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Image 1 of The Paducah evening sun, December 1, 1909

Part of The Paducah evening sun

t = VOL XXVL NO 130 DR H VBDRWBLL PULPIT i ASSUMES t JAHDARl FIRST abniab tniug itn 1l VEDNESDAY EVENING DEOEMIiER 1 PADUCAH KY Arms and Ammu ifion Are BeingSmuggled From Sytnpat1zb ep in L States to Nice raguan insurgents PasterCalleil to First Presby Seeret Service Men Find float dn Gulf laden With Strange Zelaya Sustains IIIHH Boxes Heavy Defeat in Battle terian Secures Release in New Orleans Congregation Voile With Him Before Presbytery 1IRIEF OF HKETCH CAREEIl y11OTdwasrecelred this morning fromN VxOrpans to tho effect that thV con grrgatlonl of the Xapbleon church hat Avenue Prcsbyterla united with tho Rev IL W Burwotl Ina petition to tho Now Orleans prabyt ry to sever tho relation be IwetMi Dr Harwell and that church MI that ho may accept the call to the FJit church In Paducah > Tile pris l ytery will meet tomorrow b abr Burwell hid expected to as I sume the pastorate hero about tho middle of this mouth but the only condition oa which his congregation at New Orleans would unlto with remain him was that ho should thvc until January 1 He has asked ttuwscmlon of the Flrrt church to agree to this and the olden stated In tbclflean today that they will time the manse IU being remodeled and completely overhauled for Dr Harwells occupancy Dr riurwcll was born In Virginia and when ho was but a small child 1 ids father removed to Georgia where M grew to manhood ills col Jego degree WM taken nt Emory col Iftgp Oxford Oe6rgla wiiur ho grad The three misled an A B In 1H87 years pr ltla Mniliuiry course were ijient LaJho theological Mjnlnary at Ills first charge Columbia S C Fla but on account wni In Sanrord 1 Iof le rvmowd m xt to South Carolina and Ia1iiAlhuii fynlifstor t L ft 11tIB mute thin fn yMi < During this time he was married to Mlia Mary l It Anderson From South Carolina hl removed to Augusta Goorgla as pnitqr of the Orwono Street Pretby Icrlan church tbcneo to Now Or leanH where for the lost five year he has been pastor of tho Napoleon JVvttnu j church < Marriage LlroiiKOd Cupid was wrtalnly busy during the month of November and many hearts fell vicuna lo hits darts It was ont of the largest months of the year ai Ct marriage licenses were l luucii Xt the county court clerk < nlrice f W the number < G worn to whit cojplpii while 19 worn lUlled A number of the to eon rgd people couples nerd trom Illinois CHARITY SHOWER ON FliDAYAFTERNOON Paducah citizens will have on op- portunity to Acquaint theniKives with the plans bt the Charity organization Friday afternoon alien tho charity I shower will Jiu hold at tho club head Quarterp 24 South Seventh street from 3 IovB oclock Ther will be muile and refreshment for all who attend and they will bo made wel rome The shower will consist of every sort of article that will hell make the poor comfortable this win- time formal opening of the t ter Its test room I IOWA qTY Dec Galveston Tev 1Thlll largo shipments are being made tram the United State to Nicaragua war lcarnud today upon ovorhaullnjf a largo schooner In tho Gulf of Max ico CO miles off tho Texas coast So cret Borvlco men from tho linmlgra UOQ department I looking for 1 hlnpac C being smuggled Into tho United States were cruising the gulf when they happened on tne schooner Offi clans boarded to look for Chinese The hold was Shed with boxi mark ed nails and soap Tho captain said he was bound ffom Mobile to Vets Cruz A member of the crow was sick and was taken atharc by the of llclals Alter he landed he declared the boxes contained 150 cases of cartridges consigned to the revolu tionists In Nicaragua lie saya they were plhlpixnl from a point In Louis iana and would bo transferred to an other boat on the Mexican coast and sent to Nicaragua 1 Defeated1 1 DIppatche from Blucflclis says Zelaya suffered n crushing defeat at I aa Salinas near Rama and lost more than 100 dead The revolutionists are commanded bv Largo forces arc General Maludy engaged on both sldea Tho rebels are flghtfng from