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Image 6 of The Paducah evening sun, December 1, 1909

Part of The Paducah evening sun

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president Sherman tells of a tmbwj dent James S Sherman confided to a quent cxperlenco la New York at a friend hero lint ho Js not altogether fcnppy During a recent visit to AI ILet mo see that Is Mr Fairbanks is It notI pokoiCun 1 JIMI FAULKNER Holland abounds In coopcratlvo societies organized to reduce the gen expenses living lies now completed his new Shaving Parlor At 107 South Third Street TIIIIOUGIIOUT SATilTAIlY A cordial A to nil 1 1- I Giro us n extenlletlI This tho diseased lUCID brane resulting from Catarrh and dmw away n Cold in thellevl quickly Restores the Senses of Taste and Smell Full Mzo WeekFi- LlfluldCrmm nest Ely Brothers Malaga and Tokay Grapes lOc a Pound Warren Street New York CO You may find the same prlco clBowhero but NOT the same grapes by a great deal Largo Bound delicious ones Home Grown Fruit Trees All Yarltics Fresh Oysters Both phones 192 Hardy Flowering schrubs over greens hedge plants and grape vines GEO SCHMAUS Thoso fine oysters for which wo are famous have started to como In now in dally ship ments Full count no nothing but flue meaty oysters in their own rich syrup Ico lonisCaporal 1 311 Bway Headquarters New phono mil for finest Fruits EXCURSION v BULLETIN la National Congress dates of sale Nov 13 15 and 18 Re turn limit Nov 22 1909 Round trip rate 1955 Bluffs Council CUT FLOWERS Quality Guaranteed I I SchmausBros elruplfrom 520 Omaha Neb National Corn Exposition Dates of sale Dec G 8 10 13 and 15 limit Dec 20 Round trip tale 1955 Washington D CDeecm ber 4th to 8th Inclusive Round trip 2350 good returning until December 14th Account of River and Harbor Congress J T Donovan Agent Fifth and Broidway M Prathor T A n UsMn Depot Both Phones 1M C ITY TRANSFER CO C L VnnMotor Manager All Kinds of Hauling Storage Packing and House Cleaning Vacuum House Cleaning Prices on Application Phone 499 HOTEL VICTORIA f YORKt In the Centra 01 the Shopping District a 1 A Ho4t Cmdev I thisbale Ia all haspeoota l rom6hlrMd IbnaizhntR 1opnUrwlIll 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I can by marrying you Good Day Mr r u i his hands You women who wash clothes thinly that over Want to make your head save your hands Then study the question of soap Try FclsNaptha in lukewarm water f FclsNaptha actually does the work of cleansing doesnt leave it for you to do with hardrubbingFclsNaptha takes the dirt out without i boiling Docs it better too FelsNapth makes your washing twice as easy and takes only half the time of the oldway Not only the white clothes but the woolens flannels colored things Dont take our sayso Try it for But be sure to get the genuine yourself FclsNaptha be sure to use only lukewarm follow water never hotand be sure to f tivralipcil j directions on the red and green You wont be using your head if you C dont do these things I w farm January 1 1909 was 1473 as compared with 100 for tho moan price of 1S9G1900 and the average cost of all hogs slaughtered at principal markets In the year before was H81 or about tho same na the farm price The price of drcgeud hogs of lao pounds In Now York In 1908 stands at 1457 and tho carcasses of market pigs at Chicago at 1481I which la approximately the number representing the relative retail price of fresh pork 0 In tbo caw of hops therefore tho farmer has fully participated In the rising prices whereas In tho case of tho farmers cattle tho unfed animals are barely na valuable us they wore 1 9 to 11 years ago and had trot the price of corn ascended to a high fig ure perhaps ho would not have shared In tho higher beef prices Tho foregoing conclusions are for fresh meat The prices of cured and c > prepared mutts have Increased In much greater degree than tho prices of oth r moat have Increased troth for beef and Jerk Those cured snouts Include bacon pickled beef pickled pork and lard Farmers Klmro la Iiicrtwlnj Prices There tins been a tendency of tho animals and crops of the farm to In crixuo In value per unit at thu farm at a faster rate than nil commodltlea have increased nt wholesale I Within the wholesale trade also farm products exceed all other class- es of commodities In rulatlvo increatw of prices sin co 189G mill foodli ox cewled only by fnrni tijpoducts jind by u gIatglsloacilp rfi lonly place taken by farm products In rise r of price Is unfed beef cattlo tho farm price of which Iha Barely bgun IQ rise