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Image 4 of The Paducah evening sun, December 1, 1909

Part of The Paducah evening sun

I T iF PAGE THE tfADUCAIl EVENING rotm SUN f of the will of the majority to be used and thou THE TAFT COMPLETES discarded when t heir utility is exhausted jurrriuvoo AND wnmciY i rt I that nier The absurdity of party loyalty which FINANCE MESSAGE Publishing Company stick to the parly name tho verytheir fathers The Sun things for wore and vote against Incorporated which their fathers voted under the same party IrcnlilrnV M FISIIKIt device If you dont believe it rend the platMunnav EJ forms of tho two great political parties for the 1ANAMA llOXn SITUATION CSOXI I 3entucky as second Entered at tho poitoftlce at Inducah QVNIl AT LKNUTII list forty years Stick to tho party which for class mattertI logical relation to the the moment assumes a JHSCIIILVIO 11ATKS10 issues of the day and offers the most efficient IBy Carrier per week administration of governmental functions Ill Working ItilaiKv In Ihe Treasurj Hy Mall per month In advance liter > By Mall per year In advqnco Aintuiiilatii the fullness of time if that party fails of virili mil ifwiiuic HecclplN THIS WUHKIY SUN 4100 ly a new man and a now parly will bo furnished Per year by mall postage paid dftlce 115 South Third St us to lend us toward tho ultimate gpn1 Address TilE SUN Paducnh Ky PADUCAH EVENING SUN IAXTONGenernl Three Weeks Till Christmas In AVKDMSSDAY Ii DICOEMIIRIt I J pm Tlirco W eel Till Christmas sI 1 2- > urIMiI OO Phones o SGs 33TNew Editorial Roomit Old Phono 3SI Phone ooooooooooooooooooo 0 o 0 Payne antI Young Chicago and Now York Ilcprciiontatlvc 0 r n 1 0 0 0 STATE PRESS 1 000 6 000 00000 Washington Dc olal portion of tho tTho president WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 1 nnan p inosa 000 0000 ago at isomo length at tho was Iqken haa been completed It session of up f GU4RANTEEDOctobcr1909735 Octobcr190S5075Increase Generally Is Head this backwards CIRCULATION Ylrae pohs yule Herald Louis I t l In order to induce early shopping and to relievo out IHaudkor department df the usual toujesHon the fOlfllfi before Xnias wo otTer for Friday 111111 Saturday some very exceptional prices I l lOwolliiolo Inquirer iI 41295056 i as ngalnst 94772 399 period In tho prevlotn Jalld 69crill jfolder 001pok adleJ siandkerehiefs in Jarieif fimas folders flecks J IRI 1 1 chieflybecause I justified popuJar =r TOWN at Maeyfild l Mrs Fanny Bonnet Pritchclt Livermore of apoplexy defeating the liberal ministry mill it puts off Corn crib of C B Moorefield burned neat 1 reckoningJf If you 7Qolal OQnfor Someone asked us to declare our political principles So we will recite themCWo hold these truths to bo selfevident that nil men are created equal that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienablo rights that among these are life liberty and the pursuit of happiness that to secure these rights govern ments are established among men We hold that government is not an cud in t 1 prillipie dence is not an allegation of an existing condi tion in this country hut our guiding star in all legislation and governmental policies and tho light by which the constitution must be inter preted A political principle like every other prin lplOJll11sthu a fundamental truth that never changes or is modified under any circumstances Inder that definition undying party loyalty be comes an absurdity Free ttrade lout protective tariff are not principles They aro expedients liable to change al any time Men who sincere ly and logically favored high tariff oil many products ten