cover Tho rumor that 7elaya will resign has been re olnyn New Orleans > vived I Fruit Cnu > X PADUCAH IS GOOD HEALTH RESORT HEALTH I OFFICER WORKING Crestpn LFire this destroyed tho Temple morning Grand Opera House and tho Mu sonic Tomplo The losses are estl matedW GOOOO Tho IIrQ started from Bpqntnncous combustion of coat lu tho collar Tho entire town turned bucket out to tight the flames brlgwlesnnd the regular lire depart merit hind difficulty In provcntliig Its spread to n group of frame uulldlngs There was a high wind nnd If they hind started tho town would have There wore several been doomed narrow escapes when the walls fell Two members of bucket brigade were suffocated and had to be carried out by cortrades nnd revived There was 13000 Insurance total on both In IS OF of Appeals With Two Dissenting CONGRESSMAN low 10B C7V4 BSV4 3ra39rri 0Erop2h00 2130 1225 Iiq11J 1227 f rOIi r 1 KHAI Kcsoliillon < f Ollie James siWiII lIave No Op Judge Barker And Nunn thought Testimony as to Threats of Father Should Have Beea Admitted position in the First MAJORITY AfJAINST Strict i TJ1- iiuixiirr Carries In Suimlt- Issue DURING MONTH fy OFY U NOVEMBER I Local Shops Yard Crews anti KIIMIOOM Cameron w Va Dec 1 C S Schuster on oil shooter was blown to atoms and every window In Cameron was broken and houses were loosened from their foundations when a nitro glycerin magazine or the Marl Otta Torpedo company a half mllo oast of here bew up to day Schusters team of horses nnd wagon also wero blown to Tits One of the horses shoes fell In the center of tho town Tile wagon tongue was found over a mile from the Tcene of the explosion The cause prob ably never will be known All showing the existence of the magazine Is a hole fifteen feet deep iltcports from Washing ton Pa 25 miles away say the shock of the explosion was felt there February 13 Date Set For Closing Entries 1909 the Freight Offices Are Rushed Constantly Police Gather in Many Dam blers in Raids Frankfort Ky Dec 1 Special Tho appellate court affirmed the Ito sentence of Beach Hargis for the murder of his father Judge Hobson REPORTS FROM DEPARTMENTS PRIMARVTO RE HELD MARCH r read the opinion Judges Darker and London Dec the sedate Nunn dissenting Judge Darker on Ictachcd manner characteristic of the ground that the Judge should S have vacated the bench and because the proctjedinps III the glided cham A primary for March fi was called tile testimony showing that Jim HOT Freight business was never heavier jer and In direct disregard of the In Paducah Ihsearbthan It Js at idvlco of soroq of Its ablest nnd old this moraine by the Flrut congress gls had threatened Beach was kept present Judge Nunn dissented on the In fact thecorps of clerks ist members such as Rosebery Mor sfonnl dlnrict committee for Ute pur out In the freight ofdices are worked hard ey Lord Janus of Hereford Lord pace of nominating a Democratic can latter ground alone to keep track of the movement of No opposition to Congress romer Lord Balfour of Burlelgh ijldatfe cars The Increase In the freight iho earl of Lylton Lord Courtney jrian Ollo M James was be rdot IUcknmn Circuit Alllnns business was gradual until a few tad tho archbishops of Canterbury and should hobo the only candidate The appellate court affirmed tie months ago and since It has been tad York tho house of lords today to enter the committee will meet lower ciurt on the original and cross 24 and declare him the growing by leaps and bounds reamed a situation unprecedented In February vs appeall of the City of Columbus English history at least In 300 nomineeLittle An average days business with the Columbus from Hick the Bank ears by rufuslng formal assent to Interest was manifested In man countyof Illinois Central railroad Jsthe move l duo bJUJglt bill and referring It to the meeting wltch was attended by meat of CQ freight trains About PIERCE TRIES TO ho country Itself for Judgment the commlttcomen and a few politi halt of these handle the business Recovers J hereby In theory making It Illegal clans The meeting was a mere mat south of Paducah while 30 trains