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Image 1 of The Kentucke gazette, November 24, 1787

Part of The Kentucke gazette

xu,v;,vv w - lNUVIiMlittt 24, 1787. , " vj..n?e,!s not only rein for Its fotrtid r'en- .. . uiuuiua.nesin ougnout tfiat elevation and 01 U l.t . . dignity of fent'tnentwhic.hbeitxa Prince in tiis fixation. In it we find the cxpreflions bf a mind s of itsewn worth, and incapabfe of b'afeh yic'dmg to the clamours of faction, the whole is infcrtcl. ve;bat;tt, as it was copied from tr Hage Gazette of June 6. con-fciou- Copy of A Miffive lent by his Royal H'ighnets trie Prince St idtholder, to their High Miahtinefles the State General. and Mighty Lords rpHE unfortunate .ivifions which reign between the high confederates, and more particularly in Some of the provinces of this Republic, have risen to so high a degree, tha: the dear country appears to be menaced with a total breaking of its union, andarg vetfionof its cftablifhed constitution. We think it a duty to ourfetves, and to our country, to make known by a public dcclaiation, our sent rhents and defignsj not only out of our re'ponfibility towards the nation and poOc.ty. but to leftifvalfo once more our good will an! ardent desire in th spiefent danger, tocon-tnbut- c J in our power and by all the means iwUibte. teie-eftab- l, foment of union and of good order and to prevent the deftruftion of this republc, of bid fd . puifEmt an.i so nourishing. To thee ends, We have thought that we cannot bc'tei pr..v.e for this duty, than by the declaration 1 h1 e lb .. , Wuh&AJ.'. UiJ-f- t .... .by .an equal, tyrannical influence, to hold-alawful, their seats in e afi'emljly, as regents of the towns' though constrained and changed in such a violent man- s ,:.. Having rendered vajn alithegoo'1 intentions fa'.Tfr?Tr.biC,rr6d,te": ndthat' otbtoly"ai: IhefOrmbr bfave regents, and being allured of so n.a !Tn?Tvery inclination to dangerous innovations Biould Vanlffi, butalfcfby reareiT-in- g Jly voices in the atremblyof the ft ate, by this as the principal leacleis and directors all inconfirferat'e and hasty afts of iuftice, that this undertaking judge neceffary for fupportinc their - .1 confidence, an '"competent plurality , they hav , FeviVedi bv wich our ri?i,u "u? bd n 9 pu"s' e .nas ugi only preierv-edit- s V i, . .u u,i ujvu viuidnuu in inc un' 0 rehgipn and its liberty to the prerent niifunde'r-Ilanding- s, couege or nclence ot the province of Holland but raised itself "to the zenith. of vigor and .ine limn, utuijg in .way nJXiJ. . conceit witntnere premeditate ! profpenty-It ft hot long since that flattering- - hope as appears by the armed focietics, having bad seemed to resemble a profpeft of the happrelliffue. the audacity of lately violently attacking the territoThe most eXperTehced and faithful regents united with ries ofoncofthe piovinces of the union, the ftatcs thegieateft number of good citizens and other inha-bluof Utrecht, not only by a great number of mcicera-r- y bF5l the provinces of the union, particuand mixed troops, but also by a body of larly m Holland: did: nn AifFor r.S. troops in the particular fervi CP. the most evident proofs of their lepugnance to 5ne jmoieft tlie garters ahd motions of the rroopYofthc wi v't ODDteffive dStigns and nadi-there 1nH megurbaintAinedrDytfieinfluenceandinftigatioS by the customary oath, and for the I w'P'ung tQgetheri by the arms ,.,,1, ac tne requeit ol the of some rned burgeftes, mptwiihftand'tngthe remon-ftranrfoVerfeign, and for, the security ofthis teiri-torof the greatest part of their fellow citizebs; provided with our letters patent. and in opposition. to the 'evident intentions ' It washptapp-.chendebf their , that a legend vifitaticr lawful regencies; at a moment when it appeared also not less dangeious in the corifequences, and undoubtequal reiblut.Vns wereigoing to be entered Jhat into edly without a parallel, would be added to this lirff. by the ftatcs of Holland; as The nioft proper for ratifattempt againftthe foundition ofthe republic ying the knoWh wi fh'es of the gieateil and beftpart thegeneialily, attached by their ftuationas of the nation for ihftantly eftorirrg every one to his Well as by the most sacred oaths of bedience, and rights, and us .to a full exefcife of all our trust ; and hot being attached