayt er front door ot a tine house brought Q a republican majrlty of 137 Tb e 1 lateron that he saw he was depressing well dressed man to the door wh g states tbat went republican lu 1900 tbe children so much by his melan- said In reply to a rf quest fora hand gained nineteen electoral votes patriotism My dear sir I am sorry but choly that he had suggeste3 going out out measured by the payroll HENRY Vt EDDLEtlIAN It the democrats should In 1901 car Th The can give you nothing to cat pension system Is distinctly only the same states they did In 1 408WMARKETSTLDUISVILLEKi negro called at a number of house republican majority is the elec- clalistlcIt is only a step from old eroded not only SOLE AGENT FOR MILLERS with the children butand was received with tbe sam polite HATStc ral college would be 146 Instead ofage pensions fur everybOdy lYh ness but got nothing to eat In deSOLE AGENT FOR YOUMANS HATS the supply ot old soldiers Is exhaust enmselfas well 137 spair he approached one more house COMPLETE LINEJOIINB STETSON HA e promising himself that be would lie number ot electoral votes nee down and die rather than push his > ary to the election of a president The farmers have taken advantage OJ search for tlod further In case th e few fair days and have started master turned him away The duo to t for opened with a jerk and before he had next electoral c close which Is 80 alt a crop finished his appeal for food the whit ot the necessary m3jrlty lr new char new classess ° fTobacco York bas 39 votes New Jersey 12 and Ycu plants are coming up and if master of the house exclaimed pensioners to go on the subSidy roll JAMESTOWN KENTUCKY black rascal Connecticut What do you mean by total ot 58 Th ese fig coming to my front door to 159 make 217 or 22 less tb Hustle crop a th 239 Add the 4 votes ot Colora round to the kitchen and get your Mr A Sallee who was hurt by a breaktas1 3 votes ot Idaho Thank the Lord Iv the 8 votes or horse falling with him a few weeks found a man from Gods country Montana and the 3 votes ot Nevada ccurh in this and ad is better last the negro solilequlz as he ate 13 In allwhlcb the democrats carried joining In moo and add 1 vote to Colorado Mr Cyrus Dunbsr and wife returned heatedly or cornbread and park fornever have Increase In population making a two weeks visit to Ashland 1lL We know a man with five child to the 217 and the total Is 231 a Mrs Nannie Childers died at her reu and nine horses and although 8 votes less than the necessary ma It does look as if the Ruse o home near Watson April 6th he does not know the birthday o panese war has formed a Byndi FOR SALEA house and lot near Mrs Mary Parker who has been sick a ewgle child hI can tell rho exroller mill on road leading to Fair York New Jersey and Connects cut cats th for sometime is no better act date of both of each of his E LMoss besides they wlll be short Snot Cs J IT- magazines Grounds Wheat at this time is looking badly DIne horBes J PRESBYTERIAN NUMBER D 43 h L c HURT EDWIN IHUPT r

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