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Image 3 of The Hickman courier, April 26, 1901

Part of The Hickman courier

w tr aasMnr J 4 fat i I Y < ff1i ice Covington Ky April 10 Glcaspn alias Charles iillmun James wniel 1 StuhgCoJnntisioionlJ Ky Aprill 2IIarry aged M of the firm > i Cunningham tC MeDongall decorat ¬ rs committed suicide in his rooms Lexington rifoDongall filhnrsday jailReasons iI I jailThe ot t s nciT 1011il 1111iUllth ALL 1 t CI Y in50OOOfJ Capital Stock paid Surplus and Undivided Profits TermAClS lIt tierC respectfully t t- The Funds and Securities of this Bank are protected by the tut lies never yet millsr I 20000 o > GUILTYJ 1 I fallingThe ¬ I < Door Safe le been Opened by Burglars a 0 R T TVL15R Asst HIOIOIAN J h WAGON CO 1ASUIUIUEUS of THE CEItUR7ED ¬ I Iut t 1 ROOFING A SPECIlLTY I + 1 AS ItIIPllE8UNTED 1 f lt 1 J i GIIARMTID KigxANjt thrs HLCh3I2t I I GOODS t I BREVARD Has a Superior Stock of the best makes ofall kinds of Hardware which is offered at ONE PRICE und that the very lowest the market justifies slowlyc solely to Inc keenness of Fred Muurer tars tvo months ago to quit his business k on this account During the past f week his friends spoke of the de fw occurred in December J fOO and thronement of his reason was carried out by three desperate i Sunday morning he was unusually looking men who were seen by set bright anti cheerful so ninrh so Ithat tnil persons in the vicinity of the his wife listened to hi + cntrcnlavt I Hst oflice nt the time Descriptions null went to church After she hud ilf tile robbers wore pub ished in tt gone he wrote a letter telling her of papers at tilt time butiJO trace of his business a tin Irs egging her to them could he found forgive him and concluding with a TSo weeks ago Thursday a man prayer to Goal for protection to his of powerful build was arrested at wife and son and for morey on hi l Tutllow on a charge of drunkenness soul lie shaved himself clean cut and disorderly conduct and was 51 I his throat from oar to ear laid tilt I toncfld to the Covington jail for lIi razor on the mantelpiece laid down days under the name of Charles CillI upon tilt Ioor folded hi hands i man Turnkey Maurcr wlu n gitcs across his breast and bled to dettcharge of the prisoner renunnhere- hdllrs McDougall on her return the description of the post oflice rot from church found tits door lookejl bcrs anti came to tthe oenclnsion that With the assistance of one of the I iiiiinan was one of them lie com roomers in the house she forced iit innnicated with the jpost oilice au ¬ opt n The sight Leis nut her gaitt thorities who sent a secret strut has completely prostrated Iher officer to Covington to investigate MOONSHINERS RAIDED lillman was recognized as taut y Oleason who was wanted for till robbery at Louisa Several witnesses A Still and ll Full Kfiiilpiiioiii DcMlrojril in HxtriHit Cninily from Louisa Thursday testified to The OtvncrN l neiiieil seeing him at that place on the day of the robbery The evidence against liim was so strong that Co11unissiione- rLouisville Ky April 20 Internal Revenue Agent Yates returned Fri Lucn and hound him over day from a raid in Ilardin county in MUCH MARRIED MAN which he succeeded in destroying a still and its full equipment The own ThomaH Irolept line tierce Wise ers of the still were not sound Living Yet lie For months the people along Hough Guilty ereek on which the raid wax made of IJI niiiy have been terrorized by the makers o illicit whisky In several instances congratulated Howling Green Ty Aprill 19 made t Lexington Ky April 22 CnptJ I n 11111 about Pittsburgh it pr l Thomas toteet a merchant at Icnna the houses of those who were thought I lihv hnpel has had a most varied mat U hnve given information to the vet Garnett n llipley acquitted nt Frank will take lNiOOl to pay th