above the prlct level of 1890 1900 for Lee cattlo Ever try spagiieni This Way Did you ever try a spaghetti pudding for dessert My but tasty dishes that can be prepared with Faust Spaghetti In fact you have no idea what an adaptable food spaghetti is until you try the Faust Brand Whcther for dinner supper alone with other food from soup to desscrt theres always a use j forj i o FAUSTAGETTI i J 1 Then consider the economy of it A highly nourishing food at a mere fraction of the price of meat So easy to prepare and so many ways of nourishingwith J e seart compares 0 I with it in cooking variety nutriment and low price etapackaiie today Nearly nil iiroccrs sell and ten cents a package write for book of over 20 Faust Spaghetti recipes Free on request tlive FAlso flIAULL BROTIIERS St Louis Mo Faust Col > < 11 Lv nail g111ta Horace Grcclcy used to say that the man who worked with his head and his r hands together could do twice as tmuch work as the man who worked only with eliatfIntmltkttega onehalfpomudtiger iie it The lower grade of beef the greater the BMcentngo of grow profit In Boftton for Fo t a1116 na recotBBwnilea bT the rato of grofc profit J GILBERT arcoiAii AUKNT twice as great for beef lIIustrntionJJ h 11 1W CM1U R its good t And this is only one of the many 1 UVKTIICIIIiMICAICO 71 Corllandt fit eel y v ciir 150 per day and upward tale of ZIDg EdirVnl Hotel 1 t Inn ml In 1909 lo Creaaao tUMOrCAN PLAN nameDoanat 1 Dedication Tenn new Scottish Rite Cathedral Dates of sale Nov 14 and 15 1909 Limit Nov 21 Round trip rate andI everltaken peoploIbo unIoxamplcd Horticultural Memphis Chrysanthemums l all sizes and prices Roses in variety Carnationsall colors Try an order in cut flowers or designs and be convinced i 1 Is quickly absorbed Glrti Belief alOne 8OOlhcsheals All Would t jint had not proven reliable they confirm their statements after jcars had elapsed It personal experi- ence had not shown tho remedy to bo worth No of endorsement stronger proot of merit can bo had 501cents Reliable Remedy CITARRHElys invitation than cures that have stood the test of time Tho following statement should carryi conviction to tho mind of every Paducah reader W F Shoemaker 811 Tennessee CAUSI or THK THICK OF mAT Slnco street Paducah Ky says publicly endorsing Deans Kidney Pills In 1907 I have used them on a Washington D Dec 1 C few occasions when overexertion or Most prosperous of all years Is the n severe cold has brought on an at place to which 1909 Is entitled IIn tack of backache and they have nl agriculture declares the secretary 01 ways relieved me When I first be agriculture in his thirteenth nnnua gan using Doans Kidney Pills my report made public today The valui of farm products Is tO incouiprvhen j Ibly large that It has become mere quent In passage This remedy bene I y n row of figures l For this year It filed mo promptly and proved to bo Is 18700000000 a gain of 869 000000 over 1908 The value of the products has nearly doubled In ten years Klcvoin and have yet to hear of a case where Tho report says years of agriculture beginning with the best ot results were not reca production of 44170dO000 and eived ending with S7G00010OOOl A sun Ji of 70000OOOyOOO for the period It leas paid oft mortgages It has es New York solo agents for the United tablished banks It bas mndo bettei States hpmes It liRa helped to make the II farmer a citizen of the world and it has provided him with moans for Jroprovlngjils volt and making iIt previous five years all principal more productive crops are greater in quantity this year except cotton flaxseed hops and Form Pnwiiction of 1000 The most striking fact In tho cane sugar but without exception worlds agriculture Is the value of every crop Is worth more to the farm the corn crop for 1909 which Is er than the fiveyear average about 1720000000 It nearly This Is the year of highest produc equals tho value of the clothing and tion of potatoes tobacco beet sugar personal adornments of 76000000 all sugar and rice next to the high people according to tho census of est production for corn oats and all 1900 The gold and sMvor coin ant cereals Compared with 1908 gains bullion of the United States are not In valuo are found all along tho line buck of greater value It has grown up the exceptions being barley from the son and out of the air In wheat rye and milk Tho Increase 120 days1500000 a day for for cotton 4lnt and seed is 208 one crop nearly enough for two OiOOOOO wheat J107000000 corn drcadnaughts dally for peace or war 105000000 hay 29000000 This crop exceeds In