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Image 5 of The Paducah evening sun, December 1, 1909

Part of The Paducah evening sun

4 N WEDNHSDAY um I tf A TIm PADtfCAH EVENING IlECKMIlRIl L I SUNPAGE 4 Y ru r JOHN HI SUGG LOCAL NEWS GET IT AT GILBERTS AND V JoTJoI AN COXIIIIIUATI Dr O IJ Froago lias removed w IIKUKVKIl JN liUOATION Broadwnj BrOokhlll Dldg 4th and Osteopath en Dr Gilbert Broadway Phones 196 w Life of Veil Kmnvn lllckiniin County Dr 2 G Stamper dontltt now InJils new office 642 llrondwaj Citizen Who Died Last ground floor Doth phblcs 196 Friday W Plano tuning first class C Ilahn old phono 972 U uFOR BEAUTY S SOCIAL CIRCLES Ity office tho articles will bo sont for and will be greatly appreciated SAKE Pretty informal Sewing Party CR MEELCAYA DnvlHlliiHli WcdelliiK at Sinltliliind Mrs Charles C Grasshnm accom panted by her daughter Qllsa Vaults A TOILET CREAM THAT Makes the Skin Like Velvet Qrassham left this morning for Smlthland to attend the marriage ot- Dtllghtlullji ptrfumtd tntlnlr biorbed by the skin and natun hilpmcit In iltibllthlng Kd her brother Mr F M Dush to 11113 I lou Davs which will take place maintainingA I there tomorrow COMPLEXION Mss Davis Ile an attrnctlvo your woman and tho daughter of Judge J I WE HAVE IT J M Davis of the Livingston clrcul wll now Mr Uijalt 1s an Inlluentla Concerning John II Sugg who court 11 W WAIiKKU CO young business Juan and fs cashier tot died lart Friday at Clliiton limo Clin j Drunson 529 Broadway I JJelll ton Gazette says the First State bank at Smlthland Buchanans restaurant McCann Albert Montgomery Rose Mr Sugg was barn August 25 cofffo Short orders Open day IInd Fllnn Carl Morgan Charlie Deloacl 1 county Tenn night OutofTouii Wedding of Local 219 Kentucky avenue 1844 In Dlckwm Harry Morgan Charlie Hutchcreot stamps seals brass where ho grew to manhood At the Interest Rubber Ira Hutchinson Olllo Huichcrson Cbnfcd agq of 1C ho enlisted In tho tenclls etc at Tho Sun office Morgat Friends In Paducah have received Forest Anderson Yelscr ticrate army going to tho front wits Invitations to the marriage of Mis Irvin Morgan Mrs Hutchereon Linen markers Tor oaloat oacp the llth Tennessee rcsiment Ho Emus Elzabdth Shemwell of Birds hl lcom Ton for Visitor on Satnnlny fllub No More cards redeemed at was second lieutenant of sent to tho vllle and Mr Norburn R Farris tof pang when captured and llledormani Salcnr Ky to take place on Decem Mrs James Kogor and Mrs Ver x Tho Ivast Tennessee Tclophon military prison at Hock Inland from ber 8 at tho homo of the brldci non DIy tho have issued Invitation companys directory will go to pros which ho was released at hit close ofIparents Dr and Mrs F A fihcmwoll for an Afternoon Tea on Saturday s All changes anll the war Ho returned t o his homo Tho announcement of their engage December 4 from 4 to C hem to December 1 1909 additions should reach the compan In Dlckeou county thou and remain meat was made some limo ago MIsi meet their house guest Mm hobo before this date Tho telephone tdl ed until 1870 or 1871 wllcnbe Shemwcll Is a lovablo young womai T Wall ructory Is taking tho place of tho city moved into this county and for soy and of ono of tho prominent famlllc directory ns It In corrected quarter era years taught school In Illckman Iof that section whllo tho groom IB a Musical AflrniiNin With Ton You arc commercially and noclall and Italian countldc after whichIpopular druggist at Salem Doth an Tho WomanB cliJb will dell hUul lout If your name does not appear I n he took tip farming to which he de widely known In Paducah After ly entertain tomorrow afternoon III this directory voted tho remaining years of