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Image 7 of The Paducah evening sun, December 1, 1909

Part of The Paducah evening sun

T t j 1 mEn WEDNESDAY DEc7v fJ E 1 < V P Perron 8 FCTTOB Ferrons R estaurant R Broadway new place Everything and the most cour sorvlco Short orders We servo every good to eat Special attention given to ladles t SOU IEntire lI = q rt STAKPS RUBBER IAll klndfi of Rubber Stamps made to order I j Including riUimiE OF YOUR Seals brats JIGMME stencils sanitary milk checks linen markers daterH Juuuibers ole v JDtil Orders pints Pronplj 4 UileMlfliJ DIAMOND d STAUP e11S t mist WORKS flies 368- Ten SWITCHMEN DoctorsS id I I 4 f r 1 a 4 4 ST LOUIS AND TENNESSKHKIVKIl PACKET COMPANY Thero la some talk of establishing Incorporated a tnnall museum In the house of EXCURSION TO TBNNRSHRAJacclo Corsica where Napoleon I was born BIUtn The house Is a little old world Kalian villa of yellowish pins Steamer Clyde every Wednesday at tor work and windows with shutters Which am nearly always closed 6pmSteamer Kentucky every Saturdayat 6pmOI O TIME TAIJLK nly 800 for the round trip or livedays Visit the Military National Corrected to November Otli 1000 park at IlltsburR Landing Arrive Paducah For any other Informntln apply to Louisville Cincinnati east 562 am the 1AUUCAH WHAHFBOAT CO Loulsvlllo 4lGpm agents JAMK3 KOdER Supt Louisville Cincinnati east 610 pm Itphls N Orleans south 128 pm Mphls N Orleans south 1120 dm Mayflcld and Fulton 740 am Cairo Fulton Mayfield 800 pm Princeton and Evllla 610 pm Princeton and Kvllle 416 pm Princeton and Hopvllle 900 am Cairo St Louis Chicago 735 am Cairo St Louis Chicago 800 pm am Mutlls Carbdale St Metlld Carbdalo St L 335 pm heave Padiirah Loulsvlllo Cincinnati east l33am Louisville 750 am toulsvllle Cincinnati cast 1125 am Memphis N Orleans south 3Gl am Meinphlsj N Orleans south GI16pm Mayflold and Fulton 420 pm Mayfield Fulton Cairo 630 am Princeton and Evllle 133 am Princeton and 1 villa 1125 am 340 pm i Princeton and IIopvlllo Cairo St Louts Chicago 910 am Cairo St Louts Chicago 816 pm Mftflls Carbdalo St L 940 am MeL II I Carbdale St L 420 pm J T DONOVAN Agt City OfficeR M PRATHER Agt We spend onehalt of our Union Depot time In darkness why not use the best light and turn night Into daylight by using the best Ticket OttltHf light For calu by City Office 128 L1100 WaN WARRENJe- weler ofii f KILLTHECGUGH Awe i CURETIILUNG wrntDRKINGS + NEWDISCOVERYf4ACa r LUtfG tR Uaus- 745 am 1230 pm 130 pm 330 pm 136 pin 927 pm 210 pm 865 pm 840 pm 835 pm 244 am i 735 pm 7 lOam 600 pm 732 pm yr 915 pm Lv Paducah Ar Jackson Ar Nashville Ar Momphla Ar Hlckman Ar Chattanooga Lv Paducah Ar Nashville It Ar Memphis Ar Htckman Ar Chattanooga Ar JacksonrI ArAtlanta Paducah Ar Murray Ar Paris ti VAnANTECD SATISFACTORY OQ MONEY REFVNDFp 4 EDGAR WIWHITTEMORE REAL ESTATE AGENCY St- Departa Lv Ne All TMtOO AND ENTEIIINQ TWIN riTIESOUT Switchmen Wanted Increase of Six CcntH nn Hour and Double Pay for Hiiniluy omit Holiday Work MARES AVIIEAT PRICES nULOr Dec St Paull Minn 1Artcr fifteen days of negotiations between the Switchmens Union of North America and the Joint committee of railroad managers representing thlr teen railroads of tfie northwest d strike Involving 2300 switchmen be came effective at C oclock last night Tho non engaged In this strike aro employed by tho various railroads running west ana north of St Paul from Lake Superior to tho Paclflo coast and unless speedily net tled will mean a serious Interruption to traffic Tho first effect of tho strike was a sharp bulge In the price of wheat l In tlio Chicago grain market today Tho roads entering the Twin Clues and Duluth and Superior are largely grain carriers from tho west least night both sides to tho dis pute issued statements Tho rail way managers committee Issued the following say Diiimnds Unreasontlile Tho switchmen In