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Image 1 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), August 16, 1957

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

h, IC57 Mini,..; r a! 12:01 jvr '. t:,is w E. C. i: ('( With the biggest opening day crcr. J i Jefferson County Fair opened WZ Jay i ' Jeffersontown School. A light drizzle during the early arf rv to slow down activities, but as the sky clr i persons began their trek to ,he grounds. One of the outstanding attractions of the ' program was the second round in tne beauty pageant to select "Miss Jefferson County Fair." secorf. pnd tl.L'J pi " . The 20 girls who survived went w. ,,' Jennie Lee Bush, Jef. th'e preliminary round at Tuc' . : . far the Co (7 and Tele; si new dixect il p o r 1 1 n t int. a '' Tiber cni : ufore cr.l'r; dl; ries should le t" ..rdod i. T Sunday rocn.'. V 'ded. U Jer the new j , tl.a t change "desir'nati' of J ;: ' '' town, Fern Cr rra. 1 sure Ridge ar.-- re wee VV.ley v. bu abandoned and c'.' r Each number v. coi. ...n a call letter, a nurac u. prefix plus four digits, Beginning Sunday, Jeffersoa- town subscribers v:'r '"ive t'. ,. , , designation AN' . Jeffersonlan Photo v ius f r t .char..;: numerals. Tl I l i.LED TREES, RELOCATED UTILITY POLES, traffic detours Hows: end c.lier unusual sights givs avidence that something is going on wifl be knowi- r 9; Okolona, Fern Creek, j or in Jeffersontown. Th activities are more preparations for reconee- Wiley, struction of the half mile stretch of Taylorsville Road between WOodland E; ure Ridge, Livingston Avenue and the Public Square. Standing on and in CHerry 1, and 1 WArwick 1 and 7,.'alinvith iy i i of a 'dozer, parr of the heavy, machinery brought to Jefferfour numerals added. Generally sontown for ih ; rojecti are some of llae city officials anS a reprew sentative of the contractor. On 'ground, from left are William D. speaking, most customers will reKelly nd City1 Attorney jGene Snyder; Cov :ilman Kennetl "V tain the same last four numepl -; Rueff, come, ani back row, from left, Councmcn 'V. V. Lippc. 7, of their present numbers. ' ' . The Harrods Creek and Anch.; Horlon.-- . , Charles, R. First, Jr., and Ray orage exchanges' already been converted to the new system. f .s-r-- ' When "the change becomes Ccicncls Arc subscribers will only dial listed numbers and not have t league',' tiijL,- -l Stars Jived-ito .The Colonels won'the Jeffurson-- 7 bother with ,"key" prefixes a? et Hwn'junbr C.vl'.nist' Club Lea-- '' their title and defeated' the Col-- i present.' ' i . y iCt io: 0' ': 1 ; .r liv Junior SfiLrH io' a 'Che Ust. Friday victory ,o'ver wi'u a '? Giants. The Giants, led ,j;;,'.iOut most tf .thftv.f "tie,' t the Colonels bnn a scoring ? in the last h J Ci the sev- ' hi Jea 13-1- , rot ' Tom ( . 1 jiran i' rTarri. honker by ";'l !." .s.the-deci' t'ie'ga'me between t' t V, i 1 1 "All r ' I t. i'i Wieners in field' 5.' e- - vents were: . Rdhnie Foreman, base running for small boys; Terry Meil base running fof larger boys; LtCowherd pegging competiij,on, rr r :,iOirv. Col-- , Stars, tl. ' 12-- i ... find Donald Wilhelm,. f ungo, . ,. F,i Kuffnr chajlrman of boya' work'for the senior; club, sa; ', ' o Roup- will Vneet se n to .1" m to be t :ciefn 8 cbs ' l'lly. r oneds - lot - r" i- ;- CLutc'j j'ar -- vans- . r??st Ch will re tb-" i Iy '.'re Flcasant Grc. l Homecoming ch, Aiken - ' h'1 i, Tc:Jr Avo y, Au- - 1 .,i .. 1 J , s ' Y-- r A A m t . 1 . ii.r3.J y 1 c J. , 5 inr::.;3 r.'c- - .' aci D, ov H: CP.' wc for tar br ; v in S' f t" t cf IIAPPENINGS "r. ; ! ' 7 c H'-'ibe- lh I., C ,id , c , Bishop luire. whose r,'i'ere a rly 7 ; Tl llddie Bowles, ton Mr. and ITrs. Marvin T'yr-,-, .'irrviHe, i; nur? r; Severe t ' In 1 mi. . ..a:-- ' bri ;..' i na Tl t party . i .uy, August ' ; t tl Ci. it: 24. 