hIItheir marriage they will mako their tho club house The open math Tho greatest variety of t1pe life homo at Salem at 330 oclock which will follow th Ho wa married twice and leaves writer papers from onion nklu t o regular club meeting at 230 oclock heavy ledgers and In sizes from haU ono daughter as the only child of his New Yolk RiMirtNiiien nml Capitalist lie under tho auspices of the Music first union namely Miss Busy Sugg letter to legal at Tho Sun office on Kentucky Hunt department of the club Miss Newell Ills second Wo glvo you moro coal for n of Oontcrvllte Tenn Tho program Is ono of A party composed of Harry Iayni chairman dollar titan any coal dealer In tho wife was a Mies Web of this coun Whitney New Haven Conn t Wll especial charm and attractiveness Ilcity Hi ucb of kindling with cery t y and she survives him with the Norton and 51r Turner of New Is desired that the guests be prose Phones 479 Flower three1 eons and ono young daughter York are the guests of Dr Arlhni promptly at 330 oclock as tho dollar I Wsgnur Frances McCormack of Dowling Green foi ushers will not seat the late arrivals Mr Sugg Is also survived by ono an extended hunt In Kentucky They during tho rendition of a number Tho Womans Hospital loagu wilt moot Friday morning at 10 sister Mrs J W Kasley of DIckeon have with them a number of fine bird after the program begins It Is Some Songs Old and New wIth t dogs and anticipate much quail oclock In colloj nculon at the homo Tenn Mr Sugg was particularly blCt6l11I shooting as of Mrs F N Gardner 509 Washing Dr McCormack Is well Mss Anne Bradehaw soprano ho known lit Paduach In his eone to each of whom tOil etrett having spent soloist for tho afternoon Miss 1cl3 I Claronc1 rWnll ip f V5 bargain 20001 gave a good education Mr SilgI some weeks hero during tho Ken Wade Lewis soprano Mrs George IB Mrs tolls at reduced price to make room wu a firm bollovor In education Lucky State Guards encampment Isev Sherrlll soprano Kelly UinhauRli recognizing In It tho safest call1lalI oral tmmmors ago Mr Norton U the Hart alto Mrs James Welllo con for now stock he could endow his tbnos with Theyt teldest tOn of the Jato Kckstcln you tralto In quartets and trios tor Kentucky avenue 31 Send and pet a cample of Sknl have not disappointed him In IIULtlnIton of New York formerly a citizen ladles voices The program Is I to good me what he gave them for of Paducah anj Is a cousin of Mrs When Cupid Made Love to ISoap hl Illodermans1 the iThc lndloe Furnishing Society each of them has a alrcndv laid lIfo Arthur McCormack who was Mist IUoonDudley L SmllhQuar successful Harry let for ladles voices Mario Tyler of Hopklntvlllc of fie F mt OhriHtlan church will foundation for Indian Ljve Lyrics from The liod n Chriftmns bazaar at Goo I0 Prof Willis Sugg la principal of tho Payne Whitney has been much Inunit k Sons Friday and Saturday Parfncah HJsh school and Is looked tho public eye of late as a referee ol Garden of KamaKaml1 tho Inupon as one of the best equipped the PearyCook north polo contro dian ErosWords by Laurcnci December 3 and 41 I There will be baptizing at tho t eachers In tho slab I rof J C versy Iopc Music by Amy Woodfor prayer tvrvko at the Second Haptls Sugg has for a number of years Flnden the Pwtty Card Party for Visiting Girl been a successful teacher In 1 The Temple Della church tonight public whools of Hlckmaiv and Ful I ess Than the Dust 2 L A tnlon dogroo t eam contpocm Mrs Guy Martins euchro on Titus Kazhmln Song 3 lit mcmlxri of tho Inglcaldo anll ton cotintln and Mr W E RuggIIlay af tot noon In her apartments In 4 Mampim kidfe n of Odd Follows h81 hu for icvcral yearn filled a respon ttho