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Image 1 of Bourbon News, January 23, 1906

Part of Bourbon News

t o T 1 J I ± 0 SJ > L i V jI nVf i r i I I paying I am in the market for corn price the highest market 29dec12 PEALE COLLIER Co shipped a car ¬ McClintock horses to Georgia Friday load of night c1 I Mr C W Howard was confined to his home Thursday and Friday with sickness Mrs Ida Rogers leaves this week the remainderfor California to winter of the Dr W M Miller will leave Mon ¬ the 29th for an extended tour through Mexico attended the Bour ¬ Dr C B bon Medical Association at Paris Thursday evening Mrs Nelson Fant of Flemingsburg of her son Wm sFant was the at MM I Thursday 4 Mrs M J Caldwell who ran a nail in her hand Wednesday after ¬ noon is improving rapidly- a I I1 w 11 sisters Friday and Saturday Mayor Levi Trotter promises us Let electric lights and un ice a helping hand everybody I 7 i C l > fi r it IEtt W Ji Q < f < Zh Mr r I > NUMBER 7 y ± ie < w i t = ET ± ts r f- J r S- I 4 I fI 7 i < k 1 f t r r- dtletio s n all Men < 7 > f J i t I1o y JigR f and T Boys Winter Suits Overcoats I and Parits Conic in and we Will make it interesting for you 0 0 I fS S 6 J AJ K ER I J H Linville will serve your legal papers sell your real estate write youranybody insurance and do it nicer 124t Try him Mr George Waddell of Atlanta Qf his brothers and was the s Lj I u f Mrs Claude Ratcliffe df Carlisle I am in the market for old and new was the guest of her father Mrs W feathers paying the highest price in F Carpenter Tuesday and Wednes ¬ cash or 16jan3t JOE W MOCK dayMrs hitching Clark and daughter have re ¬ O B Graves whileSaturday up a after¬ to horse at his stable turned after several weeks visit noon let it get away from him the daughter and sister Mrs Hancock of horse running at full speed up the Irvine street As turned the corner at the Miss Ruth McClintock has charge of public square the wheel struck a the primary department at M F U telephone pole running the shaft during the illness of Miss Sallie Mc- through the back of the runabout of Wm Borroughs thereby demolishing Intyre it Tire animal was soon caught and C C Chanslor went to Lexington belonged to Mr J F Barbee to see his father Mr R Chanslor and reports him doing Time is Ripe for the Clansman nicely Dr F A Herbert was called to Thirty years have elapsed since the Flemingsburg Friday to treat a horse days of Reconstruction and the time The animal is im- ¬ is ripe for plays like The Clansman for the proving which will be presented by the South- ¬ ¬ The M M I Cadets have estab ern Amusement Company George H lished a basket ball and a number of Brennan Manager at Lexington have been added to the January 23 and 24 gymnasiuThere is no more fertile field for the J mJ Linville will sell yon a house and American playwright than the historylot a farm or any kind of real estate If you want to sell call on him and he will of his own country and there is no want to buy period more polific of dramatic situa- ¬ find you a buyer and if call on him and you will find him a tions thane days when the KuICux seller 124 Klan rescued the desolate South from Mrs Taylor Mathers and son of the terrors of the black plague Carlisle and Miss S Burroughs of Mt Sterling were guests of Mrs P Thomas Dixon Jr has chosen wisely in his theme and his play has Great F King Saturday Miss Beaumont chaperoned quite a asensation greater than any Amerinumber of the girls of the M F C to can play heretofore produced The Lexington Friday evening to heart engagment at the Lexington Opera the noted violinist Kubelik House includes a special matinee Leona and Stella Hurst en ¬ Wednesday January 24 Mail orders Misses