valuo the aver- oats 22000000 tobarco 1800 age of the crops of the five preceding 000 potatoes 15000000 yours by 3G per cent Tho Incroapu In tho value of farm 869 Cotton Is now the second crop In products this year over 1908 value and this years cotton crop l a OOOAW Is enough to buy a new easily the most valuable one to tho equipment of farm machinery for farmer that has been produced With over G000060 farms Tho valuo of cotton lint soiling for about 137 the cereal crops to tho farmer would cents on the fArm November 1 and pay for all of the machinery tools with cotton seed selling for about and Implements of tho entire manu 25 per ton tho lint and seed of this facturing Imlurtry The value of all crop are worth about 830000000 crops isTOOOOOOOO would mako to tho farmer Xo cotton crop since a half payment on the value of all 1873 line been sold by farmers for as steam railroads according to the val- high a price per pound as this one uation of 1904 Secretary11lleon concludes his re worth Third In value Is wheat about 723000000 at tho farm and view of the production of 1909 as l this largely exceeds all previous vat follows The agricultural production ues The November farm price was of 1909 must add much to the pros a almost an even dollar a bushel price which has not been equated since 1881 This Is tho third wheat tells of nundanco in quantity Year crop in point of size with 725000 by year the farmer Is better and bet 000 bushels tor prepared to provide the capital The hay crop IB valued nt 6G5 und mako the expenditures needed po to improve his agriculture and to ed OOOuW oats at 400000000 tatoes at 21200000 and tobacco ucate his children for farm Ufo and at nparly100000000 Beet and work Meat Prices Secretary tvlleon has Just finished > the otal of about 9500000 Tho a unique Investigation made for thd barley crop Is worth 88000000 purpose of this report relating to the flaxseed 3G00 000 and lOVMOOO Increase of wholesale prices of beef 000 pounds of rico 25 < XOOOOO when sold at retail Through em The production of all cereals com ployes of the bureau of animal indus- bined Is 471100000 bushels an try inquiries wcr9 made In 50 cities amount considerably greater than largo medium and all that for any other Car except 1906 parts of the country A entailin was schedule It exceeds the average of the pre prepared to record the actual exper ceding five years by C5 per cent ience of retailers In buying and soil- The value of all cereals In 1909 has ing a carcass or half carcass of beef never been equaled In a previous nnd among the facts ascertained l year It la almost exactly 3000 were the weight and wholesale teat OOOOOO or 31 per cent abovo tho of a certain piece of boot usually n five year average half carcass Then followed tho Compared with the average of tho weight and retail price of every cut for which a uniform price was charged by tho retail dealer Thus It became possible not only to com- pare highpriced and lowpriced cute but alto to compute accurately Iho total retail price per pound and con sumers coat of the beef piece for which the wholesale prlco per pound and cost of the entire piece had been reported Consumer pays 38 per cent above wholesale For the 5J cities the to l tal retail cost cliarged to customers above the wholesale cost paid by the retailers Is 38 per cent In C cities the rato of increase Is 20 per cent or under In 10 cities 21 to tOo per t cent in 12 cities 31 to 40 per cent In 12 cities 41 to 50 per cent and NO MORE In 11 titles over 50 per cent The average retail prlco exceeded r GRAY HAIR the average wholesale price by 311 till It la easier to pre per cent in the North Atlantic states nerve the color of the h hair than to restore it by 38 per cent In tho South Atlantic although It I poMlble by 38 per cent In tho North Central f to Co both Our Brand mother undervlood the Bceret 394 per cent in tho Western and the f used a They made and 1 sage tea and highest Increase was found tn the their dark Blowy hair long after middle 114 youth Central states 54 per cent was due to this fact A grow profit of 20 per cent was Our mother taro gray lialn before they are found In New York City and In Phil- lifer but they are lie Kinnmc to appreciate adelphia 28 per cent In Buffalo N wlidom of our th grandmother In uilngj Yt 30 per cent Jn Boston Mara 17 age tea for their per cent in Baltimore Md 42 por hair and ate fast fol lowlng suit The prf cent In Washington D C 40 pet ant Knrratlnn ha > the advantage of the pant cent In Chicago III 25 pot cent In In that It can get a