years qgo may desire that those Mime products bo imported free now or under a Men wlio prate about free Jow tariff rate trade really desire u tariff for revenue or a high rate on some favorite product As gov ernment is but a means td the end that the unalienable rights of man may be secured HO parties are but instruments foi tho expression 1 person superstitious When sorue L 1 I J The Rev J L Schimmelpfenning Coving by all druggists Capt Ueorgo Street of 81101111ton dies suddenly Lawson Campbell shot and killed by J MI pllol on the Oroy Eagle who brought tim Spread KagM hero for the winter Fugalc at Jackson will return to Louis tomorrow I l Miss Myrtle Hayes and Mr Leo Miller of Capt W II 51 ljyho antI his crew of I lodgenville I marry the Spread Magic returned to St t Miss Camenisch Gorman girl commits sui Louto today after bringing tho boat here for winter quarters chic at Turnersvillo Gupton and Mr Herman Tac Miss Eunice koll of Milbuni marry George Clod shoots uncles shoulder off i while hunting at London I atli J t Miss Willie Samuels and Mi Jack Adams Hichmond marry secretly Sone at Citizens of West Louisville Davicss county file petition to dissolve town John Houston colored Owens or confesses having assaulted M1 J Brown1F Phone 102 and wo scud Ifaymond Hoagland of MayHcld huts both > for and deliver work legs cut off by train at Memphis promptly llobcrt Price seriously injured by being struck by railroad cur at Hopkinsville1 I I JOJ00 damage suit of Mrs Holdon Lewis against Mayfield Lumber company on trial at 1 ike9epaiiing llekllfe Eudqi Mayfield Capt lEd C Walker Henderson company of state guards brings suit against Gov Willson Auditor James and Adjl Gen Johnson for pay 00and 50cpelf 75cheol Ladles turned 00 1 sole looked in a store window and saw Hats paid ho to himself Heavens I Lippincolts What was their original size I Magazine Tie o 1L ib box I i111 I V PIIIlI 01 month ttn NoramlmrIC whim Hu for Novombor was 160 lashes rl vor marked 2 fret lint at the foot t The lKdhlhrky will tidme out of of Ilrondway Time river rose IHlwm till TenniNMve river tomorrow nth day i and was falling tUtu D day noon or night amid return to ItKvr Timer worn 17 clonr and bright dayn toil Ala aSlurdny evening during time month and 13 cloudy and Try time Sun for Job Woik rnlndy days time total precipitation 1 IRIVER HEWS Hlver I IMtUliurgh CMneinnallrx hailsyilIe Siiges 5x 70 44 00 StI1 02 RiM TRIUMPHANT RECORD CONTINUES 00 stdirIse D2 03 p5 00 SLtl 71 26 Cn1 I 78 01 rtw Iwo People in Oqe romily Mode lloppy Investigate if You i n i Itd 108 Doubt 1 I Vernon Mt Cnrmel Nashville r U l InnrLrtrrn Mt < < 4 oroncoMIuluig JohftfonvUIe O lro St Lrfiute p 18 173 lt7 G7 0p 01 OI lId h2 utse fall rail Jlr Uaer ilvei at Illglitnrtro IU nioulal lilt dauglilttj Rgl C yew to ho fall w s a palmer by Undo but prwum had ahw byes eompkilalnc 17 01 fall lug that hIs horrlblo stamaeh trout nave tier tho HXttALYIIIJ4 Ijalltl 10 aid Carthage l hlPa wore OMisd hy sushi work as IB behold 4t110r a 111w dlmtchlll1 SX frtquontly the muse lie dtacontlnuod polled n tart miniftir of stomach t lOver working at tho I MIlle lib vtonmuh worms from 214 to 5 l11451151 lone Tho river nt this point will nit two psrtple In ont fainHr ers him IndotcrttMhle Pales mind Th te 1 MUM t1 lip paiL 24hous slowly for bloating And mkmy Cr inHng Todnyit ArrtvnN brkhlng cuuiaHl bale doctors AId Dick Fowler from Cairo bjr ImtfgeMJon cnlnrrb ser they pleaio oilmen by Cnsoyvllle1KKnn from OIK more jou are advised if yoi made his life m4t rab1o lnde d Nose Dob Dudley from Kvnnsrlllo catnrrh of the rroirrlbed mvdklnc helped uI tier