1.3 i o'-l- 1 e 1 was. knoci.c-on Old Heady a half miles from vn, A will be a r TT ..1 L..- rv." Julii KritT, ( . Miss Bishop and Mr. senior at c. ier were honor guests at .!i School dufin,. t'ae party at the home of Dr. and Mrs. K term, was injured vhcn rirhard It. Sluchcr August ?. .Mrs. t .0 rear of his vehicle wa' rtrutk Ilathnn I.I. StuLcl, Mt. Verne i y an automobile. lie is en. ployed Auj-ti.i, five a ..t Hunter's Pan-AService Sta9. Mrs. J. Price Webb, Dale-- v tion, Taylorsville Road. ' 'V Lane, entertained wi' V a The driver of the automobile, X .Iieon A vust 15 at the 1 .:' a woman, was arj r jat Club and I.ti s. M. Abell, rested on a charge Cf drunken ewav, wns hostess at a de.vert dri'v'i: vj. Her car was Ccjng folAu;;;.:jt 13. lowed by, county police at the time cf the mishap; Bowles said. In another mishap, ,threp. men puf.'ered mfiior injuries a Lla'.lon wafion crashed into a u'"!-;- . ity pi le at Watterson Trail a i ,1 CoI7 ;z Drive, Jeffersontown, l .t v. The pole, which was 7 ' of w'.l. " f ; t'rrr . rrc d l y a fire a few years .' r:vm I v;i Cf I r:.vVh , VMS trc'.en near the top. ' v.,-1. irl... li Lane Hud '' tho woron were to fiur I cm m Vv. l;;::;own Road, and ' ' i ti ls ?'S r 77. I ".71 r, (7 and ' .1 t a t , t if 7.;:i- ,liv ' i;.l'i cf I : r rrr fr tt ' i - .".' I I. :'. ..' i y i- ' T .' e ; ! dinner-show- : er "t m j r : -- ! i 7 V. C , : I s ' ' ( 1 . i 1 . ) occ-on!- ' 7 ' r ' ! -.- ' ' "" :. j ' f I'iT- - n on r am- -' f ., . . 1 . . 1329, v -v " may have a bearing ". iaf 'U, be solcnnizo ' ' :7, ' "t 31; in ' Ii 3 Illc. - ad I.I.s. Iri G. White entertained t li i :y morning with a "cof-- r . ' 3 cf 17,082 water foe" at.I he vie on Maple Road. Myrtle Jefferson County Guest 3 . ville was f 1 r: .1 'enderman, H. urt. rr, 7. F. Diemer, Ralph iJ i Cirr" '1 r-- ' 7,on, A. B. Wj"-- 1 ; r.titinn 3 S-7 r" '.s 1 over; ;v .J j V rt 43u'.cr and W. r.: !iits I i'5: 4 i ! 1 ) - r- f 33 ).,, will ri The Lou will r 3 e . . '.r tlan j directed at Co:v; ny. attorney, cf ' nr.''' .. VI, !:- -. $1,- - C717 C. ' f e,T v.i u. I.dand, (7 i: . ',t " 1. . y .T. I w. i.jni.'.r j Li the 1 Mc 'ollan, r:r,3 .7 "Trad 3 l.ou" Jame'i O'llernj;.; i. 1 t c r,0,.change Avenue, and C 1 e Scntini, 302 Merj-'a' ud, !0 C 111 in the St. Matthev s a""., The suit, which sees a i lie iv.i judgment, alleged the Vr T.Trs. company is charging cor:;:'" Icnt3 hi" rates that cl . without legal authority to l a so and that the water' company actually is j' Jier n o: the Ke ntucky Public 7 rvlc mi.vion which. s 'V v. jurisdiction rnd power t . mine whether d t!.3 ? r: ; r . ices as charge... . ; i'Uwetrf. y: Thrthe water comp. ..y ; 3 j . ; . and to supervi. ;v ' ny changes. . . " ;amcs T. Members of tire v r hasvret; board dlsrarvcd the ; , ' .7ey 't'.-meeting Turr-- 7 a h'ave v .... ... ;.prr; VV( ,T ii t cf I'.vvr ) flye-da- ' - 7.r 7 r. '- t 1 4-- H ,' Vo-van'- s " 12-ye- - - I- - . . y an' ' 1 1 - . - 1. 1 G. art-proje- ct -- a-- c?6,8,'1' . tnt,es; i Z9' .""We.W; rfia t E tr 'SSorpenhorse, ."i 'Tk ' bTtiW;-'S.W'kr ' Dapper, .e,.troL-r-ci MrS.-L- ;ps., Mae :7. c: '' Dorbfhy Lou-- .'i'Edna Mtin ' viZi. life r-- nf L, ' ,.?.lary.-- ' va'Prandi, L- yf- -i rv.'