total rtion5ul experience and according cane otllcers were blown np with fort Saturday of the charge of com cost of the injury to property Ic the r to Ms own statement has severs wivs dynamite their haystacks were hurt plicity iu the killing of William Go 2 Water and by landslide Add to I hr livin r nnd is not guilty of bigamy cd and their stock run oft and their hel announced Sunday night that h e the great IoxsIto the railroad tad U lived in the west for several years property dcstroyctwill Ileave Thursday for a visit of six tnannraetiiring plants rtsn Tid four of Ills former win > are on- t weeks to Spanish Honduras He the rivers in the itumediat iiimv lINVESTMENT COMPANIES spent the night girt with friends there Two live in Kdmottson county 0 t tit the IONS in vasjvs ti tli vork suite and one is now living with J ilgmen and the total will not fall airnl 1ntul1 THRILLING INCIDENT iJ i liiji Jle was divorced I from Hs IttIrtlItnth t f SINIIINN tc loriii n ti1aU tnuealiunlformer wives on different gronmls y rt1jf ° A nay SavcMl 11 IunncnKor1 dlotrnetl Lntil 3Iny 7 ATCIrrCIN 1T7 He does not know how ninny ontldren lrom fioliiic Bull Speed Into f hts has but the number ia between C Lexington 3y Aril a IiuiilMliilc 18 anti 22 Mr 1otcet i s 51 years old i f The liidieatiotiN ire Tliat tin li c Hentatives of the investment cots ¬ panics of the slate met here Friday FLOOD AT LOUISVILLE PitUburgh Ia April 22One r to organize a state association The the thrilling incidents connect i Ufvcr Men Sny till Ohio Will He Kivc perfecting of the organiation was with the floods prevailing in thijj Cincinnati April 2 a IliKPH there i postponed and a second ineetinj call state was the hairbreadth escape is a change in the wtather slung tii Feet AhUt tlie Dniiser ltnel i cdI to meet at Louisville on May 7 from destruction of a Pennsylvania By Tncxilny MKI A majority of the local companies railroad limited train tvest bou nilI go as high ns In A goy riding ISJiS when it registered litl tVet here Louisville Ky April 2CInver men refivusl to attend the ineetinir elnim pent Tyrone Sunday viy that by Tuesday night The Ohio injj that they had no need of pro ifrantically at the side of the try ck1x the situation stands now the in will be live feet above the danger section from adverse stair and tit t wildly waving his cap gave a war iI the engineer flooring llo at Louisville Xo great darns g Linn legislation which was one of I iing to from going fulland saved t n speed into train is feared however even if this irark principal objects of the organirutiot not over is feet JJ T 1ib Wra Illof the loud In landslide Even after the lvarnit should be reached Small houses on eastern water front of the city vestment Co of Cincinnati I is out Ithe train ran into a large rod knac ingoil the cowcatcher on the engil slowly will in Shipping of the promoters of the movement snore the sit ¬ and a Pullman was so badly dam uation here is not alarmingly seriims Port on the west front The latter Offer Iteirnrd Itcckluim i s the oldest part of the city i and Monday the river had trashed Hie Frankfort Ky April 1H GOT jthe train None of the passengers rontains generally very mall houses first floors of buildings on the river rl Ifc is thought no industries will froth between ISroadway andI u nj arrest of SolI hampered by high water low known as Hat Row and that per omon Potts J M rotter DOIT JLONG DISTANCE TELEPHONE lion known as Sausage How with Johnson J H Mullins and Xoah Jtcy Poiroirn Vnlley Flood nolds who are charged in Letclier An Atlanta Mail Has Perfected a is located on the river front hettvrun o Middlesboro Ky Main and Walnut streets System Kxteniliimr lOOO 3111c days heavy rain brought on a freshet county with the murder of William SIiui t ytovij SiiJIVrnl Deyoail Ireseat Ilnill in Towells valley and