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Page 21 of Mountain Life & Work vol. 34 no. 4 1958

Part of Mountain Life and Work

concentrate on the possibilities BETTY KIRLIN MOST OF US ARE GUILTY of saddling the physically handi capped children in our communities with handicaps far worse than physical limitations. We are not giving them a chance to develop self-confidence and to make friends by "belonging" to a group. In recent years, increasing numbers of physically handicapped adults have gained employment. The majority of these persons have been successful in these jobs and proved themselves capable workers. However, there have been job failures, and 90% of these were caused not by the individuals' physical limitations but by their inability to get along with other people. This inability has not been caused by the physical handicap. Rather, it is due to the failure of communities to meet their responsibility to offer to physically handicapped children opportunities for social and recreational programs which enable them to be with other people, to learn the give and take of a group, to help in planning and in making decisions, and to accept responsibility.

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