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Image 1 of Paducah sun (Paducah, Ky. : 1898), December 20, 1902

Part of Paducah sun (Paducah, Ky. : 1898)

The Paducah Daily Sun PADUCAH VOL IX NO 290 TO BEGIN SATURDAY KENTUCKY APRIL CIRCUIT COURT OVER WEEKS NEWS IN TH E IN DECEMBER 20 10 CENTS 1902 BUSINESS WORLD RED PERWEEKr r IS NOW READY FISCAL COURT OVERr A Y Workon the BuildIng GdvernmMt Addition Expected The Prisoners Were all Sentenced Then This Morning 9 Rural Routes in McOracken Delayod The Grand Jury Made a final Report Nothing and Adjonmed by Improper Petitions Sensational Sent In t OHIO RIVER ELI IMPROVEMENT HOTOI11NBON SATISFIED The criminal term for circuit court Congressman Charles K Wheeler returned this morning from Washington for December ended this morning He Is serving hli for the holidays last term In congress and u he ii looking well the seaalons work has Of the prisoners convicted only Congress three are whites Ell Hutchinson doubtless not ten arduous has been busy but has done nothing Toba Dennis and James Illley of great Importance as tbe public They were sentenced by Judge knows from the proceedings Husbands today 4ind those convicted lac In regard to the work rn the govern and their terras aro ss follows men building addition here CongressEll Hutchinson eleven years for man Wheeler states tbat he held a fatally shooting tits brotherinlaw consultation with the supervising ar1 Henry Gray criminals Aprils cKltfct and the plans were shown him He made a number of ohangesand wile assured boforo he left Washington that bids would be advertised for before April 1 and work will begin on tbe addition which is to cost in tbe neigh borhood of 100000 soon thereafter It will be a fine structure and will contain the most modern improve meat Tobe Dennis two years for holding up a man named Palmer on South Second street late one night and at the point of a knife taking from gold piece him a John Worley and Will Gordon tire years for stealing the mule of Gilbert Lee colored of Martin Tcnn Fred Edmunds one year for stealIng the watch of Arch Robertson while playing a game of cards James Riley three years one for breaking into Bodenhelmors tailoring establishment one for breaking Into Leslie Thompsons tailoring establish ment and one for breaking into Joe Gonrlenxs saloon Andrew Petty four years for false swearing O W Wilson alias James Moorethree years for obtaining money under false t 17861 firms report very heavy buying with 48111 some au increase of 50 per cent over 23138 the same time last year The trade Clearings this week were Same week last year Increase The bank clearings this week show a very heavy Increase over tile same week last yearClearings last year In the same week were below the average and this weeks total is above the average for this year This is attributable to the heavy pay Meats being made Incidental to the moving of the tobacco crop and also the natural Increase In business Counter business with the banks I s very lieu Christmas shoppers are drawing on their savings freely but this money will soon find Its way back to the banks through the local merchants The Christmas shopping is very heavy this year and the present indica- tions are that It will foot np more than any Christmas trade In the his tory of the city All the Important The wholesale houses are working all their employes every night to keep up with the orders and as I s the case with the retail merchants the sensor has been the best ever experiencedOne of the largest shipments of vin egar on record will be a train load consisting of 85 cars which will be shipped west tonight by the O U Gregory Vinegar Worksof Paanoab This large and growing concern I s always In th e lead and the present shipment speaks well for its enterprise NEW SLIGHT CHANGE OFFICERS NEW TIME CARD ON THE I O EFFECTIVE TOMORROW MORNING WOODMEN OF THE WORLD HAVE CHOSEN THEM FOR THE TERM Tomorrow the Illinois Central will have another new time card on the Louisville and Memphis division eifel five at noon This will make tbe sec ond new time card within a few weeks that has boon placed In effect on the Illinois Central Louisville and Mem phis divisions The fast cannonball passengers Nos 101 101 and 103 will not be affected but tile accommodation passenger No 121 which now arrives in Paducah at 845 will come In five minutes