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Image 1 of Kentucky gazette and general advertiser, April 12, 1806

Part of Kentucky gazette and general advertiser

iY A rW'WrWkY I1 11 AND GENERAL ADVERTISER', "hjjj pJKjMtfagnOjq)ryawiuiwiiiw T'1?" ' ir1 i i nM i N" 1030. VOL. XIX. 'm i r"jtj:i'nreeCTisTO'CTf,ng'T 73iarTecnCTrECTS33r'!!rirmwaHv'sraM TjtilMS OF THE GAZETTE. SGeo. M. Bibb, WILL continue to exerciie his in prr annum. profefiion of cminft'I inanil attorney at law, at Three Dolhrs and a half those ciicuU courts which he liasheretofoit of appeals, am' pnJ in a.lvance, orFour Dollars at the praclifed, anil in the court for the Kentucky court of th United atates end of the year. dittria. Thofc who write to the Editor, mud w TTr. siioscnDcr returns nis i pay the foliage of their letters. M- thi. to hi3 friends dianks JL subscriber respectfully .- 1- nolilirk. that be has later--. ; L.,t ,.. , IT,,C.N7P : .. al.o.isi- ot fc.N li.K.1 .'IT 11 "" U1C 3'ti'l " I house is ".'S&toxiv ASS. The ami boUcom arc extensive, xn7j..Vj, U,3 b f.i.nv.rlvM'i every thing llu nectary forwho ate Hcrf ortoaoymthenhce jrT"jr. m, 1 j .r-ui- . mmVl,u Vija tract of LAflU for sale tor La'l. s aTNS ISTINGof 600 acres in the u ILite i'fOh'0, fitiutrd on the Mia- - m Hiver ; the is of the fiill quali-'-well rinibcrftl.'sV large bottom, on a 1'inall water couifealled Wolf creek, .hat makes tin oiighVfie whole of it ; the SATURDAY, APRIL xa, 1806. M.sAJtBjMRT - ? VQ ? nnn r fu 17 tiSiintSaSSSS SI r'j .. A K A..... " J . ii in luc counrv or rtnuerlnn. , "T cl.uflyon the waters of Highland and Trade Water. I will iVll the ahnwe land very low for calli, horses. berf, poiic winiKry or Hour. Any perlon wilhingtopurchafe, will please apply to me, living near Kobertlon' Lick, in the .tiurciaiu county. . 'W --- 2bART 1 REMOVAL vjKV V sxri-rofci- - sq and Chair ,l MrJohn v l ha id su'totk this ttu:i, equji iu juv i' 1 -- Sine. FlfKNU'UREof t,he ICJI t.i 111011s, 't elegant in i '' hal 01 thi lluirtflt Mottoe in y m et cl t j1 in ai neit Jeil i" butts. lie i'l the Uiu wheni rs hi nlelf, tha-- fom the many flute I Hi We "" f,urcis f hifur.nati ti which he has hai in, bis hue of uufinc-f- ; the s coil fpinJsncc which he.has ksot with ''Uhe principal Cabinet Iaktrs both in Philadelphia anil N.Yotk tlrt he will be able to give ge neral latiitaCUon. L'xington, Die. 7 1S05. OTIC N HI', E. ci Abe I l3ll( AOU flNjV'I J UO ';riVS llOj sqi:niuA actp E - .Vc U JIB RELL A c Co :a I,Iq .T.c ': thrive irfl.Ktn,l are requested to call and settle their acco'irU, and those Imping demands agaiiut the fir.n trill present them for settlement; fubferiber ft i 11 continues hir AfW rtnrv.iw.l.'. .Tit". "Prm,i rtfTi v ....j ll.iD j u...., n I.i.i.a lie !. nt.i r Iiij j.x- - I I i 1. fcm WsKVi lW5 . 