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Image 8 of 1982 - Board of Regents Meeting Minutes.

Part of Murray State University Board of Regents Meeting Minutes.

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, ` I Mr. Overby: Should be post:marked no later than. Mr. Christopher: Well, there may be a hand delivery. So, postmarked or delivery of applications. _ ‘ Mr. Overby: Yes, I think that would be okay. Mr. Morgan: If you are going to get technical about them, you had better clear up the postmark, because these postage machines can be made to read anything you want. Mr. Christopher: I don't think that will be a problem. I Mr. Overby: You can say must be filed with the office, which means regardless of when it was postmarked, because we know when it was filed here, because we will be filing them i.n, just like filing with a clerk. Mr. Christopher: Well, that goes back to deadline for receiving applications. Mr. Overby: As evidence by the Mr. Christopher: Well, what's the pleasure of the Board? Mr. Woodall: I move the motion be adopted. that the following time table be established in the search, screening, and selection process for the new President of Murray State University: July 17, 1982 The Search and Coordinating Committee to begin advertising immediately October 1, 1982 Deadline for receiving applications November 13, 1982 The Board of Regents narrows the applicants to the top ten candidates January 15, 1983 The Board of Regents reduces . the top ten candidates to the top five candidates February 26, 1983 The Board of Regents announces its selection for President. Mr. McCuiston: October lst be the cutoff date, and that's it? I second. Mr. Christopher: Is there any further discussion? Does anybody have any questions about what we did as far as establishing those dates? The comnittee had two excellent advisors, Dr. Charles Howard, who had gone through this process at Murray State, and Mr. Cole, from Western came to ta].k to us. It was Charlie's feeling--you took 9 months before--that was just too long. The reason we shot for February 26, was 1) keep the process in as short a period of time as we could and 2) because of the date of July 1, and because we would be going i.nto the start of a new year people would need that mich time to give notice if they were currently employed in a situation where they had to give notice. Any further discussion? All those in favor of the motion say aye; opposed, nay. Motion passes. Mr. Carneal: Ron, let me ask you another question about this. All of these dates that we are establishing here, the fact that we are passing this schedule, that doesn't mean it's inflexible, does it? There may be extenuating circumstances, and no way to cut it to five by January 15. Mr. Christopher: This gives an opportunity for you to mark your schedule. These dates are Saturdays. We considered Thanksgiving and Christmas, and we realize the fifteenth to the twenty-sixth is going to make it a very ‘ busy for everybody. There are to have to be visits to campus, but we had to set scmething for some certainty with an appreciation that it is not cast in stone.

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