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Image 1 of The Big Sandy news., August 26, 1921

Part of The Big Sandy news.

MOLDS FIRST PRIZE OF KENTUCKY PRESS ASSOCIATION AS BE8T EIQHT-PAG- WEEKLY IN KENTUCKY E Advertising l an Absolute Necessity to Every Business. The Circulation of tha Big It tha Sandy Nawa mik I boat advartiaint medium. Tha Big Sandy Nawa will bring your advartiaing Into mora homaa for tha aama monay than any athar paper In Eaatarn Kantucky. i Valuing XXXVI. Number 81. ' " - LQUItA. LAWRENCE COUNTY, KENTUCKyTauGsUSt' Muncy and Frost DEATH BREAKS K Found Not Guilty. r Of Murder Charge ' TIES OF 73 YEARS - FIVE I.IEH OEET VIOLEIIT DEATHS : . i , : y ; j'.' M. F. CONLEY and E. K. SPENCElC tat Down Farmers Are Urged To battle Shipments; Bear .Raid Is Feared ... Tha Williamson . Nawa aaya: Taylor Muncy and putcb Frost wra acquitted In tha circuit court of Wyoming county of tba murder of Irvine Tbeir plea waa aelf defense. , Quite a large number from . thla county attended the trial as. witnesses. Elklns, a union miner, waa killed In a light on train No. I aa It waa Hear ing Chatta roy on the 2rd of laat November. Hla brother waa that in the tblicb and cut across tha cheek at tba time. ' 1921. Publisher. SOJIERSEOIL' GEB A RAISE Chicago. Fearing a sensational pear gaining tl- - cents on the week. Choice , tbe Chicago stock alosed at 18.75 against 516.40 a week ego and til values a fortnight 20c and 25c per Barrel Addbroad- - ago. Tbe bog market with less cattle ed to Price of These. ' In the pens than a week' ago, closed at Encounters in ; Four on cttie ahlpmenta. Two Grades. The exchange losses' of 85 cents to 41 over the previous' ' predicted a collapse of the cattle mar- - -week.' . The top for choice stock Floyd, Knott and Ma- Mre. Wm. Riffe died at .' her home at ke, u urmtn do not halt their aalea was $10.15 Saturday compared to The price of Kentucky crude oil was Veseie, this county. Wednesday and of livestock in order to raise fund, to IIL10 a week ago. Heavy goffin Within a , stock was advanced a few daya ago, 26c per barthe funeral will take place at tbe homelCOvr deficits brought by poor crops. 1 lower,. dropping from SlO.Sf to $9.50. rel on tin Somerset Light grade and Week. on Friday morning. Rev. H. B. Hew- conditions at the close of trading , Live muttons were steady at the 20c on the Somerset, This makes the ' lett of Lulea will conduct the hut week Indicated another week of close, but with values down 60 to 56 prices 31.26 and 31.10. . . daya haa seen an epiTha laat few -. i poor values. Prices were off 25 cent cents over laat week-enNo other oils were Increased In price, Natives demic of killing! In tha But Bandy Mrs. Riffe was tO years old and ia to M over last week's close. Strictly brought 10' with westerns-sellinand no explanation Is given as to this at lay. We wera not able to get much of Armed Mob Threatens survived by her husband age (. They rrtme steers sAone showed an advance; .:-'..-'- ",. raise. The production- has decreased ' tha details. married to March Into Mingo were the oldesthaving couple in Lawrvery rapidly. " Many' companies are. ; Sehaol Taaahar Assassinated, lived happily toence? county, pumping the wells to keep la Knott county Lawrence Conley, a For several day a large number ef gether .for. 71 years; Tan sons and them. In conditio!) for 'the reason that ahot from ambush coal miners, said to be from too to daughters are living and a41 will be achool teacher, . the' high, grade Berea oil ia really and died almost Instantly, Two small (00. have been assembled at Maranet present at the funeral. worth much, more than the present a boys, nephews of Hi murdered. man, on tha Kanawha river, threatening to Lawrence county has no better market and the earth is the best stor.. . Jt wars muuni awns . I ruu I kl ' than Mr. and Mrs. Riffe have alui age possible. .Drilling has' oeased alin. uin.. .,,M. When tha fatal ahot wss fired one of .In tha mine ,' la aaid about ways been, and. the. passing of such r. :. most entirely In the Berea fields ber tne boys said "Uncle Lawrence see half or them are negroea and moat of people la a universal loss, The reLexington, Ky.. Aug. 24. Kentucky June id, 0,1 tons.' Other companies cause 1 Is. not profitable to drill small markably long life allotted to them ia that smoke over there In the buaheaT" the othera are foreigners. producers under present conditions. has nine oeal: companies