tertained in a moss charming manner for seats will receive attention their many young friends at their beautiful country home on Friday George Porter proprietors of the eveningnew Elks saloon invite their friends A horse escaped from the livery to pay them a call The best old stable of W F Carpenter Bro Sat ¬ whiskies wines and cigars Remem ¬ urday morning and ran to the resi ¬ dence of Jessie Turney five miles ber the place Main street EUs South of town Building There has been recently received at A Popular Company1 the postoffice here 4 packages on r duties nvere which The popular HowardDorset Corn ¬ They were from Korea one via Seattle Washington three via San pany opened a threenight engage ¬ Francisco ment at the Grand last evening to a Bill Bear in an effort to remove Ed large and appreciative audience preVictor from the front door of C W senting Grit the Newsboy Howards grocery by the persuasive The play last night althrough pre on Wednesday argument of a his aim and smashed- anted by this excellent company on evening in one of the front doors As a previous visit to this city at as well a the glass received rMr Howard was 1 with a new one it was accidentally The bill tonight will be The New broken The storm on MondayevenV ing ISttered the glass in the same I Governess and on Wednesday even- ¬ ing The Dangers of New York sash j cess f PARIS KENTUCKY TUESDAY JANUARY 23 1906 s r 1 1 0 Mr Peale Collier is some better Mrs Claude Vimont is not so well Miss Sallie Mclntyre is seriously ill Miss Mary LouiseBouldeh is on the sick list Mr J H Hamilton isable to b< out again Master Malcom Linyille is improv- ¬ 1h ing slowly f Mr Bales of Georgia purchased 10 horses while here Miss Eddie Carpenter is visiting friends at Lexington Mr Basket of Shelbyville is the guest of Miss Stella Hurst There were communion services at the Presbyterian church Sunday Mrs C H Hurst of Elizaville is the guest of her son F E Hurst Mrs Mattie Hawes and Miss Allie Hurst were in Lexington Thursday The granite sale of C W Howard on Saturday was a pronounced suc- ¬ Y IIEWSI PUBLISIIID EVERY TUESDAY AN1 > FRIDAY IN THE YEAR 0 ifjJ 4 MIL 7 ER SBUR G- i o < 7 VOLUME t TtTHE BOURBON fi f U f < o + It- 1 PJ MlI I L n1 ft R t 0 < r I j I- < r 4- < T p rf t I LIIL 101 f Eft i f I lI > I q I I ax sI xi ti I 1tkJ I I l r F i7t ff b l I < 6 lk I I f i o JAMES< iil J I 1 jf l r tI 1 I I II f 7 I JL J J2 t- J 1t ti t- to THE X Jt i2iJ < 1 ° w I u Ir 7 0- NEW SPRING WHITE GOODS Our New Spring Line of White Goods Hamburgs and Laces > 0 i 0 L n- NOW a t FEfDY FOR INSPEOTION Ci i < I Ginghams Percales Shirtings < Madras and Cheviot Shirtingsr f f White Waistings and Shtings Plain and French Nainsooks 11 I t Jy Check Nainsooks and Dimities J f r X< rJi r w j G o r > India Linens Persian Lawns > v Long Cloths Cambrics V l l 1- e 0 Muslins Sheetings L c i J i s C r < t 1 i SI 4Vlv h Our New lines Of Hamburg and Laces are the Most Complete we have ever Shown and well Worthy of yo r Inspect on r tT r y 5 y Special attention is called to our line of Fine Sets in Hamburgs and Laces for Infants and Childrens garments U 4 5 ftdl line of shirt Waist Bkncls See our line of Famous Eagle Brand Muslin Underwear it is not the cheapest it is certainly the best r in all the new effects r f i f t Illf eiizeziz4err O01 A Q 11r6 I E6 Gfr IoI Qs n71i100 > I OS + r lef r OA t2I S i 7 r OQpBrdw0 f Shoes of Childrens and Ladies r tt 9 11 > > Ir J mI > t zi r an Ii 1 >I< > I tp JI i v I J 1ZiW f l s f > as > J you to ljfen inspect t our f c ffK it r LWtlS7 sif BRANK r I < I a = Baicxafn Table L CO the Lades fr diP 1iiWId IiI iS t kii tiG a 1or- Storl PLlJ t 111

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