Ilucknor flats was a pretty hone Till I Yske rny John Daulbj 1 bttfii firpnnliod I Annie Laurie 1 J Drckonbaugl sible shoo In tho business world InIIevent to her attractive guest MIsi Mcake ha lbeen olostod and tho team wll ono of tho great southern cube Louise Harrison of ClarkuvlllcOld Folks at ilomoby S L tmjlt ov ry Tuesday evening for re Thoro were five tables of guests t r rwca Tho game prize and tho lonchand Herrmann utftmil1 ami will put on eomo dogrc Quartet and trio fit ladles voices prlzo were taker by Mss Elsie Hodge wok In a few weeks FOR SHOPS CapU Austin Owen pilot on UC five LlttlQ Japanceo Rongs Tho guest and Mrs Harry Singleton forrybont llettl Owon Is oft out of hono wafc resented with a prize words by Charles Hansen Towne FUfferJiiR within tumor of tho nosThe wblto and pink watt prettily Music by Amy Woodford Flnden 1 L Yo San dllerwllt probably resume hU dtltloi carried out In the delightful luncheon 2 NIW ioitci IF IN < IXIIIW AND rho rooms wero beautifully decorated When tho Almond Blossom ttmiorrow < MH ILLS HKIVII SIWVIY w th rQIt anal cartyktlony In pink Fall Our IrlnrtM Fruit Cakos an 3 now in Little Dove UKdor Call tttd see them nmlwhlto shades 4 i I Sometimes Wonder rum 5 There Aro Maidens In Japan Into of tssats for The Mer moral W C T U Meeting Following tho program the Must ry NVWqw opened title morning and It IN IKllrvwl Hint Prnillrnl Work The Paducah Womans Christian HUM Actually 1I1 iilli ymperanco Union will meet on CMnh will compliment the musician was Ono of tho biggest of the soar 10 l 1 tho city with a Tea that will Ix hurcday afternoon al 3 oclock In llowawr duo to the act thoro are I I ho two iierlermaneos then era plen tho lading parlor of tho Broadway lof prettily planted affair Invitations are limited to the clul It will bo a tr tiT genii teats loft for txilh tho Motrop olUf III Dec 1TA crew of Icthodlct rliutch conducted by members and their guests who hay even mcnfarrlvcd from Chicago tend mother meeting received Invitations are engaged In surveying tho 40 acre irs J M Byrd Ion MPtropoHc Kddyvlllo amt Kut tract tho city of land Jurt north of Lodge KntPrtnlncd for VMtor tawa worn represented In the mlo to- pur hasod by the Burlington ostensi ilntlneu Miilrnl flub Present Mil Mrs I D Farrlngton and Mrs A MMililo In Knini dlQ and there will be n great man bly tullroad stops Mr E Iur A beautiful Uilroftnwn people here for tho Ktr fons fur charge of time crow Knmmblo Program ilasolbanr entertained tho Ladles of has on Tuesday aftornoo formancos Information that can bo III being rendered this afternoon by tbo Maccabees From the of Mrs Charles Deli On anoint of tho week of gathered from Is tho Matinee Musical club at tho In honor of various tourcos It prayer meetings the regular Wednes known that this crow will make ex Vomans club building It Is under Sorfalk Ohio a member of Maple day night service at tho flood Shep tensive surveys about Metropolis slid Ithe direction of Mss Courtlo Pury cam Kapler No 47 The house WRS herd llouie will be omitted tonight across the river where the approaches and Is attractively featured as tel jeautlfully decorated In the color I OWE ofr the order red whlto and black lo tho new bridge will bo located entertainer 1 Selectlont from Faust Gou They wore delightfully Following aro the names of tho In th I oclMlssea Alllo D Foster Mary with music and singing E Pursoni WI engineering corps MORE FACTS nicralng contest the prize was won I Jyrd Helen Hllle Ueomly C A Melville Powell RailI tt i Quartet for ladies 2 voices b y Mrs Wllkens and presented dall and Freeman Thoro Little Girl Dont Cry Ca- tho guest of honor A six course New Pastor