. J;1.7" . ,. crssed , '. V tloU ' !..''' V.., '. ' ; ' - 1 Cu yo'-'- J 1 V' ero-- I llr?' . ' 1. . . - ' ' ?1 ' r.out, . -- ' ' 1 r f'y snO-'-lf- 'jr . ' 1 T'an's a-- un-.i;- 4 are-anor- e assault' c'- " te Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Stewart and f, an roved a children, Rita and Larry; Easum ent with the jiuisville Road, and Mrs. Ora Chism, Louisr d Electric Company to in-- 1 ville, went to Renfro Valley last additional street lights and weekend. They also visited other . e all existing ones. The cost, places of inferest. r. ed at $13,000 will be spread Mrs. Eva Pike and son of Louisr si five-ye- ar period. ",. i'he" plan calls for installation ville, were Thursday guests of Mr. c ' 13 raercury vapor lights on the and Mrs. L. B.. Stewart. Easum i of Tayiorsville Road to be Road. ...tructed and the Public Mr. and Mrs. Don Potts, and i;;re and replacement ofU45 children, Mr. and Mrs. Charles ,iers throughout the city limits, Travelstead and family, Mr.' and 'ren the work is completed, Mrs. H. H. Landes, and daughter ere will be-total of 65 lights, and Mr. and Mrs. James MacClel-lan- d J more than the present number. and two daughters shared a' Gene Snyder, city attorney, said "dutch treat" supper with Mr. and ' e city will effect a caving of Mrs. W. M. Littlefield last SaturCu0 une'er the arrangement day evening. The families all live night.. Work on in Charlene Heights. ? iorcviUe Road installations Mr. and Mrs. Richard McGreevy Jc a rs road construction Earkley "Drive, Journeyed to C3. lie s'li i 'cost cf r ,. Fla to be guests of Mr. 3i , .... r brother ' Mr. John C. and "ti'aiijxvruiers i.turcs Flatter, and fam 'le McGree-vy- s will b6 borne by the utility comt Thursday. returned hoi pany. The new, lighting system will Master Gary Rye, son of Mr. be automatically controlled by. a and Mrs. Hoyt Rye. Sue Helen clock system. The Monday night Drive, has rethrned home afW action followed many hours of spending a month with relatives ' negotiations between Councilman in Alabama. ' v Charles R. First, Jr., and repre.Im'ong the ex Seen at the sentatives of the utility concern. hibitions and .v s many members of tKe f lire! sex of Jefferson town are pitching in. Th art C: .4 flower exhibits hold great interest as do- the livestock showi. The Jeflerson county Fair red a lot of entertain-- little to spend. or as much as on Cv ' .' parties nd j.ia planned slioM Lrs ben ' hrl or rn. - Dre-schfi- w ' -- ker Lake August 3 appeared Wed Susanna Slajie, Lyndt .Tr' ' : nesday night in bathing suits fol Margarit- Rose Stono, V, . tour or sections oi jei- - town. Ks rv T ,'7 .. ' " i. ': lowing a ferson County in convertibles. The CyntlV,a "rTto,n and pad' Jp t Jeffersontown final judging wilLbe Friday Vight zer- ge class; Rot Ne L. ane, I n ; when cor' .slants appear in formal JeLer " dress. . s Davanna Lar' ' The highlight entertainmeri.' f nd ' 13; y feature of Thursday night's pro: Jown' .rd, I gram was the appeaiance of Lo"'iHe; Jane Rnd ,P Louis- Atcher and the Red River i nd Leverly Fr ,n. Ramblers at 8:30. Saturday night's me' ""ville;. Marga.ct Rose . ?, feature attraction is a talent-shoCarolyn Cc contest, sponsored by the 'Fair', Je"ersntown. Louisville, treativy crafts. directed by fre Jefferson ' department Chairmen '.of County Playground' and Recrea- were Mrs. Charles-L- . '" Lovett an 1 tion Board. R. Willis Stout, general man- - Mrs-- ' Shannon Stone and Mrs. i ager, iaid theTe than T. Burnf in, Mrs. Charles r'ym ,: 20 concessions onerated bv civid Mrs. W. F. Diemer. Mrs. Clia,. enterprises in addition to the'tium- - Hoerter and Mrs, Geh : ?ike we, . '' ' erous commercial exhibits w proved Vr - The Flower L4.0n the serious side of the pro- gram,, judging of various events Jtuerson -- wi"y may-nodo was to continue diuing the re Florida, nor a California but f . can't e ' mainder of the exposition. Jqdg- - Kentucky vriety-r-i- t ing of numerous events hjid been beatI In the arranger ;nt c'" cs .ub completed by Wednesday night. the St- - Matthews he 1 oa ' Top winners in dompetition came 10 first' wiriT,; Memorial Award c 1 j. 1 . were: ' The" Jeffcontown Buddy Roman. Fern CreoV, Po.' land China st champio.. t and Club placed second and the t ;ing grand champion; Gary.Roman, HlU "omtinakerti Club was t xird. Fern Creek, Poland China boar There were 223 entries i ;. tha chamnion' anrl irrnn nhnrr.fsinn- - horticulture division. The Mature rBuddy Roman, fat pig f ver 200 - Earners"; hal 12 entries in tha ar division, r ovin? pounds: Kenneth croercc. Vallev torouCh 14,000 ks cf Station, U&mp !re' bear and sow that- - somef-thJ sold this prir. flwe champion- and. :at r;l .ioujs jooi in jee- no. cou. v Buddv White, fbr.