from rliminmtUm J L lowery from Kvnnsvlllo him Ill bro th was simply awful kidney Hvop stomach or blood Iron George Cowling from Metropolis general bio to coll at McIhen Hrlt well Me tongue ousted and hIs Hcttlo Owen from Urookport conditIon n IK nn I nit lie cahVd at known drug store corner Mmrlli and Ohio from lolconda hunt what he has to MV MoIlteniohs tlritg toro Fourth iiTil II road WI mires T xlnyi I Hrmdway and procured some Quak about this reaUxUsyidurful Qu kr Dick Fowler for Cairo er Ilixtract Illlof followed quickly n modlMi Try them and get rnultt Dudley for Joan vllJo ami continued In to surprIsing M like hundreds of other lndiicah PPO Lowery for Uvansvllle manner that ho voluntarily calli1 Iile have obtained durng tIme pstfIt Dunbnr for Waterloo Ala Quaker Kxtract LOll y tenla> to xprew his thank and1 ew wek CowlliiK for Metropolis allowed the publlcallon of thin Usl a for 2iO Oil of Ilalm 20c Owen for Urookport Ohio for GolcondnIllvcr nixl Vntlier Tho government gauge thin morn ing nt 7 oclock road 07 feet Indi The Best Carriage eating n rise of twotontlm of a foot and Weather clear since yesterday Service lIn Paducah business good You JcL handmmo well Illvcr Drift t l appointed carriages whim Tho towboat Kgan IB expected III We give port this afternoon front Caseyvlllo I servo you prompt personal attcn with n hilt tow of coal for tho Weat Kentucky Coal company hUll LI aim imiucs Time towboat Morgan will probably 1 get nwriy tomorrow for tho Tonnes PHONE 915 BOO river after ties rime towboat Kllza towing tho ROV eminent drcdgo Molllo left IxiulB vlllo today for Inducah and will I engage In drcdgo work around huro p 1l1InJ It IIUDYP 1AXTONfor ono month 8ho Is In command Cnnlilcr IreKldent Assistant Ca Howling of Capt After completing her work around Drookport the towboat Leader with tho drcge Kllza will probably return tther homo port III Cincinnati to I morrow Brondvvny With every nook antI cornor tho Reuben crowded with freight State Depository IMinlmr will depart nt 6 oclock this Capital e 1100000 evening for Waterloo lila Site re I Surplus 50000 turns next Monday Stockholders liability 100000 Leaving St Louis nt C oclock thin i afternoon tho City of Haltlllo Is duo 260000 Total security to depositors In port tomorrow night en route ti Waterloo Ala anti nil Tennessee j river points ON Tho highest tago during Novem OPEN 8ATUItnAY NIOIIT3 FROM 7 TO 8 OCLOCK ber was yesterday when tho gauge road 65 feet Tho lowest for tho pI I 03 01 > Iiltn 1trtonaikuihititig 111 tirt > I t t L I HARRY L AINDBRSOIV I I ItI Iw I CITIZENS SAVINGS BANK I1rpJ Third nod INTER Reduced v Ohlldnins colored edge ombrolderetl hnnikorrlilef with colorwd Inltlnl nil letters Mt 3 In box per OC0 tuft 9csllcclnl EaduenhHuriMMe h handkerchiefs i < Initial lIIII o OCpeach shelf > P1UNCI PLES AN I> PATCHES 10 dos radios real handmade on lumen Mcdtrln linmlkerclilufd nlro Uidlen InUnl handkerchiefs cambric quallly double hemstitched t 26 deL Lathes Mtion Colored llor tier llandkorohlufH with colored am broldered iurimra priced at ICn I each tub Initial handkerchiefs sheer linen prcly embroidered Initial six 4- MO n I Watched out the number 113 on llopkinsville Holds defeated the Now trial sought by alleged election offender the i tall of Tom hoodoQCdhorse at a MIstotiH town ho the horse budget tho ministry could have appealed to at Lexington according to Sir hold The horse the country for the abolishment of the house Orrio AVhallen son of CoK John IT AVhallen won a 1000 race al tint town hut of lords on the ground tthat the hereditary body Louisville dies lost at the next Thirteen