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Image 1 of Interior journal (Stanford, Ky. : 1905), April 15, 1910

Part of Interior journal (Stanford, Ky. : 1905)

I f f qh k It I > f > JI f f t 1 H JX < L 1ItJ tr tJ 7f 7 f1Jft r 11HE < o h 14 i r > I INT Col Belknap Dead PROiWENT DISTILLER PASSES AWAY t or Dies l at Home Near ttorU Creek As The Result t < n ij Ir 1 1 Of Blood Poisoning APRIL 15 Came Back to BRQMRQFiOCALMAN Col Morris P Belknap republican candidate for governor against Gov Beckham in 1901 die l at his home in He fvouuvllli Wednesday afternoon was 51 yearTof age and one of the wealthiest men in Louisville r O FRIDAY tev JOURN4qt jfr t t x It STAIoQU 1LxuY1 i t < w 7 y = j ff y am r if 10 Cods iCounfry End of Celebrated Case KILLED BY EXPLOSION J s t- j 1 1 ft r 4 doo s lI014 HOW TO SECURE CO¬ The Tennessee supreme court affirm ¬ OPERATION OF PARENTS ed the sentence against Col Duncan B Cooper for the murder of former Sena- ¬ tor Edward W Carmack but reversed Teachers At City Schools Write the sentence against Robin J Cooper On SubjectPaper That Was on the ground of errors Before the Considered The Best dissenting opinion had been read in the case of Col Cooper Gov Patterson IsTimE teachers In the Stanford city sued a pardon to the convicted man schools have had regular meetings thro Walter Warren Receives Sad News Of Fearful Death Of A T Warren In Texas VJefeaTrayW one ef the best known Arthur Thomas Warren brother of Free Seed Corn Walter Warren of Stanford was one part of the state and f of the victims of a premature exploe ntkieetet th county pawed b 4 N ymt hR botte in U Gilberts Creek Will Be Given Away And Grow ¬ ton of powder on the Santa Fe railroad Clark Farris Dead Foers Organized MaMiBi f ihts county Wednesday had operated the John + Tssjlir lottery at Gilberts Creek hit W H Strange representing tho screw and It is believed that his body Garrard County Veteran Dies At study they have just completed a text hMfttr Heftry Traylor operating the State Department of Agriculture will was blown to atoms as he was imme entitled Chamberlains Standards In Confederate Home lltlketiastktil1erpfartherup en Dk- he in Stanford this Friday afternoon I diately in the neighborhood of the ex ¬ Education How to Secure the Co ¬ plosion In which eight others were kill jfy riew Mr Traykw had ten In ill- about ucluck for the purpose of form operation of Patrons was a subject News was received here Wednesday hsal M fee aoees lime and while his tog a torn Grower Association and ed Mr Warren received several tele of the death at the Confederate Home grams this week to the effect that no distributing three buihela of seed corn at Pewee Valley of R Clark Farris the one which free to the members of the association trace of his brothers body had been follows was regarded as who has been living there for about lie directed that every effort Much Uiiod ties been accomplished by found worthy of publication they all deserve I be made to find two years having been stricken with it for burial if he was these ur stiisilnin of com growers WM to bo published for good thought and paralysis He was long a resident of uH aMUra were with him when the and a much better and more prolific dead Some believe that his body was Garrard county and no man In this part well defined plans are in each one w itilawat4 led MW that the loving hue crop of COM U being produced every buried under tons of rock will go to show some that often while I of the State was better known or stood The dispatcher from the steno of the selection of the seed 4handaitd flacks la no more they have j the pupils and patrons sleep the higher in the esteem of all corn Every farmer in Lincoln county catastrophe said that 1600 pounds of pathy of everyone 4ilw is Mr Farris was 72 years of age at the teacher studying for the interest at dynamite was touched off prematurely Yr Trapler WH beta In Lwcoln coun- who ruiici turn i > urged to be present each This was written by Miss Claudia time of his death He was a brothe of ty aadaited here practically all his life and Join the association which