which last producing more than a half million "Cut Conicr waa falling, whs tha boy Sheriff Don Ctiaf&o ( 'Logan, says la. aome decree a reward for the coryearly and their 129 production Casing Is yet about twice as high as it f 1100 they ahall not march through that rect and ' consistent course of their year produced more than a half mil- -, tons . that anoka. ' Rewards aggregaUng and for the first sis months in was six year ago. have been offered for the assassin. county, and it la reported that he baa Uvea.. It la safe to aay that there tu-- lion tone. of coal, according to figures 1921 follow; . v' . . ' Twe Men Kill Each Other. planted a number of machine guns not many couples In Kentucky who in the office here of Chief Mine In Mining Company,' 1,145,-12- 9 Ejpes Randolph Dies 8t Gerhard1920. county line along the have lived together 71 yeara. Near the " border.' spector for the State L. Blenkinsop. 229,821 tons in 1921; tons In Saturday Victory Wlreman and Ken-- i in Tucson, Arizona I Tbua the atrlka altuation continues Tbe largest of these, waa the Consoll- - West Kentucky Coal' Company 251,799 ? dall Howard met on the road, both about aa bad aa possible. With West dated Coal Company, which has its tons in 1920 and 249,00 In 1921; W. G riding mulea. No one else waa pres- Vlrglnla'a Inadequate la we there la but LOUISA GIRL " The following refers to a former C. i Kentucky headquarters at Jenkins, tKy. Duncan Coal Company, 596,1 42 tons in ent They ahot each other and died little hope of thla trouble being (and the second was the United States 1920 and 191,621 In 1921; Wisconsin A O. engineer, who had charge of the Howard'a body soon afterward. without tha aid of U. S.troops. & Steel . Coal 'Company. 333,652 tons in Big Sandy and other divisions about four bullets and be rode a short WEDS IN CAROLINA Coal 'at Coke Company with headquar- 1920 and 246,716 m 1921; Elkhoim Coal 20 years ago. He went to Arizona Lynch. ters distance down the road before falling The Consolidated company during Corporation, S99',rtf tons In 1920 and from here on account of tuberculosis Rewards Murderers off of the mule. large 1SJ0 produced 1,575,452 tons of coal and 166,320 in 1921 and 4he Pond Creek and was soon Identified with Two In Floyd County. County Wanted in during the six ending June SO, Coal Company, 726,442 tons In 1920 and railroad enterprises in the southwest "Bad John" Hall la repotted to have The Greensboro, N. C.,) Daily News 1921 produced months tons. Tuscon, Ariz,- August 1:3. Epes Ran1 9,64s The U. S. 285,705 in 1921, and the Sterling Coal killed a man named Mitchell on Beaver Frankfort, Ky, Aug. 24. Governor of August ZOlb, has the following Coal & Coke Company produced 1.SS6,-07- 0 Company 182,806 tons In .1920 and 46,- - dolph, President of the Arizona Eastcreek In Kloyd county. It la aaid there Morrow today offered a reward of 1500 Item: ern and the Southern Pacific de Mextons In 1920 and has produced up to 212 In 1921. had been bad feeling between the men for the arrest of the unidentified slay"Miss Nancy Sue Cummins of Lou ico, and one of the pioneer railroad for aome time. men of the Southwest, died here early Deputy Sheriff Lawrence Con-le- y isa, Ky, and John Manley Johnson, ers of .According to reports Jim Bradley ' , today. , in Knott county August 17 and of Oreensboro, were quietly married killed rank Shepherd In Floyd county tlOO for the arrest of Caieray Dobson, yesterday morning at the home of Dr. Mr Kanaoipn s aeatn occurred as a n few daya ago. No particulars could alleged-alayT. 8. Turrentlne. Dr. Turrentlne per of Green Gayheart, an result of a hemorrhage attack while be forming the ceremony In the present be obtained. was in tbe hotel apartment occupied other deputy. of a few friends. Moonshine la playing a prominent here by himself and his wife. He was part in thla heavy toll of human Ufa. and Mr. Johnson Is born in Lunenburg county, Virginia. Lawrence County Troop accomplished daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Judge W. L Watson of the county eral Aid projects now under course of John Cammings, of Louisa, Ky. Mr. Brothers Beat Teacher .Goes to Stale Camp M. E. 8. Posey,- Division construction win be completed. Judge Gentry Bros. Circus . with the Vick Watson reelved another telegram from Expelling Twin Sisters The Lawrence county troop of cav- Johnson Is connected many friends in oourt and Chemical Co, and has in Louisa, August 30 Road