are o collect taxes and carry on the ter of form and everything pointed Prof J T Ross of 1337 Monroe Each train CHARGES on the northern division tons and the ESCAPE dogs government to tho fact that Olllo James would street principal of tho Jefferson will average about 2000 movement of the CO trains means After six days of debate notable bo the nominee of the Democratic school building Eighth and Harrison streets has about recovered from that 120000 tons of freight are for the high standard of tho oratory poisoning caused by eating ptomaine moved In Paducah every day by the is well as for tho able and cJpivlnc sausage yesterday Time professor a speech Ing arguments for and ngnlnsV the ing and rellpon ed The Nash- SAYS HE WAS IJXEMIT FROM Illinois Central railroad ville Chattanooga SU Louis rail oudgct and placing In every possi which he painted a gtorlous dream of was taken violently 111 after the 1UMSIIMKXT UNDER UWS road Is also busy moving freight ble light all true aspects of tho great Democratic success In national ns meal OF MISSOURI eonstljltutlonaj questions involved well as atato affairs trainsIt Henry R Laurence of Cadiz prestho house of lords cleared for dlvls was rumored yesterday after Mayor Hannan over the meeting and W A on at 1130 oclock last night The ided noon that a cut was to bo1 made In Leone was Impressive but In no sense Frost of Grave4 county was elected Ed D Hannan Is mayor of Padu tAustln Tex Dec 3Attorneysf- the shop force but there was nothing jxcltlng except that the house was calm today Only tho routine bush or Pierce today entered a plea of to substantiate the statement The racked to Us utmost capacity and a ness required his attention He will special Immunity from charges of railroad Iiscalling for cars and equips real array of strange faces were man recalled that they had not been be mayor for about 10 days during perjury on which ho Is tried The ment owing to the heavy business plea says thus Indictment was founded amid It U certain the present force I loon on tho benches owing to tho sworn and Magistrate C W Emery Mayor Smiths absence on testimony which no was forced to will be retained until sufficient equlp presence of numbers of peers who administered the oath I M V Pogue of Crlttenden county give In Missouri becanso be was an ment Is on hand to care for thfl only appear In the house lit most ex Introduced the resolution that a prl wpUonal cases The laws freight Riverside Hospital Stall ofllcerof time ol company persona mary bo called for March 5 to select so of Missouri specifically say Few Cheers Iloiml The staff Police Department None would have suptwsed that the Democratic hominco for coil press time rnontlip of Riverside hospital for testifying shall be exempt from prose- of December and Jan cution for any matter about which Tho police department enjoyed a p he 1 roceeding was destined not only Tho last day for candidates to enter The staff they tMtlfled I fair huslncM Curing November thin o provp memorable In tho annals of will be February 18 and should there lary was announced today i numWof jmreslsflotallnffl93 Ar- Orltlsh history but possibly also in wily be one erftrj tnVcominlttco will li rrsurglc T br J tyKeddlck and meet February 24 and declare him Dr Pon 81wllrt med c1I Dr Vor City Finances rests for gaming exceeded those for volvu farreaching changes In tta Orltlsh constitution There certain- the nominee of the party Tho reso non Blythe and Dr L E Young Following Is tho monthly report of any previous month this year by a ly was unusual animation In the lution was adopted unanimously W obstetrics Dr W C Eubonks genito- City Auditor Alex Kirkland anti big margin while breach of the peace public galleries which were crowded F Frost of Gravescounty and L IL urinary Dr W J Bats eye nose Treasurer George Walters for No- and drunkenness charges were well of Carlisle with Chairman and throat Dr H G Reynolds AItli members ot the house of corn Owen vember showing the standing of the up with the average Following Is a summary Petit larceny 14 breach ambassadors and others but