costs and the explosion sent men and debris the late John R Farris Mr Farris EatonINTEREST air IxUn hit wife he to survived by five nothing and get tome of the seed corn hundreds of feet nInto thecut andThe men wife died some years ago and he leaves AND COOPERATION were working in deep caught OF PAR- ¬ I von Filth of Crab Or i one daughter Mrs George Holmes of the full force of the fearful ENTS bargain S K Dttddew of this Court Day Sales Lexington one brother T S Farris The mining victim had lived here In In referring to the mighty sovereigns 4tyv Mfea Pally Daane Trayler and two THOMAS D NEWLAND JR of California better known as Bub Lincoln county for some time several of powerful nations we speak of the yegiir aWhtert twins af Mr Traylor was co- Six Hundred Cattle On Market yeara ago and had visited his brother Who Is back in Stanford to manage his and three sisters Mrs John Engleman power behind the throne yet in the Gentry here nthtdi4at 4 eeteekTfwrsday afternoon fathers big nor utter ten years as St and Mrs C VEngleman of this¬ pursuits of practical life naught fa And Demand Brisk For All city and Mrs Sam of Cal mentioned of the hand that shapes the a leading rile ni in of Danville y kj RtrV J G LivtafptM of Crab Or ifornia He was a member of Capt destiny of so many of our fellow work hard Interment was In the Goshen GOO cat ¬ 4 There were altogether about High Value On Dogs Taken to Louisville Bob Logans company as was his bro- ers The renowned inventors authors tie on the market here court day and ther John and served with Morgan statesmen orators and other practically every one of them changed i He Swap John Outtlcy Reid Improved Suffi ¬ being captured on the Ohio raid Col men of our land have had some rotes hands Stockmen and tradera from all Tom Hackley Refuses to Dies of Pneumonia and his brother saved the life of tive however small it may have been Fox Hound For A Mule over this part of the state were on ciently To Co In Automobile Grigsby when Morgan and his brave through which they have achieved their Nunnelloya stock yards ajd men swam tho Ohio river Grigsbya great work tSweet Young Girl Passes Away hand at a brisk demand for every- J T Hackloy whereby there was Jr Is the boss fox John Owsley Reid has improved to horSe was killed at half way and the climbed roundand round the they have by ladder of t Near Hustonvillc So good ia the hound breeder in thla part of the coun such an thing that waa offered extent that he was taken to two brothers at great peril to them success only last to attain the market here that Mr Nunnelley has try He has just shipped dogs to six Louisville in an automobile Tuesday selves turned their horses and thoir summit of all at glory and fame That men over the surrounding country look different states and nearly all his ship and will have the personal care of Dr colonel grasping a stirrup leather of word of encouragement to a struggling J lug for cattle to buy and then can cot menu have been to old customers McMurtry his kinsman in a hospital each saddle they landed him safely on on apprentice or that determination im Rear 4< showing that they dli3K price cHad at their home Wed- secure enough to satisfy Uio demands one to Mississippi are pleased He sent there Despite the heavy downpour the other shore parted to the fainthearted was the two to Tennessee it was felt that Mr Reids condition a short lllfwM of pneu that are made upon him steeedtr Mr Farris remains were buried in power in its results behind a weak msfria He bought from C A Hammond of one to Oklahoma one to Ohio one to was such that he would run no risk in the old soldiers cemetery at the Home waa a sweet child and very and tottering throne la a so Russell county 78 mixed cattlo at from New York and one to Illinois IMfWlur with all tad her love Mr being transferred overland in his motor where so many of his brave old com t As we mold the character of tile vere wee to M r areflts and U T Hackley values his hounds ao highly Mr Hammond 2J toBJc rades lie there to await the last rev- ¬ children of today so will the citizens of Solby also of Ruiiell