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Image 1 of The Adair County news., August 9, 1905

Part of The Adair County news.

Tr ITT 0 l l k- t J t I jiV i J 1I MJ d t > f r 4 a 11 VOLUME it POST OFFICEDIREOTOEY ttuj nnID J 4 AUGUST 8500 I J M RUSSELL LOCAL N EWS POSTMASTER PETE CONOVER DEPUTY Office hours week days 730 COURT am to 830 p m ++ COURTThree sessions a yearThird Monday in January third Monday in May and third Monday in September Circuit JudgeH C Baker CqmmonwealthsAttomeyAA Huddlerton SheriffF W Miller CIRCUIT Jaa Garnett Oh Felly Surveyor R T McCaffree School SuptW D Jones CoronerC M Russell 1 r > Z j scond Monday Regular court Iq W A Mye- rsCHURCH DIRECTORY N Ah ye Old Kentucky hills chills my heart all through How it v To think that on some future day I must bid you all adieu But when at last my race is run If my Father only wills I wish to find a resting place Among the Old Kentucky hills Rev W C Clemens jastor Services second and fourth Sundays in SundaySchool at 9 m every Sab jich nonth ath Prayermeeting every Wednesday night BURKESVILLE STREET a METHODIST BURKESVILLE STREET Rev F E Lewi3 pastor Services first and third Sundays in each month m Prayer SundaySchool every Sabbath at 9 meeting Thursday night JP For One School Year Scruggs pastor First and third Sundays in each month Sunday School every Sabbath at 9 a m Prayermeeting 3 Rooms All Lighted LITERARY TEACHERS CHRISTIAN Eld A L Oder pastor CAMPBELLSVILLE PIKE and Fourth Sundays in Services each month SundaySchool every Sabbath at 930 c m Prayermeeting Wednesday night second 5 til 1905 Electricity STATE DIPLOMA VOICE STATE CERTIFICATE ACADEMIC i INTERMEDIATE SPECIAL MUSIC COUNTY CERTIFICATE PRIMARY With m ELOCUTION PIANO AND ORGAN ART STRINGED INSTRUMENTS Ni ne tI sI Competen Ins rue t tor COMMERCIAL Boarding facilities greatly improved by past experience Latest and best Methods will be in every Department of our work For Catalogue or further information address 1used C1is R Payne Mgr es Obituary Columbia Ky Ifu I rRKS I 3e at Joppa the past week re ¬ turned home Saturday Ferdan Stephen and Miss sic ILLEJ Mrs Tom Wooten Miss Bertha bia and Mammie Rowe of Nell Renee of White Oak Misses visited Mrs Lapha Akin Saturday Lizzie Sullivan and Cora Conover Ben Leach and Thee Floyd were and the guest of V Sullivan and sister Sunday Metealfe county Saturday and Maggie the daughter of Sunday ILittle Sullivan died Saturday Rev Bill wooten is on the sick with flux 4 1mo list Sullivan made a flying trip Clarence Hindman and wife of to McGaha and Vester Monday Gradyville attended quarterly Rev Thomss and wife the meeting here Sunday traveling preachers will begin a John Janes was transacting a series of meetings at White business in Columbia Monday Oak Sunday August Isf of Nell was at Ed Kinniird this place Sunday Kentucky Pair Dares The following are the dates fixf for Charley Kingery and little daughter Johnie of Breeding holding the Kentucky fairs for 1905 as visited Mrs Toll Coomer Friday far as reported Officers of fairs are I SundayI i I haired girl The last eighteen months of her life was spent on the bed of affliction Her brain was affect ¬ ed and her case was incurable For months before she died her hearing and sight were destroy- ¬ ed Through all her suffering she never complained for she put her trust in the Savior many months ago Three weeks be ¬ fore she died she told her mother she hoped they would all meet her in the Summer Land of Love She is beyond the fever and the pain sorrow and the tu ¬ mult of this world and is sleep ¬ ing near where she so often play ¬ ed when a girl and where she was borne by loving relatives and friends as the sun was sinking in the West the eve of the day I Tuesday night g Sept W to quite a number of Adair county peo- ¬ ple dropped dead at Jamestown last Thursday He was a Republican in Hurt Brothers Will Start One In politics and a few months ago was a prominent candidate for Judge of the ColumbiaAn Enterprise Needed He had serv ¬ i County Court of Russell ed the county as Jailer and had filled The people of Columbia and adjoining other honorable positions He leaves a and several children towns will be glad to learn that a laun ¬ wife BAPTIST Rev PLANT LAUNDRY N- TRK1NING SCHOOL