the Northwest territory made simultaneous do mands on thirteen railroad compa nies centering In the Twin Cities for double pay for Sundays holldaya and overtime an advance oj CO cents per day of ten hours In tho wages ot switchmen switch tenders towermcri englno herders and as I sistant yardmasters a modification of tho rulo providing for tho pay ment of penalty In caso of failure to penult switchmen to secure their meal In tho middle of their shift at a stated period which contemplates doublo pay In cases whero It became necessary to work a portion of the meat botir nnd time elimination of tho physical exanUnatlbn and the ago limit placed on switchmen enter Ing tho service Tho switchmen In no detail tem ceded from timely demands which If conceded would have entailed an ad ditional expense upon tho railroads switching service of some forty to fortyfive per cent Tho managers committee offered the switchmen an increase of 20 cents per day of ten hours in tho rates of pay of switchmen employed III time territory west of Havre Mont on tho Great Northern railway and west of Hillings Mont ci the north ern Pacific Switchmen Changed Minds Further concession was declined because the rules or pay of switch men were Increased ovr 13 per cent In November 190C and because tho rates had not been reduced during tho period of business depression which followed Time attention of tho switchmen wad called to tho tact that in 1906 the switchmen were granted a larger percentage of Increase than any she- er class of employes In train service At tho present rates tho wages ot tho switchmen averaged over 100 per monthTho d Norton and Union SUtlo Btk Agent for Edison and Victor Keeps Graphophone Records on band a full line of mantles P and repair for the lightning system a 2son EMPLOYES OF 11 iuUn BroadwayDEPOTS 403 Hroadtvcy Arrivals Arrives 125 p m from Nashville Memphis and all Southern points Arrives 815 p m from Nashville Memphis and all Southern points 750 a m train connects at Hol low Rock Jet with chair car and Buffet Droller for Memphis 210 p m train connects at Hol low Rock Jet with chair car and Iluffct Droller for Nashville r statement talon recites that after first declining to leave tho dis pute to arbitration time switchmen changed their minds and suggested that tho controversy bo left with Martin A Knapp of tho Interstate commerco commission and Charles P Nclll United States commissioner Before the arbitration of labor conference could bo held however the switchmen again declined title form of settlement and announced their Intention or striking Will Tie Un Tragic This time railway managers assert Is n breach of faith Speaking for tho switchmen Pres ident Hawley said Wo want an advance of six cents an hour In pay and tho elimination of overtime and Sunday work as far as possible and tho request for double pay for overtime Is tho nature of apenalty more than anything else as wo want to discourage over- time Sunday and holiday work Wo also ask for a modification of time physical requirements and ago limit rules Examination for employ mont on railroads now is as rigid as thoso requested for service In the regular F L Wetland City Ticket Agent A Thrilling Hescao How IJert R Lean E D Durnham Agent Fifth and of ChcnW t Wank was saved from a frightful Norton tits M Prather Agent Union Depot death Is a story to thrlU time world brought ho writes A hard cold on a desperate lung trouble that HOTEL Theabaffled an extort doctor here It ST DENIS kt IIFRBS sot a jG11 TIa ADUCAH r + Sample Very Commoillon Rooms at Krnronmlile hales j TaMe dHote Breakfast EUROPEAN FRATERNITY ate wok HEAL ESTATE PRICE LISP t lot it t t Mi83S f s Wllbln IA ir Anru of V tr Point of 1 run Wnmkrrrr Utorrtt IUH Illoclt tlhopplug I rolnulM wtlk or e ll lrllNOTKU volt Ksnlhrnc of Culilnf Appointment Col idl llunrllk Kam 1 IOCUS SIOO PER DAY AKD UP BLDG WM TAYLOR