ought 64 steers that he refused an offer to trade one carMr Reid has had a long and hard eille on resurrection morn tomorrow be The child is the throne from Charley Pile of the McKmney for a mule made him by Geo Holmes tussle with the dread typhnld fever but MrC V Gentry went to Louisville the parents the power behind the section and Immediately told them to last week At the prices mules are tie many friends are delighted to know yesterday to attend the burial throne The mothers and fathers are A T Nun selling at present this puta a prettj M J Farris of Danville that he seems to have conquered It and the keepers of the key to the lives of t4 nelley told to George Peel of Jeaaa high valuation on fox hounds Mr it is believed now to be but a question J L Fagaley No More their children With this precious ar ¬ mine 50 cattle at 4f to 5ic He sold Hackley breeds the old Walker strain of time as to his ultimate recovery Return Game title they may turn to the right which resident to Mr Farris of Danville 21 cows at of dogs and thinks they are the best in i J L FWy a prominent leads to the path of righteousness or I Jtf lihe Wavnesburx community died at 2Je to 4I eta and sold a bunch to liar the world to the left which opens to the road of Railroad Fined rig Bros of the Hubble section at Cc Will Be Played at Danville Today wrongdoingFor Anderson Carr sold six yearling Jersey Hustonvilles Lineup Hubble has the boy the same feel Arnold at a good MeUHxHet church Mr Fagaly to heifers to Lutes log of respect and reverence as for his For Carrying Over A Gallon of figure Rae it years of age He came to Lta J The Stanford High School team goes father Even the most willful and d if Booze Per Passenger Into Jones Crew sold 12 700peand cat eele e Io1 from Ohio and had the Everybody is busy getting ready to to Danville this Friday afternoon torIobedient are influenced to a greater A Harrodsburg to lUll of Garrard county at Sc plant corn rwtiieetof everyone who knew him lie tie i a return game with the nine of the D less extent by the words of warning Mr Fags They tOld to M J Farm K cows at M s y three chlldiaMiIr Farris Fitzpatrick and wife are both D Institute As the latter are seek thatfall from the lips of his parents rj death was caused by congestion of 8c and bought a number of hogs at 9c on the sick list Uncle Charley Duke The latest wrinkle in the fight the ing revenge for their lo inning defeat The parents spare no expense that their ttdw lusts He bad been ill but a short for delivery May let Is laid up with a sore foot the result officials of Harrodtburg are making to here last Friday a hard contest is ex- children may be well clothed well fed Spoonamore sold a glee iron of frost bitebooze out is the fining in the po- ¬ pected William keep and last but not least well trained gray mare to J J Seevera for 175 and Tobacco men are complaining that lice court last week of the Southern hf The Hustonville base ball team has children are finally sent to school was offered 200 for her their tobacco beds are not coming up railroad to the tune of 50 and costs in received a letter from J Hal Grimes The 4phtiaberlaie Stomach and Ltver the latter placed under the thorough training of a nature in dririnc all im shortly afterwards A P Sloan sold a mare to Wm King each of three cases amounting to 150 manager of the Harrodsburg team in- qualified tutor and as fV the system laearinff a T C Rankin bought of L Rankin 16 of Boyle for 150 A A Rankin sold The charge against the railroad was quiring about the organization of an ents are concerned far as the par ¬ J their duties are condition and restoring twoyearold cattle at 35 some twoyearold cattle to T C Ran that it had on three occasions carried a amateur league to be composed of Har completed at this stage as a passenger upon a ticket rods burg Huatonvillo Lancaster and person t of the itedy to health and kin at 35 a head In the pedagogical profession tho geld by G L PeonHad Key To London jail Miss Nannie Sloan has returned t paid for by him and in addition to car¬ Stanford The Hustonville boys bave successful teacher in