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Image 1 of Citizen (Berea, Ky.), August 11, 1910

Part of Citizen (Berea, Ky.)

THECITIZEN the Interests the BEREA PUBLISHING CO INCOIUOUATKD J P FAULKNER Manager 3Entered Vol I at the Pod cdlct at tlaii XII u U tea AY ai ireonil matter Devoted to Five cents a copy of BEHEA MADISON COUNTY KENTUCIY 11 1010 4- r weeks ago we published in a news item the criminal stabs tics of the United States as quoted by Judge Denton in an nddress before the State Bar Association at MIddlesboro 10000 murders every year and only two out of every hundred of the murderers A tow Worn garments from our shop we urge you to investigate their merits You cannot do yourself a greater favor than to learn what correctly fitted clothes feel like and be able to note what a difference they will make in your appearance When you wear them you will real ¬ ize how much goodness is where you cant see it The fine materials and tailoring which are the foundation of all FRIEND MADE CLOTHES keep them in shape until they are worn threadbare Our guarantee relieves you of every element of i Opportunity punishedThe figures of the Judge were taken from an snide in The World Today and they show that Germany convicts and punishes 05 percent of her murderers Spain 85 pegcent Italy 7fi per cent and England GO per centa pretty good showing for these despised monarch ridden countries Ours is The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave Indeedfree murderers bravo murderers all but 2 per cent of them scotfreeYou I No7I One Dollar a year liTHE lAND OF THE FREE IF YOU HAVE NEVER t 1 Mountain People AUGUST U Knowledge is powerand the way to keep up with modern knowledge is to read a good newspaper r f K afterI Opportunities to make money Were all em They come to all men many times Some men make use of them and profit thereby and others do not We call the former lucky The truth is that in order to seize opportunities when they come you must have some ready cash on hand Are you one of those who although shrewd enough to see the money making possibilities in many propositions have to sit idly by and watch the other fellow gather in the profits because you have no money to work with Turn over a new leaf Begin now to save so little Put away a dollar or two every week in this bank Keep it up make a habit of it andyou will soon be well on the way to larger success dont believe it f Well just look back over the last ten years and see how many killings there have been in your community and then look up the address of the perpetrators of the crime In about 08 cases out one hundred they wont be found in the pen It is not quite so bad as that in your neighborhood f No but then you have good juries and your judges are not intimidated neither are they subject to the party boss and your lawyers are not t 1 ifeveri shystersIt bad enough awl the figures hurt as they ought to hurt The idea of Spain and Italy pointing the finger of scorn at us No wonder the U S is becoming the dumping ground for their criminals It in a good place to ply their trade and escape punishment better than the homeland This is n terrible indictment of our cousin and the alarm is be ing sotniled Where is the blame and where is the remedy f Judge Benton attributes the courts failure to convict to The Judge Faulk Court House Lobby and pleads for its elimination ner before the same Association handled a different phase of the We print his address almost in full and ask all those who subject are interested in the suppression of crime itud look to the courts for protection to read and think ¬ i ¬ Trust Co Berea Bank ¬ Established 1DO1 THE BANK FOR ALL THE PEOPLE r riskR Berea It COYLE THE BEREA AND YET THERE IS BUT ONE PROBLEM t As seen by The Citizen is the province of the courts to hold in check the riot of crimp after the homes the schools and the churches Love failed in their sphere their sphere of implanting moral principles their sphere of It Kentucky FAIR reporter Iiclel1r Tho Berea Fair this year was the throwh imparting ideals their sphere of giving religious convictions Imagine the home upbraiding the school the church the courts When the home itself fails it may learn to regret for its own failure NIsr IN OUROWN STATE iir McCreary for GovernorBoy Found Jail breakers Caught well planned program and a large variety of amusements all worked I MAY GET GOVERNMENT RE ¬ NEWS OF THE WEEK English Farm Life DescribedRich together to mako the occasion a BATE The Federal Government own stones grand success The crowd was the sued draft orders during tho Civil Farmers Who Own no Land Lab ¬ There in but one problem tile problem of the homo The home largest and most orderly ever pro oven though Kentucky was supplying orers Description of the Hall Old is tho fountain the source and if the sources are all pure the stream