Lawrence were appointed a commit lions city finances of peace 49 drunkenness 40 flour In this house Itself complete calm tee to resolve entries 1 NOV 2237154 ishing pistol 1 fugitive Balance Col Mot I Ayros suggested the prevailed Jus There was none of that MAY PERMIT RACE145C089 tice 1 a malicious shooting fromadul Collections s onso excitement or exuberant cnthu name of Ollle M James as a proba tery 3 Jlnsni BO distinctive of a similar oc ble candidate for the nomination and drunk and dls 3093213 orderly vagrancy 11 house 2 carry Total debit requested a speech Congressman 5 disorderly casion In tho lower house GAMBLING Disbursements 2003 20 Ing concealed a deadly weapon 4 TRACK The vote was on Lord Lans James responded and made one of his housebreaking 4 horse stealing 1 jownos amendment that tho hdusa Jolly optimistic Democratic speeches 1030223IBalance Dec 1 Mr James Speaks Immorality 8 grand larceny 11 was not Justllled In giving Its con turliil Penults lit sail the creator Intended Ken- gaming 28 Indecent exposure 1 vent to the bill until It lead been sub nltted to the Judgment of tho coun tucky for a Democratic state and he Bonn MEN PREPARE PETITION Issued during the month ot Novem suffering gaming 2 disposing of mortgaged property 1 malicious cut VOlt RETURN OF OLDTIMEItry Nearly fifteen minutes were oc believed that the Democrats would be ber by City Clerk Maurice McIntyre ting 1 breach IOOKMAKINft of ordinance 11 iiipled In clearing the house the tel successful In the next gubernatorial Fifteen were for white people and murder 1 disorderly conduct 1 ers for the division being Earl Wai election by a majority of COOpO Ills nine for colored Icgravc Viscount Churchill Baron remarks were greeted with applause Olllo could see by the politicians Building Permits Dell man and Lord Colebrooke move New Orleans Dec 1 Permits for buildings entailing aWhen tho vote was announced only the bright vide of things and CITY CLERK McINTIRE cost of 2015 were Issued by City lusf before midnight ns 3CO to 75 In predicted Democratic success as usual ment which is generally expected to JUST MISSES BRICK inglneor L A Washington last result In the repeal of the antirace favor of tho amendment a few mixed In the next presidential race Committeemen from the First dis- track gambling llaws anil reopening ot month Tile operations during this beers were heard trict present were u B Owen Car- time tour big Louisiana tracks started City Clerk Maurlcft iMcIntyro had month wllj be pushed steadily along 1I e county iN L Chrlstruan Callo hero and today petitions are being evidencing a bulldtbg boom In the way coifnty J H Stevens Caldwell circulated which will be submitted a narrow escape troth Injury this city for the past three months Im 9 oclock while open county LOGGER KILLED II F Poguo Crittenden to the state legislature In May Hotel morning about provements are being made Jn all t county Molt lyres Fulton county men are said to be back of the Ing the door of his office vault A parts of the city at present while the W A Frost Graves county Six men are Circulating a brick falling from the top of the new end of December will usher In addi W F scheme BY PALLING TREE Dradshaw Jr McCracken conntyf petition today endeavoring to get the third story on the city ball plunged tional Improvements Including the R J Doom Lyon county D 1r ilgnaturea ofsomo of the most proml through the plastering Into his office largest In the citys history the ten Flsor Marshall county 11R Law neat men In the state to head thq list almost directly over the clerks head rence Trigg county Tho proxies of and It Is bothered there will be at Thq brick glanced and struck the c J M Skinner Ballard county 3d least GOOp names on the petition brim of Mr Mclntyres derby knock way CHESTER GRIMIER DIES lEt Walker Hlckman county and L before it readies tho legislature ing It from his head Following were tho permits Issued I EIIAL HOURS AITER ACCI Mitchell Livingston county were Mrs Woolfolk frame last anon + h DEXT AT ST JOHNS hold Others at the meeting were addition at 408 Washington street