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Image 2 of The Paducah evening sun, December 1, 1909

Part of The Paducah evening sun

z k s 7F ti ti t A i f- T A i t1 a rIIc r t PACS THE PADUCAHh EVENING Mroa Y SUN imCE mEn AVKDXESDAY I 1 3 I 4 PALLING WATER AT THE KENTUCKY GREATEST POWER Moving Pictures Illustrated Songs = I CONOUIvSS MUST D1X310E FATE OF COAL AN1 AVATEIlv end If Few Men Control Sources of Power They Will Kyentunlljr Control Industry Every Evening This Week Excepting Saturday from 730 to 1030 I 5o ADMISSION 5c PINCH OT Henry W Savages New York Production OPEIIATIO SENSATION ALL NATIONS NightI I OF Music by Franz iJchar ORANnUTTKMFJA MADAM DoPIIGtOtg11ESTltA Notice Mall orders must be accom panled by check and will be given prompt attention after line has been worked No phone orders Until 12 oclock Reservations for Matinee and Night must be paid for before noon Satur- day or they will be placed on sale without further warning 0c YorkIin + Ml O HOOKUY COMPANY IncorporatedDistributors i EVERY SATURDAY lb10o Best HomeMade Candles per Tokay Grapes per pound 20o Concord Grapes basket r All kind of California FrulU 804 Broadway lAB NICHOLS i IttIo1 SEGENFELTER BONDS 4 PRESORIPTON DRUGGISTS r j 215 Broadway V 38 MODEL 1000 Telephone 392 i I Just received one Model 33 1910 Overland and wo want every one contemplat purchasing a car to get a demonstration of the ONLY AND FIRST REAL Specifications AUTOMOBILE ever produced for the price 102Inch Wheel Base 4 Cylinder 30 HP32x31 inch tites Remy Magneto Lamps 2 gas 3 oil i and generator Price I jaing I asked by tho latter on tho conservation policy which was made public today Talks of Water Power Referring to thq development of water bower and coal the govern ment forester declared that In most cases actual development of tho for mer can best be dono by private in terests acting under public control but that It la neither good sense nor good morals to let these valuable privileges pass from the public owner ship for nothing and forever Jn answer to Dr Abbotts question What Is the danger to the conserva tion policies In tho coming session of congress Mr Plnchot declares that It Is that the privileges of tho few may continue to obstruct the rights of the many especially in tho mutter of water power and coal Congress must decide at this ses sion Mr Plnchot says whether the great coal fields etlll in public owner- ship shall remain so In order that their use may not be controlled in the monopolistic Interests of a fdw CongreKS Must Decide Congress mutt decide also whether Immensely valuable rights to the use of water power shall be given away to special Interests in perpetuity and without compensation Instead of be jng held and controlled by the pub RrWaneta i Cigar 5c Trrr JjIjSGUKpIlT AlinOTT I THE MERRY WIDOW no IAMAN Washington Deo 1hOltford PIni chot chief of the United States forest service declares that congress will have to decide at Its forthcoming ses ion whether the great coal fields of the country shall continue to remain In the hands of the people or bo gob bled up by monopolies and whether tho great water power alter shall bo given away to special Interests or bo controlled by tho people Mr Plnchot makes his vlows on these two chief sources of the power of tho present and future In a letter Special Service far These Fivp Days THE TO 1 1 2 Passengers Runabout I I Hfd h 1OOOQO Clr i 1075O0t Passenger Double Buckot Seats 4 Passenger Toy Tonneau 4 110000 I ALL ORDERS MUST BE PLACED BY JAN GRESHAM FOREMAN pOPYMAYa a AUTOMOBILE CO IarnrteraledPaducah Kentucky I 0 1910 1 Phone 45G lie Goods delivered iI to any part of the city An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure Because you have not had a fire within the last five years is no reason you are not going to have one Better bean the safe side and insure NOW EVERYTHING SMITH J 4o3s Broadway IN INSURANCE DAVIS Why is It Important to protect the water powers asks Dr Abbott and In reply Mr Plnchot points out that Itll of tho trot importance to prevent them from passing into pri- vate ownership as they have been doing because tho greatest source of power we know Is falling water Under our form of civilization he says If a few men ever succeed In controlling tho sources of power they will eventually control all In- dustry as well If they succeed In controlling all industry they will necessarily control the country Public llnndaimng Itself Mr Plnchot adds that ho can see no reason why we should dellber ately keep on helping to fasten tho handcuffs of corporate control upon ojirselves for all time merely because the fen + men who would profit by It most have heretofore had the power ItI Telephone 385 the essential things that water powers of the people tho granting of water powers forever either on non navigable or navigable streams must bo done to protect tho mutt C18I LURTON THE MAN Vltl Luke WrlKlit Will Ire Appointed tn l SUlli UUlrkt llvnchilljr Tiift Dont Listen to Knockerst i cia We know and the knocker knows there is no better coal thahjrejifuuile A trial win convince you and then you will know h Be Wise ROCKI JOHN MANAGER LOCAL NORTONVILLE COAL COMPANY xacorporstedOffice Old Phone 856A 1011 Jefferson Street r Children Are Again Flocking I TO PIPE SMOKERS We take pleasure in extending an invitation to every one interested in pipes tQ call and inspect our extensive We have PIPES line of pipes which have just arrived OF EVERY DESCRIPTION displayed in our