lat er and the fast night passenger Np 104 will arrive five minutes later 185 instead of 180 The two local camps of Woodmen of tile World have chosen the follow ing officers Camp George Lehnhard Olive council commander 11 H Uelsleyad visor lieutenant J Flasch banker Joseph Flasch past council commander Charley Emery clerk J Cehn bard Jrwatchman Ollie Allen sen- try Joseph B Flascb Henry Lehn hard and Thomas Turner managers Joseph Flasch and FRoarkband ran lt II JIIuellleJE14ItWllllamon FDenI bI oThe IS U CEED HARTS BABY ITS ORFUL PURTY The Kutest Kind of Doll Babies at Tinesy Whynsy Prices Harts Xmas Goods mar > tQu J latttjr jjjjjjj4s Karving Sets Plated Ware Theodore Lnttroll who tinsed to y hive two sthlldKW ln fctoUw GEO 0 But Two started a little earlier this year than last however and may drop off in the I days remaining If it holds up as it Will be Taken to Illinois to ReEnter City Ordered ts Repair Teller Park has done the past few days however the Chester Penitentiary 0ontroot with Illinois Central Made Paducah will set tbe week down sit at Once Relative to Levee the best holiday season In tbe history Trade was dull this of the town morning on account of the rain bn SUSPEUTED OF SAFE BLOWING OTIIER PROCEEDINGS OF this afternoon was very brisk again The delay in the rural routes has been occasioned by the fact that the petitions sent in to Washington were not on blanks furnished by tbe de They partment which I s required had to be modlfiedwhlch caused great but the three additional routes lar expected to bo authorized shortly The Ohio River Improvement move has reunited In nothing definite thus I tits next May In Louisville fax L There Is a strong pull la favor Jersey Cainp Jack Galloway counof U however and an appropriation 1 commander t M J Yopp advisor for a survey will no doubt be made at pretensesJerry to eleven years In the penltontUrl Cook one year for cutting Ventenant U B Lockwood banker his brotherinlaw for murdering the next session of congress at least James clerk Congressman Wheeler will remain Nora Hudson Henry Gray seems to be well satis- George R Broadtoot Herman Matthews three years for fied with the verdict He Is hoping KlnderesoortG Thomas Yoppwatchhere until January 6th and then re- detaining Rebecca Rogers turn to finish the term to be able to secure a pardon his man W K Perry sentry Julius Ixws Sardos Hart two years for breaking friends say into the stable of Mr Wm MoOntoh The court did not act in the Curry MANY PISTOLS eon near Rowlandtown gher manager 0 W Onrlinasslstant lunacy case Will Hamilton five years for steal The indictment against Rev G W physician Jack CallowayFrank Den HAVE EVIDENTLY ing a watch from George Hewlett HOLDUPD Briggs will not come np for trial un nettGeorge Broadfootdeleaates to the The jury returned a verdict of not FRIGHTENED THE CITIZENS grand lodge which meets next May til the next term of court in April In the case against Henry guilty with alternates of Julius Looser MJ OF PADUCAH w Schmidt the grocer and saloon keeper Yopp and O W Curl In BACK ON ROAD The second hand and hardware deal at Eleventh and Caldwell streets this report that they are selling many morning The defendant was charged I en MARRY WEDNESDAY pistols The trade dating the put Mw with having kept his barroom open on TRAINMASTER O M SEWELL LIKE HIS OLD JOB BETTER days has Increased to a remarkable ex SundayThe YOUNG PEOPLE TO POPULAR i against Worth Wlthrow tent and there I s no telling how many WED CHRISTMAS EVE Notices were received hSre today anweapons have been sold since robbery white for bog steeling and fOf obtain nouncing tbe transfer of MrOMBew and burglary became 10 rampant in ing money by false pretenses were Mr Henry Reynolds a popular ell the trainmaster of the Fulton disPaducah The second hand dealers agreement continued clerk at Worths and trict of the Illinois Central tack to tile young grocery James Anderson colored was triedI seem to have had more salts than regular passenger service between Cat Miss Annie Don 1nrant an attractive this morning for grand larceny theI the other dealers Memphis His position Is now young lady with many admirers w theft of II bicycle from Howard War ro and next Wednesday being filled by MrO W Spencer of will bo married DANK STATEMENT bicycle dealer denthe ct the Oentralla district of the Illinois The prospective