perhaps 20 Wright a member of the sheriirj posse Residents of Shanty town suffered families were homeless in that sec Hon Friday night As soon as the Atlanta Ga April 221 Mf Tlier jomiderahly from the waters marl ItiMane Jlanx Aivfnl Crimr water recedes they will return to Hopkinsville Ky April 19 Young rell of this city claims to have suc rush The river caught ths deviens their homes This is the second toy Courtney lately discharged from corded in perfecting a system byof that settlement unprepared and freshet along Powells river this year an insane asylum bound his aged which telephonic long distance limits lnla few of the boats perched on top the bank were in condition fhe rain was followed by a severe mother with a clothes line mill pitch are extended 1000 mills beyond pr esforfloat ofDuring the winter the boats snowstorm There is two inches Ofed her into an open fireplace She cut conversationalllimits that isto Know iin Yellow creek valley and it was frightfully burned before aidi from 1JV to 230t pales During re ¬ have lain on the river bank und evld is half a foot deep on the mountains reached her Courtney was sent cent tests of this apparatus court r weather caused the tams to open t sations were satisfactorily carried on iiCITorts were mode by their occupants hack to the asylum A Kentucky1 Girl Cboleo to caulk the seams and joints tint over one circuit between Atlanta and London April 22 Societys Inter ¬ Xc due lo Hie 3Inr4loror Troy X Y made up in a roundabout before this could he done i number est centers in the marriage or Miss La jan way and with 13 miles of cable in tlc vere overturned and others wrecked Amy Moorehead Walker of Chicago Williams of Pewee Valley was foundl There were many thrilling escape circuit daughter of the late S1 Walker of near the L N station with his The cellars of most all bulnessFrankfort Ky to Mr Malcolm ilon skull fractured and a bloody ahoy UK GIIII Saved house > in the bottoms are filled lII v croiffe a brother of Sir IZobert Jfon handle lying beside him naval hash water which gained entranci Fag April lie die orciffe baronet and of the ducness without regaining consciousness Sat- authorities here have succeeded in into the premises through the s eers I of Athol and Jcorgiaua countess of urday night he had considerable motl ¬ saving the 2Ston gun which while Much damage was done before rop Dudley which occurs at St Pauls ey Xo clue to the murderer being landed Saturday from a gov ¬ rty was removed church Knights Iridge Tuesday ernment vessel for the new Dover With a Pixtol Miss Helen Jones of Chicago will fort crashed muzzle down through LITTLE KANAWHA FALLING i Owensboro Ky April 22 During the deck and bottom of the ship 0 maid of honor the a quarrel with his wife Sunday fohaI owing to the snapping of the derrick rile Lumbermen AVer tlie Largest TIlt Reiiort Denied Matthis grabbed a Ht i liber revoll chain LucrN41110011 Worth of JIJ KM Middlcsboro Ky April 19ITand Ties Flouted Awny TTndcrwood manager of the Iope lunlcroil bcro Town and Land Co says there the struggle it discharged seriously Constantinople April 22 Consul dispatches from Monastir Macecloll is no truth in the report that the wounding Matt his river 257 tfry t sold niInc report the murder April 2 of the Bul rising onefifth of uis inch Jper hour slel combine has acquired a major- ¬ m Xew Jllnlxtor Iii tiille l ity of the shares of the Middlesboro garian Pope Partherius at the Pop The expected of tin vise viSI Lexington ly April 22 llev Dr litcha convent near Domirnissar St and Land Co stock He says Town tIreach here Tuesday forctioJii Xo he does not believe there is any truth Muller of Louisville was instalkil posedly by members of the Mace iilnnn is felt stet reports of a sec ¬ in the report that J Pierpont Morgan pastor of the First Presbyterian donian committee