In Prospect ujich was served The ltev Dr Jeffries of Spring mtonMrs John Brooks Mrs Krug Thoso presenf were Mesdames W IflttG11T TO IKIIIT ix HCOVI field occupied the pulpit at tho Pres dlss Rogers Airs Hart ViI I I Lewis John Sullivan G M I 3 r11II11IIm OAKI Plano duet Tournament byterian church morning and evening E Spcnco Philip lovlnMies Letha Puryoar Miss duty W Rogers Ed Lohrcr Rogers two excellent Icrtorday and preached S E iVIlford lormons The principal object of Dr India Lang Laura J felthly C E Spinner 4 Tuscan I hard Is to confer with J A Mc Ncnll niil WleuliN Were Itlvnli fin Jeffries visit Mrs Jldron May Troulman Caracclolo Dearest Lho church ofllclals with regard to lo and Hie rfrrtliui8 of tilt Hume Wo Ginn Laura Johnston Dick Callssl pastor here Plans aro maIIIrabiham Miss Anna Hill cating a man Police Say Hungarian Dances T L Roedor Emma Rose 5 4 r turing to that effect and within tho sos 0 Piano trio 7 8 lirahmsMrs Fendol rory near future n resident pastor I luimrtiiunt Dcslri lurnott Mrs A M Dickinson Miss Tlinrlty Charity department Funiltutc will bo 4 In t of tho Tho urycar loJlteJIIUr Io king over the rcc G Selected trio for plona and two Vomans club Is furnishing Its set erdt have brought to light more violin I Twilight Idyls Schnecker loment homo are In need of articles dressers and frets In the murder of Waller Scott uch as washstands Mrs W C Clark Mr and Mrs FRIENDLY SUIT colored by John Wiggins colored other similar salts or any housekeeping articles Deal Vllllam September 1Q at 1 oclock In the If any 7 Double qpartet with fourhand icocrsury for morning Patrolmen Whlttemoro anti IRVO such articles which are not In ccompatlnutntApproach of Spring a t t Iwfnlnijl6jr arrested Martha ClirlRogers Mrs IPO nnd will donate them to tho I ro TBHT IHOlIT TO- ells ladoMissMiss t Allxyt Scott at Second anti INKTITUTKI sr1 and John Brooks Jr Ictha Pur homo by telephoning 743a tho Char I nimiti BONDS Ketiiuoky nvxnuo for engaging In a P tar Mrs Krug Miss Anglo Thomas flpbl The woman who Is Maude I XOT A CTHKALL Irs Femlol Burnett Mrs Hart tic rtirstninn gave her namo as Chris ompanled by Miss Puryear and Mica tan while Scott was known olthoi Finis epamto nLinc Ailment Hlrtliiliiy Paily ICiijoynMo Kvcntolds raniQ of tic bonus of a goer John Wiggins n riyal of Scott I Mr and Mrs W ML Morgan of ox pptiNl In the resolution of I n polka court the woman was fined f duo I There JS no cureall among the street entertained n oily sinking fund I no ami paid outs whllo Scott wall- tho purchase outstandingcommissioners 11000 ofJackson frlehds last evening In Loxall Remedies There ore different sw their bonds with 80 aWl worked every day pi o OPed of and separate medicines each one doc of tho sixteenth JitpfliKV iPtho intdst of his eeh tho money In the sinking fund filO111 icnorson Yclscr Morgan birthday anti sod for a certain human ailment or Music court agaln7t heir In the circuit t tonsp his father died and the poljaj null oven- a class of ailments closely allied were tho nnoa P Smith D llhn emitted him to attend tho funeral nan president of mayor Ed of alder liliesThe houro features of tho deco- or instance Rcxall Dyspepsia Tab was exquisitely s the board Volt returned tho next day anti positive president of ded for the occasion In a profusion lots are recommended for tho Indigesmen AI M Foremiu 1 served tho rest of Ms uontenco t Georgo W- of white carnations smilax and forms ollef of stomach Irritation 1110 board of councllmeu r Wiggins ain tho woman had qtiar lisa Dunaway and Mla Brown re tion flatulency and dyspepsia They I jrclcd after zoo was tried In court and Wnltcreo city treasurer Morris Mc olvcd