new todate case We guarantee to please the most particular lover of a pi- News of Theatres The dashing Camille Do Jolldon might have whispered Into the ear of the charming Natalie all the soft nothings and something too that I ho desired and tho chances are no harm would have como of It But I no In an excess of ardor ho had to write and write too tho moat fateful combination of three words In I love you the English language And then the trouble began Strango to say however It Is trouble that af fords nothing but delight to the un That Is to say Involved onlookers the audience enjoys every minute o upI peThe Smoke House 233 Broadway f S J 1 t SIQ l tuns learned in an official quarter toe tiny Mr Wright has been tendered the place and has signified hls will ingness to accept It From present for another year of study They will be cone fined indoors several hours a day and read more or less by lamp ligHt at home It is important to relieve any strain upon eyesight that affects their nervous health JudguLurlon next week and soon thereafter time nomination of Mr Wright will folI lowWhile Judge Lurton0 nomination will bo reported favorably to tho senate certain senators say tho se lection shows tho president has du parted from a rule applied early In his administration Jn tho matter of appointments to the judiciary Her erenco Is made particularly to tho case of W I Hale of Minneapolis K who was a candidate for district Judge In Minnesota President Taft refused to name him on account of his ago Judgo Halo Is about 03 years old Judgo Lurton IB 65 anil Is tho oldest man over selected for tho place on tho supreme bench Now is the Time to i Protect Their Eyes by using light which is congenial There is no illuminant quite so restful to the eyes as electric light and none so healthful Do not put off a matter of i so much importance Have your own house s wired this month what has conserva tion to do with tho welfare of tho average man today It is pointed out that Jt proposes to secure a continu ance am abundant supply of the necessaries of life which means a reasonable cost and business stability It advocates fairness In the distribution of the benefits which flow from I tho natural resources Headache and Neuralgia From Cold LAXATIVE BROMO Quinine the world wide Cold and Grip removes cause Call for full name Look for signature E W GKOVES 25c withheld To School foreverIn New Phone 645 tlc Washington t 1Oen Iuko Wright of Tennessee will bo nom mated fur limo position of Judge In tho Sixth judicial district to nil the vacancy that will be created by tho elevation of Horace II Lurtoii to bo nn associate Justice of tho supremo court of tho United State While official announcement of Mr Wrights selection for nomina I absolutely stop according td Mr Pin chot Ho declares that It Is just as needless as it Is wrong to mortgage the welfare ot cur children In s way as tills Kxplalns Conservation Explaining what conservation means Mr Plnchot declares that It f stands against tho waste of limo nat ural resources which cannot bo roe newed such as coal and iron It stands for the perpetuation of the resources which can be renewed and most of all It stands for an equal opportunity for every American citi zen to get his fair share of benefit from them resources both now and NUCflKKD MTK SITIItI > m JUHTICK PKCKIIAM p Lighti The Paducah Every Imbroglio tho Interesting mlnuto yei Indeed fortliero ts nut a moment In tho whole of TIle Mer ry Widow that U not as full of sparkle and effervescence as champagne This wonderful production comes to the Kentucky matinee and night Saturday December I Ineorimrnleil marriage on Uarrymoros March 1C last to tho son of tho mil lionaire exprcsldont of the United Stator Kubbcr company followed a romantic courtship Mis Ilarrymore whom report hind engaged to a score of prominent inen at homo and always declared fho woud nhroall marry an American but Mr Colt had Umbel HiiiTjinoro n Mother ncvur beep mentioned B a suitor Uussoll until a few weeks before her brother Mrs Ethol Harrymoro J yesterday becamo a Jack Barry inure announced that they Grlswold Colt mother Tho Interesting arrival of Iliad been married In Ilydo 1ark near They wished to avoid nil U a son was at tho home of t IO young Huston whew notoriety and limo ceremony was a couplo In IkUehavon Conn Mrs Colt has remained during limo very quiet one Miss Darryraoro postponed arrange summer find fall Miss A STOMACH TltOUliLE CUBED Power Co To anyono suffering with stomach trouble I will say I was afflicted with It for fifteen years I got In such condition I had to quit work 1 tried Hays Specific found roller and raenla for her stage apeparanco In tho now plaYAlld Channel until February Her husband is a eon of Co Samuol Iomeroy Colt former president of that United States nub bor company John and Lionel Darrymoro are uncles of time now baby and John Grow a g eat unclo ly recommend It for stomach trouble March IB 1909 L P DAVIS Palmer House Paducah Ky II myformer Victim of Typhoid fVver Hlckmnn J y nee K IL D Gray died after a three weeks Illness of typhoid rover at her homo In East I Hlckman ttri > 1IIIYIWllllums Telephone The Sun office for will samples and prices of all kinds of euro lllliul lllccilliiK nod Uohliiir IIlen typewriter papers Anyway tho woman who marries a man with a dimple in its chin had talc warning Itctylagat PllefUintmeet andItchug bydrult WIIlIamll 0Mold DrugCo L

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