Congressman James George Wilson cost 500 Mrs Ella McClure candidate for speaker of the house addition on Washington between county Senatorelect E M GOO Tenth and Eleventh streets Chester Gluber a popular loggar of Union Taylor of Fulton Former Represen Mrs Ella Chose framont 427 South 1 W A tative John R Smith of Lyon coun inployed at the saw ml Second street f 2C J W Lockwood niompwn at Leader Ky near St ty J R Lemon of Mayfield C W brick two bulHllngs on Kentucky Police Judge D A Cross I ohns was struck by a falling tree Emery avenue between Third and Fourth J festorday morning nt 8 oclock and Sam Elliott of Eddyvllle Senator streets 500 L Leake frame addi llvd lam night at C Ho was driving elect W V Eaton Jake Corbott of most groove and severed the head of tho lion ou Sixth between Jackson and Loire France Dec I fourhorfo logging wagon through WJckllffe and Representativeelect horrible scene since tho revolution unfortunate victim a Jet of blood Adams streets UOOMrl Ella Chase the woods when the back trucks Horge Reed of Ballard county attended the guillotining of Rlbolot squirted over tho front rank of the frame on Second between Adams and Congressman Ollle M James left tho Bandit murderer struck a treo knocking It on him and today and crowd nnd drenched the priests Clark streets 25 C F Yates barn of Paducah this afternoon for his homo as the result advocates of private rushing him Dr Stevenson at 137 Farley place 05 Mayfield and Dr Thomas of Fol In Marlon where ho will bo busy for executions have a new argument Into a PIr several days preparing his speeches Crowds began gathering before mid on the soland packing his suit rose for the sear was made by spectators desirdiers During tho Mr Gluber was an sion of Congress which will open next 10 jwrormed and whit tint fire laddies ing to dip their handkerchiefs nduetrlous pnd popular man and Monday lie will leave Saturday for tine Efforts were made lo drive tho bits ot clothing In the blood to toko month 35 fire alarms sere answered eaves a largo number of friends In the national capital crowd beyond the confines of the away as souvenirs It was some time Only In f few paces did the loss Ho McCracken and Mallard counties prUon square but tailed When tin before tho troops controlled the bit amount to over a hundred dollars Was 4 0 years old and la sutvlvcd by The majority of the runs were tor procession headed by tho prison nation and removed the body Elks Program forest fires Probably the most sort lie alto V Wife and seven children warden two prlesta and the conous was loot night at the residence of eaves tour brothersinlaw of the every available Programs for the Elks memorial demned appeared neighborhood Tlio lion John K Hendrlck The low for Folsomdolo Jailer Moving In services to bo held nt tho Kentucky space about the guillotine was jamthe month wilt be about 4500 funeral was held this afternoon The theater Sunday afternoon were re med with an angry Jeering mob al Henry Housor County Jailerelect W L n Slumps burial was In the Liberty grave yard calved today and are being dlstrlbut ternately hissing end cheering When Is removing from his home In the November was a good month In They are neatly bound with a ho heavy knife flashed down tho county near Mnxon Mills to Sixth d point of revenue for the government VALUABLE non WAS TillS handsome tinted cover on which Is and Clark streets which is opposite In the sate of cigar clgaret and liquor 1JV REASON OF ACCESSION printed the head of an elk pro The Mr Housed will stamps T N Harelip deputy stamp tho county Jail A small ordinary dog not over six grams contain the names of the de take charge of the Jail January 1 collector collected 1125735 during itches In height became a valuable ceased members the officers and I l the month and 383 wholesale liquor possession yesterday afternoon when committee In charge of the service RESCUE MISSION BENEFIT dealers stamps were Issued pup swallowed a diamond the PERFORMANCE TONIOHT Hospital r weighing two carols and valued at SECOND WHITE COON 18 November was a healthy month Piuliirali and