the guests In tho parlor while are rich In BlsmuthSubnltrato Pepjl Is tald she refused to allow him Intyro city clerk mid aAlex Kirk Miss Blandford and Miss Morgan re sin nnd Carminatives They are pretemporary land city auditor for lo 500 idrmoclnK Scott Instead pared by special processes which JlirFriday tfttorMon cfiortly t before ritraning order froll1 chin things elved In the drawing room At n fect and enhance the great remedial and also that the dotendanta bo per ato hour delightful refreshments ho lUlllnBrAVlgRlnB wonttft bhnrleii wero Those present were alue of these wellknown medicinal l FUk riinhop across tho street from otually enjoined from carrying Into HBPCS served This remedy tolls for 25 Katherine Da Hey adessa Ue gents the Illinois raloon where hR worked offvct tho order made by them or of cents 50 cents and 100 per packEva Brown Pauline Gldi as garter and secured n pistol Tho Imllll Anderson Mabel iBlandford age Every ono wifferlng from atom jhrtatman woman lies refused to talk try Rexall Dys portion of the fund as each RubIO Dunaway Bessie Dalloy Anna ac11 disorder should that about thocrltne organ Mary Iseman Roberta Jones icpila Tablets inasmuch as they cost pinking bond Issue should have the It pro rudonco Blandford Lucy Brown lothlng If they do not satisfy Tire Ladles Furnishing SocIety fund provided therefor upon a D McPherson W Remember Mary Jones Ethel will rala hasp of tho total sinking fund Ilnnlo Morgan eff tho First ChrJptlan church ourth and Broadway Istho only iinaway Salllo Blandford Messrs of the city boil a Christmas bazaar at OeD 0 whero there remeThis Is a friendly kult arranged at klmo Adams David Yarbour Her- tore In Padurah Iran Sons Friday and Saturday city solicitor man Yopp Henry Budde Lemuel dies may be obtalnoil and everyone the suggestion of the December 3 and 4 Is urged to In to test the right or tho sinking fund IoCe Eugene Sutherland Charlie Rob In need of medicine t rts Bcnard Blandford Harry De estlgale and tike advantage of the the ommsMoners to apply the fund Mr I N Trimble cashier of and generous manner In which j Joe Clnd Willie Herbert Collier rank First bank of Wlckllffe was In the this manner to the retirement of Inj loach Voght Marcus Shafer AdditIOn the are void st ndlnpbo1d8 clty today an business t thanproduce I I 1 I I I oju MarI 1 I t I I i 1 > The e < perfnfrnanc0ParMoa I I < I olkSongearoll I mltlllledTribuneI a 1 lurIchaso i r t < J 1 Ft James P Smith cntertalnc the Church Building roclcy of tho First Presbyterian church In a moal attractive manner on Tuesday afterMrs J B Kiger of Alcxan noon drla Virginia was the guest of honor A thimble or sewing conic was tho feature of tho afternoon anti the winner Mrs W B Mills WDIP awarded a pretty setting bag A delicious luncheon was serve In two courtcs The yellow and will motif was prettily carried out Tin table decorations of chryeanthomurai wore In these tones There were 40 guests present Urn Ited to the members of the soclcti and the honoree Mrs < C W II M AVHIi Mrs Slnrks of Board Womans Tho tho First Chris Missions of Lan church moots with Sirs Os- car Starks 403 Washington street Topc Woman this afternoon Work In the Worlds Redemption tho A beautiful card will be given one giving the best scriptural reason for being a member of the auxiliary l Miss AVInsUad Knlortnlns Chili Today Miss Oorlnne Winstead IK enter Tuesday after It was post noon Euchre club today ironed from yesterday on account of Mrs Guy Martins euchre for Miss Harrison taming the regular Miss Sophia Asklns who has been the viol of Mr1 and Mrs Thomas Jeffords of Broad street left yester day for West Frankfort 111 Mrs J M Phillips