to any ofthe provinces, paiticu-larl- y at length to dieteiin ne in deliberate manner, upon out of their own territory, have received .the rnoftp.pper means ofrij iftirig every PpeciHsof parr of Holland only, without consent of which threatened ovi liberty and our country the union, without our letters patent as theircaptain But .to Odr heartfelt di&i'po ritment we have sound, generaii and without pe; million of the lords of the that thefeetmifabltt JnltMtiois of the rBgehts and ci- - Aatds of Utiecht, tomarchinto then io Lher ctMiAiryt wrflcad bf cngagtnar ihenii with evident agiefiions and hoftiluv IheTeadeTs of the cabal in any manner and brineinl cofra:y to the faith and obedience sworn to the mem Back trom their obftinacy.toamdrerealbnable and therefpeft which is due tons as conduifti haionly ahimated therii the.Hore contrary and as the time, of the obligatory rcf-pe-ft and has carried them to extremities, hich areincon-JeHibl- y due to the territory of confederated fovcreigns an effeclive violation of the conflitut.on, Someoffirers and foldisrs suffered them-elvcto be confirmed by the oarl-- of their province, and a led into this incafure, either thiough surprise or amfion oftheties of the i i. .n. sear of being thought culpable, through who arc now-likh4vranotcoPi.i tea themfolves toccmpel, TYa7 ' enemies in tha territory of a fovera'gn province at the p6m of the ,b ji e; nd mufquet, these vioy.'.th aims ct the generality in their hands: withe u'c 1;, regencies of some lent afibciations, f6 . towns bemg able, or even daring to dcteimine by VXf AK whole iu ciner r o'litiors n rrartv min im fpccia! ritjer this was done, and without our being Unon Bv the ieaJi riT.ed iiodies, and which were step of that nature, and imHortance rated tobeundci the r.';:nce ofie'peftful fuppli-ii- 1 bid been detsi mined on by a resolution of the dates cations, ligneil Ly Ic who wcie "ither of Holland. So that we were obliged to attiibute it 01 briheil t r. a the incontcltible desire to the influence of the leaders ofthe cabal of that bf the voice ot the .; 'e; atthey even had theau- piovince. dac ty tc depol'e, b ri iivd violence, the lawful It wasinvairifor the council of state to make the regent-- , from their plrcf in council, and to put 1 most serious exhortations against the difoidcrs, and a in thfir place; n theis these public vic'ations of violations of their oath, by the officers and" solders lniuiunitieb, rigfrs, and j :r. i'egesv however luanifcft In vain did the high confederates approve chis mea they may bD, have 110 nhe efs been coniideicd by ftue of thecouncil. The infxible opposition of their the majoiity of th.' i)!.!.' of the fta:e. leauersis luch, that they have rcfelved in the affem-bl- y Q" the infi'iencc of the fa id is u, as purely demeftic. of theirrovincc.onthefufpenfio-- i 01 all officers notwit'utanding the "or,;i monftrances of the rc- who ate faithful, toiheiroath, and obed.enceto their eenrics and pconlc.t ?ltiio.i!-- i rli J general ity, haverefufed to.march by ivmmiHljUU- theorde.sof CJtothc particular the sacred protection Holland out of that province againlf a confcdeiatc of the and lpeo'ally to our attention and rovneign, and against. the troop of the fiatc ca:.- -, in quality cf our, h gh dignity of hc.editary the same army with themlelves. Since fljdtholdcr, by a i'aoed commiflion. the unheaid of fury of the unrestrained ambition " By aii the e ufurp;.tions, and thi; tvianica! of this inr perniciouscabal, has mule vhe citizens take aimsa-gam- ft f'ucikH', the ord'.-- and validity of thehifh aliemblics regents and fellow citizens; and has depoic cf he ires of IIoNand ire rcveiied and necleited the legal regency of towns, and.filled all and th ir'.'f .o.ccsof the lcencicx of one ofthe pt the government with disorders, proofing ft'ii town - vinu aic c'.ieoiilv iejieii;iita:i-7pn- f Hip npn difengagethe entire army of the state of its best to and pie, aie feUom heard in the aifembly, who, astiue most experienced officeis to introduce diffention , and members ot the state, can vote by deputy; but, on at last to turn this peaceable and flom iOime country the contiary, the arbitrary demands of some of the tnto a theatre of civil war. in which n number of inhabitants prevails, who have arogatcd to them-felvmisled, by appearances v. ill be brought to by an unjull violence, a defpotifni on the shed blood ;, the best strength of the lepubhc will be of their regencies. by.usownuoopsandcitizcns. Theheatt " Moreover, the regencies of the two most pow- otl.ioyed brave ot every Batavianmuft fliudder at the approach-in- g erful cities of Anuterdam andRotteidam, havebeeri danger of seeing our happy union for ever biokerj so tmceitain a situation, by brought to -our the violence government entiicly .overturncd-.