-i- , Park, Duroc 'Jersey sow r nd boai" In' tr.e Household D 'r ent, XL ; 1, champion ahd. - Mrs. B. r' In-- ,, announced f'rrt place n ch i nrs in e.lua cake Le, Fail, "A v charr.piOa. " Mrs; Andrew Barnett, .wh. 3; c;.4mpionshi3 .n home' eco' Mrs. Ray Anderson! yellow; M nomics were won by: - Route '10, senior J. R. Adams, devils food; IL ' Sharon Cocanning ai.d Leezing; Lana Peers, Leon Ellingswoth,' arljel for r; Route 3, junior canning and f'Te'z -- Mrs S. N. Marcum. chiffon' p7i.? in."; Sharon Kestler, 4003 Mid- - Mrs. Marshall Jr., ja.1v :'' a I.... I First place candy winners wcrj icniu, teiuor rooas ana room im 'Mary Ann Tilf grd.'. chofolata provement. brownies,-- Mrs. F.' Elsie Kiefer. Route lO. i.minr Luag. caramel fudge, and Mr.,. . fooov Ann Walls, 1035' Sarah Dr gentIey, cookies. 1. Ra7 And;IS0I- senior lothing and In.ile?,dlefr af M". B. B. MiUc. notebook; Mary Lou Caddie; Fish- erville,. junior clothing and cood 70ui?ville' to?K four blue ribbons T grooming, and' Jean Hartmann, fher "os.t attentive : aprcn. ,;most Praccal apron and sack In Hurstbourne Lane, handicraft ?r-andier best.dressed u. 1 I2 the art exhibit, uxler' 0the' top' win" by . the . Woman's and Younger lnc , ' Woman's Clubs c- - JeffersontQwn, Mrs Stanley Ridd; doilies, ar.i Robert Munz. Watterson trail Mrs'xJoa Jeffersontown, won ' the grand - ?UT t0. cnampionsmp m the adult class4, '' while Carolyn Jane San. .1m f . ldaedes, ?nd babjf quilf ap- Mrs. Kelly. . Jeffersontown, won the grand s. prize in the children's division, ?umeu wmioner, First,:, second and third place " winners in the v'ario W adult -- s are as follows cloth;.Mrs;Iaroli, Mackif-- . . a n: min t -- .;:...Sh..' finan: jars. A. .U. U . "rr. stole: ' h0 LOCAL Jeffersontown City C5un-- a special meeting Monday Cov.nty Juuge U.' C- - yan u ill address the Sunday School class. The Rev. Bob Brown, pastor,, will 'speak at the 10:55 a.m. service. Members of the adult choir ivill provide the music. Following a 12:30 basket dinner ltfc..w.-.raVBUl-;c on the church lawn, a special ; e engage- afternoon service at 2:30 has been . cf tl. i.i'r'wubntdrr Miss arranged. Speakers will inc! :de y J....n.iii3 Svara, to Mr. John U. S. rd.Zirmern n, Lexington, Cooper,Senator John Sherman Representative , Eugene Siler, former pastors and members ? '.;...2:in olemnized Of the church staff. The jur' r 3ust 24, in p,i ...C.'durdy,' st Church. choir will provide the muclc. ont Me! gospel hour service The 8 .AiUo.i at the" churc is to is to be I ressed by Representa'' ." ' ' 'a' Svara atte'ad.d(L Kentucky tive Silci . A j watermelon 'east ' on the church lawn fc jws at 9.15. Colleje. Mr. Zimmer-- i XV A j The Rev. Mr. Brown has set on v,si a :;: ' .'e of the same $2,50OfeS the coring goal for the series cf homecoming events. i., Arsdale- ,t - C y . : -- .v '1 1 ic t-- - h-- T ' ,.t i',' v. li,. ; 1: 3 ? 1 LLcl-Ho- 4 :. cf T a Junior Optimist Colonels Li T j Jsf'eTSonlown. Junior loop f iOm left, Leslie Cowherd,. : In the l?gue; Denn' a, Cav ' Lo i y end Yates, and VVLiisnack, David .i 1. .;,.I".:'7 Ray Anderson, team manager, is in . . :i C; 1 . t: J ji'0,! ',(:-" . 1' - i. i . I ! , J : feed - r- Je&ersonlau Photo ' w;., ' " 1 J ! r. ' ,! r - " .

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