Mayor Gaynor ShotThe Tariff sent and tho attractions more numer- more than her quota Now 2000 men Time Owner Named Frost Dr will be clear Let the hones do their dutyand the potirts will be ous varied and clean than ever be- expect rebates averaging f 300 for pay TalksGovernment Economy Ten Frost Improving put out of business at least so far as criminal cases are concerned fore Many of the exhibition rings Ing substitutes when illgeally draft ¬ essee Saved Insurgent Victories They will no longer be needed as the filtering plants of the stream Doveton Hall were closo and interesting and all edDury St EdmundsJuly of civilizationThere of the races were quite exciting i McCREARY FOR GOVERNOR QAYNOR TRIES TO KILL Jan 1910 organizations associations and societies almost beyond We are sure tho homemade stuffs Former Senator James B Galllgbcr a discharged city employe crime and to uplift humanity end their number working to check v ere good for the expression on the last week announced that he wasA fired at Mayor Gaynor of Now York zeal is commendable but most of tIm are trying to clear the strewn have been ut judges faces grew until they fin ¬ ready to enter the gubernatorial City Tuesday afternoon a bullet en ¬ linn become muddy instead of seekinJ to purify the sources n four miles from after it ished and suddenly realized that they test In tho next race Ho has tering below tho right ear and lodg- ¬ i town a sleepy little town where Mr The first sphere of every worker is iu the homo the home and would have to come back to common named as the man who can unite Ing In tho tongue The mayor who Pickwick had sad experiences We repeatThere the chief responsibility rests upon the parents board again And wo think tho peo ¬ all Democratic forces and give most is making ouch a notablo record was It is all up to the parents We often drive to town and enjoy is but one jiroblfin ple that exhibited stock or display ¬ hope of victory starting abroad for a vacation JIo I exceedingly tho view of rolling farm ed their own skill were pleased DEMMA MYSTERY CLEARED may recover land with clumps of trees fluids sep- ¬ as wo remember the smile that crept Tho body of little Frank Demma who h I hedge rows and all of tho does llttlo actual labor himself butI oak panelled walls which go back across tho face of little May PowerS arated by RECORD TARIFF INCOMEDawas disappeared some weeks ago to Queen Elizabeths day On tho when she took the first prize as tho accidentally discovered In a cistern pplto tho faults of tho PayncAldrlch greenest green such as wo rarely see floors above are largo sleeping rooms best girl rider under fifteen years of lately The father was not allowed thrift It has produced lfi000000jnoro- in rcvenuo than was received In 1907 with low ceilings projecting to see the mutilated body and hysteri ¬ and iron window framesand 175000000 moro than In any and hogs for cally tried to commit suicide but was tlmblrsI a dozen cottages with thatched roots turnips mangels oats barley wheat Some three hundred other year hindered by his friends This vll age Is owned by tho MarquisI Corn cannot grow In this cool N RAISED PAY After long L cUI this farm was owned by a TAFT SAVES MONEY Tho last and tho villagers work on named Frost who seem to have been usual despite the many chances they conference with a committee of tho congress 100000 to appropriated The Marquis owns tho farms relatives ot Brotherhood ot Engineers the Louis- ¬ President Taft to onablo him to cc miles around and once a year forI Ills son has begun life as an in- ¬ country to tho Frosts who left this hadOf As course there were tho snake ville settle in America Nashville R R has adopted dependent farmer Tho oldest daugh ¬ cure tho advice and clerical help to and his family come to the great Cleveland says Wo ought to feel at charmers a merrygoround fortune tho system of paying its engin- ¬ properly study how tho various exo houso to live during the shooting sea ¬ homo In a houso that was owned by wheels baby racks toy balloon agents eers on the mileage scale Instead ot cutlvo departments might be conduct ¬ son This houso is surrounded by aI children Ono daughter helps the a third cousin of our greatgreat and oven a medicine man who had day wages The rate adopted raised ed moro efficiently and economically park fourteen miles In circumference greatgroat grandfather reverted to Indian herbs and an In ¬ the pay of all particularly of thoso Federal economy and better business Tho wlfo ot tho Marquis is an Ameri- ¬ mother at home Two others hale We certainly havo felt very much dian who affected to pull teeth with ¬ who have been receiving little now methods havo saved tho country over can lady the people tell inc They finished the village school and out pain A clean show with good The TUBERCULOSIS EXHIBITS 111000000 In tho post office depart ¬ say she