who hat suspect ed yetis secured possession of the Watts church Sunday to succeed Dr lart nim of espionage in behalf of hit titer is falln rapidly at FKabeth ish authorities steel and iron plants of Middlesboro lett d scar ill Pivstoi so that ss past A Heavy SimwNtorm S f lh of 11 Two Million to CJiarlty Shined With the Ijonlivllleji tlegit will Jh reoudnot be re urltej u London Ivy April 20A test y t York April 2 2TOO> F Go V Louisville Ky April 20 Jouett ¬ by six ret The heaviest losses In this Mcekin the New Albany Ind pitch ¬ snowstorm has been raging throughi ¬ denberg heat of Goldenberg llros S il11 ttiXcw York f- 0rout Eastern Kentucky since noon Fri Co lace importers of this city drop vicinity is on iuniber mci erc who played ball for i day and iis still falling heavy at 9 p nod dead from heart disease He wa Ioorttn voth of lugs and titv coi ten years and who was with Pitts 11 The peach tro es are in roll Moor I tt burgh a part of last season was sign A heavy sleet preceded the snow worth over 2000000 with no rchv The out with l the i litth lanuwhi nVc j lu i3 leiJs than in tires tic left a will giving the b nit 211 J crd Friday by Manager Wilmot for the together yi urs int of his estate to charity Ixiuisvillc Wc terl1 Association team which will kill the fruit threaJi ilJ Appointed n Special Inilcru Stove Trust Humor Two Ootlnwn in Tull Ky cIvankfort April 10 Gor o St Louis hugs st evil2Al Iaducah Ky April 3The biggest appointed Attor ¬ 4> Rey nearly completed taking l ohTisrn and John Porter of theup Itcckluim Thursday of Jrwiuc special tt ihrti large stove manufacture it flood in years is predicted lucre The ney llobert Uiddle all the nolfis faction gave themselves The nc nol toI judge to try the cases of Tyo VH Ty concerns of the United States Thi Tennessee and Cumberland are pour Friday sheriff I and Solomon Ilammons vs Elijah s tho jjiiople are entrenching themselves M Hammonds in the Knox circuit court I stronghold < RB tliIt 101 RELIABLE flOOD t > South Upper street shortly be ¬ robbing the post office at Louisa Ky fore noon 5uuda11was bound over to the frclct ytlfcllnttgall was till son of A l n urt which convenes in Covington MoDongall a prosperous farmer lit on the first Monday in May Iris bail ins near Maysville Ho marrifd Miss uas fixed at SJ000in default of which Annie Darnall of Maysville Tor by l- RIVER 01 Above pital has just performed one of thei most remarkable operations ever rj corded in the annals of surgery IJ ° i consisted of taking three stitches llrilE RAINS AND SNOWS HAVE CEASED the heart of Philip Gum who had been stubbed in a saloon brawl The p I oint of the knife blade had entered The Stage at Cincinnati Monday Night the right ventricle and had pierced Was 52 Feet JJ Inches and to the cavity of the heart Luckily ob the knife had entered the heart liquefy and the result was that t h opening between the cavity and Is KviMrlcil the Crest of tin uLrr pcrcnrdinm of the heart was Hp AVI111 reach IlirkftHlMirn Sumo Hint TiiKilay pulsationJ lvint ed as a valve and at each slut InlHiix but A of the blood through the heart small cpantity escaped through tlie artificial opening The task of stitch i hNtlllltling t ing this unusual wound was a verj ditlicult one Dr Nietart first re that early in the day there wa iiry moved n section of the breast bone evidence of a reneual of the high exposing the pericardium The mo ¬ water the muinuiifiMncnt can he made j tion of the heart can not be repre ed and Dr Nictart was forced to make least danger of another rise Ml tins I the stitches while the organ was shift point nor above for the present ing about It required three sutures towns tin the Ohio river Inlow JUTU to effectually close the gap This del ore not yet out of ilnngvr IKHUMM of i i irate operation finished the pericafr rains in the valley