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Image 3 of The Paducah evening sun, December 1, 1909

Part of The Paducah evening sun

J I WEDNESDAY DECEMnER THE PADUCAH EVE nNG 1 r A PLEASANT WAY TO CUKE CATAICUII MORE LAYMEN AT Poor deluded Victims Continually Crinkling and spraySECOND MEETING ing aid itomatii dosing What aro you doing It fort Trying to kill tho catarrh germa Might just as well try to kill a cat Till illEV OT KULUVAX StKAKi with frcch milk j TO Sticking a piece of chewing gum In the uppir left hand corner of the right our would slaughter just ns many goimtf Tonight tho licv W E Uounjiili You ctint kill tho goring that cuikso Will lllhf Tlifiu nt Jttico whoro tho 3 catarrh unites Church i Jeleet ZIour ouet I We Wil- ctiis 5i Xmas I You can get where tho germs nre liy breathing Hyomol thq powerful yet soothing antiseptic which Is pro 1VIIda mOm FimuY xioir lirrcd especially to kill catarrh germs In thats all ll Ilia Just breathe It guaranteed hy Gilberts drugstore to Moro men attended the laymcni cure catarrh or money back It Is told by leading druggist meeting at Grace church last night everywhere A complete outfit In than were present the night before eluding Inhaler costs 100 Extn lnit night Dr 0 T Sullivan pastor tattle i 50c Cures eoro throat of Broadway Methodist church spoke coughs rind cold paached on tho call of Uio lay I take especial prIde In rccom 1110 his duties tho opportunity the mending Hyomoi to asthmatic suffer and tho method Ho raid the ors as I know by experience thnt Iit world is ready and tho season proIs a remedy that euros I kayo not pitious Ills talk was Inspiring and elnco uMag I lyomolI had any recur his argument convincing I Tonlglu Dr W E Ilourauln pas roncq of rpnlhnut51rs Win Bur tor of the airman Evangelical church ton Owoifi Midi Juno 22 1D09 will spunk to tho laymen In Grace church t arteh house Thursday night p Dr I II landltf pastor of the KenE tucky Aytinuo Presbyterian will speak Friday night tho Rev E C MI OfiA l1told Until Wanted L r r 1 1I I m Shophard IndIQesUonIt etcach tab60a tcrJvs of nice tings Tho scripture icason for today Is John sh Irayor In Christs name John xlv 13 H xv ib 17 xvI 23 24 It Ila not to use Christs name asa charm jvlth God bnt that wo nay rise tip to our dignity as members ol TASTE Christ To ask i n Christs name Is to l ask with Christs authority for what U Ho would ask I John v 14 The prayer that Ho sanctions IANXV VEST C1AUDV TIES AXI Is the prayer that Inspires HIIIMNO SlIms So wo pray In tho Holy Spirit Judo 20 nom vIII 26I I lot us pray for tho mJnfanary iiimlMlonrrV Appnrv ApKaN tu work of tho church at homo and I abroadFor l1tloi nf tfrleiui Itiitilillc an Increase of missionary zeal throughout Christendom For al engaged In missionary work teachers doctors nurses and l Washington Dec 1 United Irsw other ns well as ministers Large Loartodness Tho Amorlfau coimnlMlon to IJ Recognition of Gods manifold wis Iwrta nocomplbhed one thlogVof ad vant g4 to Hits country dt least iSlnio the distinguished Americans Christian standards nnd Christian visited the African republic thoro has l Von a steal demand for waistcoat A spirit of entire solfsacrlflcc of the iKtttorn worn by Emmett J Scott of Alabama ono of the com Women Wlm An Knvlctl nilDelonerti and tucratary to Hooker Thoso attractive wonwn who are T Washington lovely In face fprm nnd tamper are Scotts fancy vests carried n pecu tho envy of many who might bo like I liar appof4ta bis colored brother JH them A weak ri kly woman will bo fur away Afncn and consular reports norvotu and Irritable Constipation rtato that fancy vosU from America are eagerly sought In Liberia a Show like thorn worn by Commls wretched complexion For all mioh stoner GOFRO Tale of Georgia ron Hlectrlc Enters work wonders They to sold In Liberia for ton Umos their regulate Stomach Liver and Kidneys value in America and tho cravats that purify the blood give strong nerves ndoraed the bosom of Commtesloner bright eyes pure breath smooth Koland Post Fallmer of Pennsyl- velvety skfn Jovoly complexion vania nro rogarded as highly as Many charming women owo thojr proclous stones health nnd beautyto