'F. Downing y'un.i LEVVY & sm1. Leiington, March tHh, 1805. UMtimore, and arc now opening at their cOiai and Til ford, isth's iby dissoh til by . (lore, hi Lexington, mut .1 cvisent, those indebted, .11 ereqi teste, '1 Large, Elegant qnd Well Cbosen to e..'il and settle thi-i- r accounts- Vitli Jame M'CCOiin, awl those hiving de.nai-l- s agaiilit Assortment of JAMES-CONDON- , t'le linn, w.U piesent them to him ior settle MERCHANDIZE, tncnt. HAS removejl htsjligp tn a fraaUred '' Confilliri,'; of 'fames Muccoun, house, on Main fjrec, tlic feennd dor above Dry Goods, Groceiief, Iron 'MoiTgery. Tilor Jun. mr. uaudeman s ; where he purposes cairymi' Cutlery, Saddlery,. China, Queens' on his business as usual. Thofj gentlemei Lexington, January Jlat ,806ami Glass Ware, Stationer w'ho may oleafi; toi'av'ourhim'with their cof Bamts torn, ma depend on hiving their woik done and Medicine, warranted Coulrinp K s'.bscnbtr has lust received .mm P'X II . . . u in the belt manner. Cloths, from No. 4 to 7 ;'and in adI P:i,l..dilplna, and now opcti'rg at me N. 11. He wilhes to a' LOT d dition, thry have a hrge quantity ol linn, by the Wlil lying on Mill lUeei, adjoining Col. belt quality of Iron, cut and wrought strrt, opposite the muktt house, an ex GROUND, is at present under gooj enclosure, Hart's It tnishc idd.tional surply of and a buck house on it, that willnvke an ex . Nails, & a quantity of Man's Lick Mevchmrlife 2c Stxit6narr, Salt. cellcnt liable. Lexinstqn,MaYtlr, 106 Ail ol which were'ourclnfeil nt the lnweft which will be sold at the most, reduced prices N FLAX., SE K D Cam prices, and will enable them to fclUhepn for Cish. the oil inj'l ill Lexington Also, ehber by whole Tali; or retail, very low for fames Mot'COUlU J.iiSacrij- lrtad. 1 ' may be had at faiil mill. ROSE, J ili T "U1. 1'r"01. y' o'!'c Jamaica Spirits, M Madeira L. P. hlierry, is 4 six w C-- ll VI ""idlA 1 r uu TAMES n0ot b? Shoe Mcker.i KZSPSCrFULLV infcrms dies and ifiTitlemen of Le on uie j. ripfton, tnrt lie can-ie- s A w hove b ,sims in ul its varous h1 s old stand, Main bi pclie ?, at Cross street, onedoorfiTlin M.iin str-tHe his on hand an ele. gant yssiPtment of billies vKid & Morocco Slippers, spapgled and pU, l, c I d to anv imuortftl, which he Mill n...,v. si.1 at trie i vii iir-rf me assortment of chldrcns K.d, Morocco, the 1. r m jfoln Bobb Feb. 26th .lSci. tf , , a gle nr. avem. HE fuhforiber refpeclfully RICHARD TAYLOR, i?SCT?ULLY iii'fcrms hisfiiendsand opened 1 nubbek, tlint he-ha- s n 4 of Entertainment, 'louse in- - irmsTlie publick, thathe has latolyoncncd u HOUSE OF KNTKRiWINMENT. 0 that large, commoHious building, on Main llreer, lately occupied by the Bank, anJ i.rir ly oppodti the Com t house. in the town of Cexington, wliere heijpreparedtoaecWimo'date travelK'rSi and others who may be so obliginu as tocall on him, in the belt manner. He conflantly fuppbed with the mod genuine li nuors of different kii.di; his bedding Is exten five, and attended toimhcare and from the size of his table, he it in hopes to render it as commodious as any in the slate ; and as be will always keep on hand .1 large quantity pi hay, oats, and corn, together witn 1 gooJ he flatters himself, that he will be enabled to accommodate his visitants in every manner thatinav fgit their convenience. in that large and commodious brick ho.isc lataly occnnied bv Mr John 'Instonc, in Frankiort , where he 'u supplied witli the beat of liquors uvl proision3 of every kind, liis stabla is 1 vell famished with forage, uudi'.n attentive oit-'eFrom the arrsnrciT.enU made to accom anlCilfSkn hes Heh.issmtlo I'hiUdcl miid.fe his visitints, and tile attention that wG r supp'y of leatlit-- of uY Jie paid thorn, he fiattcra himself he Mill share cl,;a for an add a constant the publics; laior.rv , .!,tv and intends Ge:it'.emeris' nr,K e -- r srr t,2-- ail fjll. F.ankfort, October 21, 180J., ofi-!eCi.sicki a'id i3icks'r.ip Boots midunftlu twn'sftue as !ot import ,1 L"ati"T s utintrt ot r'ne Hmk grain and c:,lf skir NU 1 Sho-Le ml G ntl.