Engineer, received telegrams Congressman Fields of this district ". Baurday from Congressman J. M. Robialry left Louisa Saturday evening-- on the city. stating that onethird o this 80 mil Aug. 21. James Jus- a special Plkeville, Ky, ' Annette Delano and her troupe of train for Camp Knos for the .Mr. and Mrs. Johnson left Immedtice and Leonard Justice, young men annual encampment. Moat of the piezn-ber- s iately after the ceremony for a trip to nson-' of the '11th Kentucky district lions would be a ra liable Immediately young lady riders, her remarkable car. ror Aia work, of Millard. Ky., who a short tuna ago the western part of tbe state In a totir-In- g reading aa follows: were enthusiastic about' the trip. rier pigeons and The commission referred to above ed Gentry animal the scores of renown"pur road bill carrying 80 million oar.M attacked J. A. Stone, teacher, have actors, human circus Mr, Johnson has been travelling In dollars for good roads work this year was proposed In the Townsend bill In stars and. unusual novelty features will been placed under 11,000 peace bond each here and a 1500 bond each to Fighting Big Raise this territory for some time and be- passed toe Senate today! the commie-sioo- n which the Federal Aid work throughbe seen when Gentry Bros. Shows and Is out Hope to get final action out the United States was to be ad- Wild Animal Arena come to Louisa on s. came quite attentive to Miss await the action of the grand jury on . in W. Va. Gas ministered by. ten commissioners. The Tuesday, August 80 .' a charge of landing The first of last week Miss before- Oongress rejcesses,T. ' Recently Stone expelled from hla The United Fuel Gas Co., haa a big Nancy Sue started for Fayettevllle,' W. This will be gratifying news to the bill as agreed upon provides for the noon and night and to to exhibit afterparade the pringood roads enhuslasts of eastern Ken- administration of the federal aid funds achool the Justice' twin alatera. Theaa light on Its hands In West Virginia, Va, to visit relatives. Mr. Johnson ciple streets that morning with a mile girls reside In an adjoining district and reaulting from Ita application to raise was on the train. They decided to be tucky, as this will mean that the Fed aa heretofore. Ashland Independent. of pageantry an open air review of previously had bean dismissed from the price at which it supplies gas. The married and tried to get license In great beauty and colorful attractivetheir home achool. It waa ahown at Increase asked for ranges from (0 to Cattettaburg and Huntington, but failness, including open and closed cages, the examining trial that Btona had 100 per cent Huntington, Charleston ed on account of the; fact that Miss CONTESTS CONTEST FILED camel tandem teams, mounted bands, Just passed out of hla schoolroom Into and other cltlea have Joined in the Cummlngs Is not quite 17 yeara of 200 ponies, beautiful horses, elephants, age. She went on to Fayettevlile and tha public road on hla way home when fight agalnat the raise. wagons dromedaries, clowns, soon afterward Mr. Johnson joined he waa attacked by James Justice and FLOYD COUNTY and Mother Goose fiatstableau with the COUNTY filled ' mercilessly beaten while Leonard Jus-tlc- e her there and they suddenly departed most beautiful and most, Intelligent PARALYZED BY A SHOT. stood with hta hand In hla pocket North performing dogs in the world. Ky, Aug. 22. Frank for stated Carolina and were married Palntsville, to prevent Interference. aa above. Bheppard of Goodlow, Ky, la suffer Stone waa overseas la the World The bride la the only daughter of Republicans Republican Candidates hospital here today aa a Mr. County Election Boards Cummlngs1, War and went over the top a number Ing in a local being merchant of result of hla shot by Jim Brad this John On accounta of her. youth Circuit Judge Fighting Court on Charges of of times. Courier Journal. place. to be Named August 31 ley, his brother-in-laat Ooodlow the parents naturally would have obOver Close Returns Bribery. Fraud lata Saturday. jected to her marrlaare If they had Frankfort, Ky, Aug. 20. The State Enormous Gas Wells Bheppard .has been unconscious a been consulted. But Mr. Johnson Board of Election Commissioners toit on Beaver, Floyd County laige part of the time and himhas been comes of one of the best families In Plkeville, Ky, August 19. Use of a Frankfort, Ky, Aug. 20. Depending day postponed canvass of the Repub.inpossible