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Image 8 of The Paducah evening sun, December 1, 1909

Part of The Paducah evening sun

tow SONarn THE PADUCAH EVENING WOK RIGHT I int B9EHIVES ESntT nixnamnn 1a J INTRODUCTORV SALE BeeHive Store has been moved from 133 Broadway to 010 Broadway under the SHAMROCK FLATS and order to introduce our new location have decided to have a cutprice sale on everything in the house beginning f4 111i1UU 1 iii i 41 x11 Thursday Morning December 2 1909 at 8 Oclock Sharp and to Continue Until Dec 25 at 10 Oclock p m the Del Hive Store literally piled up wjUi bargains at Greatly Reduced Prices Our New Bee JIivo Store is located ill one of the very best sections of the city and casj of access ns those traveling by street car on North or South Sixth street cnn get off at Sixth and Broadway anti bQ within Quofourth of n block of our store au1 thoso lolllihg down BIondwny eau have the l cars stop almost nt our door Now we will not lie to you or try t b deceive on by telling you thatow lease hnsexpirml or that cwo hive to movfor wo have just siglwdn lease fOl12 months hut wo lUlImving this sale in order to get rid of goods ttn1 we are going to make priees low enough to induce you to stop nt the Ileo hive Store GROCIali S SiIOES HNl8 liUJlNISIIINO OoODS and CLOTIIING are goods that everybody MUST HAVE and if you road the price list below it will compel you to become n customer at the Bcp Hivo Store As an inducement further to convince you that we want your patronage i we are going to GIVE AWAY gold filled watch worth 1500 to our customers ou December 25 at 900 oclock p m With each dollars worth of goods bought you got a ticket Be Hiiro to call for them AndoVer dnr during this sale you will NOW FOR THE find SHOES PRICES t 1500 Suits reduced to Suits reduced to 1000 Suits reduced to 1500 Boys Suits reduced to 4 CO Boys Suits reduced to 2 no Boys Suits reduced to 1000 Cravnnettes reduced to 800 Overcoats reduced to 450 Pants reduced to 2liO Pants reduced to 1rO 1 1120 500 Slaves reduced totwiGO 210 860 Shoes reduced to 17G Shoes reduced to 000e 100 HATS AT OUT PRICES 9119 300 Hats at SHOES Womens Patent Leather Shoes reduced to 273 1SD 200 Boys School Shoes Mens GOO Corona Patent Leather Shoes rro Womens 200 Heavy Shoes J25 Misses 175 School Shoes 125 4 CO 2SO JBO 010 JJ7B 27 i 15D Ladles at Black Rustling at Black Rustling at Underskirts 125 9100 17U his Granulated Sugar Uockinonfl Roasted Coffee tic to ioc Hockmons Flavor Extracts Be to woe c 30c Pepper for I IBc 2 can Splendid Corn IBc 2 3Ib cans Tomatoes Oc Best String Means can Oc Host Tomato Catsup pint Splendid Flour barrel patent 90BO 2BcSplendid Mixed Tea pound n lb Hag Table Suit Be Bacon and Lard any kind we wJII sell you cheaper than you can buy It IBc 7 c- Hc farDOe Black Rustling Underskirts Uic Ladles Corset Covers ltc 2 pairs lOc hose IBc VIe 2 pairs IQc Socks Ladles at 2Bc 2Bc 7lc tIc 2lc M 1 I GROCERIES >c IHc toacLad25c les Underskirts 1BO Ladies Hlc Contsot mack Rustling Underskirts 9100 Ladles 1rO 200 Hats at JBO Hats at 175 150 Hats at u 120 130 200 Dos Hats at 110 150 Boys Hats at >0 100 Days Plats at Womens and Misses ReadytoWear fiOc and OUc Hats 125 100 Overalls and Jumpers Boys Sweater I lenA Sweater Coats Wool Socks 12 We Wool Hoso 2 pairs Misses lOc Hoso 100 Umbrellas for 75c Umbrellas for S 125 Umbrellas 3 Gents Linen Collars Mens Hlack Sateen Shirts Mens Fleeced Underwear Suit Ladles Fleeced Underwear Suit Childrens Union Suits MISCELLANEOUS the above price list you see that we menu business unit on 11110 lint of our low prices some Jlilnk that wu sell Inferior goods but If you will stop In w will roiivlncu you to tho contrary Our evpenscs are small sndI wo sell for spot emit lure II Telephone us yoir wnnlK It you rnnt come over new phony Biwn Out In KverytliliiR spot cash 11I1II1 jitmli H nclQck Mll cheaper tlinn tho other fellow Ho on hand Thursday moriiiiiR and watch the fur fly IlIrOlIlral frout like the nee Illvo Is doing Sale