-n- i .iv' Mmitco I'i mp m de in the ne est faih on n.J neatc.t U.ste WILLIAM SATTERWH1TE. Payable to, lc uiilnrfed by James M'Coun, da fr, ,nt Lcc ShTs c t to tf L?Xini;ton, Feb'ua'y, 4th, iKc6, at sits Lexington, April 20, 180$. ol ted, ,. 'u. srt kV n mm ' e saopl'ed with tor 1000 dollars, payable and'nejo m tjie at daysilite, oliice ot tne Kentucky iniurancf c'.;i, nearly as c!icp as t'ie Ji vitiahle it the D?y 1 nt c s.ac3. '".omp nv. The public aie cautioned from Will praelue A 1806. Morch Tth, 11, as payment has been slopped. takinft Pbysic and Siirpcry,- Tin-- v ? Ik .nid ?"'in, uidi N B La-'.;"I he hncler will comer a lavpr on too mo Lexing'on, and itj vicinity. He bre? his o' r: o ". nirter'i to meiSMie. O'ders unc criher, by leai mg it at the dure of John am 3m (hop in the house lately occupied by Doctors to ard reit'v eMoutid. u aUe-deWilliam Jordan. t Brown and Warfield. A.. J.e uraii'J. Lexington, Feb. 19, 1806. j.ik tioJ rituni; s 7; c, aid's rlnE r w la;xin;ton, 6tli Feb. 180. rI: From mv farm, a sew dys fmte, A SORRLL PI ARC, about fourteen hards an-- l a half high, nr leco.loct.d It isfi.tifer lurki o, fl,.- ill a o tie rr d to Mason Count' i V iiucvi 15 "i up, Jid mfLrui; in' fhecn 'i nl, or aihtcrs her to me, fliall 'ti Tf wari . fayeltc, W-f- 1 1 by laic ;, I!:bt. t m ova t. tVE. W. CRAIG, T AS removed his store to , A supply of GROCERIES, Uc. 'dl be received from Philadelphia, enable u, to funtish store keepei ,, which . upon the 1' R .1 GOOD s, h ch lie o'ic j to In fi 'fii'ii ami ii? pubhs at '.e m st L' .11 .J'.i' redutet'pii' cc 01 est terms. w ?!' ' m. THOMAS & ROBERT BARR, K.n, ' CHINA GLASS BOOKS & j .wares; - STATinv.w ,, u, rQR SALE -- On long Credit, ONEtwostoryBRicKpIousE, road, atjke edge, of town, Also, the ej? LOT ifeemngton, occupied by George Adams inn. next door to George Norton, and the Ground adjoining jonn noarns jun. A good House Wench, a Waggon and Team of Five Horses. well equipt for the road, two Brood Mares, anu nx i.oits, two years old and yearlings. I he above property is to be sold on, a, lone 710USE 7 credit, the purchaser giving bond with appro. vcu icilllltv, ' cicgaiii luppiy very 01 GOODS, which will be sold cheap for Cafb. Lexington, March 5, 180(5. - FOUND, ON Satu rl5,yn evening, oM7 fafliionetl SILVER WATCIIth'7 ownpr rnn ..,. -- .. Iiitt Mr. S.Ayres. v. . 11 U. uy nnn vino- ' March 1 "J't w ! Dec. 117th, 7Sjy. ' tf 20 DOLLARS REWARD. RAN away on Chriumas last, a o Woman rtamed LETTY, belonging Ne-.;r- Just " Published, and for ale at this Office, XVIND.EX; ',, , 'M 00 i'1 4, 1S06. uy 111c, GEORGE ADAMS Sen. up-J)- i. comer white k ms'-- opposite Mr. Lei where he has just npcncu, tw s id Urt! assoitmcnt ol il,oi e low A NEW STORE. Keiscp., . j's; c Hioj. ? 