to learn from any of Oreensboro, and his reputation la ex- $20,000 bribery fund, buying of votes, on the result in the Mouth of Mud lican Judicial primary In the Thirty-fir- st Floyd-c- o says: T. E. the details of the shooting. His spinal cellent, so there la no cause for regret ballot-bo- x h stuffing, burning of ballot the vote In the ReThe District pending the contest suit cord was 'pierced at the aecond vert- - on any other account than that of age, stub books, use of repeaters, violations Precinct primary for Circuit Judge In publican Oaa Co. Dlmlck of tha Mldaa Oil between Judge A. T. Patrick and C. nro. operation was necessary and every day that passes is curing of the secret ballot law, voting of the Thlrty-flr- st An District was not can- B. Wheeler. The first certification haa Just returned from the company's which will make the man paralysed Kentucky, where gas field In Floyd-co- ., , Democrats and of persons not attend vassed today by the State Board of gave Wheeler the nomination by eleven that objection. they drilled In two large gaa wells, one from that point downward, the phy The bride Is a capable and pretty ing the polls are among charges made Election Commissioners, and it ad votes." An amended certification-cu- t girl of excellent parentage and her to contests for eight county offices, as journed until August 81, when the his vote In Floyd from 996 to 976, givof 11,000,000 cubic feet capacity for 14 alclans said. hours and the other of 6.760.0O0 cubic friends extend their best wishes for a the result of the Republican primary canvass will be completed and County ing Patrick nine majority. A BIRTHDAY PARTY. long and happy life. Election Commissioners will be named. election in Pike county. feet for 14 hours. The commission will meet August 31 Mr. and Mrs. B. D. Lambert and Theae wells were found In the BradW. E. Flannery, defeated for County First returns certified to Secretary to finish the canvass and name county The parenta desired that she finish ley sand, a formation which haa been family spent last Sunday at tha home her education. They had sent her to Judge by 860 votes by W. W. Charles, of State Fred A. Vaughangave C. B. Election Commissioners: producing oil for a number of years of Mr. and Mrs.. Kent Stewart., near good schools and had plans for the was among the first to file a contest Wheeler a majority of eleven over near Wayland, Floyd co., at the south- Louisa, who save a dinner In honor of school yar soon to open.. However, Contest proceedings also ihave been Judge A. T. Patrick, but the latter obMr. Lambert's birthday. ails The occas these elopements will occur In the (fled against W. B. Taylor, nominee for tained a mandatory injunction, requir- Largest Airship ern end o fthe Mldaa property. In ion was to be a family .reunion, but "best regulated families" wheb the Circuit Court Clerk, by R. H. Sowarda ing the Floyd county board to recaif-vasThe character of the aand found and Kills 44 Persons company we:ia ia proof, ex- relatives from the East Fork section young folks get the idea strong 1b alleging that the returns from Taylor is the incumbent. Howards the Mldaa perts aay, that the gaa territory should were kept away because of the condiSo, let us wish them well and Bheriff of Pike county. W. P. Chil the Mouth of Mud, which were Patrick In London Wednesday an immense tion of the roads after heavy rains on make the best of a situation that will dress has filed a contest against both 77, Wheeler 63, had been changed to be long lived. airship of the dirigible type was being Mrs. Stewart Is a sister of doubtless turn out alright, 83 for Wheeler. The certification then tested, The first well was drilled 57 feet in Saturday. Taylor and Howards. with 49 men aboard. Suddenly to the formation, and further progress Mr. Lambert. J. H. Adklns has filed contest against was amended, giving Patrick a major- it collapsed and then burst into flames large flow rrevented on account o fthe Pat 'Hughes, for Coilnty Attorney; ity of nine. and felt Into a river. Only flve men Mayo Oil Service cf gas. The pay atreak waa IT feet WAYNE COUNTY, W. VA. Luther Domron Is contesting J. M. . The returns as amended are: , ere rescued alive. TEACHERS EXAMINATION Company Growing Johnson's nomination for Sheriff,' and Patrick. Wheeler. thick. Seventeen officers and men of the 976 ,:. The aecond well waa drilled 46 feet K. F. Keathley has filed a contest Floyd .......1,039 navy were in the air- United States The ' grades for the July teachers' 200 ehltv-an146 , Into the aand and a pay atreak 20 feet and Damron. Knott Oil Service Company of agninst both Johnson all were lost. examination were received by Supt. Ashland, has been making good prog Emsey Thornbury, the successful can thick waa found. The macnine was built to cross the 1,176 .1184 Tha larger well la located on the Peters Tuesday. Nine applicants made ress since Its organisation and is de dldate among 16 for Jailer, has been Total. Atlantic and the fatal trip was being northwestern part of the Mldaa prop- Drat grade certificates, elementary; stined, those Interested believe, to have served with notice of contest by A. O. made as a test before starting for erty, tbe total area of whinh ia 14,000 fifty four maije aecond (Trades, and a large part In Its line of trade. The ; Adklns. America. acres. The aecond well la situated twelve made third grade certificates. company was Incorporated and Is com Representative J. M. Bllliter has Plan Improvement Nine did not make grades which en posed of a number of prominent busi- (lied contest against Joseph TrlVette, about one mile east from the first. ALEX VARNEY DEAD. of Mingo Highway title dthem to a certificate. Wayne ness men of the region. nominee for Tax Commissioner. No Quite a large crowd assembled at News. 6HAWKEY APPOINTED rlEAD Mayo and John Bucking filed in the contest proceedings were John C. C. Varney cemetery on Pigeon creek to (By Charles Brooks Smith) , OF BLUEFIELD 8CH00L3 Attorneys, County ham of Ashland, are amo-- g the Ash- Commonwealth's attend the funeral of Alex yarney. BOYS CAMP AT BURNAUQH. Washington, D. C, Aug. 21. The land stockhoders and Huntington has Clerk's or Coroner's race. Two contests Mr. Varney would have been 92 years Charleston, W. Va, Aug. 19. Mor-ri- a County Agent Q. C. Baker, accom a substantial representation. over nomination for Justice of the federal government is to give prompt old next month. He had been a preachsuperintendent panied by twenty-fou- r P. Shawkey, state A large production property In east Peace were filed; W. R. Justice againBt aid to the construction of a class A er for 60 years and was known and reof Lawrence of free schools for twelve years prior county'a boya and girls Is at Burnaugh ern Kentucky has been acquired by the John W. Blanton and Kenneth Smith road from Plkeville, Ky.. to Williamspected and esteemed throughout Loto March 4, haa accepted a position as where they went last Monday to at company and It Is now laying a pipe against D. F. Johnson. son, W. Va. That assurance waa given gan, Mingo and Pike. His adopted chilauperintendent of tha achoola at tend the club camp. line from those holdings to Ashland, The first hearing In the contest cases to Congressman Wells Goodykoontz, of dren are Mrs. Hence Whitt, Mrs. Jas. Mercer-che announced today. West Virginia, and John Langley, of Collins and Mrs. D. B. Varney, all of where a refinery with a dally capacity Is set for August 23. He Is now giving a course of lectures MRS, BOWMAN FOR DELEGATE. of 8,500 barrels Is to be constructed. Kentucky, by the director of the bu- whom live on the old Varney homeGeorge Peabody College for teachat Mrs. Stuart H. Bowman of Hunting reau of roads when they called on that stead. There are two surviving brothThe object of the concern Is to re NEW BUSINESS HOUSES ers at Nashville, Tennessee, but will ton, is mentioned aa a possible dele- fine crude oil and to market petroleum BE ERECTED IN LOUISA official to discuss the project with him. ers, Alvis, aged 87, and James C. aged TO go to Bluelleld wltliln the next few gate from the Western Virginia Conproducts of the highest grade. . The He assured them that as soon as the 83. All three were hardy, " rugged days to take up hir. new work. ference to the general conference of trade territory now 'being opened up James H. Woods expects to build plans and specifications already com mountaineers. , Alvis Varney was in the M. E. Church South to be held next embraces Ashland, Huntington and two brick business houses on his two pleted by the Kentucky officials are the full enjoyment of health and year. The general conference meets other Ohio valley points from Ports- lots on Main Cross street between received by his department he will ex- strength until a month ago when he WAYNE COUNTY MOVIE ACTOR. R. Leonard Copley of Los Angeles, every four years