Cincinnati Ohio 23 per cent In ready to use preparation called Omaha Neb 28 per cent In Kansas City Mo 2 7 nnd 3C per cent In Min- VYETHS neapolis and St Paul JIInn 40 per emit in Milwaukee WIs and Detroit HAIR RESTORER Mich 39 I ar cent In St Louis p sec and 11 Ilotllri 39 i 64 per cent Ifi Mobile Ala IT At nil druzirlitf or lent cent In San Francisco 24 per cent In upon receipt prepaid of priceSeattle arid 37 per cent In Denver 1 Z It Of Intrncfct to Paducah JlcAi crs months Paducah citizens havo seen In them columns enthusiastic nralo of Doans Kidney Pills byi Pd edy is a Godsend to expect nlh u cents at wholesale as for beef cost lowprlccd Ing and 11 y cents boot Is marked up nearly twice as much relatively as highpriced beef In other words perhaps It Is a eafd Inference that the poor people play nearly twice as much profit as tho wolltodo people pay Tho retailers delivery service is costly however and tho retail busi ness Is overdone Tho multiplication of small shops Is n burden to con sumers and no source of riches to tile small shopkeepers When twenty or more small shops divide tho retail business within an area that could be feervcd by one largo shop tho ox penses of tho many shops for labor horses rent and other things that are In excess of what would bo sum dent for tho ono shop must go Into tho retail prices of the meat sold Furthermore customers chooeo the higher priced cuts of meats Steaks and roasts are tho preferences and these must have names that are re Consequently garded as respectabjc onefifth of tho carcars is bought nt tho highest price porterhouio steaks at prices as high as 23 and 30 cents a pound lrloln at 20 to 25 cents and rib roasts nt 20 vents lrlce anti Supplyof Meats The ascending prices of meat sug goat Inquiry nj to whether tho prices of tho farmers beef cattle ant hogs havo Increased at the farm In the same degree that meat has to the consumer For tho purpose of mak ing comparisons the mean price level of 18961900 a period of compara tively low prices lla adopted as a bao and for line represented by 100 I each animal and commodity title Brice f level Is computed The farmer has fatted to recoivo a share of higher beef prices with reTho price gard to tho raw animal level of twoyearold steers at tho farm being regarded ClI 100 for 1S8C 1900 the price of such steers row to 1359 In 1900 declined to 855 in 1905 and rose to 1008ln 1909 all for the date of January 1 and for prices at the tarn substantially be fore corn feeding had begun Tho price of corn In 1909 at tho farm Is represented by 218 C coot pared with 100 Jar the prico level of 18961900 and the prlco of tho bOlt native Steers at tho Chicago stockyards In the same year is 1399 Index which is much above the number for the price of the animal at the farm and much below the prko of corn at tho farm The In ferenco is that the farmer gets some return for the highpriced corn that ho feeds to his steers but not a ro turn equal to 60 cents a bushel for hit corn which Is the price for tho As for the unfed last two years steer It does not participate In the upward movement of prices In lit farm value The wholesale prices of fresh beef carcasses have Increaml In about the Santo degree that tho prlco of steers have at the stock yards and the re tall prices of fresh beef have kept paco with tho wholesale prices The increasing prices or fresh beef therefore are duo to increasing prices of animals at tho stock yards and this Is explained by tho nbnorm al circumstances to which tho raIsing of beef animals has been pubjcc In recent years There hu been a breaking up of range herds conequont upon tho on forcement of tho nofenco law bv tho national government and by en croachments of tho settlers upon the ranges made possible by tho prac tice of dry farming Not all of thd cattle have gone directly from the n ranges to the slaughterhouses great portion of them has gone to and flnshlng farms for maturing largely upon corn Tills extra demand on tho corn crop Is reflected In corn prices which are now higher than they have been since the records ot the doiuirtmnnt of agriculture bogan In 1866 except for 1881 Half a dozen years of this abnorm al movement of beef cattle from ranges to the great markets began to ten upon the supply In 1968 when the deliveries fell off In a marked degree and the decrease con ponnonoitATiov ALL FARM YEAR IFor i st SUNNY l u- SpaghettiPudding temonadllnthe Iollrlotu Ingredleats Cover with a UOpII and 113C somlaules icln with apple auee In t

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