10 do HySon Skin, $TEA8 35 bbls. Coffee anil Loaf Sutrar liaisons in kegs. The aboie articles trill be disnoswl f .. . moderate advance, by UiebaneW.rpaciaee Cash or Negotiable Notes at 60 ' for , BLUE DYING! . tl. CIotc,-Mac- Logwood, 10 boxes Voung to the fubferiber, she is about 20 years of ace, of a common ffatnrr r.r- - ... erect, fond of trong drink, and when intoxicated very insolent Her cloath-in- g 'Doctrines of the Strictures confined of two cr three white muf-li- n Vindicated, drefTes, one of fancy chintz. faln,o . coloured linfev petticoat. s.V,;f- The Reply of Mr. Stoi,ie. Rocrfings and good (hoes, with r.,ir,r lother cloathing of good quality: I By John P. Cam'pbjti. Cluke county fc0. oe I uiis urgro ras narUourecf for foinc ' JF ten up by William Wills, on Lit- - . Taen 3 Oafper Shrout.onSlate Creek, and nc;r thispfacc, and ifremo-vetime in mare. nrrnne d, neat the Iioa Works, one no doubt is fumifhed with a pass s RED ROAN MARE, Sorrel Mare, to Clarke county, Baudftown or Dani.uir teen hand, one inch high, 10 or 11 ifprtll blaie in her face, three yearl old pjft three white seer, natural trotter, abour t ville. 'c-- v old, hrr near eye out : appraised hands high; appraised 10 50 dollars. Pofled I will pay the above reward for to 3s d dlirs. the before negro delivered to A enpv. Te'le, Tbos. lies. ,-D. BuUKk. C. C. C, Mon'tont.'y -- oa; ty, STey. 8th, i3o5. l.eiinjton, 3d Apt J, 1805. W Is 1 takes this method which they willsclt so.- Cash, at die most of informingthepubiic.thatfhehasconiruen Ced the Blue Dying business, next door below (CT They have on hand an JSsortment of Mr. Hufton, tte fiddler, Xvhere fbe will dye imported BAH IRON cotton,' yarn, and thread, or apy kind of home made clotb, which she will warrant to JOSEPH GRAY, (land its color, ii she dyes with hot dye. 1111.1 1C11.1.VCU nis btore to the sir,,, will 'dye the above articles as cheap ai ih they can be. dope any where in Lexinton, 'louie, qppolite bamutl 8c George T10 imd, receive produce in payment. tusjiately occupied by McfiYs. Hart T"ebruary 25, i8:6. ' uartiett : ana has lu.t leciv.l ;., ,i dition to his former aflbrtment, a VALTEIt WARFIELI), STRYF.D, VINES, -- , Fcrfct 1 Colemenar, Pqrt, Pepper, Brimstone, Allum, Copperas, Brandv, 8 10 6 15 Cinc-cr- . 10 10 Madder, 3 Chocolate, 50 boxes Sega, a, 1 case coMainim- Nutrr.cgs, and Cinnamon, . c , r. thc-fir- - :i ..M thr. en-l,- le , ybn Barlow. HAVE have inst rprv-i- nA iv ! Philadelphia, and are now opening!-- , thchousc amlthepublick flattetsbimfelf that from his liktely occupied bvmr. , i,. 1 long experience in the principal cities of Eu general assortment of rope, and being lately from Philadelphia, will MERCHANDISE,' hirp to give general fatislaclion. t Consisting of O prefunies thata fpecim:nof his abilities will fufErcforiny thing more say. LaDRY GOODS, dies' habits and great coats made in ft HARD W.iRE, falhion. fh CUTLERY, &V. N. p. One or two apprentices, welhrecom QUEENS' 1 mended, wanted immediately. 6m , . jf" OFTCRS his services to his friends V Tailob, nw openinn-i- ; Tailor, Main Cross Street. Lexinirfon'.BnnnCf ., Cain's new Brick House GA1 r.WUOD, Havejtir imported from Philadelphia And Bradford. THOMAS HICKEY, - kountrv. 