Begiiiii I > J GREENSBURG STREET i ROBERT LEE CAMPBELL a i LJ N DSH Yifl I LS T Maggie Russell Wade was born March 4 1885 died July 271905 J She was a daughter of Mr and Mrs J B Russell of Watson Ky She and W H Wade were here married August 24 1902 She child a little fair Rev T J Winfrey who was known leaves one v ADVANCE Pays Tuition Board and Incidentals L Mr Green B Smith who recently purchased the Russell Springs Hotel regrets very much to leave Columbia He has become attached to the people hereno better he says can be found anywhere and he does not say he will not return to the community It is only a matter of business that has in duded him to make preparations to leave Columbia An advance on what he paid for the hotel would retain him Of my Old Kentucky hills PRESBYTERIAN ++ + + The and all necessary outbuildings property will be sold to the highest bidder terms made known on day of sale For further information address W B PATTESON Columbia Ky Oh G Eubank- AttorneyGordon Montgomery Marshal the Old Kentucky hills the Old Kentucky hills Theres no other place so grand With their ever flowing fountains Of the purest in the land Many sights are seen abroad Which the heart with rapture thrills But theres nothing half the equal each month JudgeJas ++ I I Where my boyhood days were spent > When oft into the forest then To hunt for squirrels bent Many are the shoots Ive shot At the squirrel one never kills But how happy were the days Ive spent Among Ihose Old Kentucky hills f AssessorJ F N > Valuable Property for Sale Saturday the 26th day of August IOn the residence and ten acres of situated on the Jamestown I road in the town of Columbia and known as the Mrs Mollie Pattesons property This is very desirable prop ¬ erty and one of the best homes in Co ¬ lumbia Good water excellent young orchard electric light near the door Of an hundred different kind it any wonder then That my heart with rapture thrills To remain with friends and loved ones On these Old Kentucky hills JudgeT A MurrelL ClerkT R Stult 1ailerJ K P Conover I I Oh is V CITY COURT + + ++ ++ + ++ Oh these Old Kentucky hills Theres no other place so fine With their summits clothed in timber- COURTFirst Monday In each month County Attorney + The Old Kentucky Hills Circuit ClerkT F Neat COUNTY I gI DIRECTORY NUMBER 38 1905 g 44 + e Tt I WEDNESDAY 1 < 4 ¼ < COLUMBIA ADAIR COUNTY KENTUCKY 8 11 1 i b tt b i J i J t J I dry will be in operation in this place in Last Wednesday evening Miss Alice a few weeks Hurt Bros are the en ¬ Walker gave a hay ride hi honor of her terprising citizens who will be the pro ¬ numerous friends about town There LODGES prietors They have contracted for a were twenty or thirty young ladies and MASONIC firstclass plant and will run it in con- ¬ gentlemen and a gayer party is seldom C seen The wagon was driven upon our Resnlar nection with their planing mill There COLUMBIA LODGE No 96 F and A M principal streets and at the same time meeting in their hall over bank on Friday night is not a doubt but it will be liberally happy voices made the welkin ring moon in each month on or before the full requested to report to us any omissions and Saturday Gordon Montgomery W M supported and Hurt Bros deserve the Before dismissing the party was driven or correction of dates E G Atkins Secretary thanks of the people of this section of to Mr Walkers farmwhere an elegant pj F Gilpin and son Austin Somerset August 294 days Friday the State A little nerve and push is repast was served meets 2nd COUNCIL U D COLMBIA were transacting business at night after full moon in each month what puts a town on top We have Gridgeport Tuesday JAS GAnNETT T I M Mr Herbert McLean and sister Miss Columbia August Days RECORDER men in Columbia who are after bus ¬ T R STULTS Virge McLean visited the Sulphur Well C C Rowe bought one sheep mess and they are going to get it I in Taylor county from Saturday until from zack Bardin for 750 Nicholasville August 293pays COLUMBIA CHAPTER ft A M Noj meets Friday Monday Mr Mclean reports business TR Stults H P Bardstown August 304 days night after full moon after she died Mr Goff the grocery drummer rushing at the Morrisana the hotel be ¬ Preaching Next Sunday Horace Jeftries Secry Happy rest how peaceful