vicinity Forecast for Knolls Floating Palace showboat Tho pup was In the Jewelry 500 CAPTURED fly JOE 8TVKIIS 1 Rnln tonight mimI Tliutxlay winner will give an entertainment of moving with the railroad employes and th store ot Nagcl d Meyer and Mr liar i i ry Meyer dropped the stone on the Joo Styors of Oak Station rap tonight oxiyyt In cxtrtiiKi west jwr- pictures and Illustrated songs with number of ncldents wailrelucedrna The report of the Illlnola tenitKriituro today piano violin and graphophono musjc teflnlly tHulitst to mho white coon ho llqu ho could pick It up floor lloforo the maid under thus auspices of the Unloji tho playful pup bounced upqiflt and brought to the City wvural days ago VIM 01 and the lowtst watt C7 fIrm llesciie MIssion beglmiiig nt 7 oclock made Jt tho first course of his din and hits tho animal on exhibition to Sun roue odny I Sun Nets ir xltiy 440 fttftiUt ut tho foot of BIlzaNUi i ft Moon beta street and mouth of Island credit O till Pflllo till III iXtX- Klectldii tIn p I d lines ngrcssImrn geltlngIdon i 1Twenttour 1 A i 1trNationalban Dip Rags in Blood of Guillotined Wretch lof framet r tThe REIORT a I Paducah Is A veritable heaHh re dart acoordlnp to the monthly retort ho city health olltccr Is preparing to present before the board ot health Deaths for Novem next Saturday ber are 13 white and 13 colored Tills Is less than one a day and In the owcst since Paducahs health d9 virtment bas been at work Tho total number of births for last month was 31 Ten were whlto males live white females six colored males and ton colored females ThorellOrtwlII embrace this slaughter houses In tho city that tall t o comply with the regulations I During December an Investigation will bo made of every dairy supplyIng milk to the city Thin report will mention nil prop erty owners wbohavo failed to con nect with the sowers in district No S wef Inspector A Frauko Is com- Close piling a Hut of the residents who 105 have not connected ante these will bo 571 turned over to the health offlcOr and warrants Issued nt once 32137 Mr Robert Reeves left tlila morn 1230 1112hlJc on a bunlneea trip to Loulavjitof > T Market DeclUgh lpCft Ri SIOHTS ON IRIS MORTU- Dcc tiuildingaChicago I >+ tl trouble Rivalry between two fruit companies amt tho alleged favoritism of Zttiaya for one I mid to be the Ini Is In mediate cause of the revolution Nicaragua according to private dli t patfhw here today Tho United FqiJJ ccirnjMiny operated years on thee ittra C aft from the port of New Orleans The Nlcaraguan Fault com pony operated along the IHiclflc coast from Vorlnto It was recently forth ed and Zelnyn Is said to have granted concessions to tho latter giving It advantages over the United Thr concessions are said to have created resentment along the eastern coast whore the fruit buisiness was threat pned It forms an Important part of Nicaragua This mho commerce of and other conccstlons causing unequal commercial conditions through out the country caused great lllf el Ing among the hotter classes of the republic and added to till discontent of tho lower classes Will 111 III 1111 heard From Word was received hero today thatt about the schooner WHhelmlna which there was considerable anxiesafely and ty reached Blucflelda New Orleans inembers of tho crew bound home aboard the steamer VII tor It Is mid the WHhelmlna land ed a big cargo of supplies for the Tho cargo was taken revolutionists out of hero before It wns known the neutrality laws would be enforced It U suld 17 cannon furnished by ti ocal foundry 150 drums of gaso nails1 line and 15 < keg billed supposed to contain ammunition and a variety of stores were sent on the pdiooner 1TY lard Dec HAS FIRE AND LITTLE INSURANCE Wheat Corn Oats IH lofsr BUSY I f LORDS RAILROADS Penitentiary Sustained by Court NOMINATION f 1909TENQENTBPEB WEEK Beach Hargis Sentence of Life in PRIMARY GALLED FOR r > awayI PllICedlaround opration t tiNovember I The Weather Ie Ilerrormodaud 4 rij 5 L nllllleres It 1 t oDtW arr J 4 4 i- lntlentsINOreillliel t < 1 3

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