line bWn t Ws opposing the welfare 8111rights of the Big educational rally will be hell at Versail his lucky number When Mr Itofd sold Sam Iatch at Anna III Friday commons Now the election will proceed with les December 3 Allfiiltt 13 ami bought his ticket out involving the perpetuity of the house of f Miss Nellie M Hill and Mr Elijah Jlarptir homo ho found that Paducah was the olds iu tho issues of Clinton marry thirteenth station on time line from The ministry can find no faUlt with tho action Hester Alhritlon Hickory Grove shot in the Anna That sot him to thinking about the n um bur and ho found thai face while hunting time obert Y Stone shoots self and Blanche Wil ho had won thirteen races with hone i case the ministry has been desirous of an issue limns at Louisville on which to go before tho country and this 1 A MI Tho Rev Wni J Carver Baplisl minister WhyIP ITS OVIY Ileanaclie ACTni5 Ill lAyer Corncllitona ought to be a popular one will cure that dies near Glasgow Iv vents Guaranteed suhmittillBdls r Mens humility 111 9 liUU at ladles the dor IDulles JKmliroldereil Hand somo lit kerchluffl Hpufial alllorl I I I worth up to BOc each InI19 C at embroidered wreath or plain itlx In boxo flQ1 lumen Mrllt = = J I oohCmt 1 50 IIJ iray roan mare walk up to a billboard slop several mln uloi anil then trot on until silo roaches another dont think the aniIt ban moro senu than ma Is cnity somo pcoulc nr credited with havingatiti is just tanking a round of Urn hoards by Cortdo of custom The anima Is Nellletho billboard horwV I own d by MvAVIll Utlorback nnd tier picture appeared In tIme JiHIlmard theatrical piper mveml weeks ego This morning when Mr Uttcrlmrk went to tho stnhlo ho found the liorw had broken out anti a snatch for It this morning failed to bring results Once bolero the animal got away and made a round to every billboard In She the city before It was caught draws tho bill poster wagon every day and having fallen In the clutch dies of tho habit tbq cant quit n IIAROUND I lib I II I p I1ehIAIII IluaII nn ot BTOniKS Inltlnl handkerchiefs sIx In flume for tho handkerchief I I Mrnrf Initial handkqrphlbfs Initial on linen a beautiful wo have only certain Inltals n this acKortmvnt And win clean up rosu lar pm 2Caoarli special six 17n I for each Your Initial may bo among thosa lnilItuA Initial handkerchief all let I 1 turw nnil nice linen special C4 I lU Jworth 150 nix for nit Lndloa Initial handkerchiefs BOWK n I 3Crulll 50celllef I i designed In book nt50c t around sixteen cents Mules are too expensive Miss MaryMenutt Mayfield dies of typhoid for the Chicago packing houses to handle I fever ri Henry Unverzagt Henderson dies of tuberBoth Secretary of the Interior liallingcr und culosis Chief Forester Pinchot declare that it is up to Diphtheria causing uneasiness in Nicholas congress to decide whether the water power of county the United States is to be preserved for the Poslmaslcrship of Covington causing great benefit of the public or whether tho future jllt lest u source of electric energy is to ho given over to Douglas JJayB shot and seriously wounded al private enterprises without any consideration JJackson AVc cannot see wherein the two gentlemen dis Condition of Judge 1 L Bugg of Bardwoll agree unproved o William HOBS Danville attacked with hic APPEAL TO TIlE COUNTRY coughing The house of lords hedged cleverly on the Mrs Eliznhelh Kendall Hawkins of George town diesCharles Dantaby 2 dies of pneumonia at which comprise something like a tenth of Eng Lexington land but tho proposition which they supported Nathan Pipes accused of poisoning cattle at was to the