called o n our merchants last h ing crowded with guests every day Harrodsburg August days J L Adkins Russell Springs tranquil satisfying week Scruggs Cane Valley JP How gently it seems to roundI Nathan HOo Putnam who was a Mr and Mrs Tom Pullium W C Clemens Columbia prominent merchant of Lebanon at one and smooth the turmoil of A L Oder Columbia time a general merchant at Columbia which though short was full of visited at Fairplay Tuesday y and wellknown in Adair county died E N Early Foundation Mr Carter of Coburg passed bitter sorrows andcares suddenly on a train in North Dakota Z T Williams Esto She rests in a quiet spot where through here Wednesday enroute > Falmouth Sept 274 days W H C Sandidge Marrowbone the meadow grass shall soon for Burkesville KENTUCKY KENDALL Owensboro October 10D days J F Roach Pink Ridge man I grow above her head where the The corn crops of this section knew him F Barger Christian Chapel J stars and the skies shall bend look very promising 0 Grave Trouble Foreseen F E Lewis Columbia am prepared to fix Pumps one I quietly over her John Moseby and wife visited It needs but little foresight to i The will of the late Judge J W whoknew her worth J H Nicholson Gradyville Tinwork Woodwork and all that when your stomach and liver are j Butler was admitted to probate last friends at Rugby last week J Mayfield badly affected grave trouble is ahead t kinds of repairing a specialty Monday The decedent devised all his for Sale W W Wood Mt Carmel Porter England and Varnis Mc unless you take the proper medicine for property 4f every kind to his wife and Horseshoeing and Blacksmithing A farm containing 216 acres of good requested her to make suitable provis land lying three miles West of Colum ¬ Ginnis was transacting business your disease as Mrs John A Young of Clay N Y did She says I had is known as the W at Breeding Tuesday I am prepared to do your buggy Mr Green B Smith whose home is¬ ions for his adopted daughter Mrs W1 bia Thi4 neuralgia of the liver and stomach my produces well and near the Fair Grounds sold his proper Bradshaw The will was dated J repairing on short notice r are upon a good dwelling good Selby Royse visited friends in heart was weakened and 1 could hot ty last Friday to Mr Jesse Coe of IE 27 1905 WATER STREET barn and all other necessary outbuild ¬ LOCATION eat I was very bad for a long time Consideration Cumberland county ings There is also much valuable tim ¬ Cumberland county Saturday and but in Electric Bitters I found just one thousand dollars Mr Smiths rea ¬ WADE H EUBRNKS H T Baker Master Commissioner ber For further information address what I needed for they quickly relieved G A Atkins Columbia Ky son for selling is that he recently pur ¬ sold the following tracts of land last Best medicine for Frank Firquin was in Columbia and cured me chased the hotel property at the Russell Monday Thirtyfive acres belonging weak women Sold under guarantee One day last weekMr Stephen Con Friday Springs and grounds attached and that to the estate of Tim Bennett to S A by T E Paull druggist at 5oc a bQt ¬ over celebrated his 70th birthday Over he will remove to itat once It is our Hatcher for 366 One hundred acres one hundred persons were present be ¬ place attend ¬ tie Several from this understanding that he paid 3500 for in the suit of Mary C Hudson against fore whom was spread a most magnifi ¬ ed the singing at Harrodsfork the Springs property Mr Smith is a Robt Hudson was sold i Sin ¬ cent dinner All who had the honor of To the citizens of Adaircounty The good citizen and we regret very much clair for 105 This tract lies in the an invitation say the day was happily Sunday undersigned are in the tombstone busi ¬ KENTUCKY to lose him and his estimable family COLUMBIA Green rive Long State Marshel was ness at Campbellsville Ky CampI enjoyed Mr Conover received a num- ¬ IN JEFFRIES BLOCK fgrOFFicE bellsville is your neighbor and as you j4 ber pf useful presents Friday The dormitory for the Presbyterian have no manufacturer of this work in i Mrs Trabue Shearer has presented college will be pushed rapidly McLean Columbia would it not be to your inter ¬ this office with three tomatoes weigh ¬ There will be an all day meeting at I FOR Brothers have the contract and