thorn COc stThe oltect lint been to etrlko an all druggists average of Iho clothes worn by tho three and to cocuro a tout ensemble composed of tho most striking artlcJea DEFECTIVE FLUE In each cammlMlonors wardroboTlio rrcont vMt of the American commlsaionoro has opened a new chapter in tho history of tho coun- try says a report to the state do uti5lai FIHE AT HESIUENCE OF Charge dAffnlros IMirtmont from K JOHV I HEMHHCK Oeorge W Bills Tho demand for American good had received a now Impetus So great has been this de rlr mend continues tho roport that About 9700 llnmneo llonu to many European merchants have tare in iilliiKiilsliliiK glared orders for goods In Europe the llliizc spade In imitation of American taor chamllto when an American riilp nrrlvee at Monrovia tho local mer- An the result of n detective title chants trash frnntlcolly to purchnio K tho cargo for fear thnt they will ho tho residence of Judge John I lion driven out of business If they allow dick was damaged by fire last night about 830 oclock Tho fire broke rivals to secure the American stuff Ellin BOJTV that ibc profits are very out In tho attic and damaged the tempting and lint with bettor trans root but the throwing of tho water portation facilities America could was tho greatest damngo ns It soaked nil of tho household goods Tho central the market In most nines dnmngo will amount to about 700r ti I covered by Insurance HEItATINO TO HE PHOIIEI Tho firemen did fast work In slop- Federal Crnwl fury nt TioulMvlll- ping tho blaze as the residence Is twostory and tho lira was at tho eKiimmoiifill fur Inve IIII II nil Louisville Ky Dec IIlJderal top of the root and it was difficult Judge Inns convened n special to fight Two streams of water Texas Hurley Oil till Hreaks feature of grnnd jury In thO United States court wore thrown on tho blaze and It watt Louisville Doc HOBO companies Xos lie sales on tho local tobacco breaks today to Investigate cfrtnln alleged extinguished violations of the Interstate commerce 2 and 3 nnd truck company No 4 aff tho appearance of route Texas i regulations by rnllronds nnd ship responded to tho alarm burley which Is tho first that has II I Judgo I vans gave tho jury E Leon put on Ito market hero This lint The Salvation Army grow out of tobacco was raised near Fort Worth Bpeclnl Instructions as to tho viola tions thnt are alleged to Imvo been tho establishment v f n mission In the and was from Moss fc Morris of thnt Committed and paid particular attent- east end of London by Ion Booth In place It was of good grade and five ISGii hogsheads wero sold at the Planters ion tfi rebatljig house bringing from 700 to 1775 an average of 1232 Tho Peoples warehouse sold 47 hhds burley at 4720 to 1800 and 700 C hhds drirkrit300 to Tho Dark warehouse sold 25 hhds dark at 600 to 1075 The Planters warehouse sold 10 It Vou hate Dull stun t hhds burley at 760 to 1775 and G hhds dark at 4490 to 545 atop taking drugs nnd pj 10 days on tII Tho Central warehouse sold 1C hhds burley at 10 to 185 and J hhds dark At 515 to 1025 Tho Former1 warehouse sold 27 hhds burley at 020 to 1575 and 8 hhds dark nt 395 to 030 It will work wonders with cream or good milk Tho offering on tho local breaks This food Is mndo of wheat and barley and Is baked for many hours It Is easily digested and contains tho material the fohiowt01dCropMarti C 1008 crop wenk stomach requires to grow Strong on so that other food 1909 crop can bo eaten Inter burley C dnYk 72 burley 376 dork 05 Original InUo sure to chew tho GrapeNuts well before swallowing total reviews 42 spection 473 ftlJ Ilejcellon yesterday Burley 38 dark S First sate tomorrow nt the Dark House 1 Postiim Cpreal Co Ltd Battle Creek Mich State warehouse sold 30 hide burley at 880 tp 15DO nUll 17 tfale 5ur llII I 4 hurddai and friday 15000 and dale of fine isplal furs We cordially invite the ladies of Paducah and vicinity to visit our ReadytoWear Department on Thursday and Friday to view the largest and finest collection of Furs ever exhibited in this city A representative of our fur manufacturer will be here with his sample line including over seventyfive thousand dollars worth of fine Furs Muffs