0 cupiulbvjonnjorfarnerthec;"; OF KENTUCKY, TprlOSE lv perfot, f Y Just Rcceived by WILrUNS &P TAN1SJF.HILL, till fjt" NOTIC 1 m where he jpiQbeablelo furnisli Chairs of ever) d.riMrtlon nnd ih1hr. naintp.1. iininnnl inH gilt, wlnth has never ytt been done in this Su 7 of tbc ToKn LcMngton, February 12, 1806. negroesAny March 13, 1806. . thote ns nuf.M cds.nceUieearl-g- 8i hich, in addiUon to those prmt d m my former collection, will foi m .1 cmpleat body of idl the general Laws in oiceiu thisdtate. sfjjj. Windsor Lbair Makintr. . A Collection 'prisinjr JI'LWFAC J UKL'USHvEjy - . irom iiaitnnore, in formythe pubhek, that lie has E. temoveillus rattoryto I.cmg-ton- , indebted to Maccoun at the vgn cf the Umbrcl-1- , and Tiirord.arerccitieatnltn rnllatvlmi next doorto'l'invellei-s- ' Hall, their lirst U where he will keep a constant ikiy lespcctiie accounts on or beforc-th-e of March r.eit. All those thatfailtn comsupply ot ply, must c.tpect their accounts ptlt into the Urftbrell.u & Parasols, hands of proper officers for collection, without iiiished in thene;.test manner. Merchants and liscrimiliiilion. raders may be supplied with Umbrellas at Lexington, January C, 180G. llus Factory on more advantageous terms than bj impoi ting them. st up the other business, .ddit.on to 9 Jnnich In the 1'ress, and will shortly be Published ary or t meet withaba-gain, and lands adjoining so, rale, winch improve the traa -e- nquire on the premises. 9r,ii, mwcVnher, 1805. Lexington, April x Partnerlhip of Mentelle unT. or Fl Iv led bv miilnulJownitiremisrnt fr:ii.-- . iViorton efq, .nniain llalicr Baylor. March 17, lg06. 4iv 1. tavern. NIVOHVli .LVHHO 111 t 0 'IOJ l3M ;',' f" 1..,.-,- ". kS ,. VVHICr,',Itl'eyc:mvc1tu'"eta "scrt aie .is v, ell bought, and v. hich Cull and shall bv soi.i ?s low as an i eftiii'on ght to the state. Tlu-will rc-e- i e itSiDMn, cut cash, tobacco, henp, .or hog' lai iPHiun but from thf many li9?pi)(iinlricnts aie met ivithin co'ietUngfor tlitir iSUJKLI 's sales, they arc detumintd to credit ywieA l UOjSllIXJ'f IUO.IJ pSOJ 3ll UO 'SJIJUIIO) : IVLnkeu, jjjsXe.j ut iaed pun 'noj"s ni land iitNET 'his Shop to P'jej siij jiaiiuiq joj aSpnf puv puff tlAS lately removed 01 irjtw pron. jv.i3ind oj 3v. ua pit,38j his nc.v brick noote, vviulii ik Al-K- lyi iv ui)j3d Aue pjoddnj se '.ukj).5u t un 3( pnovt sjtuiaad aii jo uopduijap b'liU for the purpose, on Uank ininedutely bide of the Bank, ijiianj ,u 'pu-- l iaqio jo s.uaj imy iran tii"r thy houlc lately occu- - aj'iao p'ajvj put: 'pieipau ipcid pin: Jones, and now side ub i uonG.ininj in ssuuoQl 1 jicd'.)y P.-vwhere he has on !piEAdii qjuv 'sajon OSS inoqu iJUIUIEl Jii-b .M r, . n II variety of the bell liquors his Bed ding and other .lccor.unodatidiis will he fumilhed equ-jto any in the Wellcrii Country. His Stable is well lupplied with Hay, Oats, and Corn, and his Oilier particularlyat-tcntive- , and careful. Tliofe who are 1") obligttr;as to call on him, may rell alTured that they fiiall receive the greateil attention, and every e'e srtion will be-- made to make their litiiition agreeable. Private rvir- ies may be accommodated with a room undillutbtdby the bulUe of a Ti ajtlE aij uioi) 'f put: 'jjuuoi oqt iuojj ?3iiu !) jnoqE ';3 lo.if) 04 PORTER CLAT, - "',0p!wfiie Pb- tnc ,a,r'e 53 feet 6 . ;nri,.ss, una aoout baLt Air, two OUT llOT55 " res cacn, on ," Lrols llreer. ror further partaulan I'Unnfi lie ftn iS In all the branches of my trade So punctual I Will b?, It never shall by one be said, John Shaw has cheated ice, I am, u.w. r'f FOR SALE. onncKite the town ol laud is du-Dayton ; tl - mofl remote corner not nore than a mile and a half from the GQOlbs. First Ouiilitr fohii Hobhinx town ; it v, ill be laid oiTin tracts of 200 "" ' Sept. 3rd, 1B05. acres to suit thepnrchafers. tf xi. v r. is For terms Fdr Sale for Cash; ipply to Dort. James V1 Hi, of the town ns Dayton, or John Bradford of DOCTOR JOSEPH ROSWELL, Wier. March TBtJi; 1806. Lexington, vh are legally authorifed o his farm, seven J to diipolc ot th: laid land- - the trTte is cast of Lexinrton. nur tl,,. nw a FOR SAT.R'. 'ndijpu table. c's; Vih;reheill nrar.tie- - Mnlirinp In THE FARM whereon r , 1:. . 3 dilfcrunt branches. He has hand n JuliiN DOWNING; quantitvof Genuine MJlA. 1,;m, i, n Scott county, Witl,, o..c rode and a , . 1 iiTJonro PT?riT t i intorms 111s ..11.1,1.. wjiuic sale or retail. iu jui Dy ncji-fiuiruL"'. ""rgerpwn, on the main load He also onrs for sale, two hundred" and six-t- ."' Lexington-- containing friends and the publick in Tjenerul, loo acres of eight acres of first rate .nu, rtuout 00 acres clrare a brick tliCtTTcontinui-T-. to keen a house of MILITARY LAND, awclling house, two lories, 23 b ) N IERTAIN.MENT, near Hornbeck's mill Claike, a part of eeta arge barn, Sc. for which 4,11 in that commodious frame house, on Col Nathaniel Gist's suncy. He Mill take u,u lor oi)in COMMISSION, or Main Street, oppofitc the Court Cash tfo Voting Negroes for it. those whjrniy have any ramg Fa ettccounty, 10th Feb. 180G. w idi the house, at the sign of wi" be done, together the most reduced d.aUs THE BLFFALOE; the ex ir is, i.n. Heruuvii ni,iwii,...!iit John R,- - Shaw. &? BARTLET, where he s prepcred to acco rnmo- "- I in mercantile u. m pc, ice he h u hi H. II. I shall refuse to uork in flint roclc, a? umjiu, I havebrcp an' a uesue u Jate travellers, and others wh omay Have lust imnortcsl and we nm nn. ulnn t,i 'innen, :.,. three times blown up pleale to call on him, in the be ftm3k- o m bit a pa.t of th- - PuWte Pjrtronage. Large and General Assortment of SAMl. JANUARYHe is well provided witrMfr ierk '9081 'C 'Piei1 ME R C AV T V n,,ti SALES MY aaiit5SSH!2Esea52E3aiss80MsaasS' i I will dig ivclb yon all may know, Good water I can find, In spite of patent lau's I'll show, For nought I will be kind. a co rnoa.uonofuavclkvsun.1 savor him with a ca.L He ruaj 'Junk piopcr to ,, ,v. .v.ded st'i 1 large """ convcuent W A. Rfi ! HOU-sE- , for th- - leception of goodi, equal, not 1 od lime I have always on hand. Supph 'd xu all can be, Howei cr t 18 the demand, My frier.ds come unto me. Auiiuu." ....t .r,l . ..... for the encourage mettt he has received in h.s line cf busmesa. may find In Lexington my Mwofking :.t r f. raue. ising stones to ut vour mind, iicl digging with my spade. COMMISSION T.l'.'EZN, STJSAGB V B t.iyr A valutfD 'lc THIS npfr'u published twice a week, - ,; BY DANIEL BRADFORD, LEXINGTON. OR THE 3

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