the est to patronize us We guarantee ing 3i pounds They are perfectly Pleasant Hill the third Sunday in this 7UILL framing is about uP It will be an im ¬ sound ction both in quality of work and 1 and in good shape She also month Preaching by Eld Vertese B 0 Hurt and sister Missp rices We solicit work from Adair posing building and will contain twenty of 278 acres CM miles southof Columbia Farm left a supply of delicious grapes In Williams Mrs Shirley as heretofore Ky on Columbia and Creelsboro road 150 acres rooms and adjoining counties the cultivation of this fruit Mrs Shear- ¬ Columbia ys Lebanon at L W T S- Lizzie of White Oakvwere Mn grass ill goofoyfcte of cultivation good house- stated is the lady who will be in charge guest of Miss Delia S 11ivanthis Coakley Sims Bros v er hasbeen very successful this season Park Thursday August 10th fencing plenty of water d out buildinifKood and it goes without saying that under place Thursday night having gathered fifteen gallons troth 1 znbcr one tore house nd lot a good and 1 r This is a good point her management the young lady stu-¬ one le ted socofgoods Ii vine Notice CMe stcarnstmii1 direct attact was MissesNell Warden Jess Loch Kat dents who will make their home at the x Loren Chapman of Garlin to do businessJ f ment in good running order jfl cut 15000 M feet dormatory will receive the best of at ¬ Froth thistimaon I will not pay any here Friday Louisville are spending a few weeks at per day 150 white oak trees tave trees 8K miles tention TO rjy Customers debts contracted by my wife Mary I south of Columbia one steam boiler and engin Rev Bontie of Greensburgis Griffin Springs They spent Monday WeT Turpen Sr porteable 6 horse power in good order one steam I have a new Spring wagon my own Turjen A Coffey this city 88 acres conducting a series of meetings night with 4rsW Your neighbor is pleased with that make pronounced firstclass for pale July 24 1905 bucker as good as new Eghtyei5jt of land oh Barnes creek milessouth of Colum s tQPomb tones or monument we sold at Plesant Park this week prepared to do all rubber tei Poixow in Food bia Ky moat all in timber The stave timber has there is poplar ash them Give us your order and we will work oh buggies ben cut off of the above but Elig Hasking of color T is Perhaps you don t realize that many I EUBANK Tilack oat chestnut hickory and chestnutoak please you too Our prices are lowest 9 e for sale by pain poisons originate in your food dangerously ill at ihisr writing the 88acres All the still on WALKUP CHAPMAN Y uget1firstclass work and material but some day you may feel a twinge GlensforkKY1 for Sale Stuard Rexroad of Russell r of dyspepsia that will convince you Write us a card and we will call and NOtice Lt 16horse power gasoline engine Dr Kings New Life Pllls are guaran ¬ Springs spent Tuesday at this COLUMB One KENTUCKY show you our line of designs and sam ¬ r three sows one crusher in teed cure all sickness due to poisons place with grist i havtjkefl up ones Thesmal- ples of marble and granite < good condition aJ11 W small of undigested food or money back crop off r COAKLEY W> 1 Bailey of thisplacei who OFFIGE Comer Room SIMMS BROS i one are marledr bit a in the rightof each do S JC Hurnphress 25ca rTrEr Paulls drug stort Try ridanUp car yr as feeen teacnmg a dasscrin niih- Hotel Campbellsville XYI jKndleyKYf them r A Myer City Marshal > v vvr > v c I MV S JJ 1 I r V r I vGuthrie rSpringfield 224 I daysDanville 84 daysShepherdsville IMr E hESTER atf SFlorence UaysGlasgow f I DENTIST J wasI I daysHenderson J stillBy I Providencer t 1 r4jS I i I > tellt 4 t l > AtkiniWIt I It Sundays JAMES TRIPLET DENTIST i 1 I thank sectionfc IEd 0r SALE GNTYS t t t IMaso lam j = JN SF N RRELLJR JJENPIST i I 1rg v 4 lr1i 1 J i rolt > n f > r IJ I r f f jiJ Ieto J J A11i lltt 1 > f iiI i1 I 1 R I g j1 V r11p1 J f Ji 1 tIiIJ > ti It tnj1 r> 1j 1 I iic jJ i I I 4 l 1rr Jt L i t i Mr > C tJ Jk J 1i J 3tJ l jJ 1l4 > i l 1 t 4tUo l ii 1 ti It J f iVi < f i t rj or t- 2 ktf 1 1 1 M3 < Jf r44i f 1ffS 1ft 4 JIIof 1 i ct l ijl t tf7 iI j I ih aii < I a ti illndorI r5i 1ji js > < 4 Jrf < tll Ix i 9 t C < 1iI t f0r t i tj rtrrXfrlfH I to Jc > t i 4 > < ifijfilt > Iw

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