accompanied by her son Mr James Phillips returned yesterday from a several months visit In Pittsburgh to relatives Dr II H Duley has returned from NashvilleMrs C Wallace left yes- terday afternoon for Atlanta on a visit to her daughter Mrs W C Latimer She wll remain In Atlanta a month and before she returns she will epend several days In Danville visiting Misses Belle and Mary Cave Mr and Mrs E B Simmons and family of Huntington Tcnn hays removed to Paducah to reside They will reside at 2340 Broadway Mr Sam B Sturgis of DcKovcn was In the city yesterday on business Mrs Annabel Sebree and Mme Elizabeth Sebreo have returned Iron Los Angeles Cal IOij South Mrs Marshall Jones Fourth street left this morning for Sl Louis to remain several days Mr Rupert RobcrUon 1259 Trim blo street returned this morning from Memphis where he has boon visiting relatives Mrs Will Grainger and daughter Miss Emma McNochan have gone to Caecyvlllo on a visit to relatives Mrs George Shepherd of Louisville has returned home after a months visit to her mother Mrs Tobo Steger 530 South Fifth street Mr and Mrs A Doup and two children have returned homo from a visit to relatives In Memphis Mr and Mrs Pete Seay and little daughter Ruth of Mayflold return- ed to their homo this afternoon after spending the day In the city Col Molt Ares left today for Lex- Ington where ho was called on bust ness Miss Anne Sherrill Baird has returned from an extended visit to rola Ivea In Nashville and other Tennes co points Mr and Mrs D J Stokes of Ful ton aro visiting Mr and Mrs J W Hubbard on Nineteenth street Mrs token Is a sister of Mr J W Hub bard apd Mr Sam Hubbard Mrs Joe Helslcy returned from Her mother ilcmphlg this morning irs Richard Turner returned wither and will visit her fur a few days Attorney J D Mocquot loft this morning for Louisville pn buslncra lo Mr Robert Wilklns returned Louisville this morning after visit ng his family here from Mr Oscar Hank returned Jayfleld this morninG Mr Charles C Graraham returned thIs morning after a business trip to hlcago and Springfield IH lion John K Hendrlck will re nrn tonight from Mayfi9ld where ho bal been engaged In court with tho rial of a damage suit Mrs Joo A Miller 416 South Sixth street has returned from a visit to oily Springs Miss Mrs E W Pratt of 528 South Third street Is 111 of tho grip of Maxon Miss Nona Edwards I ills Is Visiting friends In Mound City 111 Mrs Lora Powell of Bridge street ras brought to her homo met night She Is scrl from Hletfory Grove ou81 111 of gastritis A GREAT PUIILIO BENEFIT However prejudiced some peoplo aro against advertised medicines tho cncral public Is greatly benefited by some For Instance such standard remedies as the Cod Liver and Iron Its Inreparation called V1NOL gredients are printed on every bottle ind Its worth has been proven so often In cases of severe coughs and colds and to create health and itrength for the week and rundown that Its sale will continuo to Increase In tho future as It has In the past W B McPherson druggist Paducah > t Ky Hatimlny Market Sale of useful and fancy articles on Saturday December 4 by the Rectors Aid society of Grace church lit Wv J Gilberts drug store Special trdcrs filled I A homely girl can seldom understand why people think some faun aro atshen F1VK 301 WANTEDGood solicitors Kentucky aveauc fiPOSITION wanted by two young WANT ADS ladles New phono 1155WANTEDLady solicitor Houna to house canvass Address J IL care Sun ROOMS for rent 12 1C Clay I horse cheap FOR dAL ROOMS with board 217N6i1i 1C lands high 10 years old Ilion Old phone 2661aFI 818 or call at 918 Clay DRINISIIED and I VISITING CARDSNeat and at Ooms 4 01 