-oU- r leligion of deposing and displacing, that not only thedepofed and liberties annihilated ior ever-.-ou- r rich commence regents, not to mention the number of citizens and navigation , and credit banished-a- nd thus inhabitants, and a considerable number of their at one blow, of all the advantages of that profpenw fellow regents, who. remain in place,' Which formerly rcadciad-us.xundc- r the blcffinVof have declared openly that these new affembiies, and beneficientGod, andihe tvil'e government of theW. their resolves, as illegal; and that they could not in' fulfovereign the terrpr conformity with their oath? and their duty,' concur miration of allEuroe, of 0UI enemies, andihe " , A s, - hc LnfeS piuv-uue- , es y, - which we. send to your high migbtirleires. We are fiatte el that yourhigh mighiincfles; the par iclilar states :nd eneratly the whole nation will, well on their Vic, ttih in their vocaiioii. and according to their support the tooft Vigorous manner, our veil nitentioned eft'nrtsk vv. P. ns nn ANntr'. Nimegnen, ad May, 1787. icis, U ft continued in men puvireges, iroerties and authorities otlld find as w'e the nature-o- f the arfpti., thernfelveij asfh of former .tiratsj ruffitient grounds sot r7aueifngourfelv'es;th'at by nayinigv regiVa to the h'ettt Vhe multitude; as n. .a.i..c .... , lv t ' Wjrijdi tVrcWi'lian. by the 0 acof OoJ, Princ ofbrange and of NaiTau, Hereditary Stadtholdcr, Capta.iij nc. al and Admiral of the United Pi oviVfces, tel &c. to all who fliall see 01 iCad this, greeting. ia;. . "THE caknmveiand the outrageous aburcs which tmmeiite.l, are used on a'! occasions, in a manner the Bioft lo.v nnd deteftabluin divers province of the and in Holland, under the eyes, and without opposition on the part of the fovercign, to icptivcusnot only of what we have most pieciusof Sir h unui and of our lo-- e of the nation; but alfoto ralfe aamftus and our government a discontent and distrust, which ate to give new matter to suspicions tfe most hitcful and ahfurd, although always ill 1, n.f(.ccl'ng our (incere fcin-'diieclions andbettet Intent on that many public wiongs doe our legitlitaiy rights, which have been granted imate and on the so n of this distrust; the continual Bii un'erll i.dmg. thev exjtions, and in fliort, thedif-order- ? & i"h t: ouble an I toss so violently, and which Continue in our dear countiy. All these juftity the public declarations, and the measures the moie pro-pfori!" looppofeinthe moftvigoious manner ; the view- - in J tlu; movement- - of this small number of incmb. s and mii.iliers of theiegency, whoon'y make tifconneir 'r.fiucncc nn the fpiiit of a paitof the nation, and alio on thridclii-.eiationof their foveieien, to foi v. j.d thiicfprefs. for levelling in conrevjuence, theaduai conilitution of all the dierent provinces, and v.f the enf" c union, flnd to substitute in lieu a new p'ancf goveinmein, which it did hot affeft our piopei ir'iitnccand oui power, and enucme'y dan-jei- o stoall which com eins the edential mteiefts of ciirde.n countiy. It nuift only be attiibuted to our difpbfif'.jn for mildness, and our caie for piefeiving the 114.011 and profperiiy of oui dear country, th:;tuc have fufTeied till now the continual cool blocd, nd that we have huhcito thoiecon'inual difoideis with coolnefx and t, we hav guarded and endeavoured to convcitit by the most modeiate mid easy means, we desire ardently to avoid ail catties of the new discontent, and of inflaming the ardour of theiccipro-ca- l d v (ion of dilution. " Ncverthelefs, as long as the sacred tie of the uriio.i prefcrves its strength, and the legal government of the different provinces their members; and c liL-i- er s d corf-temp- . .. - tha , ,1 ' p'-s,- 0-- thu-sup- b .. com-polin- r 1 . .- den-i've- d'

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