has brought money to the rldo on their bicycles to High SchoolI ¬ Lexington AntiTuberculosis Asso- ¬ ment and 12000000 at tho New York estate so that tho vlllago and the i where they are preparing to hero While you have been trying ciation will have a practical demon- ¬ customs houso this last year alone Their farm was onto an Indepen ¬ in vain to keep cool wo have been farnis are kept up much bettor than ferris wheel were features ot amuse- ¬ stration of the dangers and means of dent estate owned by country gentle ¬ sitting by a fire every day and ment unusual to Berea Fairs These ROOSEVELT STUDIES SOCIOLO ¬ formerly In spite of her wealth she Tho state preventing tuberculosis Is not proud but keeps on exhibition men one after tho other Such a taking stiff walks to keep warm No were tho attractions that entertain ¬ association Is seeking help from tho GY Roosevelt recently traveled 150 home was often called a Hall and doubt tho ¬ coolness is better for us ed the larger number of people who StateNBoard ot Health In fitting up miles In one day mingling among peo tho shovel her father used when work so this placo has both called Doveton ple ot all stations of life In tho moun ¬ ing on the railroad before ho became than extreme heat Dr Osier a high were present In fact everybody was an exhibit to go into the Cl ldand Hall for hundreds of years The own- authority in tho medical world on contented except the ice cream cono visit all tho county fairs and teach ¬ tales of Pennsylvania Ho mixed with a contractor and a rich man The Marquis rents out tho farms on er had to defend his own family and bOth sides of tho ocean tells Mr man for tho weather was too moder ¬ ers Institutes and many towns tho miners who called him Toddy property In those days and as a pro- ¬ as well ai with tho society people at his estate to men ot executive abili ¬ tection dug a deep ditch around Frost that it ho will work as other ate for his Two FUGITIVES SURRENDER ty and means who arc able to furnish men do there is no reason why ho were Uio mountain summer camps He For those men who broke jail at London after his house and garden and filled It should not live to three score and visited a proud mother ot 12 children stock and Implements and to make tho ring exhibitions horse and horse- two days flight hungry and tired the first payment of rent Each farm with water some twenty feet deep ten This cheers us greatly and ho Is manship commanded most attention peacefully gave up to the sheriff LAND FRAUD SENSATIONS Tho is furnished with a largo comfortable At night ho would draw up the bridge going to work very hard to try to And they deserved all tho and a posse of forty men In Knox investigation resulting from charges house tho house ot the farmer cot ¬ and fool safe from his enemies Un ¬ learn how to work moderately they received for theso were attentionII County made by Senator Gore in tho senate tages for day laborers barns and til about fifty years ago this drawI God bo with you till we meet ly ot a very high class shortly before adjournment has outbuildings The Marquis keeps up brldgo was drawn up every SPECIAL SERVICES again which tho students sang at ple cared for the awarding of prizes I ¬ brought out tho chargo that Vice nil repairs and pays tuxcu tho far ¬ but now it has been mado a perma the station by tho light ot their for the best bread buter biscuit andI A series of meetings will begin President Sherman Is Interested Jn mer pays a rent ot about throo dol- ¬ neat brldgo over the moat which Is no torches as wo were boarding tho hams but seemed to be more ¬ tho big land frauds that would have lars an acre Twice a year on a act longer used for defense but for wa- train has been ringing In our ears ed by the more showy display of at the church of Christ Aug 15th twenty made 3000000 for tho attorney Mc day the farmers take tho rent money ter for tho stock and for the chil ¬ and hearts all tho year Tho pray ¬ cake ice cream and sherbet It Is The Evangelist Is a man ot years experience reared In Ireland to town and pay it to tho business drens boat er has certainly been answered and to be regretted that more people do God boldly MurrayCLEAN Eight chimneys tower above tho we hopo soon to join you all In a not take part in these most valuable ho preaches the word of manager of thu estate Then they go TENNESSEE POLITICS and wish power The chorus will bo to tho hotel and aro guests ot till roofs of tho houso built In a majes song of gratitude features of our fair for It is the lied by a competent singing EvangeClean politics won out in Tennessee tisstylo called Elizabethan In the encouragement to the raising of good list a graduate from the Music De ¬ had Marquis at dinner Some of theao lately Gov Patterson Dom great business ability back kitchen is a huge fire placo stock of all kinds and the making partment