and the appointment mouth to possibly Parkersburg; the Main and Perry. These are 20 foot pedite action looking to approval by was stricken with paralysis. WilliamCalifornia, haa been visiting his moth- of delegate Is very much prised. Ouyan Valley, Norfolk & Western And lots, 66 feet deep, a part of the Roffe the federal government, and expressed son News. er at (Jrum, this county, and hla brothproperty. New River coal fields. the opinion that there was likely to be er, J. Walter Copley of Williamson. THE MAYO TRAIL. no hitch in Washington to delay the Local distributing plants are now be REV. JOYCE LEAVING. Copley la a moving picture actor and The State Road department says the ing established at various points to project With that approval secured. CAMP MEETING AT FT. GAY. Rev. J. A. Joyce preached his farecamp meet- It means that the national government well sermon last Sunday morning at is associated with Charles Ray, one of delay In advertising the Mayo Trail In take care of trade in the immediate The fourteenth annual the stars of the movie world. Copley Lawrence and other counties is due to vicinity. All goods will be delivered ing of the International Holiness will pay half the cost of constructing the Christian church and will return hnit an Imnn.t. n rnla wltll thA twMt some technical trouble with the fed- direct to consumers on the company's church of Fort Gay, W. Va, will be the road from Plkeville to Williamson, to Ohio. He has been holding a meet-- . picture "Scrap Iron." Copley Is a na- eral authorities. It la hoped to ask own trucks. A fleet of these trucks, Held at the Tabernacle, September 1 a distance of 38 miles. Ing at Mt. Pleasant this week. Rev. o On June 30 last Kentucky had a Joyce had Berved out the time for of 1,000 gallons capacity. Is being put j to 11, 1921. Rev. J. V. Coleman of tive Wayne countian and attended for bida In September or Ootober. several sessions of school at Wayne commission. Huntington Herald-- 1 clnnatl, Ohio, will be the Evangelist credit In the of which he came to Louisa. He made a . BUROESS-ZINKunder Prof. T. B. MeClure. He is beDispatch. , and will be assisted by a number of 11,260.000. Last week the 'house passed number of friends here who regret his lieved to be Wayne county's only rep- . Married, In Catlettel-urgJocal workers. Mrs. Coleman will have an additional appropriation Charles " for this departure. resentative in the moving picture pro- Zink of' Lena, Illinois and Mra. Vic- 80UTH METHODIST CONFERENCE charge of the music. fund amounting to $76,000,000 which duction Industry. Wayne News. toria Bond BurgeBS of Richardson, The annual session of the Western! the senate Is confidently expected to NOTICE. Ky. PROPERTY HERE. M. K. Church mention as well as , There will be an ice pnnr krkitimnM urav It I . will beFurther next week. of thla event Virginia conference, the Ashland dis Mr.. BUYS Walter of Ashland was In concur in. West Virginia, get Its pro the Torchlight school cream socialSat-at made Includes Lafe all the other states, will South, which house on Prof, E. M. Kennlson, who has been Louisa this week. While here he portionate share of this latest appro urday evening, August 27, commencing trict In Kentucky, will convene at In poor health for more than a year, MARRIAGE LICEN8ES. W. Va, next Wednesday, bought from Dr. C B. Walter, the! priation when it ia finally made avail- at 7 o'clock. Proceeds to be used to became suddenly worse a few days Charlie Prlohard. 26, to Alice Sal- - Bishop Denny will preside. A number apartment building now occupied by able by the senate's concurrence. purchase library books and other ego and his condition Is very critical. ' mons, 19, Clifford.- Huntington things so much needed in the school. j Dr. Walter's dental offices and ethers. Jot Louisa people expect to attend. III SAIIDY VALLEY s. Fatal Wife of Wm. Riffe Dies at r,a 00 tm UVM,ook Age of 90, Ending Long ,eueu catU6 - idle. aer-Mo- e. d. g u $.. Nine Kentucky Coal Companies Produce Half Million Tons in Year - , , 1 " ,.,, W - clti-aen- -.- r ..-- ' war-ther- - - ' . Floyd-Magoff- in ' sup-preae- ed for -- Knott - -- Bill Carrying 80 Million Dollars er For Good Roads Has Passed Senate ' for - , ' r : Rate Cum-ming- ' . IN PIKE IN PRIMARY Going lnto for and Herald-Dispatc- r -- a, i . The-Ma- d ' Blue-Mel- o, Cln-Int- ' ' federal-ald-to-roa- , ' ' Herald-Dispatc- h. .

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