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Page 108 of The revolution on the upper Ohio, 1775-1777

io8 REVOLUTION ON UPPER OHIO have heard what you have said and like it well and shall Carefully Observe your Advice to us and sit Still we and all the Nations present have now fast hold of the Chain of Freindship and you may be Assured that we will not suffer it to Slip through our hands and hope you have the same Strong hold of it A Belt Kiashota another Cheif of the Six Nations then Spoke Brothers the bigknife and Onas listen Every thing you have said We like and return you our Sincere thanks Brothers Onas and the bigknife we have not much to say but what we do say I hope you will Attend to I Observe that there are some Differences between yourselves I advise you to be Strong and let no Disputes be Among you that our Council fire may be well Kindled and burn Clear so that when we are hereafter invited to it we may come with Pleasure Brothers the Bigknife and Brother Onas I advise you to what is good for yourselves I now Assure you that the six Nations have a strong hold of the Chain of Freindship and with these Belts I bind fast in freindship my Brothers the Wiandots, Delawares Shawanese and Tawaas with you Three Belts one to each Nation White Eyes then Addressed the Indians as follows Brothers listen to me you heard me tell our Bretheren the English that I hoped we shou'd finish the good work we had began and as our Brothers desired us to remove all Obstructions out of the road that our Young Men Women and Children might Pass and repass Unmolested and that the Freindship which has been made between us in the presence of

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