iKglns Thursday IkTcmhrr 2at 8 oclock n sharp will closes Sntunluy night December 23 10 p in ffurry on wttli rockclbooknopen l un > 8KELTON Prop Uicol 1 1 f Jo nlw 1 I a In tlmd box than they started with and charges wlli bo preferred against another of the remaining nine It Is MAY GUT NIGHT giveY I RIDER JURY i1 D1YORCE FRISCO r ROCK ISLAND The entire proceedings since court convened over a week ago has been a wrangle between the attorneys but MVBJUIIYMKN AHR NOW INTIIK this was the bitterest of any preced DUAL PILL MBAX CIIVNAKS ZION UXCIIALlMXOKO AMOXO OFFICIALS ing day and several times the court I had to call them down and once a I personal encounter was narrowly averted between two of the attor ChAr eil May Ho rerIrlll Agnlii t neys Wlnrhrll and Yonkum Will Go In thIn the cave Attorneys U Miulm < lttcs to Ono cif Tliem TiMlny The court furnished the shorllT lVrtutgle111 flay latch Islandwith another list of 200 names to have on hand Some have given as 1 I TURKU TWO ACCICPTKID bec9Wl thatthbox OFF M J i I union Printing IL I IL1XS ARB Cqtssfg- < Vllli Tiny liimiidotltint Clliilie fly lliMlrlaui J r l1f1Ittlo Mar- f Pittsburgh garet Van 1 I Kleek was taken back to New Yoik by hur parents after hav ing successfully passed through are markable operation hero Tho child 14 months old swallowed an open safety pin and nearly choked to death but tho pin lodging deeper In the aesophnguo permitted her after a time to breathe Tho frantic parents were advised In Now York that the only way tho pin could be removed was by cutting an opera tion that would Jn all probability mean death The parents had heard of a re COAL COAL COAL COAL COAL COAL COAL COAL COAL 4 COAL f COAL Mt QUALITY AND P AVo mo Hl6 flT in butte COAL COAL COAL Our Cold is free from ulalo sulphur and COAL COAL foreign substances is olduttho Uowest COAL COAL Price the market will permit COAL COAL COAL Perms Cash CO COAL INDEPENDENT ICE COAL COAL COAL COAL H T Vogel Mgr COAL 154 Phones 10th and Madison Sts COAL COAL COAL COAL COAL COAL COAL COAL COAL COAL COAL RICErOOAI = DrUhovaller rinoanR tcl1pin upon1Itthatlthe Il1Is1age 1OOdI I TUE GREAT MAJESTIC I neceulI IF iKMKlCKH IHSHOP I I J 1 Ilitnl of tVbu Dlorcw Drwul Vlrllin U of- tliitlcra Manila Ikv 1 Illshop T A lien drlcks ot the dlocoro of Cebu died of cholera Tho bishop had boon gravely 111 for wvernl month and a brother recently came hero from Now York ht the hope or being able to take the Irk man homo There lure been a number if cases of cholera at CVlm recently 1 < WALKING CAKE I I I 750 Set FinestEnamel determlnedlbut To Be Forehanded is the Part of WisdomI Purchasing Christmas gifts early Js being forehanded Tho early buyer escapes the rush and worry of ping amidst crowds and confusion and approaches the glad Yuletldo with serenity and peace of mind Purchasing early gives you better advantages In buying You make your elections from a complete new stock and have time nnd opportunity for thought and careful examination There Is also a price advantage In early purchasing 7 = illYes fJo 0 = F 0 0 C = rtx Ii r = = I have already dono my Christmas buying and the goods arc now ready for your Inspection You will find among the many good things for Christmas here a pleasing gift for everyone to whom you Intend to givo lifts really worthy of tho Christmas spirit at ptlces well within your meansJr L Wanner Jeweler and Optician Paducah I J There is a Santa Claus ill I Broadway 1 = Ware Each Once a little girl wrote this letter hlldhood fills the world would be xtlngulshod t to the editor of the Npw York Sun You mlglif get your papa to hire nm 8 years old I Dear Editor chimneys on Some of my friends say that thero If non to watch all the If you hrlsmaa eve to catch Santa Claus Papa says no Santa Claus Please tilt even If they did not see Sanla see It in the Sun Its so a Santa Jans coming down what would that toll me the truth Is there Nobody sees Santa tXaus Provo VIRGINIA O HANLOX Claus rho most real things In the world of the Sun might And