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Image 8 of The Cats' Pause, December 17, 1988

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c77fC (fats' }A///rsr VIEWPOINT Letters To The Editor Mail All Letters To: VIEWPOINT, The Cats' Pause, P.O. Box 7297, Lexington, KY 40522 Hang in there, guys Dear Sir: Enclosed you will find my check for renewal of TCP. I first started receiving TCP as a X-mas gift from my brother-in-law in Louisville and have certainly enjoyed renewing it each year since. Down here in Bulldog country we don't get to read much about our 'Cats. That was until this year. Of course, as you could expect, it has all been negative. Having been born and reared in the great Bluegrass state I bleed true blue as do most 'Cat fans. Therefore it sure hurts to read all the bad things that've been said about our basketball program and coaches. I honestly believe that this all started from a set-up in UCLA country. Maybe some of the NCAA investigators can add two and two and come up with the answer to that puzzle. To me coach (Dwane) Casey sure hasn't deserved all the bad publicity he's received. It appears to me that you couldn't find a more perfect gentleman. 1 also appeal to coach (Eddie) Sutton to hang in there tough because there is no better way than that to show your honesty and integrity. Through all the adversity that's been going around down here in Georgia, we did have one great day! That was the day our football team held off the Dawgs. How 'bout them 'Cats? If I could have one more appeal it will be to the fans themselves. I can't make it to all those games as those of you in and around Lexington and even Louisville can. Go and fill Rupp Arena to capacity each game. To heck with all the adversity and negatives. On the road this year the team will probably take a lot of verbal abuse and unjustly so. But let's show the SEC and the whole country that we are proud to be Big Blue fans. Get out those shirts and hats and jackets and wear them proudly. I certainly do and with my head held high! In closing I would like to say that I have nothing but heartfelt thanks for Cliff Hagan. What an asset he was to Kentucky and the university. The only thing left to say now is, we, here in Dawg country love you and each and every one and GO BIG BLUE! Gary M. Mullins Sr. Morrow, Ga. Mills can play Dear Sir: Enclosed is our check for renewing our subscription to The Cats' Pause. We look forward to receiving each issue and reading about the 'Cats. After watching on TV Chris Mills play, we understand all the controversy. He is a premium player and I believe someone used ulterior motives to try and keep him in California. I think we have another fine basketball team and they are going to be fun to follow. They will win a lot of ballgames in spite of all the controversy. It is good to see teamwork such as they have shown in their games to date. Go Big Blue! Blaine and Reba Clark Fairfield. Ohio Looks like conspiracy Dear Sir: Well, every team wants to play our Wildcats this season. The NCAA has made our program weaker by delaying its allegations for close to eight months. All the newspapers have made their sports sections with headlines of UK basketball team and caused the resignation of Cliff Hagan. There's the case of Eric Manuel. Why not give the test again and cut out all the doubts that there is about it? I'm in Florida now and I was when the NCAA investigated its program. All you could find were two or three paragraphs at the bottom of the page, but Kentucky rated two columns. It "burns" me up the way the 'Cats are being "dragged over the coals." -, The Wildcats have not had a losing season in over 60 years and no other school can equal that. It looks like a conspiracy to put a blot on that record. I've been Big Blue since the days of Paul McBrayer, "Pisgah" Combs, "Big" McGin-nis and others too numerous to mention. Enclosed find my check for another year of The Cats' Pause. You're doing a great job. Sincerely, Raymond. B. Weigott Kissimmee, Fla. Editor's note: Concerning Eric Manuel and the ongoing saga of his ACT test, it has been reported that he was or soon will be given three choices: 1. Invalidate his score and sit out the required Proposition 48 year. 2. Retake the test. 3. Go before an arbitrator to have his original test score resolved. As to why the matter is taking so long to be cleared up, your guess is as good as ours. Hog heaven? Dear Sir: I would like to comment on three things: First, coach Eddie Sutton. How can a coach recruit a bunch of thoroughbreds and then train them like a bunch of hogs? Kentucky should be a run-and-gun team instead of a seven-pass, milk-the-clock team which will lead the league in turnovers. Suttons' recruits all averaged over 20 points a game as seniors in high school. Now Sutton wants them to hold the scores in the 60s, which is against the nature of the players who have all been gunners. (Cliff) Hagan, inch for inch the best basketball player