order to accom 5nr passenger carried with him a good team this year the lineup be Berea after spending several daya with tying the push the most satisfactory work en ¬ more than one gallon of whisky from log as follows Bishop C Swope or George Farmer who made hla escape her parents here yWAYNESBURC Lawrenceburg into Harrodsburg The C Dunn Pi Swope 1st B m Dunn from the London jail in a mysterious proof showed that on one occasion three 2nd B Neal 3rdbC Dunn SS Stagg manner last Friday was captured in assistance of the parents to the wife of Sherman May a How can a Pulaiklcounty by Deputy U S Mar- to build a large tobacco barn Mr gallons were brought in by one party LF Hall CF Carpenter RF flsebejjf teacher who has had a child under her George Thompson and Frank Mul Gooch of the Highland section will on another occasion three gallons and a Jibs Lean Singleton who has been shal or his instruction for the brief period is rapidly im line and is again in custody of the jail- saw his lumber ill ltkJJ eume R F Sloan writes quart and on another two gallons and of a month understand the disposition Home Cure For Eczema from Nevada Iowa that he is well three quarts The railroad claimed that or of Laurel provingJ Griffin and family have return charge anything for car ¬ they did not A key to a aide door that ia never pleased with the country alter a few months ed to Does it not seem strange that so movement with a sojourn In Indiana Miss Elsie Single wed anXVhjjch had been lest for some The lamp In Mrs J L Sloans incu rying the whisky but charged the par mothers care and a ton was with her aunt Mrs A B Mar- tlau hen the present jailer took bator exploddietting the house on ty alone ior carrying hlmand that many people Buffer year inandyear out fathers pride The teachers aim is io test week Messrs Moore awl charge nwa found ia MJJI of the prison fire She succeeded In putting C their ticket obligated them to carry with eczema t it out Wall and Miss Belle Moore visited at personal baggage to er and t but was slightly burned about the head the A 25 cent bottle of a simple wash Mrs H H 9isgletone I the amount of not exceeding 150 pounds stops the itch and will surely convince pupils hit appoint- eraesheesStill and face Rev w S Taylor the best results that they are in each brought meat atthta place Saturday and Sun In Rockcastle J N Sloan of Bryantsville visited and that the whiskythat In weight any patient I tey time waS lees than It his brother A P Sloan Sunday This wash composed of mild and social entertainment given by 1i1 admitted that iMt had brought it in as PO Elliott of this Collector F the L Ot T M of this place was a freight It would be guilty but denied soothing oil wintergreen mixed with nero Yet the teacher has 30 or 40 pub eaeees 813 being cleared The Mac clt1madea raid on Skagga Creek in McKINNEY thymol and glycerine etc and known pits of various inclinations What then that it was carried as freightconducted by Roekeaatle I o He drill of 21 and d41etr at1ne do not is to be done as D D D Prescription ¬ M It was argued for the city that if this know how long the D D DWeLaborato Goppat atStandcoenpiete outfitfoV dia A few daya after a zealous teacher was true any man who wanted to sell tllltfiK whisky with several ¬ ties will continue the 25c offer as the takes charge of a class she will be was maintained e reel rd r Whisky in Harrodsburg could go tq Law hundred gallon of bearand mash It able if called upon to do soto go down 1 bot Preaching at the Baptist church next renceburg and for 114 could bring in remedy is regulary gold only in 7 wise one of the beet equipped plants for ties and has never before been put on her roll call writing after each pupils Sunday Christian Church making moonshine whisky ever Qpt r- Colemah morning and night by Rev a 150 pound keg all for the price of a the market on any special offers name industrious ambitious mlschlev and further that the local optic n mountains ed lathe Lefidbn Demo Mtaa LIpps who is teaching a sub ticket out indifferent apt dull nervous of whisky a If you wintreilef tonlght try a hot scription