the editor ire those that neither children nor beman of Invective and sarcasm Nobody can conceive or and non see came even as a Ilttlo child maglne all tho wonders that are un wrote the following charming reply een and unseeablo In this world Your little friends You may tear apart tho babys raW VIRGINIA are wrong They have been affected tnd see what makes the noise in by the skeptical age They will pot Ide but there I14a veil covering the believe except they see unseen world which not the strong Yes Virginia there Is a Santa lot that ever 4lved could over tear poetry fancy Claus Ho exists as certainly as Igvo apart Only faith and generosity JUjddeyotIfin exist ova and romance can push aside that and you know that they abound and urtaln1 and view tho picture tha give to your life Its highest beauty supernal beauty and glory beyond and Joy Alas how dreary would be s It all realIT Ah Virginia In all this the world If there were no Santa world there Is nothing so real and Claus It would be as dreary as If ibldlng There No Santa Claus Thank Oat ho there were no Virginias A thousand would be ho childlike faith then no Ives and lives forever poetry no romance to make toler years from now Virginianay ten able this existence Wo should have tlmea ten thousand years front now no enjoyment except In sense and I he will continue to make glad the sight The eternal light with which heart of childhood Like truthf crushed I to earth Will FreeWith Range This Week = t shoptr 311 AHOUT PKRFKOTKD 1 IXSIIIKS LI011tii11 UP first manipulating Jt woulj have forced It into the lung With a spa I nEilWare manager of tho Chicago Dec 1Plant are rapid dally prepared inslrumont Dr Jack I Union Printing company made an ly being perfected In New York ac ran finally turned U Injch a 1IO- f assignment yesterday afternoon in cording to eastern dispatches for tho t sltmnthnr with a WotiWr iiook ho county court naming Cecil Reed as separation of the Rick IslandFrisco caught It In the ringed end and drew assignee He will take charge of tystem and for the official organiza It through the tube The operation the property sell It and then make slate In the case both until It reached the mitt Through required 20 minutes a settlement with the creditors lmhs tube was passed a small Incan I The w rents ofrho child were asIt Is the second time tie printing com tounded when Informed that tho almost Its original position when the pany has made nn nsslgnmen operation hail not required the knife H U Mudge now second vice preaJl M6ore and D 0 Reid and W H I The The point of time pin Jay In such 1 The feat s clawed as one of tho most dent of the Rock Island road will Jesds secured control of It Dont waste valuable time explain succeed H L Winched as president taking back of the Frisco by Mr position that to remove it without daring performed by Jackson n ing why you failed Get busy and Mr Winchell Is to follow Mr Yoak Yoakum will cut the Rock Island oft E um to the Frisco and become Us from any connection with the I ast tasks president succeeding A J Davidson orir Illinois and the Kvansvlllc and Terre Haute roads and consequently recently resigned It Is understood that the separa from the enjoyment of a ChlcagoSt nine Castellano Louis line The Eastern Illinois will undoubtThe Reliable palmist edly be moved from the Lasalte I 1221 Trimble St It lu more than likely that Mr terminal Into Its former home time Mr Polk street totlon as soon as the will have no successor unler Pells your past and extended to jurisdiction Indiana builds a new term uture and what Wlnchells road which be the proper- Western not before The divorcement is inal If cover that Ether fortune tellers ty 750 SetFinest What will b comII of tho two systems will also mean of the Frisco litlm to tell yuii but of President Miller of the Eastern the reestablishment of separate city ont ticket oinces for both In all of their EnamelWare Thle will provide a large termini u Free family number ot good positions which were given a place In