South Fourth McEwen tractive lOc pee dozen EIGHT horse motor ior sale cheap Phone C02a 815 Jones Danner ut Tho Sun I FOR ttENT4 room cottage on HAm Davis Bold Clay near 11th Smith Ian Houlneon phones 385 FOR SALE Good gentle whItl9 horse suitable for dairy work Will KURNISHuD rooms Steam heat tell cheap 41p Pete Caporal Phone 117 Washington I WANTEDG rls to larion Old phono 2076 Middle ngcrt at 1143 Jefferson FOR dALK Ono 30x3 and one ouple preferred Rent for board of 0x3 H Inch Inner automobile tint DIamond product at Tho Sun office I partWSTOoldrm1ess spectacles In FOR SALEA J76 Business Col- block case between Tennessee nnd lege scholarship Address M W i lark on Fifth Return to this of3c I caro Sun and receive rnward FOR IlEiT2 twoetory house on I HORSES WANTEDI have two ourth between Broadway and Jet I ortcs to trade will give the differ Apply at Palmer House Orson mce Nod Pullen S2C S 10th Ola ROOMS Furnished or unfurnUhc hone 921 tWANTEDMules and horses Will 10 at James A Glaubers stable Third onFOR RENT Furnace heated resi- and Washington Saturday to dence 510 Washington street W L Ith to buy mules and horses 14 I iG hands high 4 to 10 years old ralnard C II Layne Hoisc and Mules Co FOR RENT A largo well furnish FOR RENTCorner she of dou- Map and wife preferred room td and Jackson Fourth ble house Madison Privilege of bath 719 I streets Four rooms pansy and SIX 200 photos 75 cents to ad closets Coal shed 6li back porch rertlse Studio Third and Broadway Jean and fresh Call 131 Jotter aducah On old phone 1920 FOR RENT Second floor apartRAILWAY mall clerks and custom Apply ment San Soucl apartments house employs wanted Spring examiW E Cochran Over 2000 ap nations everywhere J E MORGAN Jors snoeing ointments during 1910 Commcnco 408 nent saArp general repairing rubber Urea Rapid advance SOO Steady work I vent louth Third street Short hours FOR RENT Nice once steam Totnraon education sufnclent CapJI Write Imme ales prepared tree lately In schedule Franklin Instl uto Dept 10711 Rocbeeter N Y- Good bI orrlceI orderlLouv 2130I froadwaytFOR wnsl1lng1ton 7 i- pccombeev slRealty reIpairing Nice room furnace good boards with nice family fOR hKNT teat 1p r WS 1 OF COURTS 313 North Sixth SEWED SOLES for mens shoea CO eats sewed soles for ladles shoe x V IKfds Filed Mary J McGuIre to Maud Shoffnor GO cents at Harbours store property lit nlld Mamie Andrecht ANTEDRclablawhite woman laplcwood terrace 30 to do general housework for ramlltII W II Elliott and wits to Mary J McGuire and others In Maplcwoo ot two Old phono 14S4 FORSALECoed machine also crracc addition 1100 winter robe never been used Old la Circuit Court hone C5Sa Far The suit of the Mechanics Real cheap buggies FOR SALE John Sign Works mer8 Savings bank against Sexton IInd wagons tlnfllcf was continued until tile fifth lay of tho February term was ut arbor shop Hair cut lOc shave I Miss Emma Crem enl elated an examinerI W Rose and Crottlt 10c J roprletors 226 Kentucky HusbandII In County Court l LOST White ttter dog A report was filed In the asslgn sent of tho Union Printing company lying tho assets at 075 while the North Fifth Sml t liabilities are 780 presses Dalton COTLEMENh A power of attorney from Carrie our clothes with expertness never Ilpplo of Madlsonvllle to Fred covetches a garment delivers In illpplo Jr was fliedered wagons promptly Phone C85U Whit All Marriage Licenses FREE OF CHARGE sowing machines adjusted free ol John May < oloredO laborer Jr Co alld Myrtle Street colored 20 charge at F N Gardner I Either phone In Bankruptcy I WE WASH A retort was filed today by 1 N tully Get the bankruptcy rlmble trustee than you could at home Star LAun