of Drake Unlverlsty Des threatened tho Judges of tho Tonnes ¬ farmers show One near by rents four thousand with a brick oven whero tho cooking of good farm product that make Moines Iowa and Hiram College see Court of Appeals all Dem with MOVING very Is done In tho summer time One can IN DAY fairs a success rather than the allure- ¬ Ohio All are invited to attend these defeat If they did not obey him in acres of land and is counted rich Americans find it difficult to look up tho chimney and see tho ments ot witches wonderful medi- meetings ¬ the Cooper cases They acted Inde hams hanging to smoke Such a chim ¬ Sunday is to bo celebrated by tho cines and popular entertainments that pendently tho Democratic machine think of a rich farmer who doesnt J A Watson Pastor any land but there are many ney would accommodate Santa Claus Berea Baptist Church as Moving are necessary side features It nominated new judges the old judges own In Day Dr W 0 Powell of Louls wasI IAT CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH a largo pack In ran on an independent platform the such hero who live in commodious well and cooking Is done the other kitchenI vlllo will preach tho sermon at 11 a noticeable that there wore more on a furnished houses drive out in good tho tries of cake and Ice cream Republicans refused to nominate Rev W 0 Borckman of Williams tho winter time Between tho two Im and at 730 p m Rev B Hat good bread and roasts and the more men against them and they were re style dress their families well edn field of Toledo Ohio will deliver MA work cato their children and havo a bonk kitchens Is tho dairy a room imwholesome foods Wo feel sure that burg State Supt of A elected on tho Independent ticket maculately clean furnished with se an address upon The Puritans account more Inter ¬ will preach at tho Congregational It tho public would take Every one invited to attend tho Gov ¬ INSURGENCY GROWING Tho farm laborer seems to carry parator and other modern appliances est the fair management would church each night next week at 730 services and Inspect the Sunday school soon add rings for exhibiting good Aug 15 1C 17 18 and 19 All are ernment belongs to tho people not the heavy end Ho works for throe for butter making Tho farmer and addition a the- dollars a week How he supports a to selfappointed politicians farm stock beside saddle and driving cordially Invited Rev Mr Berck may ory often preached but seldom practi ¬ family on that amount Is a mystery horses draft horses milk and beet man is a powerful speaker and SPECIAL b listened to with great profit by ground but his children lool well and clean j cows hogs and also exhibits of good cedibut fortunately gaining all who hear him now Cannon cant understand govern ¬ as they pass by to school and the when tho rosy faced master ami IThe commttee of tho Union Church grainWe mlssus with sleeves rolled up stand- deslro to announce that the Rev 0 ment by the people and so doesnt family Is decent at church Most hope to see the tlmo when Rellable energetic man WANTE see tho harm ho Is doing his party ot their cottage homes aro really working over tho yellow butter B Hatfield of Toledo Ohio Will tho general public will pay more to sell Lubricating oils graeses and Tho result Is that seven of tho eight beautiful neat and cosy with flowers In tho front of the houso I1retbeI preach in tho Parish House attention to the practical side of paints in Madison and adjacent coun ¬ in for their chelf ornament Often vegoI office and family sitting room con ¬ next at 11 oclock And at SundayI these fairs and then the farmers Congressmen lately nominated ties Salary or Commission Kansas aro Insurgents or progress ¬ tables are cultivated In their taining rare pieces ot old mahoghany tho evening ho will give an address pockets will bo full and out ot STETSON OIL CO Cleveland 0 ives and the insurgents had a maJor- yards but thero is always a border upon The Puritans in the Baptist their surplus tho side shows will be Ity of 200 in the Iowa convention FOR SALE house and lot on Wal ¬ patronized of flowersThe It is too Church this In response to a cordial generously nut Street Cottage ot five rooms which indorsed Its Insurgent Sena ¬ with whom wo 1IV3I which tho mlssus is justly invitation from the Pastor proudI church Rev well built nearly new For terms tors and condemned the present pays a rental of twelve hundred for has not tho Marquis W P Wllks to occupyI thrift call on Mrs LIda Whyland lars on four hundred acres of land He i terse four hundred dollars for the i his pulpit Sunday evening MRS LETTER FROSTS I DereaI 1 conit I i AmartcaImenland matoI wherei teachI f elthprI I t nI 4 performfanccs 1 r i i NW wnresI i 7 i f yoursI t l i j Ilicturo hanIwny > 1 r J filii 1 NOTICEI I I 4 baseballI H J 3 r 01 J 011f +

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