effect that the budget proposals are Illuslonville I Mrs Garvio A Dockery files suit for divorce MCIIH box 1 I Two pretty embroidered ladles handkerchiefs In fancy folder folder Individual real luco hnndkerchlcf KERNELSo oooooooooooooooooooe J embroidered I 1 kilt ers quality beautiful I Four nil linen beautifully embroldutcd handkerchiefs a ooooooooooooooooooot npropriated I for the tune j k fUcal year 4 Itcvenuo Hoonilng Henry Wattcrson wasnt truckling to any4 0 Tho Internal revenue receipts An luulys fancy in his latest editorial on the polit o booming Upwards of 25000001 KENTUCKY o ical situation for tho current flsral oar Is expected V o 0 from the corporation tax hud tIio p estimates for the various departments Since John D Rockefeller of the government have been heavilyr t million dollar with which J ofiglit the hodk Roger Buns Bourbon county dies cut J i ivonn things hjiVe gon iigyiust him There is As toUie Panama bonds mentioned Farm labor scarce in Bourbon count something mysterious about a hookworm In tho dtwniralon there aro 290 Kesidenco of IL C Ligon Fulton hunted iGDOOO of these bonds authorized p Mrs Sarah A McCnllors Louisville lies but not yet issued Charley Taft is heading a syndicate to buy Five thousand dollar lire at Lawrenceburg The sum of 7069CI9 represent Why dont the Philadelphia Nationals the 300000 bond issue for streets at Lexington the balanco oxpindod out of the Ron insurgents or the reactionaries accuse the presi Charles Hhodius 8J dies in Bracken county oral fund of the treasury reimbursa of playing fan just to boost his broth- Kentucky jailers meet at Danville Dec 1 to JJ ble from procoedt of bonds not jott game Jlollis Keynolds burned by powder at Somer sold Whllo existing taws authorize J3752009SO In Panama bonds only p set 84631930 have ever been IwueU I The fact that a Alt1 Carmel 111 man bought Hud Kickman Owcnsboro killed while hunt a carload of live mules at 19 cents n pound is ing Yon noNT IIAVI TO WAIT Every done makes you feel hotter fax significant compared with the report of the right Foil p Four J risoners escape from Laurel county Soul keeps your whole Inside every vii the Money Hack plan secretary of agriculture that beef is selling jail where Prlco ICc I v- goI 1nhicf I for these two days Every Xmas list includes Handkerchiefs tithe advantage of this opportunity and besides tho money saved you cm be wattedon more Katisfaelorily and have a full assort niont to choose from and relieve yourself of this much Xnias shop ping anco In tho treasury of 26533080 though tho total balance In tho gon oral fund which Includes this work Ing balanco In the treasury otllcos the balance In banks antI In tho treat ury of tho Philippine Islamla and other details Is placed at 82079 I While Yet the Lamp Holds Out to Burn 172 The Vilest Sinner May Return Tho OXCCHS of nil disbursement Paducah is to have a week ol prayer Wish over receipts Is 252717 but tho ex wo could ho there when they cullon Brother OCPS of nU disbursements over nil receipts so far this fiscal year Is onlj Anncntrout of TJio Sun to Daily Thought 1 Asiiijly a Wllter of crvo and will nAhfil carvies n man up tho hardest lull tt = kerehiefo New Drink in Louisville Panamacanal bond the cabinet It took a true lover of science to remain up situation anti The features eigned other for that eclipse of the moon which took placi close attention this morning ut about 3 oclockEvcning Post Tho figures show a working bal n Me 0f- Yaud Christmas ATTENTION OAIUMr UXGACIKS 1 friday and aturdai I r 1 k N r PAW TIME DEPOSITS Id 4ii

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