the Moore With agenThere la some talk of his succeeding done away with when the Joint Each H F Yoakum as chairman of the ex cies of the two systems and the Joint Range ecutve committee of the Rock Is ticket offices were established land with headquarters In New York This Mr Roy McKinney hap purriiais oo 1lslI slay Week asdtalk of 11111f a now iHoo car of the latest model abtfhhing There Is > Union City Tenn Dec lTbree more juiors were added to tho panel to try tho night riders making a total of eleven but later in the day two won rqlcased and others may be turned out later Court convened at 930 oclock alter a recess of two days npd tho day hay 10411 ono of hard work for both tho attorneys and tho court The panel of 250 men summoned to be hero were present to answer to their rames and the entire panel was exhausted three jurors being Ferley A chosen They were I P Halts and G W Jackson but Jackson was excusodlater in the day on the ground that he was a brother inlaw of Hud Morrtp who was sentenced to 20 years in the penitentiary at the January term of court G H Caudle one of the jurors chosen the first day was also dis charged by the court on charges pre- ferred by counsel for time state This leaves them with but one more juror lrlIlI ibis portion and of tanking Mr Mil Icr second vice president of the Rock Island rucceedlnff Mr Madge who is In charge of construction opera lions If this Is not done It In more than likely that F O Melchur not general manager of the Rock Island will IMS advanced to the position of vice president In charge of those lIe partments That the detail of the reorganization are almost ready for olllclal announcement Is regarded ascertain by reason of tho fact that both Mr Mudge and Mr Miller wore hastily summoned to New York today The retirement of Mr Miller from the presidency of the Eastern Illinois Is presaged from the tort that lie Is a close and lifelong friend Of DG Held ono of the owners of time Rock Island and chairman of the board of directors of that road As such It Js hardly thought possible that ho would bo In harmony with tho VoakuraWJnchell combination IInns forked Oat details of ItIIs understood that the nearly all tho officIal changes have rise again > Thursday iiecetnher2 330 p m Tins wonderful cnko will bo baker in a MAJESTIC UXQV AiR TiailT OVEN nt our stole tomorrow morning and at about lfO in the afternoon 25 ladles will stand on two planlcH 12 feet long placed oh time cake rand crush it flat It will thou rise to its natural height about S minutes afterwards then be cut nod served to all present This lis n fine layer cake 6 inches high by 17 inches by 19 inches jelly between each layer end icing on top Jlm prime factor in this wonderful cake is tho feet that it is 1 baked in nn AirTight Oven All MAIESTfC RANGE OVENS ale JMilUFECT AIR TIGHT MENU FOR THURSDAY u Drop Cakes Sponge Drops Cheese Straws Lady Fingers Jumbles At ItfO the great Walking Cake t After the walking cake is served Prof Becker will mix 24 lbs Black Fruit Cake show- ing the mixing and baking thereof not losing an ounce in tho baking Prof Beckers Talks Are Not Only Interesting But Full of Information i J COAL COAL COAL Now is the time to place your coal order for the winter will tell you his is the best tract to sell coal from exBRADLEY t ricnce of ten yean handling coal from every mine accenable to Paducah c TAYLOR i belt aatijfaction andas the consumer ii the bett judge and the one to to handle no other Never clinkers no late no lack burns to a fine urasc beat any coal in the would for Molding fire all night We have found it the vhiteaih and vill but those tint tried it found it the best if you try it you will find it the best and havc no COAL ha given the we have decided cnnerlBe iulri and get our prices before buying 1C1JWJYe < HJ i r 4 J And every coal dealer Unlike other dealers we are not under salary or con Ptotta It w Yard 922 Madison Street V J j s 339 ttit 7i1f 1I > > Ih

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