bride is a nleeo James Anderson colored who stole bank New York OltyDeo Walker cf tbe Paducah po Officer statement shows the following chang a bicycle from Howard Warden theI CentralNo regular appointment has yet- lice force and both have many dealer was convicted of the crime es for the week t friends who will extend congratula been made leseVv on all deposits f 383800- and sentenced to two years In tbe pen lions itentiary Mr Emmett Carney of Mayfield r Rewrv on deposits other than The motion for a new trial In the- who has been visiting In the city for 384075 Mr Arthur Everet returned from US 8810300 cae against John Worley colored for the past several days has returned Oxford Miss last night where he Loans decrease 1880700 horse stealing was overruled and Wor home had been attending school Spools decrees Deposits decrease 8687300 leys attorneys were granted an ap 55000 pealWill Circulation Increase Hamiltons attorneys filed a motion anti reason for a new trial PATIENT IB IMPROVING Hamilton Leonard Hotlowajrtho demented pa- which were overruled tient at the railroad hospital I s better who la colored was convicted of He Is now al stealing a watch I today it I s thought The case against Charles Ashley He lowed to go out and walk about wants to be on the go and as long II- white for the theft of saw logs was ISe Is permitted to walk about leem- continued Wm Franklin alias William John To be allrlght except that he continues He son was granted a continuance to talk in an unintelligible manner I s charged with obtaining money by i false pretenses THE MARKETS Joe Bennett white who sold 11 P are the cream of the foreign 8 pleaded Hawkins a lot of oats for Perfect Gems in their kets guilty and was sentenced to one year mnuntniD Br Asses ft OIUHT OF ilia class These novelties willadorn FDPCAIJ CouWuilOM CO in the penitentiary lie claimed that Gets doss the oats were his own when they be any home In the line are beau weut 4 longed to a man named Smith 741 tiful Baskets for all purposes y 7f1 IVRYCole The motion for a new trial in the large and instructive toys for Iy 4q December Ellis Ueadley bribery oases made bymay r t was continued boys and girlseat if 0 0eat the commonwealth a neeemixr Sl until next term 33may 31Mtt The grand jury was finally dis- J charged after it had returned a few r II indictments mono of which are of a 9 T sensational nature 1 It teas thought that some action would tie taken by the grand jury jet the disc against pflJ He Was a Much Surprised Man When I The Called Session Lasted Shown His Picture Days HART SwSONS GO Ir COURTKJ Red Johnson who has been Fiscal court adjourned this afternoon about the city for several months and and will not meet again until the has been suspected as a crook for some- second Tuesday In January unless call time by the police of Paducah was ed together to consider something of one of the most surprised men in tbe especial Importance This morning court convened for the city today when be was arrested right In the city hall and taken into the econd day and a few small bills were city court room by two officers allowedThe authorities will be legally Johnson was hauled in last May during the carnival as a suspect and instructed to repair and put In good given hours to leave town with a lot condition the courthouse yard and if they fall to do thlstho county officials of other crooks He was In and out for several will have it done at the expense of the months and was located in various city This was decided on this morn There had been tome contention He came fig states at different times back here recently and as it was be on the part of the city ai to who had lieved he war Implicated in the blow to fix the yard up The county for to this but the city ing of Johnson Bros safe at Lola merly attended Livingston county a few months ago wanted to make a park and agreed to be was arrested on suspicion and a make the repairs and keep the yard charge of vagrancy was registered clean If the county would let them do against him in order to hold him It The pars was made and called until some one got here to identify Yolser park but for the past two yean it has resembled a cow pasture and hog him lie gave a 50 bond and the case wallowA between the Illinois Cen was continued until Monday He was at the city hall today when pet tral railroad company and