t1tYr PLAN SOc E SON Uc I paid 10 to fl 5 a visit to a lung specialist In Spokane who did not help me Then I wont to California but without benefit At past I used Dr Kings Now Discovery which completely cured mo and now I ah as well as over For Lung Trouble Bronchitis Coughs and Colds Astir ma Croup and Whooping Cough Its supreme 5Jc and fX0 Trial bottle tree Guaranteed by nil drug- gists Every gift Is a call tq gfveT f PAGE WONT BE Fnllliin Hnlr jiiiil HcliIng Scalp Aro Causal Uy Microbes sEr > t- GOAT FOR SUGAR TRUST There Is no doubt about It Doctor Sabourant proved It when ho Infected a guinea pig with dandruff germs and all Its hair disappeared in a phort time Tho entire medical world has accepted Dr Sabournnda discovery as final Ask apy worthy physician Paris joddo tho world In knowledge of diseases of tho hair and remedies for time same And Parisian Sago which can now bo obtained at leading druggists all over merlca Is tho one great remedy that kills time daudrtlff germs And that Is why W J tillbdrt says to every reader of the PAducah Sun If Parisian Sage does not banish dan druff stop falling hair or Itching scalp In two weeks he will refund the purchase priceDandruff Is tho forerunner of bald ness Take careof youf hair while you have hair to take care of Kill the dandruff germs now before the dandruff gorms Itlllyour hair Use Parisian Sage thd guaranteed dandruff Care mind delfghtfal halt ALLKOHD niUUKItr METHODS TOLD OF ON STAND Inys Pny Envelope Contained More Mnni y Than Wris Marked on the OiilMtde BhNIEBNMEL MAY AID STATE lJamesF II Wrooir rrar lllahl Wronc war A1TH7 iltahtrIttaht real nr WrouK night Nay Ica I 1 WronaI I York Doc Dendernagol declines to bo made tho goat by time American Sugar IRefin Formerly Ing company tho socalled trust and 92M If tho Word of his counsel Is correctly Interpreted he may testify for time government before this trial together with five erstwhile employes of tho company all charged with defraud REBORN Ua wonderful new invention that straglmtnsround Ing the government by underwclgh dressingIt shoulders withont discomfort or stoppage of circulation u> ed extensively by ladles ofI ing sugar is concluded In the United REBORN always expands the chest two to fiVe inches positively refinement because It keeps the scalp States circuit court development came when a iThis testified witness that 15 sometimes place ot corsets without their unhealthful effect at W J Gilberts dreg store and a litho morewas what employes of gives a man that erect commanding appearance that REBORN leading druggists everywhere Girl tho American Sugar Refining com stamps Him as young energetic and successful And with Auburn hair on every pacltago11 pany were paid to be crooked REBORN is light and washable weighs only three ounces and tho man who had In tome Instances Mado In Amfcrlca by Glroux you hardly know that you have it on only when you stoop it gently paid this alleged corruption money riiiffalo N Y Mall orders filled all according to the testimony was lien charges prepaid dornagel ono time superintendent of tho companys plant In Wllllamsburg Put REBORN on yourchildrcn and they will grow up to be well proportioned healthy men and Women Drooklyn STEMMING POOL Will Not Do Goat PriceSI Nail orders filled Send chest measure In tho face at this testimony Den SPECIAL SALE AT OUR STORE dernagel conferred with his lawyer Booklet Free IBit George W Deattle who In turn made MPHKFISOVS DHUO STOUK PADUCAH KENTUCKY CLKIXK1J UP IIYSALES TO JO II V- this announcementMr Reborn Co 28 West lathe Street New York N V iionni Is my client Ho will not be the goat In this case Ho for the Instruction or tho members SAKE was an employe and what ho did ho ATTORNEY SAMPLED as a body Ho will not shield did under orders Ho Buys hour and n Hnlr Million anyone Have you sampled asked Jus Uniisiuii Exhibit of Jnpniieso Liquor Pound