school at this place 6 making tawiliraltedtamoupt careless or even troublesome of course There will be joint meeting of the man could bring in as baggage to not tld at 25c on our personal recommenda In each case uslnqthe a success of it Ladies Aid Society aid the C W DA word applicable Tanner Miss Edith Robertson of Browns exceed one gallon Judge Grimes took two Shugara 4 to the child as a pupil M In the lecture town of the Christian Now that the Prompt relief in all cares of throat aka aiid ie1d that the this viewo f the church Saturday afternoon at 2 oclock and lung troubeuifyouuae Chamber- ¬ company WM guiltyih lVtbree cases louisville Starts Well A full attendance is urged tomake fin lain Cough Remedy Pleaeantto take CoUmbus Singletree Co thlni arraRgeeaents ta for convention Every soothing and healing m effect Sold by atGeorge Rlffa isWorking delight trick student she seekstoremove the cb the depot taueh to the of his The Markets to The Association opened its atacle There is t eboy who cared member of the church is requested Mtaa Hettie hats rV friends Penny turned home for a visit before going to season Wddneedayand Louisville last nothing about school except to give make a special effort tbbe present at defeated April lSCattJeRe seasons pennant winners the unite school next Sunday to secure Cincinnati Druggist Acquitted the emrentioa banner for the largest ceipte 5G6 market active steady to ac Columbus 6 to 0 on thtrlatters grounds The honor roll of the UclCinneyichri attendance fair to good shippers 676 6j Toledo won from Indianapolis 5 toO Too tea ber reads him aelior tells him Itro circuit cpurt at Danville W In the Milwaukee beat St Paul 2 to 1 and of the value of an education all to to A Reynolds the Junction City drug ¬ KansaaClty defeated Minneapolis 10 to avail Then she tells him of the pleas ¬ Every family and especially those gist was acquitted of the charge tbutchers arid shippers 1030 a 1040 5 should be eUlng liquor illegally The evidence who reside in the country 075 She p RecelptJJ this term and the patrons are much common 7 provided at all times with a bottle of bowed that the whisky was sold on pleased able reproaches him the result is even 281 375 t 675 market steady TUB Literary Society of the Fourth There is no the prescription of a creditable physi Chamberlains Liniment Lambs Market steady 625j 8 I telling when it may be wanted in case clan A WYOMING GrilL will be presented at It bof an accident or emergency Waltons Opera llouse on Monday night Kilte asset excellent II all cases of rheuma April 18 It II beautiful playof WestTo Receive Census Reports A merciless murdpreris Appendicitis defy and Annie VanArsdale Craig secbruises Sold by G iaiBi apraios sad ern life and thf characters are highly with many victims 8 retary But Penny Miss Daisy recommended elton New Life Pills kill it by prevention her resources are exhausted and who Iii etarrlRfC In the part of Sciir They gently stimulate stomach liver gives in d lrBy chaws she G White has been appointed asks for his Iad kowelt iireventingthat clogging John beautiful and pictures assistance In a trifling at 1IC Bottom of ShebyCity beae itt Wlynit burKAprll2111t grab Orchard tors consti that Invites and again fair headache b4lloueneae chili postmaster at Winchester due creationtot Western life Remeov 4x Ssptimbsr delivery 35< ste n fr aiBradley scores alght April 18 Sc atPeaayaDrug Store bar t 3WM < fa CooJat T tletr > rwHrihe i Todayi ttL hist thoI muthtor ofbettering ¬ ¬ S meetingA t 1 v a It Thisf ubIutlr clthnMn r blastI I THlt < learnedN 13f Huektf ¬ ¬ b ¬ L Jft I > burledr J ¬ ora 9tn K ¬ I ¬ ¬ ¬ lt 1ltt ¬ ¬ tlerpaI L ¬ perrectly tobaccobarn ¬ ¬ lort40r herlies impossibleto ¬ A iThe > cajrledto reorganlaed I i ¬ afternoon M ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ cents t1tbat cousinMissHodap ¬ GI positionin OlllerumpHelen HogsRe1celpts MIMLlppethe ¬ f- f 36thG h ¬ t Wasto luthope entertaintl hardenedby triedfirst shef i5I AMurdeert truetees V s I ¬ t possibleandto ¬ It I realizteContinded 1 e 5

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