the county This contract is for the sons from Lola were there to iden was ratified tify him but they could not do It construction of a levee at Wares and be doubtless felt secure In obtain brancha small branch of Massao creek and also for the construction of a ing bis liberty next Monday Chief Collins had a surprise in bridge at the same place The work store for him however This morn is all to be under the supervision of ing he received a letter from Canal County Road Supervisor Bert Johnsaying that the mans name I s son The county and railroad comIII Red Marcnm or that is the name pany had been unable to agree as to he went by there and that he Is how the work should be done and tile contract was filed as a compromise wanted there for breaking jail Johnson Accompanying It was a picture of County Road Supervisor a convict Red Maronm who Is want thinks that he can build the levee ed for violating his parole at the with 11750 and the railroad company Chester penitentiary where he was agrees to furnish this amount and let sentenced for larceny It was a pie him build it It Is to be 800 feet long ture of Johnson who has a deep scar The company further agrees to build a on the left side of his chin which bridge under Mr Johnsons supervis makes It Impossible for him to dis ionThe bridge is not to exceed 84 feet guise himself The railroad lie appeared to think it was very In length funny anti eagerly scrutinized the Iagrees to put up the cash and tile coun picture and the measurements on the tty the supervisor of the work back at tbe same time laughing idiotically and declaring that If it THREE MONTHS was his picture he didnt know it 1111 and that he had never been in an nol penitentiary It wait too good a likeness however Will Strickland Confesses to Petty and Judge Sanders promptly ComLarceny Today mitted him to lull until Illinois offl ere arrive for him tomorrow or Mon- day It is probable he is wanted InCOther Two Defendants Will De Given many other states as he seems to bea Trial an allaround bad egg- i companyt JEWELRY g TIIIEF Will Strickland Henry Minor and CAPT HENRY BAILEY MADE George Smith colored who were I caught in WK Poages clothing store ANOTHER GOOD CATCHyesterday after Strickland bad stolen YESTERDAY a pair of pints and been caught by Captain Henry Bailey has again dis- Mr Poage across toe street were pre tinguished himself and the polio acted today In pollceconrt and Strick force which has been doing excellent land pleaded guilty work especially lately by capturing The other two claim that they know Emmet Robertson colored wanted InInothing about the theft and did not for breaking Into go there for the purpose of stealing or Water ValleyMlss a jewelry store about a year ago Rob- know that Strickland was going to ertson and Annie Singleton coloredI steal anything were arrested a day or two ago for Mr Poage testified that he suspected stealing some clothing and dismissed them because they all tbree came in morning In police court together and watched them and they yesterday Captain Bailey learned that Robertson were together all tbe time was wanted in Water Valleyhowever Strickland was sentenced to serve and wired the marshal there three months on the streets at hard Last night he received a message labor the first sentence Judge Sanders From Marshal Rayburn to hold Rob ever passed for petty larceny Judges Robertson in other second class cities ertson until be gets here confessed that he and Jake prisoners for petty larceny however then Washington and Will Bell broke into and Judge Sanders has decided to do a Jewelry store and that the others it The case against the other wohave already boon sent to the peni- men was continued In order tha they tentiary may get witnesses 4 A case against Bud Barker colored ORDINANCE HAS BEEN SIGNED for creating a disturbance at the wharf The saloon ordinance was yesterday about the first of the month was left afternoon signed by the mayor bn- open The man under arrest will sit did not become effective as it hat to tempt to prove that he is not the bei published In the official paper one l ai he Ia cook on the ThinaasYB be this afternoonImeThla will and claims he can Pro and tonight the ordinance will be en Mrs BirdWi breed The saloon men will prob 6110A jaj Sts vsa tM t sentencet 1WI J

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