Scarfs Coats Every desirable quality will be shown and only the richest skins We will sell you direct from his line Pick your furs out and take them right home with you And another thing buying these two days you will save quite a little for should we have to buy outright we could not afford to name the prices on these furs as we will these two days Whether you wish to buy or not we Want you to see this display for it is truly worth your time to have the opportunity to view this gorgeous richness of Furs Should you not wish them until Xmas we will reserve until thenany way come down you are cordially invited 1 groceI 1 Itlmpleblotehe btu s 1 Xpo3ttwn IBERIAN optasWltnow ilJU Y i IllImj are SUNrAGE TImRII ffkursdaii and Jridaii Values 10 to 50000 iJet WL tl D lll escriptiort == =53uri taker II an fepend on f2ualitct l ell co u i tiThe r I > Look To Your Food Grape = Nuts Theres c 1 a Reason J 1 r lbs and up 825 130 to 105 lbs 8 heavy pigs 705 light pigs 7 tho roughs 750 down 0c 720 pens worn welt cleared and tho mar ket closed about steady Sheep and Lambs Receipts 28 for the two days 200 tho market best lambs 50 Co ruled steady hhds dark at 530 to 1050 butcher 5 some fancy higher Plckott warehouse sold 108 buds best sheep 3 3 culls burloy nt830 to 1850 nnd 10 3340 common sheep dull hhds dark at 430 to 800 Kentucky warehouse sold 48 hhds St Louis Mo Dec hurley nt 810 to 1075 nnd 50 Receipts 8500 including 1500 Tox Wide dark at 485 to 1025ans native market steady Texans LoulBvlllo warehouse sold 36 hhds strong natlvo beef steers 37 5 fl to 1150 dark nt 405 cows nnd holfers 325575 sold 30 hhds 765 Homo warohduio stockers nnd feeders 340525 burley nt 970 to 1725 350 Texans and Indian steers Ninth Street warehouse sold 23 635 cows and heifers 2425chhds burley at 850 to 1725 and alves In carload lots 5750850 7 hhds dark at 425 to 800 market 13500 Hogs Receipts 11 steady to 6c higher pigs and lights Livestock Market packers 7900820 butchers nnd host heavy 805 Louisville Ky Dec 1CaUle Sheep Receipts 5500 mar Receipts 257 head for tho two days 830 2019 the market was quiet with- kot steady naUvo muttons 340 out any material change In condi 5 lambs 02fi7C5 tions choice butcher cattle were Could Sot Ho letter ready sale medium and common kinds slow good demand for high No ono line ever made a salve grade feeders and stockers good de ointment lotion or balm to compare Its mand for goodweight slop stbors with Bucklers Arnica Salve common trashy stockers slow bulls the one perfect healer of Cuts CorM firm cnnners dull much cows un Burns Bruises Sores Scalds UO5 changed no heavy cattle hero feell Ulcers Eczema Salt Rheum For Chapped tUg about steady Sores Cold tho pens were Sore Eyes Infallible for well cleared title evening Hands Its supreme Calves Receipts 74 for tho two Piles Only 2k at all druggists days 257 tho market ruled firm A tuberculosis congress will bo best 7 YJ ED Sc medium 5 Ms common 2 J jI4liJ e held In Athens next year to which Hogs Receipts 700 for tho two l lays 7946 the market ruled firm I and lo 3UGc higher selected ICC nont people ol Grcce t omicrnii Memory A Sunday school teacher had been lelKng a class of small pupils tho story of the discovery of America by all this happened Columbue over 4W Soars ago said he In con cluplon Tho eyes of a HtUo boy Evening Suns Daily Markets ITho s L r I 6c id 24c 1 OrI my opened wide 1n wonder what a uiemor youve got ho Cx elaimed Philadelphia Inquirer anyts well at has reached a depth lef 3522 feet and sIll drilling a The Union Rosemary OH cbm Cal Beautiful New Furniture ICatUe Housekeepers wilL he delighted with the hh and inenso stock of beaulif iuV now furniture houscfurniBliings which wo are Showing these i days highclass goods in great yariety at prices which will prove a revelation to those andi 25S25 j who have tjeeiL buying elsewhere Yo fire open i ing many new accounts every tiny nowa ninny people nro displaying their foresight choosing Christinas goods11rhy not let us physiciansIbut M ea m t t goodf byt start an account with you t Your credit isjgopd Cc 1 I i I v Garner Bros S Third St 207209 4a M

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