for re- Only slightly tice Marian Tho idea that has gone forth that In Supreme Court I sponded tho attorney Everybody the sugar trust Is putting up for his manned and time chief Justice directed Washington Dec unusual that tho ilquor bo turned over to tho I exhibit was made In time United States clerk of tho court In- wipremo court Tho case was ono sold to John hedge for tho Imperial year as has been said volving the question of duty on the l Haying Mules by Weight Ho got a few thousands much Japanese two million pounds of Henderson liquor known as sakel ess than tho figures given Mt Carmol III l Dec 1Hnrr7 When ho county tobacco two millions of Web J C MoRcynolda appeared for time takes star county and a half million of Ing the stand ho will conceal noth- government and to elucidate had dis Lazarus a Southern Illinois live stock dealer has Introduced a now Hopkins county It also is rumored which brought this tributed on tho table before him a method of buying mules Instead that the crop of Crlttendcn county IsI The evidence was largo assortment of bottles of sake of a certain price a head or span ho given by Andrew tOld which will practically clean upt- turn In the caso J Mallon who up to 1907 was em and also a number of wino bottles buys them by weight Roy Warfield ime 1909 pool ployed Jn the cashiers office of the together with a little assortment of has sold him n carload at 19 cents I Havomoyer a pound Tho mules averaged 100J and Elder refinery In wino glasses t Tmiililo Milker hitter After ho was well along In his pounds each Wllllamshurg Dendernagcl ho said When a sufferer from stomach argument ho called attention to tho was In charge of the office exhibit and Informed time court that I11Ie man who Js afraid of work de- Saw Cash Paid Out I Did you ever see Bendornagcl pay If desired ho would send up samples serves to be scared to death IIfbnt the of hes tickled over his new fino ap cash to men In who uniform to the came his CAmocoiFnx petite strong norviw healthy vigor cutlorn house PRACTIrisked Winifred T Dennison all because stomach Iver and kid office government nays now work right CALRAUGHONS 25c at all of counsel for the Yes was the answer QJUtUm J druggists More HANKERS indorse PRAUGHONS Collies than Indorse nil other tmjlnrij colleges COMBINED What form was this money In It was In bank notes taken from 30 Colleges In IG States 21 years success 100000 successful students LOVi FOUND WAV AS USUAL time tnfoln the office I never saw POSITIONS secured Bookkeeping Shorthand Hanking English etc vouchers for It nor heard of any tatiRht at COLLEGE or BY MAIL Address A M ROUSE Manager Paducah Ky Itoiiuiiillc WiMldlnt Wilh Child Ilrido I Mallon replied Took Plato nt I WE AIM TO PLEASE Fulton Ky Dec romantic R Mnllen testified further that John Clyde Edward A Doyle Patrick t wedding was solemnized hero last night when Miss Ilesslo Olive time Hennessy and Jean Voelker weigh You so well with our livery service ac- fifteenyearold daughter of Mr nnd ore and checker among the men that you will employ It again Mrs J II Olive of Dukedom Tenn cused were paid In envelopes marked often One of the ways wo take Is to 12 for tho week Dut their envelopes was married to IL P Henley ot tho make our charges so reasonable that samo community To break up tho contained IG Later when tho salyou will not deprive yourself of the attachment between tho young peo aries of this class of men were raised pleasure of a drive on account of the plo Mr Olive sent his daughter to to Iii they got 18 In their enve expense Suppose you take one to- lopes though tho regular pay for I Fulton and placed here In school day It the weather permits their positions was marked on tho Mr Henley was not to be so easily outside of tho envelope at 15 dropped however ns ho came to Ful TilE TULLY LIVERY 00 The government sought to show ton and secured employment