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Image 41 of Annual report. 1912

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

,. V l I ` 2 The Life and Work of I . . 1 .~ Q . ,,_ culture and of agricultural conditions and practices should, if A V L — ; I ` possible, bevfurther developed by scientific observation and 2 discovery. · $3 E . * i According to President Patterson} the question of estab- il t c·la I lishing experiment stations began to be agi‘tat,ed_in the Q;. t W _ __p_ t Association of Land-grant Colleges in 1885. The act donat— , ] ing public lands for the purpose of establishing theiland- ij ( grant colleges provided that these colleges should laHord ( l instruction in those branches of learning related »to.agricul— , ture and the mechanic arts, but no provision had been made f for experimental and research work along these several 1 , lines. It was felt, therefore, by those who had organized ( it and conducted these colleges for a period of twenty years 4 » that something more was needed than to teach the branches if , A of learning already known and their application to agricul- , ture, and that some provision must be made for experi- ` i mental work along these lines. In July, 1885, the President of the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Kentucky_ 1 , attended a preliminary meeting in Washington, the object of ~ which was to organize for cooperative work the Agricultural and Mechanical Colleges and to establish experiment stations 2 in connection with the existing agricultural colleges, the object of which should be to advance agricultural science and practice by experiment and scientific discovery. Ac- _ cordingly, an organization was effected at this time and the character and scope of the work agreed upon a general way, and each head of the several agricultural and mechani- cal colleges returned home to organize an experiment station · to meet the requirements of local conditions and in harmony with this general plan. It was likewise agreed at this time jg that the organization effected in Washington should be , gi—'r;)8ee1"(T;:gn of Experiment Stz1tions," by James K. Patterson, Lexington Leader. sch Cm er 2, . .

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