coso of George Bof Wilds of Wlck 200 Phone rjr The assets are 5000 while lie ILLINOIS Coal nnd Feed company tho liabilities amount to 9000 A 16th and Tennessee streets wants iiectlng will bo held December 11 our order for feed and coal Quality for the purpose of hearing any ob and weights guaranteed Phones 285 octlons to the sale of the property WANT to do your watch and Jew- ccember 13 All work first class I elry repairing W N Warren jeweler 403 Broad PIB HOHOKS ARE CHASED w OITSIDK THE CITY LIMITS r j 11W y erlPlease ha4 streotI 396I IWANTEDTo wayI I Five negroes were given hours to iako a noise like sklddoo this morning In the police court by Judge I FOR RENT Third tiTdhthl- irosstwp cases comprising the docket aeger building Sixth and Broad Will Brown John Smith and William ay Will arrange to suit tenant lontgomery were presented on the hargo of vagrancy and agreed to APlly J II Oehlschlacgor put new covers on hake tho dust from their feet wlilte WANTEDVe Lung and John Lockrldge umbrellas whole you wait Large And l Jewelry charged with petit t arceny concurred stock of umbrellas EyeSee Long and lock i In tho agreement CoI 315 Broadway taken Into custody by propo ridge wore England ANTEDYou to get ouron easy Patrolmen and Schrador at We sell diamonds Itlon 130 oclock this morning at the nyments EyeSee Jewelry Co 315 harfbont on complaint of roust I bouts who accused the men of try YOUR LACE curtains need cloan- Ing to rob them while they slept Ing You will make no mistake 8endlDg them to the Star InII New Locution bonn 200 Prof H H Wolland Clairvoyant WANTED Ladles to solicit at and Psycho Palmist has moved toSalary and commission Cal hl8 new location 231 South Fourth onco at St Nicholas Hotel after 4 Mrs trect corner Washington whore heo n be Consulted on all affairs of life WalthFOR HJJ NT6 largo rooms size HoI asks no questions but reads your 0x20 steam heat all modern ron lito as ai open book from the cradle Ho gives you ad Suitable for living apart- to the graveyard eniencea Broadway between vlco on all business and love affalm offices ments or tollbyou who and when you will J P Smith Second and Third tinyrtunltee the separated and Cican HOSTPN thetailor 8 h1 uses speedy and happy marriages dyeing and repairing lng pressing wllh tho ono of your choice removes eatly done Ladles skirts and suits Old pells and evil Influence Parlors 231 121 South Ninth a specialty South Fourth street corner Washlng hone 338a ton CONNIE LEB has returned horn Chicago after taking a postgraduate Old lltillillncp tiler fo course In chlropldy Corns bunions Scaled bids will be received by the extracted pain udcrstgned until 12 oclock noon and Ingrown nails Office 103 Residence call lessl 1 15 1909 at the office of t comber Old phone 991r South Fourth W L KraVnard architect of this I Best cleanI ellty for the sale of the buildings now LADIES CLOTHES cd repaired or dyed by our process rcupylng the lot on tho northeast gar corner of Broadway owned by tho All dust and spots removed Ity National tank Tho iiUlldliigs tenta delivered In covered wagon Harry Dalton phoni over an area of 719xtl510Mi and promptly I urchaser of these buildings will be S5R Just squired to remove theta In a reason WE STARCH lace curtains to be the degree of stiffness that makes able length of time will bo agreed for carti hang nicely and dry them upon llpon Terms of sale them bids frames that make tho square and The right io reject any end all stretch them smooth and even Star Is reserved CONSTRUCTION CO oundry Phone 200 I FAILS CITY N Warren W v jeweler BroadwayI Suyuof I I I t t t- ty xd GV r a 1 1 Q

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