Sunday uisfht md pof> Monday giant Wits sewed together The All uprived points report the rain tion of the breast hone removed could not be replaced nUll the opera and snow having censed old ihr rhers tion was concluded by stitching to tailing Tim Ohio rcgititercd I I11 at gether the skin anti the outer tissues which cover the chest i Dunn iis still alive and as he has a sn that the works along the hurls strung constitution the physician are running The Hood brought in inuh niy predict his recovery mud that it left when it receded and it will require a day or two to re inove it from many of the Tlir Jury Acaifi1 Him of OinrRtf ii number of places the mud Iu lug god np the machinery some of phi h Coiisplrliiy tit A ntlnnlc will have to be taken apart andI IK Senator AVIIIInm Cuvhcl cleaned Ky April 22 After Frankfort rifjinliiu tI two hours consideration of the case TIlt creeks and runs which did so the juror having in their handy the much damage in the outlying districts fate of tfipt Garnet llipley return on Saturdayacre bash well w hin t ed into court a verdict of Not guilty their banks Monday night The as charged in the indictment Camegieborongh is rapidly strap verdict carne at 1155 oclock and was Inj np and repairing bridges houses not a surprise to the defendant or his tad roads that were destroyed a ln si counsel The defendant was the lirst Chart res ereek ran wild to reach the jury box when the ver¬ The same state of affairs cx + at diet had been read He rasped the MelCees Hocks and other towns thjit hand of Juror McKwan and exclaim the water reached TIlt railroads edI Your verdict was a true one I have resumed operations 4 n uilljxiiics i thank you The defendant was im hut for sevenil I days no plthltlio11 i mediately surrounded by friends and at miming on schedule time trill bi Aiv pl Dcsttli Sonprlii hy n livvliititoii Man Vlni KilliMl lUiiit ir With a ISnzor un Clutru u >1 I > 1 wr nilii i > ti It > Itti tlihIlI OJlpr hillIOf 1 1 thelie Mondayk ingne ofaged 1 ¬ Illl I I 1 1t probablyse EtaR II1CI112J lj rrbt 1 t We are hero To my old customers to stay Nobody will aupn ciato your patronage or take more pleasure in try tug to please you than vr A old reliable RU barbers ¬ ¬ DienelThe > i1over + > 2Thc beieii8tina ands himselL z a ¬ T1cin 0Ilulurln att ¬ hak rr 1 t11t r yctr r DR 20J1t their KENTUCKY i > iE A TIrAL when you wnn epeciultyI Undortakors l kxinlthine done or repnirin Goods Common Koee ooil and Solid Blast h slant Coffins and Cxses which eau betided up in cliort notice Mnt at reason KENTUCKY uhie price Office over CoweiH R Cowgille Give me Shop near the n call Jail LIVERY STABLE OPPOSITE R R DEPOT 3torfI EAKERJ Drnc General Grocer Powell Block Clinton St Having purchased the Grocery Stock of Honilnrinc woulil he pJeHHtd greets hl1Y Pall oM friends to call toI and Phnici nnrzr inc J JC I I W J BARRY CO I I nCJ- AT nUCKXEUS JUM make you a Buggy to order or Paint your old one 1Will Repair JH First class turnouts buggies surreys carriages safe teams c Customers served with courtesy and politeness Patronage solicited Telephone 19 ALL WORK GUARANTEED WILL BUY OLD BUGGIES Itrmlry BENKETT Frcpr Cash BDok Store ELACESMITBING OP ALL KINDS II K POLLOCK Splendid Selection of Joe w JSoitnrlt NEW BOOKSSTATIONERY REMLEY STATIONERYNOTIONS ATSOENLS ATLAW Y Calland see our Stock thing up to date Will practice in all Courts especially tho Courts of Hickman and Fulton coun ties Mr Bennetts offie will remain at Clinton and Sir Kemlcys in llickmau ¬ MARY BERENDES Ever l R Co > rbt Leaves Chicago at thIIt eicr 1adnrtha ufncuincercdt i > OLIVER HICK IAN i I DG5U CE rTI4 j S K DAVIDSON HICKMAN J Blacksmith and Undertaker i GAunnILI r11E T HU b 1 1 j f Dentist 11Iir ¬ ¬ 8P CITY BARBER SHOP fwt l = 5 hurtI RENTUbKY T y

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