In order that this unexplained increase In salto bo near the object of ids affection Incorporated ary was a reward for manipulating Ho has since spent considerable time Doth Phone 476 time scales to show also weights on 4th dt Ky Ave trying to get Miss Olive to consent sugar marry him night ho won to Last I her consent and at onco went to I Women ofangles be Ksqulro Ku trolls home whore tho cause they aro always flying around ceremony was solemnized parents of tho child are ready I The to welcome her home as the only objection to tho union was her ten der I 4 room framo house on Droad Having bought tho electric stock and fixtures of tho Foreman Bros street with stable and all out Tho greatest necessity in a wo buildings In good condition mans llfo Is love Electric Co wo have moved our entire stock of Bicycles Motor Price UGO 200 down and cycles and electrical goods to tho abovo companys old stand nt balance samo as rent J21 BROADWAY where we will carry a complete line of Bclcfes Groom frame d ellligon i Motorcycles and Gasoline Engines Chandeliers and electrical goods South Eleventh street In splen and supplies Our entire second floor will bo used as our repair did neighborhood in house good condition shop Wo solicit a liberal share ot your patronage which will re Price 1400 4 room frame cottage In sub ceive our prompt attention urbs within a half block of carsmall line Irlco 1300 cash payment and balance to suit tho buyer GO 6 room brick souse foot 123 lot South Eighth St 2750 Now 1111GO For Man Woman and Child I I breathingREBORN bodyREBORN I1bcwltch1Ing gentlybeing upREBORN I thollIIllrllllI IJlcndetOn perI IAn v I urolIlIIs D tffrtf nllollI IA anda a 1 C remind ngeI FOR SALE REMOVAL NOTICE MITCHELL < WARDEN Broadway WILL R r CAMERAS M Crmy This strike will result In a tie up of railroad traffic From noT on not a switch engine will movo In tho territory between head time lakes and the Pacific coast 430 Broadway BROADWAY and 11th STREET NEW YORK CITY SUN 1INIItUh14s GO fering from heard trouble He was superanuatcd by the North Georgian Conference Ten doc tors at different times said he would die You advised Dr Miles Heart Remedy and Re storative Nervine we did as advised and improvement was apparent from the very first He recovered and the Conference in He 190t gave him a charge never felt better although he has very heavy work and docs a great deal of camp meeting work I am so glad we took your advice and gave him the medicine and feel that I ought to let you know of the wonder ful good results from its use MRS T S EDWARDS Milner Ga This proves what Dr Miles Heart Remedy will do Get a bottle from your druggist and take it according to directions It docs not matter whether your heart is merely weak or you have organic trouble if it does not benefit you take the empty get bottle to your druggist your money back EVENING i ON A STRIKE aid He Would Die regardIng PADUCAH aad Surpliei tot the I CAMERIST Now Phone 42aar 4 u J U Yellow Pine Cypress Oak and turn Timber We keep yellow pine cypress oak and gum logs stockup to 40 feet amplyprovided i Our stock of house and lumber sash and doors is complete our lalert list of pnce for Camnu and othet neceuuiet tot the Photographic I eainnef h Ct r 4350 Incorporated Camera fiend one to become merely to lookaround a bit ta out Photo Suppliet department f If yell Lave already tuccumed to mile channt of amateur photogitphy it U a 1fourth Old Phono LangstaffOrm MfgCo Everything a Camera enthusiast U liable to need is to be found Vliere be it Cameras Plates Films Papers Utensils or other supplies and you may be sure V that wherever freshness counts in the value of supplies youll i find them fresh here Our stock ii enough to tempt i McPhersons HENDRICK I 1 00 Our Prices Are Right Telephones 26 438 South in steamboat 1 Second St

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