I ever saw, quit. I think Sutton should go back to hog heaven. Second. I won't comment on Dwane Casey but would like to comment on the NCAA hypocrites. With a little initiative 1 am sure the NCAA could find numerous \ iolations at any big school or university. In the 1950s, I personally saw a recruiter from a northern Indiana university give a Louisville high school player hundreds of dollars m u inning tickets on races at Churchill Downs I doubt the policy has changed at that university. Thirdly, why hasn't the NCAA been critical of John Thompson of Georgetown for using the Olympic team to give his prize recruit (Alonzo Mourning) a summer of free traveling and training? He not only gave his recruit plenty of attention, but then blew the Olympics. Where's an NCAA representative when you need one? Sure. I know there is a fine line. Especially when your name is Thompson, (John) Wooden. (Barry) Switzer. (Jerry) Tarkanian, etc. The hypocrisy is that all intelligent people know that athletes are paid money and given perks. The schools know it, the coaches know-it, sportswriters know it, announcers know it. The absurdity is that athletes cannot be recruited as athletes. Then the poor guy loaded with ability just might get a chance to do something with his life. Jusi one poet's opinion. Sincerely. Bill Logsdon Jeffersonville. Ind. We shall return Dear Sir: Thanks for another great year. And I'm ready for more. Please pass this message on to the NCAA and to anyone else who doubts the University of Kentucky: Enjoy it while you can, we shall return. Stick 'em 'Cats. H.R. Bowman GMCS(SW) U.S.N. Ibila, Spain Follow Jerrys example Dear Sir: Enclosed please find the renewal of my father's subscription to The Cats' Pause. This publication is my birthday present to him and he would not be able to function without this wonderful newspaper. We constantly discuss the articles that we have read and especially enjoy the "Back Thru the Wildcat Years" section. I grew up in Hopkinsville and after a few years in Florida I have recently moved to Bowling Green. I am so glad to be out of Gator Country and back in the land of the Big Blue! I now have another orange team to hate along with Tennessee. Keep up the good work and do whatever you can to make sure that another Hopkinsville boy (Jerry Claiborne) gets a contract extension. He has constantly shown his class through many anguishing times and I feel that his example should be followed by some other coaches at UK. Sincerely, Kevin T. Atwood Htm ling Green Still Blue in Georgia Dear Sir: Enclosed is my check for my renewal of you fine publication. Being a Blue-Blooded Wildcat fan down here in Georgia. I have a feeling I'm in for a rough winter Hspecially after watching UK's first three games However, I am very proud of these guys so far. For a young team they are doing great. It sure hurts to think of UK having a losing season, but when you play with fire, sooner or later you'll get burned. I urge our coaches and players to "hang in there." By March I expect we'll surprise a few teams. I hope our recruiting gets better. UK doesn't need the "Shawn Kemp type" of players. Let's be sure the guys that are recruited really arc "fine young men." I hate to see (Cliff) Hagan take all the blame for this NCAA mess. However, whatever the outcome. I am still a Big Blue fan. Lanny Asbridge Lilburn, Ga. UK will survive Dear Sir: The news of Cliff Hagan's resignation u-js very distressing lo everyone that loves Kentucky basketball. However, the realities of the situation required the president to take action to replace the athletics director. (Now, all together—'He hates Kentucky basketball.! President (David) Roselle had to make this decision based upon reason and noi emotion. He did what anyone would do for a foiling business. The A.D. was paid to administer the program. He is paid to assume the responsibility for what goes on. Bottom line: Cliff Hagan is responsible for knowing what his troops are up to in every sport, period! In this case, if he didn't then he wasn't doing his job. When you look at the options. Dr. Roselle had very few. He realizes it's white-knuckle time. There is no tomornrw! His largest revenue-prtxiucing sport has been accused of operating loose and free and now he is facing a potential death penalty like maybe none we've ever seen. It's high-stakes time. He wants a new manager that reflects his own philosophy and is in control of the top program. Earl Cox says in the current TCP that this decision to remove Hagan "was unnecessary, botched and clumsy." Yeah, I agree it was clumsy and maybe botched, but absolutely necessary! Earl goes on to say, "...there is one coach." Seriously, folks, either he knows something we don't or this is a powerful indictment before anyone has been tried. Everyone is afforded due process. He (Eddie Sutton) swears his innocence. Heck, maybe he is! Maybe he (Continued on page 24)-

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